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Dave Sampsell ’12:

“Unsaturated fatty acids

are kinky.”

Whitnie Weaver ’08:

I remember this so

clearly … It still makes me giggle.

Him: Don’t drive with so many keys on

your chain; one will break off in the


Me: I don’t have a license.

Him: Don’t drive like that, either.

Marlo Manciocchi de Chavez ’93:

GABE = Gregor And Biology


Laura Brennan ’15:

Dr. Gabe looked

out for all of us - not just by providing

coffee and snacks during early lectures

and labs, but by asking us what we were

going to do with our lives. He asked that

question to make sure we weren’t going

to waste the hard work we put into our 4

years at Lycoming.

Craig Gordon ’91:

His love of

his students above his love of

Biology was unprecedented.

He would call or show up

at a students dorm room if

they weren’t in class. He was

concerned about them. Gregor

Mendel rules!!!

Robin Gabriel ’04:

My last name is Gabriel.

So every teacher asked me if I was his

daughter and I’d never even met the

man. We finally met my senior year and I

introduced myself as his daughter. He said

wow great to meet you!

Tracy Robinson ’18:

Gabe was my first professor

at Lycoming! His energetic personality always

made me look forward to my 8 a.m. class, and how

could I ever forget walking around the city with

Gabe when he took the Bio department to NYC in


Shannon English ’94:

Talked me into

going through with taking the MCAT

after I almost backed out the day

before. At this point I have been a

physician for 17 years!

Kimberly Hafer Yenner ’99:

I still

remember him putting the Fig Newton

above the doorway at the beginning of the

semester and eating it at the end of the