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We got engaged around Christmastime
in December 1973. Audrey completed
her sophomore year at Lycoming and
we were married on Nov. 29, 1974, in
Bogata, N.J. She completed her degree at
George Mason University.
Laura (Klarmann) ’83 and Mark
Beierschmitt ’81
Oct. 6, 1984
Our story began in 1980 when I was
a freshman and Mark was a senior. He
claims that he used to see me in the
library. He says he used to check me out,
but never approached me.
On Sept. 17 of my sophomore
year, we had a chance encounter. My
roommate, Deb Hill, and I were outside
of Wesley Hall and a friend who was in
his conversion van stopped to ask us if
we wanted to join several Lambda Chi
brothers for a ride.
We said yes and jumped in! In the
back of the van was Mark wearing a
bandanna on his head and looking rather
messy. We were introduced and after
the excursion he asked me to come up
to see him on the floor that night. I was
reluctant because he was not my “type.”  
My friends encouraged me to go and
I did. I found him playing cards, and he
had bought a bottle of wine for me. We
chatted, and I took the wine and left –
how rude was I!  
The next day in the cafeteria – I
worked the line – he asked me out to
dinner to a Chinese restaurant. I said yes
and we had the best time.
In fact, my fortune cookie read, “The
man you are with will marry you!”
I did not want to
show it to
him! We
laughed and
I put it in my
wallet and kept
it for years.
After that
night, we were a
couple from then
on. He graduated in
1981 and we wrote
many letters and
he visited campus
whenever he could.
He proposed
my senior year in
1983, and we married
a year later on
Oct. 6, 1984.   
Debbie (Saunders) ’91
and Richard
Kavanaugh ’89
November 1993
The players:
Saunders ’91
Kavanaugh ’89
Chad Lohman ’90
Dan Saunders
(Lycoming student
who transferred)
It was spring semester of my freshman
year, 1988. Chad Lohman and I were
“an item” and very happy together.
Chad pledged TKE that semester, so I
inevitably spent a lot of time on the TKE
floor as well, getting to know the TKE
brothers, pledges and their respective
Enter Richard Kavanaugh, another
TKE pledge. He and I had never been
formally introduced, but we sort of
knew each other because we had
several mutual friends. One night, an
unforgettable exchange occurred.
While passing each other by in the
TKE hallway, Rich cornered me and
said very intently, “If Chad doesn’t
marry you, I
Now, knowing
that one of TKE’s
unwritten rules
is that a brother
doesn’t hit on
another brother’s
girlfriend, I was
not alarmed, just
simply flattered
and maybe a little
Enter Dan
Saunders, my
younger brother. He
went to Lycoming and also pledged TKE.
This was spring semester, 1990.
Chad and I were still together, and
Rich often visited campus as an alumnus.
I saw him occasionally and would
happily chit-chat with him.
Fast forward to summer 1991. I was
a recent graduate, Chad was a graduate
student in South Carolina and Rich
had just returned from serving in the
Gulf War. My brother, Dan, had been
invited to a TKE brother gathering at a
Phillies game. Rich was invited to the
same game. There they met. Inevitably,
the topic of
came up. Part of their
conversation went something like this:
Rich: “How’s Debbie doing?”
Dan: “You know, she and Chad broke
Rich: “Oh really? Tell her
to give me a call, here’s my
number. I haven’t seen her in
a while and it would be nice to
catch up.”
Dan delivered the message.
I made the phone call. The rest
is history. Rich and I married in
November 1993. We have two
boys, ages 18 and 12.
Lauri (Lockhart) ’94
and Joshua Ott ’95
My husband and I met on
campus when his fraternity, Theta
Chi, and my sorority, Beta Phi,
had a social mixer together.
For this gathering, a deck of
cards was split in half and the girls
got one half of the deck while the
boys got the other. You needed to find
Laura (Klarmann) ’83
and Mark Beierschmitt ’81
Debbie (Saunders) ’91
and Richard
Kavanaugh ’89
Lauri (Lockhart) ’94
and Joshua Ott ’95
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