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Excellent internship experiences

are directly related to post-college job

placement, but can pose challenges for

the students seeking them. Historically

internships have been non-paid, which

can be especially problematic during

the summer when many students need

compensation (financial aid packages

do not extend beyond the academic

semester). Another challenge is location.

Internship opportunities are frequently

located away from a student’s residence.

WISE addresses quality and fairness of

pay and provides housing.

After a competitive application

process, 19 sophomore, junior and senior

students were selected to participate

in the program. Each completed an

on-campus internship preparation

workshop. Once completed, a 10-week,

off-campus internship began, during

which students worked 35-40 hours

per week. Lycoming College provided

on-campus housing for each participant.

Host-employers compensated the interns

with a $3,000 stipend or collaborated

with the college to fund the position.

“I was very fortunate to have received

an internship opportunity through


WISE,” said Meghan Hughes ’15. “As a

math and economics double major with

a minor in finance, I worked side-by-

side with folks in the industry that I am

planning to have a career in. The WISE

program gave me the chance to learn

things that I never could have learned in

the classroom.”

Working together, the college, student

and the employer set learning goals for

students. Throughout the summer, WISE

committee members facilitated seminars

on topics including communication in

the workplace, professional development,

etiquette and using the online

networking application, LinkedIn.

“Students have their education

experiences in common,” said Anne

Landon, IMS internship coordinator

for Lycoming College and WISE

Committee member. “What will

stand out to future employers are

students who also have related hands-

on work experience complemented

by professional development skills

at the time that they graduate. This

is exactly what WISE offers. It opens

doors, provides valuable networking

opportunities, builds confidence and

promotes personal and professional


WISE also expands Lycoming’s

presence in the local community. In the

process of establishing the internships,

partnerships were formed between the

college and many local businesses, non-

profit organizations and government


Shafiquallah Mujadadi, a senior

international student majoring in

political science, interned as an assistant

community development specialist at

RETTEW Associates. “I worked with a

number of government entities around

Pennsylvania. Most of the projects

were local, which made it an especially

interesting experience because its impact

could be felt immediately.”

With the leadership

support of trustees

Don Hughes ’73 and

Stan Sloter ’80,

Lycoming College

launched the

Williamsport Internship

Summer Experience