More than A LIFETIME OF GIVING Robert Higgins Jr. ’68 was an economics major and member of both the football and wrestling teams. In his own words, he shares how his Lycoming education impacted his life and career, and why he supports the future of education. “There are few things about aging that I find beneficial, but one might be the benefit of perspective. As a qualified ‘Baby Boomer,’ my generation has witnessed more change than any other. I was 40 before personal computers, the internet, and cell phones were common — things we all take for granted today. I recognize that it is education that has facilitated these changes. If you assume, as I do, that future change will continue to be rapid, then it is important to make a college education available to as many young people as possible. That need extends beyond my own mortality, which explains why an enduring Charitable Endowment was an attractive choice for me and my wife, Ellen, as part of our estate planning. It allowed us to be specific about the future use of the contribution to provide financial assistance to qualified students. I believe that education defines us all. My time at Lycoming helped define me and so many of my classmates. My values have been shaped by Lycoming’s coaches, mentors, teammates, and professors. I regard Lycoming and athletics as inseparable parts of my own persona. The quality liberal arts education I received served as the foundation for the pursuit of post-graduate work and a successful career in business. I can only hope that providing financial support for future students will help them develop and appreciate the values of discipline, hard work, and teamwork for their own success. It is only fair and responsible that as an alumnus I give back and reinforce these efforts well into the future. If that happens, then we will have accomplished something.” To learn more about including Lycoming College in your estate planning, contact Robb Dietrich, senior director of major and planned gifts, at dietrich@lycoming. edu or 570-321-4401. I believe that education defines us all.