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he next time you are at the grocery
store, go to the yogurt section and
check the bottom of any Dannon®
product. If “PLT 48” is stamped on the
package, the yogurt was produced by
Lycoming College brothers Clay ’95
and Mike ’94 McCarty. The milk in the
yogurt was made from dairy cows at
McCarty Family Farms, LLC in western
Kansas. “PLT 48” represents The Dannon
Company processing plant number 48 in
Fort Worth, Texas.
“McCarty Family Farms has a unique
one-of-a-kind business partnership with
Dannon and directly supplies 100 percent
of the condensed skim milk for products
made at plant 48,” Clay said. “Activia®
and Danimals® items are produced at
that plant. Our other product is cream,
and that is made into Daisy® sour cream
at a plant in Garland, Texas.
“It has been said that American
farmers feed the world, but we don’t
often know who eats it or when
our goods are consumed.
Thankfully, that’s not the
case for our farm; we
can easily find
our foods
in the
grocery store. It is a really good feeling
to know that we are producing a quality
product not only for our family, but for
all consumers.”
Beginning in April 2012, the
McCartys – parents Tom and Judy and
sons Mike, Clay, David and Ken - have
been the sole supplier of milk for the Fort
Worth Dannon plant. Three tankers of
condensed skim milk leave the farm in
Rexford, Kan., and drive 650 miles south
to Fort Worth for daily deliveries.
“Our relationship with Dannon was
ignited by a friend looking to spearhead
business development,” Clay said. “Our
philosophy is based ultimately on trust.
We are very transparent about how we
do business on our family farm. We
are honest about our cost and Dannon
understands our business model.
“The U.S. yogurt industry is growing.
Dannon’s parent company, Danone, in
France, values their dairymen as business
partners. One of their core corporate
values is to have a direct relationship
with their dairy farmers – they call it
‘cow to cup.’We have a specialized
market for our product. A lot of dairies
want a direct connection to industry.”
To meet this demand, McCarty Family
Farms milk 7,200 cows on three dairies
in Bird City, Rexford and Scott City,
Kan. Each of these dairies is located in
separate counties, 90 to 180 miles apart.
All of the cows combine to produce
500,000 pounds of processed milk per
day at the on-site processing plant at the
Rexford location. The family plans to
expand and double milk production in
two years.
How it all began
The McCarty family has been in
the dairy business for more than 100
years, but they were frustrated with the
agricultural economy at their home in
northeastern Pennsylvania. The
McCarty’s did not have
space to expand their
350 cow dairy to
the next
Studying at Lycoming,
I learned how people very different
from myself can come together and build a team.
Mike ’94 and Clay ’95 McCarty
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