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Rosenheck creates
Lifesaving Outreach
By Maranda Poe ’14
Jeffrey Rosenheck ’11 is
a co-founder of Lifesaving
Outreach Services (LOS),
which is committed to
meeting the needs of the
community through the
teaching of emergency
lifesaving techniques. LOS
offers on-site training for
schools, businesses and
organizations looking for
training or educational
seminars on professional rescuer CPR, heartsaver CPR, first
aid, pediatric first aid or bloodborn pathogens.
A history major, Rosenheck said that Lycoming played a
large role in helping him start LOS.
“Having had an opportunity to serve in several student
leadership positions, including class president, Circle K
president and SSLC executive vice president, along with
what I learned from Larry Mannolini’s leadership course,
I gained extensive knowledge on management, teamwork
and, of course, leadership that has allowed me to create
this company and work well with the community and my
dedicated staff,” he said.
Lycoming’s education program also helped him prepare
for working with different groups of people and created a
passion for teaching.
Jeffrey Rosenheck ’11 and instructor
Amanda Knapp prepare for a CPR
demonstration at the Elmira Heights
Fire Department Fire Prevention
Open House in October 2013.
LOS is headquartered in Pine City, N.Y., and offers
services in Broome, Chemung, Schuyler, Steuben, Yates,
Tompkins and Tioga counties in New York as well as
Sullivan, Lycoming, Tioga, Bradford and Susquehanna
counties in Northern Pennsylvania. LOS was opened in
order to confront some alarming regional statistics about
emergency lifesaving skills. According to the American
Heart Association, almost 383,000 cardiac arrests occur
outside of a hospital, with more than 88 percent occurring
at home. Of these, less than 33 percent receive CPR from a
bystander, resulting in a less than 8 percent survival rate.
“I decided to open Lifesaving Outreach Services
after I saw a need in my region for increased awareness
and education on sudden cardiac arrest and the need for
immediate CPR,” Rosenheck said. “Living in a rural part of
Twin Tiers of New York and Pennsylvania, it often takes a
substantial amount of time for EMS and fire units to arrive
and initiate CPR and other lifesaving skills. Having had
previous experience as a CPR coordinator for a local EMS
company, plus years as a fireman, EMT and instructor, I felt
I could do a service for the community.”
Opening LOS has been both a rewarding and educational
process for Rosenheck. Although the program is fairly new
and still developing, he says that the experience of teaching
and the warm reception from the community have been
“Having taught some classes, it is always a joy to see a
student learn this lifesaving skill,” he said. “A recent fire
prevention open house also allowed me to have children
attempt CPR on our manikin trainers. The joy in their
faces, their excitement and their extreme interest is always a
rewarding and memorable moment.”
To encourage the creation of new scholarships and the
growth of existing scholarships, the Lycoming College
Board of Trustees has established the Trustee Scholarship
Match Program with a commitment of $500,000 in
matching funds.
For every $20,000 committed to an existing endowed
scholarship, the trustees will match $5,000 for a total
gift of $25,000. Each new endowed scholarship begins at
$50,000; the program will enable new scholarships to be
established with a $40,000 commitment while the match
will provide the additional $10,000.
For more information, contact Lycoming’s Office of
College Advancement at 570-321-4347.
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