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The couple lives in Carlisle,
where Nate serves as a finance officer at
Cornerstone Federal Credit Union. Cassie
is the editor/writer at the Pennsylvania
School Boards Association and head
coach of the Carlisle YMCA middle
school girls’ lacrosse team.
Both are eternally grateful for their
time at Lycoming, which brought them
love, many friendships and allowed them
to explore academics that led to enjoyable
Laura (Nafey) ’07 and Austin Ashley ’07
March 2, 2013
Laura met Austin on first floor of
Wesley Hall on what was once the Alpha
Rho Omega floor in spring 2004 during
a bid return party that Alpha Rho was
hosting with Lambda Chi. 
He walked into the room and I said,
“Hi” to him. We talked for a little bit
and eventually became friends. Soon, he
asked me out. I wasn’t very sure at the
time and just wanted to remain friends,
but eventually he won me over and we
started dating. 
About nine years later, we got married
on March 2, 2013, and we couldn’t be
Joanna (Petrie) ’08 and
John Scarangello Jr. ’08
August 2012
We met the very first day of classes
our freshman year and instantly hit it off,
but were strictly friends.
We were both in the College Choir
and Tour Choir – John was the tour
manager and I was the choral assistant for
Dr. Fred Thayer.  
We started dating our junior year when
we were on tour in Tennessee. We’ve
been together ever since, got married in
2012, and bought our first home together
last summer.
Elizabeth (Logan) ’11
and Kevin Moris ’09
May 24, 2013
Kevin and I met when I was a
freshman and he was a junior at
Lycoming. We both were recruited and
played lacrosse at the college, which
meant that we hung out with the same
Our schedules were almost identical.
Practice, dinner, study hall, sometimes
lifting and off-ball practice. There was
a place that was distinguished “The Lax
House,” mainly because four senior
lacrosse males lived in it. We would
gather there on the weekends and
occasionally on and off during the week.
I guess you could call it “team bonding,”
but in reality it was just a bunch of
college kids having a good, safe time.
During a couple of fall practices, I
started asking some of my teammates
about Kevin. I found out he was single
and as they described him – an all-around
nice guy. About a week later, I remember
turning to one of my teammates and
asking if she had Kevin’s phone number.
She happily gave it over without a
question. I also remember sitting in a
kitchen with my roommate and two other
friends thinking about what I should do
with the phone number. I am an outgoing
person, but I still look back on what I did
as the boldest move I have ever made. I
texted Kevin from my cell phone and we
ended up texting back and forth for a few
hours and the rest is pretty much history.
We were both poor college students
and athletes, so we didn’t go out much.
I know his parents have always thanked
me for spending most of our “dates” in
the library at study hall. I will never let
him forget how his GPA rose when we
started dating.
The summer before my junior year, I
injured my knee and had to have surgery.
I decided to take additional classes to
graduate early and apply to graduate
schools near Maryland.
Kevin was offered a job in Maryland,
I got into graduate school and everything
else worked out as planned.
We were married on May 24, 2013, at
the Chesapeake Bay Beach Club in Kent
Island, Maryland. It was an amazing day.
Laura (Nafey) ’07
and Austin
Ashley ’07
(Logan) ’11 and
Kevin Moris ’09
Joanna (Petrie) ’08
and John Scarangello Jr. ’08
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