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Dr. Karen (Knouse) Brungardt ’74 is quick to acknowledge that LycomingCollege
providedherwith a great education and a host ofwonderfulmemories.
Shewas fortunate that her family had themeans to pay for her undergraduate education.
But she recalls thatmost of the students she knewwell attendedLycoming via scholarships
or student loans. Brungradt says shewitnessedfirsthand how important itwas for students to
have access to these funds in order to attend college.
“This,more than anything, promptedme to start donatingmoney toLycoming everyyear
toward students’needs and also inour trust, so that students can continue pursuing a college
degree in the future,”Brungardt said. “I hope thatmygift helps fund tuition for studentswith
a truefinancial need and a burning desire for a college education.”
A few years after earning an art degree fromLycoming, Brungardt had an epiphany.What
she reallywanted in lifewas to be a physician.With the support of her husband, Larry, she
droppedout of themaster’s program in art at theUniversity ofMissouri-KansasCity and
enrolled at theUniversity ofHealthSciences, College ofOsteopathicMedicine inKansas
City, where she earned amedical degree in 1985.
After completing a year-long rotating internship, Karen andLarrymoved toTorrington,
Wyo., where sheworked for a full-service familymedical practice. Her responsibilities
ranged from deliveringbabies and performingminor surgeries to caring for patients and
serving as the county’s director of emergencymedical services. But after 15years of helping
others, shewas forced into retirement due tohealth issues.
TheBrungardtsmoved toTucson,Ariz., about 12years ago to helpKaren get relief from
her arthritis and the aftereffects of twoback surgeries.
Nowadays, she is activewith twowatercolor art guilds and line dances three times a
week, which is a great way for her to exercise. She also sells herwatercolor paintings twice
a year in the SaddlebrookeFineArtsGuildArt Show and creates handcrafted items for the
SaddleBrookeGift Shop.
“Imake purses from jeans, adults’and children’s aprons, and various other items for the
gift shop and craft fairwe hold twice a year,” she said. “I also have learned to trade stock
spenda coupleofhoursaweekon
funand agoodway tomakemoney.”
Dr.Karen ’74andLarryBrungardt
Dr. Karen (Knouse) ’74
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