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Rich Hall gets a makeover
Rich Hall, Lycoming’s oldest
residential building, was celebrated
Wednesday, Aug. 28, during an open
house and ribbon-cutting ceremony that
recognized months of renovations and
“This is an important day for the
college,” President Kent Trachte, Ph.D.,
said. “It marks completion of the first
phase of renewing and renovating our
historic residential buildings that were
constructed between 1948 and 1965.”
Trachte also shared that the trustees
have approved funding that will allow the
college to renovate additional residential
buildings during the next two summers.
He stressed that the renovations will not
cost the students in the form of additional
“I also want to emphasize, particularly
to students, that these projects are being
financed by leveraging the college’s
capacity to borrow,” he said.
The entire renovation project
took place in 90 days and was led by
Williamsport’s Lundy Construction. “This
required Herculean efforts,” Trachte
said of everyone involved in making the
renovations a success.
The Georgian-style 36,000 square-foot,
all-female residence hall was outfitted with
all new plumbing and the traditional steam
heat system was replaced with a hot water
loop system that features high-efficiency
boilers. The 60 rooms are equipped with
individual controls, which will provide
students with much more consistent heat
throughout the building. In addition, the
122 residents will benefit from larger
bathrooms with all new fixtures.
Liz Vollman ’14, a political science
and history major from Cogan Station,
spoke during the event on behalf of her
fellow Rich Hall residents.
“When I walked into the building, I
was welcomed by the smell of fresh paint,
and the beauty of a brand new facility,”
she said. “It is so wonderful to see that
through the renovation, we can keep
the historic beauty of our past, while
improving for our future.
“Our campus is evolving, and the
changes that we have made to Lycoming
this academic year just go to show that
change isn’t always a bad thing. I hope
that under President Trachte’s leadership,
Lycoming will continue to improve
and to expand, so that we can achieve
our goal of creating an even better
Rich Hall opened in 1948 and is
named for the Rich family, who founded
the Woolrich outdoor clothing company.
The family has historic ties to Lycoming
and its predecessor institutions with 29
members of the family in some way
attending the institution since 1850.
Lycoming partners with KIPP
Lycoming College and KIPP
(Knowledge Is Power Program) recently
formed a partnership in an effort to
increase college completion rates for
underserved KIPP students nationwide.
“I am delighted that Lycoming
College has become part of the KIPP
Through College community,” said
Lycoming President Kent Trachte, Ph.D.
“KIPP does extraordinary work providing
students from underserved communities
with a first-rate college preparatory
education. Through this relationship,
Lycoming will recruit, educate and
launch the careers of the most talented
students in the country.”  
The partnership comes on the heels
of a visit in spring 2013 to Lycoming by
140 high school students and school staff
from KIPP DuBois Collegiate Academy
in Philadelphia. Through the partnership,
Lycoming seeks to recruit and enroll 15
qualified KIPP alumni total for the first
two years of the partnership. Lycoming
will provide support to enrolled KIPP
alumni throughout their time on campus
and also create a pre-college summer
experience for KIPP high school
students to expose them to the rigor and
expectations of college and help them
prepare for the challenges ahead.
“We are excited to partner with
Lycoming College,” said Marc Mannella,
CEO of KIPP Philadelphia Schools
(KPS). “Our high school KIPPsters had
a fantastic visit to Lycoming and came
away energized about their future college
careers. This partnership will open doors
of opportunity and support KIPP alumni
at Lycoming.”
KPS consists of four public schools
enrolling 1,500 students in Philadelphia,
97 percent of whom are African
American or Hispanic; 86 percent of
Participating in the Rich Hall renovations ribbon-cutting ceremony were President Kent Trachte and Liz
Vollman ’14 along with Student Senate officers Megan Cunningham ’15 and Greg Vartan ’15.
More than 140 students and staff members from
KIPP DuBois Collegiate Academy in Philadelphia
visited campus last spring.
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