2014 Lycoming Winter Magazine - page 45

The Williamsport native holds the college in high regard for giving him the skills
needed to become a successful engineer. He is strengthening his commitment to the
college and Tower Society with gifts in memory of his mother, Jean Milnor, who was a
reference librarian at the college from 1948-52. In 2011, he also set up an annuity and
these funds will endow the library in his mother’s memory.
“Making an estate gift to benefit the Snowden Library’s permanent endowment fund
was a perfect way to honor my mother,” Milnor said.
Milnor said Lycoming was where he learned how to study – a necessary skill to
ensure his future success as an engineer. And his study skills paid off. He landed
on the dean’s list at Lycoming, which allowed him acceptance into the engineering
program at Lehigh.
“Lyco didn’t have an engineering degree program, but it had a good liberal arts background with math,
physics and engineering drawing,” he said.
He graduated in 1956 from Lehigh with a civil engineering degree and worked in Buffalo, N.Y., where he
helped construct the New York State Thruway; in New York City and Long Island, where he sold highway
construction products for Armco Steel Corp.; and in Baltimore, Md., where he worked as a public health
engineer for the Maryland Department of Environment.
He was fortunate to retire early and has spent the past 16 years
in a golf community in Florida, where he uses his expertise to
help his villa’s association and also his country club with pro-bono
engineering consulting.
“Making this estate gift was a way to thank the library for all the
time I spent in it during my two years at Lycoming from 1951-53,”
he said. “The library was like my refuge.”
ohn Milnor ’53 said the
plan always was for him
to get a liberal arts
To learn more about how your gift
can strengthen Lycoming, visit
or contact:
Lycoming College Office of Advancement
700 College Place
Williamsport, PA 17701
education at Lycoming College
and then transfer to an
engineering program at another
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