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Conducted by Dr. Christopher Jackson, the

Lycoming College Tour Choir has a long history of

quality performances throughout the United States

and the world. Since its inception in 1947 by Walter

McIver, the choir has presented concerts in every

state east of the Mississippi River, California, Canada,

Puerto Rico and across Europe. The choir tours

nationally each year and internationally every three

years, most recently conducting a 10-day tour through

Argentina in 2010. In its seven decades of showcasing

Lycoming’s musical talent, the choir has performed

hundreds of concerts, including appearances at the

National Cathedral, the Washington Shrine, the Crystal

Cathedral, Coral Ridge, New York City’s St. John

the Divine and St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Additionally,

the choir has been featured twice at the Holiday

Celebrations at the White House. Our visit to China

this year marks the choir’s first appearance on the

Asian continent.

The Tour Choir is selected by competitive audition

from the 115-voice College Choir, which is composed

of students from all academic fields. Approximately

40 students are chosen to perform with the Tour

Choir each year. In addition to its performing

schedule, the choir visits and collaborates with high

school and volunteer choruses along our tour route.

This educational outreach is central to the choir’s

goal of creating a greater sense of community