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aturday,April 5marked amomentous day as
Kent C. Trachtewas installed and celebrated
as the 15
president in the 202-year history
of LycomingCollege.More than 600 people
enthusiastically gathered for the tradition-filled
ceremony in theRecreationCenter, which had been
beautifully transformed for the event.Attending
wereLycoming’s family and friends, faculty, staff,
students, communitymembers, delegates from
other institutions of higher learning and alumni
representatives ranging from theClasses of 1949
through 2013.
DuringLycoming’s first presidential inauguration
in 24 years, Trachte affirmed his belief in themission
of the college and that an education centered on
the liberal arts and sciences provides the truest
foundation uponwhich to build a life ofmeaning and
purpose. PeterR. Lynn ’69, chair of theLycoming
CollegeBoard ofTrustees, conferred uponTrachte
the presidentialmedallion as a symbol of authority
and responsibility of the office. The twomost recent
presidents of the college – theRev. FrederickE.
Blumer (1976-1989) and JamesE. Douthat (1989-
2013) –were in attendance to help usher inTrachte’s
Trachte, who began his presidency in July 2013,
came toLycoming after serving for a quarter-century
at Franklin&Marshall College,most recently
as dean of the college.Anative ofDePere,Wis.,
he earned aB.A. in government fromDartmouth
College in 1973, anM.A. in international relations
from theUniversityofKentucky in 1975 and aPh.D.
in political science fromBinghamtonUniversity in
The formal investiture of President Trachtewas
the highlight of the inaugurationweekend,
which included a lecture titled, “The
byNancyCable, president of
Foundations; aStudent
ResearchExpo; and the InaugurationGala at the
CommunityArtsCenter in downtownWilliamsport.
During his inauguration address, Trachte stated
that Lycoming has lived by the core values of the
liberal arts since its founding in 1812, and that the
college’s past leaders have shown a continuous
commitment to the pursuit of truth. He added that the
curriculum is the primarymeans bywhich a liberal
arts college nurtures in its students both the desire
to discover truth and an appreciation ofwisdom
inherited from the past.
Trachte explained that throughLycoming’s
new strategic plan, the college is taking steps to
meet the challenge of educating its students for
century citizenship. He said, “First, we have
committed to recruiting a student body that reflects
the full spectrum ofAmerican society and includes
students from around theworld. Second, wewill
expand opportunities for students to study abroad.
Third, we are extending the classroom into the city
ofWilliamsport and beyond by creatingmoreways
for students to engage in community-based learning.
Fourth, our curriculum revision continues our
tradition of requiring an extensive exposure to the
In closing, Trachte emphasized that the history
of Lycoming can be understood as a continuous
progression toward a greater Lycoming – a theme
echoed bymany of his predecessors.
“We can imagine an even greater Lycoming
becausewe have a faculty and staff that deliver
an undergraduate liberal arts education that
is unsurpassed,” he said. “We can be bold in
constructing our vision of the future because the
college’s leadership has built an endowment equal to
the task.We can dream becausewe have an alumni
body that believes in the college’s future and is
ready to lend its support.
“Let us resolve then thatwewill follow
in the footsteps of thosewho have preceded
us. Let us resolve thatwe, too, will build a
greater Lycoming.”
Please see page 8 for Trachte’s
inauguration address. To see
more photos and a video of the
ceremony, visit:www.lycoming.edu/
By Jerry Rashid
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