2014 Lycoming College Spring Magazine - page 19

Moses, Ph.D., was
an undergraduate and
realized that she could
pursue a degree inEnglish,
she thought shewas “on to the greatest scam of all time.”
She has taken her passion for reading and transformed it
into a successful career as a professor of English at Lycoming
College. She loves to teachClassical Literature and gets great
satisfaction inwatching a studentwhonever liked reading
become excited about literature.
Moses distinctly recalls the second time she ever taught a
Classical Literature course at the college.
“Iwalked into the classroom one day tofind two students
arguing over an interpretation ofHelen ofTroy,” she said. “I
thought I’d died and gone to heaven.”
Moses also gets inspiration fromShakespeare, one of the
greatest playwrights of all time. She says his plays allow so
manyvaried interpretations, some overlapping, some in conflict.
Early in her career, she received a
negative comment from a student on
a faculty evaluation form.Moseswas
criticized for not telling the students the
“right answers” about how to interpret
each play. Since then, the professor
has been careful to tell her students
that there are very few right answers in
“But I do try to provide an overview,
based on class discussion, of themyriad
possibilities so that students don’t
feel that ‘anything
goes,’”Moses said. “There are
well-argued interpretations of Shakespeare and
lesswell-argued ones. Iwant students to value critical thinking
without shutting them off from their own emotional responses to
the plays by imposing a template for understanding this complex
author.And, yes, I still enjoy teachingShakespeare since each
class approaches him anew.”
In addition toClassical Literature andShakespeare,Moses
has taught RenaissanceLiterature, earlyAmericanLiterature and
Linguistics.Among her proudest accomplishments at Lycoming
include designing theClassical Literature course and initiating
and co-directing, alongwithSteven Johnson, professor of
religion, theClassical Studiesminor.
“I can’t imagine a better job and realize how fortunate I am to
be able to say that I’ve really lovedmy career path,”Moses said.
“It’s a good thing, too, since I’ve been teaching for 31 years.”
When reading in her spare time, her secret vice ismystery
novels. “I devour them,” she said. Recently, she changed her
reading habits to encompass books on
religion and spiritual growth.
“I am amember of thePennsdale
Society of Friends (Quakers), but I feel a
need to strengthenmy relationshipwith
God,” she said.
As for the future,Moses is planning
to take some time just to seewhat feels
comfortable – physically and spiritually.
“Or, asmy spiritual director says, ‘see
what the universe offersme.’”
“Iwant students to value
critical thinkingwithout
shutting them off from
their own emotional responses
to the plays by imposing
a template for understanding
this complex author.”
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