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Ruth says hisLycoming education
preparedhimwell for taking on a new
realm ofwork experience that brought
him excitement and achievement during
his internships.
“I have learned to communicate and
express alternative connotations,” he said.
“I credit Lycomingwith providingme
with student and academic opportunities,
whichhave strengthenedmy detailed
orientation and enrichedmy outgoing
Ruth believes politics encompasses so
muchmore than just the surfacemeaning,
so hewants to take his experience and
apply it at a deeper level in his political
“I believe in collective government,
and I believe government has the
opportunity to improve lives andwork
towardproviding for a positive future,”
he said. “It’s the better tomorrow, amore
positive future, that I intend towork
toward so that everyone can benefit from
their personal successes.”
Olympics trainingcamp
InMarch, Lycoming hosted a training
camp for SpecialOlympics Pennsylvania
athletes, who are preparing for the 2014
Special OlympicsUSAGames scheduled
for June 14-21 inPrinceton, N.J.More
than 200 athletes and unified partners
from across the state trained on campus
for a variety of sports.
More than 100Lycoming students
assistedwith the training camp, including
representatives from the student senate,
education department, Community
ServiceCenter, StudentAthleteAdvisory
Committee andmany of the college’s
clubs, organizations and athletic teams.
By JerryRashid
Spencer Sweeting is all about community-building.As pastor ofWilliamsport’sCity
AllianceChurch, he encouragesmembers of his congregation to be good neighbors. That
was the inspirationalmessage he brought toLycomingCollege as keynote speaker during
the college’s ninth annual BlackHistoryMonthDinner.
Helping others is part of theSweeting familyDNA. His aunt,MamieSweetingDiggs,
the great-granddaughter ofUndergroundRailroad conductorDanielHughes, was a noted
local historian. She dedicatedmuch of her time to researching and documenting the city’s
deep historywith theUndergroundRailroad. Diggs received an honorary doctorate of
humane letters fromLycoming in 2006.
“Growing up, Iwas blessed to sitwithmy aunt as she told stories ofmy family history
and howmy ancestors risked their lives to help lead people to freedom as part of the
UndergroundRailroad,”Sweeting said. “Forme, knowing that that kind of heroismwas
part ofmyhistory, it has always compelledme to try andhelppeople inmeaningfulways.”
Sweeting told themembers of the campus and communitywho had gathered in the
JaneSchultzRoom that, like the conductors of theUndergroundRailroad, everyone
has the capacity to help people experience freedom if they simply learnhow to be good
“Be the kind of neighbors, both individually and corporately, who are led by
compassionate hearts to take action that enhances the quality of life for everyone in our
community,”Sweeting said. “I believe that the strongest andmost beautiful communities
are the ones that seek the highest good for each other.We should all live our lives by this
very basicwisdom that theworldwould be a better place ifwe actually love and care for
the people thatwe live amongst.”
Sweeting noted that today’s society iswired to be selfish.And that the rhetoric of
pursuing theAmerican dream is towork hard and get all that you can. But, he says the
dark side of theAmerican dream is predicated on the question –What can I do that is
best forme?He believes that “dangerous unselfishness”will lead to a reversal of that
“Instead of asking ‘what can I do that is best forme,’we ask ‘what can I do that is
best for all?’And I believe that is howwe transform our city. I do not think there is an
institution [LycomingCollege] in our community that ismore grafted in the history and
hope ofWilliamsport.Among themembers of the campus community, there are somany
gifts, somany talents and somany passions. Imagine the differenceLycomingCollege
couldmake if unleashed to help the communityflourish.What if LycomingCollege led
theway in seeking the good ofWilliamsport?Everyone elsewould have to follow!”
More than 200 athletes attended the Special
Olympics training camp hosted byLycoming in
President Trachtewelcomes Spencer Sweeting, pastor ofWilliamsport’sCityAllianceChurch, as the
keynote speaker during the ninth annual BlackHistoryMonthDinner.
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