2014 Lycoming Winter Magazine - page II

Kent Trachte, Ph.D.
Jeff Bennett ’94
Acting Vice President for Finance
and Administration
Chip Edmonds ’98
Vice President for College Ad-
Daniel Miller, Ed.D.
Vice President for Student Life
James Spencer
Vice President of Admissions and
Financial Aid
Philip Sprunger, Ph.D.
Provost and Dean of the College
Senior Officers
Board of Trustees
Peter R. Lynn ’69
Stanley W. Sloter ’80
(Vice Chair)
Dale N. Krapf ’67
Dr. William E. Evans ’72
(Assistant Secretary)
Ann S. Pepperman, Esquire
(Assistant Secretary)
Lawrence S. Allison Jr. ’96
Dr. Brenda P. Alston-Mills ’66
David R. Bahl, Esquire
John R. Biggar ’66
Melvin H. Campbell Jr. ’70
Jay W. Cleveland Sr.
Jay W. Cleveland Jr. ’88
Donald E. Failor ’68
David E. Freet ’68
D. Mark Fultz ’80
David D. Gathman ’69
Daniel R. Hawbaker
Donald W. Hughes ’72
Dr. Lynn D. Kramer ’72
Daniel R. Langdon ’73
Dr. Robert G. Little ’63
Carolyn-Kay M. Lundy ’63
Nanci D. Morris ’78
David L. Schoch ’73
James G. Scott ’70
Hugh H. Sides ’60
Cheryl D. Spencer ’70
Linda Porr Sweeney ’78
Dr. Kent C. Trachte
Marshall D. Welch III
Diane Dalto Woosnam ’73
Dr. Dennis G. Youshaw ’61
Hon. Marie White Bell ’58
Dr. Robert L. Bender ’59
David Y. Brouse ’47
Richard W. DeWald ’61
Dr. Daniel G. Fultz ’57 ’01H
Nancy J. Gieniec ’59
Dr. Arthur A. Haberberger ’59 ’11H
(Emeritus Chair)
Harold D. Hershberger Jr. ’51
Bishop Neil L. Irons ’12H
Rev. Dr. Kenrick R. Khan ’57
David B. Lee ’61
D. Stephen Martz ’64
Dr. Robert L. Shangraw ’58 ’04H
(Emeritus Chair)
Dr. Harold H. Shreckengast Jr. ’50 ’00H
(Emeritus Chair)
Hon. Clinton W. Smith ’55
Charles D. Springman ’59
John S. Trogner Jr. ’68
The following individuals, plus
the six Senior Officers, comprise
the Senior Staff:
Jackie Bilger
Director of Human Resources and
Risk Management
Dave Heffner
Associate Dean and Chief
Information Officer
Jerry Rashid
Director of College Relations
The mission of Lycoming College is to provide a distinguished baccalaureate education
in the liberal arts and sciences within a coeducational, supportive, residential setting.
Mission Statement
Dear Alumni, Parents and Friends:
As part of the President’s Message in the summer issue, I shared that Lycoming College was launching
a strategic planning process informed by a vision of renewing and deepening Lycoming’s identity as a
liberal arts college, with the objective of achieving recognition as one of the very best liberal arts colleges
in the country. I am now pleased to let you know that this process has been launched with the formation
of eight working groups and a steering committee. More information about the overarching strategic
questions as well as areas of focus is provided in this issue of the magazine (pages 20-21).
While much of the work of strategic planning must be done on campus by the faculty and
administration, I intend for this process to be a broadly inclusive one where the voices of alumni, parents
and friends of the college are also heard. Toward that end, my wife, Dr. Sharon Trachte, and I will be
holding a series of alumni events around the country from January through April. In addition, the Office
of Alumni Relations has organized online forums with me. I encourage you to participate in one or more
of these opportunities and offer your thoughts and ideas to help plan Lycoming’s future.
Homecoming Weekend was held Oct. 25-27. The many alumni who returned to campus filled the place
with positive energy, great memories and warm feelings. It reaffirmed my sense of the significant history
of the college as well as my belief in the possibilities for its future.
The fall semester was an exciting one in athletics. By upsetting national powers Messiah and Elizabethtown colleges, the men’s soccer
team won its first-ever Commonwealth Conference championship and qualified for the NCAA Division III tournament. The magic
continued with a first-round tournament victory at King’s College. With seven conference victories against only two losses, the football
team earned a share of the conference championship – its 15
MAC title overall. The college also dedicated the Lamade Gym basketball
court in memory of legendary coach Dutch Burch – an event attended by basketball alumni from several different decades.
The philanthropic values of Lycoming students have also been very much in evidence this semester. Clubs, fraternities, sororities and
athletic teams have devoted their time and energy to raising money for causes as varied as cancer research, our military troops overseas,
scholarships, the fight against domestic violence, hunger relief, homelessness and victims of the typhoon that struck the Philippines. I am
very proud that so many of them give time to help those who are in need.
Finally, the college held a memorial service on Friday, Nov. 15, honoring the memory of our 10th president, Bishop D. Frederick Wertz,
who died on Oct. 16. In addition to prayers read by alumni and music by the Lycoming Choir, the service recalled the pivotal decisions
made during the Wertz era. President Wertz was truly a monumental figure in the history of our college who set us on the course toward
becoming a “liberal arts college of excellence.”
I’m looking forward to seeing and talking with many of you in the coming months.
Kent C. Trachte
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