2018 Spring LC Magazine

With no clocks inside classrooms, students were once paid to ring the bell atop Old Main, signaling mealtimes, class periods and even wake-up time every day at 6:30 a.m. The bell cracked in 1943, necessitating its replacement. President Long decided to display the broken bell, and anybody walking the Upper Quad nowadays will find it resting between Clarke Chapel and the Fine Arts Building among benches and a flower garden. But the bell did not always enjoy such a peaceful existence. Once on display, a tradition was established: freshmen were supposed to tip their beenies — called “dinks” — to the bell. If freshmen were caught not doing so, upperclassmen could order them to run around the bell as a sort of punishment, which is what likely led to the bell’s disappearance and reappearance in various spots on campus. Rumor has it that the bell was once buried under the football field, only to be dug up and moved once more — no small feat for this hefty stone structure. Don’t try to move the bell now, though. It’s been securely cemented in place for decades. The Lycoming campus is rich with thought-provoking icons and imagery that trigger memories of our days on campus. The symbols on our campus remind us of the ideals encompassed by Lycoming College — curiosity, inquiry, critical thinking, lifelong learning, community, connections. The icons throughout this issue will hopefully bring positive memories flooding back into your mind. Some of our alumni have shared their own memories in the pages that follow. But there isn’t enough space in this issue to cover everything that reminds us of our beloved alma mater, so please join us on Facebook to continue the conversation. L Y C O M I N G S Y M B O L S