2014 Lycoming College Spring Magazine - page 22

he threat of rain coupledwith cool temperatures and gusts ofwindwere
nomatch for theClass of 2014’s determination to hold its commencement
exercises outside onSunday,May 4. The tradition-rich ceremony on the quad
was highlighted by 279 seniors receiving their diplomas fromPresidentKent
Trachte in front of their families and friends.
GeneDodaro ’73, theU.S. comptroller general, waswelcomedback to
campus as the commencement speaker. He explained to the students there are
many challenges facing the nation that will test the class and its generation.
Dodaro said the fiscal situationwill test their commitment to the common good.
The agingpopulationwill test their commitment to compassion.And the pace
of changewill test their flexibility and resilience.
“But this is yourmoment,”Dodaro exclaimed. “This is your opportunity
toput your imprint onour government andwhat type of society that wewill
become in the 21st century. Don’t pass up those opportunities.”
VictoriaYuskaitis ’14, a doublemajor in archaeology and creativewriting
fromSparta, N.J., brought greetings on behalf of the class. She said, “Seniors,
aswe graduate, I challenge you to remember that LycomingCollege has
prepared you for a future distinctive toyou, and I challenge you to live that life
with all the passion and drive you canmuster.”
AnnaRuthSandinMasters ’48, amember of the final class to graduate from
WilliamsportDickinsonSeminary, one of Lycoming’s predecessor institutions,
received the honorary degree, Doctor ofHumaneLetters.
TheMay 3baccalaureate servicewas planned by theClass of 2014. Several
seniors offered their reflections centeredon the theme, “Mind, Body andSoul.”
In his charge to the class,AndrewKilpatrick, assistant dean for freshmen,
said, “Remember, you areLycomingCollege graduates – educated citizens of
the liberal arts. Keep learning; keep growing. Keep learning; keepgrowing.
May the goodworkyou have demonstrated right here at LycomingCollege be
brought to fulfillment through lives ofmeaning and purpose.”
“You leavewitha solid foundation
hereat Lycoming. Butwhat
Lycominghas really taught you
ishow to learn, andhow to learn
quickly. Learningnew issues
quicklywill beakeydeterminate
in your success in life. And there
isno substitute for hardwork,
dedicationand commitment
going forward. If youexercise
all of theseattributes as you
go forward, youwill realize
your dreams, youwill realize
your aspirations and youwill
be successful, not only for your
families, for yourselves, but for
our countryaswell.”
GeneDodaro ’73
U.S. ComptrollerGeneral
Commencement speaker
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