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Bonnie (Silvernail) ’63
and Chet Crosby ’62
Soon after
arriving, I went
to the Student
Union with my
roommates, Sue
Shaw from Long
Island, and Sandra
Steinle from
Girard, Pa. We
decided to play ping
pong with a friend
of his. We discovered
that we both were
from upstate New
York: Chet was from
Auburn and I was
from Onondaga Hill.
We enjoyed each
other’s company and soon started dating.
Chet graduated in 1962 and started
teaching that fall in Seneca Falls, N.Y. I
graduated in 1963 and we were married
June 29, 1963. Lycoming friends in our
wedding party were Margery (Schrader)
Wurster, Bob Barrett and Dave Tuxill, all
members of the Class of 1963.
Lycoming College is definitely a
special place for both Chet and me. Last
fall, we returned for Chet’s 50th class
reunion. We bought Lyco shirts for our
three young grandsons, who are now
spreading the name of Lycoming College
in upstate New York.
Ruth (Girton) ’64 and James Barry ’64
Spring 1965
When meeting someone for the first
time, the usual questions abound, “What
do you do? Are you retired? Do you have
any children?” And my favorite, “How
did you meet?” I love telling people how
I met my husband, Jim.
We met in a sociology class, Marriage
and the Family. Jim insists that he first
noticed me when I walked into class
dragging my boots. After taking a
seat beside him, he noticed I was very
detailed in my note-taking. A few days
later, he appeared in Rich Hall to borrow
my notes.
Of course, I said, “Sure!” During
that encounter, he also asked me to go
to Winter Weekend. Wow! We went
to Eagles Mere to ride the toboggans
and later to the formal dance at the
Lycoming Hotel. Yes, we had to walk
and I did drag my boots downtown
and back!
After that first
weekend, we
continued to date.
We graduated in
May 1964 and
Jim came to
N.Y., to teach
and I spent the
first year of my
career teaching
in Warrior
Run, Pa. The
spring, we were
married in Millville, Pa. – and I didn’t
wear the boots! I went to Hammondsport
that fall, and we now have three sons,
including Lance ’99, and 48 years
of marital bliss. Must have been that
sociology class!
Carol (Edgerton) ’70 and Donn Downey ’71
June 1971
I had actually noticed Donn on the
Quad in the spring of 1968, but had no
idea who he was. I just liked the way he
walked across the Quad. And yes, I was
shallow! At that point, he was a freshman
and I was a sophomore. Although I hadn’t
forgotten about him at all, we didn’t
meet until the fall of 1968. I timed my
meals around when he left his dorm and
“coincidentally” would be in line at the
same time. I did know a couple of his
friends – Rev and Joe – and that helped.
Although we joked around and had a
good time, the offer of a date just didn’t
I finally told one of his friends,
who knew of my
interest, that
I was giving up. Rev urged me to give it
a bit more time because Donn was shy.
Thankfully, I hung in there and shortly
after, we had our first date. By our next
date, we were a couple. My friends loved
him and I quickly loved him, too. He made
me laugh at his goofy humor, he was kind
and sensitive and pretty perfect in my
eyes! With 42 years of marriage behind us,
we built a great life.
We have two terrific children, Donn
and Sarah. We retired to Vermont so we
could live near our son, his wife and our
two granddaughters. Our daughter and her
family live in New York, so we visit them
frequently, too.
I’m sure there are things I would
have changed in some of the choices I
made over the years, but marrying Donn
was never one of them. I will always be
grateful to Lycoming for not only a great
education and for finding amazing friends
who have stayed in my life for more than
47 years, but for giving me the best gift of
all, Donn.
Audrey (Nubile) and Bill Solis ’73
Nov. 29, 1974
I was a senior at Lycoming when I
first met my spouse-to-be, Audrey. I was
interviewed and hired for a newly created
position as a student personnel intern in
Dean Jack Buckle’s office in spring 1972,
along with two other students. I was also a
resident adviser in Skeath Hall.
One of the requirements of the position
was to stay at Lycoming during the
summer and provide campus tours for
prospective students, as well as help with
the orientations for incoming freshmen.
I met Audrey while giving a tour of
the campus to her and some of her future
classmates and their parents. In a crowd,
she was not hard to miss with her long
blond hair, beautiful face, blue eyes
and “flower child” look, which, of
course, was in vogue at that time.
We did not start seeing each
other until near the end of my
senior year in 1973. She came to
my graduation – driving all the way
from New Jersey where she lived,
and drove back the same day. We
continued to see each other during
the summer and when she returned for
her sophomore year, our relationship
grew stronger and I made many trips to
Lycoming to see her.
(Edgerton) ’70’and
Donn Downey ’71
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