2014 Lycoming College Spring Magazine - page 16

By Casey Spencer ’05
n the ever-evolving environment of college
admissions, practices and personnel often change
more than they remain the same. For the last quarter-
century, however, LycomingCollege and its prospective
students have benefitted immeasurably from theman at the
helm of the college’s admissions andfinancial aid offices:
Vice President James Spencer. This summer, Spencerwill
say farewell to theDrumAdmissionsHouse as he begins
his retirementwith fondmemories of the institution he
helped steer into the 21st century and themany lives he’s
Spencer began his career in admissions at his alma
mater ofConcordiaCollege inMinnesota in 1977. In 1983,
he became director of admissions andfinancial aid at
RockyMountainCollege inMontana. RMC’s president at
the time, BruceAlton, would later serve as the placement
consultant responsible for bringing JamesDouthat to
Lycoming. In 1989, Spencer received a call from the
newly-appointedPresidentDouthat, who asked if hewould
be interested in becoming the college’s deanof admissions
andfinancial aid.While initially hesitant, Douthat’s
persistence eventually ledSpencer to the interview
process, and ultimately toLycoming.
Spencer took some time aside fromworkingwith the
soon-to-be class of 2018 to answer a few questions for
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