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Jennifer (Stolting) ’97 and Sean Kirby ’97
June 2000
I met my husband, Sean, freshman
year through his roommate, who
unfortunately left school after our
sophomore year. His roommate and I
lived in Connecticut, so I would bum
rides off him to and from school during
breaks. I would meet him in his dorm
room in Asbury Hall, and hang out with
Sean while his roommate took care of
last-minute packing and such.
In April 1994, Sean and I started
dating and have been together ever since.
We got married in June 2000.
In December 2009, we welcomed
fraternal twin boys, Patrick and
Alexander. As all parents, we have
several hopes and dreams for our
children. One of those hopes: That they
have the good fortune Sean and I did to
find their other half. Will this happen
at Lycoming? Stranger things have
happened …
Cassandra (Mocyk) ’07 and
Nathan Davis ’07
May 15, 2010
Cassandra and Nathan met the
beginning of their freshman year in
August 2003.
Introduced by a mutual friend, the
lacrosse player from Baldwinsville, N.Y.,
and the football player from Carlisle, Pa.,
formed a strong friendship before they
began dating their junior year.
After celebrating their graduation from
Lycoming in May 2007, Cassie attended
graduate school at Syracuse University
and Nate at Penn State University,
Harrisburg. They maintained a long-
distance relationship, supporting each
other in the pursuit of master’s degrees.
Nate proposed to Cassie at the top of
Boldt Castle in Alexandria Bay, N.Y., on
July 7, 2008. It only seemed natural that
the two would marry in the place that had
brought them together and shaped their
Nate and Cassie were married in
Lycoming’s Clarke Chapel on May 15,
2010, in the presence of family and
friends, including many of their former
peers and professors from the college.
A reception followed at DiSalvo’s
Restaurant, with an unofficial celebration
continuing at the Cell Block.
the person who
had the other
half of your card
and introduce
Both Josh and
I had the five of
hearts. Twenty years
and three kids later,
it’s safe to say I have
met my match!
Amy (Hippensteel) ’96 and
Matt McGovern ’96
I met Amy in Fred Thayer’s
choir in the fall of 1994. She
was a soprano and I was a tenor.
We became friends through a
mutual friend, Suzanne (Miller)
Elliott ’96. After a few months,
we started dating and ended up
getting married a year after we
graduated in 1997.
I dropped a class during
my sophomore year and found
myself short four credits to
graduate. One of my friends told
me that I could get one credit “free”
per semester if I joined the choir. I had
four semesters left before I graduated
– so I decided to join the choir, even
though I had no singing experience, but
I really needed those “free” credits! Fred
Thayer’s choir ended up being one of the
best experiences I had at Lyco, and I even
made the Tour Choir!
The bonus to all of this was that I
ended up meeting my bride in the choir.
God has a funny way of getting people
together sometimes! Little did I know
that my “choir for credit” experience
would be a lifelong commitment to
my soul mate and best friend! We have
three kids and have been married for 15
wonderful years.  
Jennifer (Stolting) ’97
and Sean Kirby ’97
Amy (Hippensteel) ’96
and Matt McGovern ’96
(Mocyk) ’07 and
Nathan Davis ’07
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