2014 Lycoming College Spring Magazine - page 26

tudents in theLycomingCollege
education department have always
worked hard to create lesson plans
and classroom activities that actively
engage their students, but now they have
a new tool to incorporate into theirwork
– the iPad.A technology trend known as
the “iPad Initiative” is sweeping through
local public school districts. Teachers
are using iPads as away to supplement
traditionalmethods of teaching and
get studentsmore involved in both
technology and learning. Students at the
collegework to develop new activities
on the iPad that could help to support
children’s skills in areas such as basic
math, reading or even learning historical
“Our job in the education department
is to prepare future teachers for their own
classroom,” saidAmyRogers ’92, Ph.D.,
chair and assistant professor of education.
“They have to be up-to-datewith the
technology that teachers are using in
Those new techniques seem to revolve
around the new possibilities that iPads
provide.ABloomsburgBusiness article
stated, “in June (2013) the company
(Apple) said therewere 10million iPads
in schools across the country.”
At Lycoming, students in the
education program have been conducting
a research project on how to effectively
integrate iPads into the classroom. They
utilize a pre- and post-test design to
measurewhether a certain number of
sessions using a particularmath game
“app” appears to impact the students’
math skills.
The education program aims to
make sure that the future teachers are
effectively using the technology and not
just using it “for the sake of it.”They
want to ensure that the iPad’s become
an extension of the teacher and their
abilities, not a replacement for learning.
“Children aremost likely going to
have a computer in their pockets for the
rest of their lives,” saidRachelHickoff-
Cresko, Ed.D., assistant professor of
education. “It’s our job to teach themhow
to responsibly and effectively use it.”
OliviaHanner ’14 recently completed
her student teaching at LycomingValley
IntermediateSchool, where she used
iPads dailywith her special education
“My students used iPads for
communication,”Hanner said. “They
have different apps on the iPads that
allowed them to create full sentences
and to hold a conversationwith bothmy
cooperating teacher andme throughout
the day. It also helped the students
express their emotions to us.We, as the
teachers, have gotten to know the kids
verywell, butmaybe another student
does not understand thatmy student is
having a bad day and he or she can use
their iPad to explain their emotions.”
The iPads that the education
department has been using in its
classroom environment have been
provided by the college’s information
technology services department.
“The ITdepartment at Lycoming has
supported every requestwe’vemade
andworked to effortlesslymeet our
technological needs,”Rogers said.
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