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WELCOME Mimi Mylin

Editorial Director for Marketing and


Mimi Mylin joins the Lycoming staff

as editorial director to establish a

consistent approach to the college’s

written material and to serve as editor-

in-chief of LC Magazine.

She brings 16 years of experience

from PPL Corporation as a writer

and ambassador for their power

plants. While there, she developed

communication and community

outreach strategies, prepared talking

points for executives, and wrote news

releases and articles for a variety of

newsletters, quarterly publications

and websites. She also has extensive

experience responding to media

inquiries as a spokesperson.

As a member of the board of trustees

for the United Way of Columbia County,

Mimi serves as the vice president of

marketing and communications.

Prior to PPL, she edited textbooks

and supervised teachers for a

correspondence school.

She has a master’s degree in

English from Bucknell University and

a bachelor’s degree from Bloomsburg


from the

From time to time, I leave my office and take a short jaunt around Lycoming’s

beautiful campus to stretch my legs. With a walk of just a few more blocks, I can

visit the park, an antique store, a bank or get a bite to eat. In 10 minutes, I can

drive to any number of shops or spend a few more minutes to pass them by and

arrive at a number of outdoor areas suitable for hiking, picnicking or fishing. I’m

sure many of you had, and perhaps still have, your favorite Lycoming area spots.

The easy access to a variety of venues is just one reason I’m thrilled to have

joined the staff at Lycoming College. Better yet is the wonderful variety of topics

I get to work with — a welcome change from writing about electricity and energy

issues, which I did for a number of years as a writer for the local electric company.

You’ll see that wonderful variety reflected in this issue of LC Magazine, my first

as its editor. Alongside the upbeat stories of student progress, alumni success and

faculty development, you’ll read a number of articles about current social issues.

Although the topics are sobering, they remind us that society will always face

challenges that can take years to resolve. Sustainable solutions require thoughtful

minds, well-tempered by an appreciation of other perspectives, that can see

beyond superficialities. They require people willing to engage fearlessly with


The articles, written by Lycoming College experts, show some of the ways

professors push students to continually re-evaluate the world whenever they come

across new information or a different perspective. Our faculty understand that

every student they teach will eventually shoulder societal problems and shape

their solutions.

Regardless of whether Lycoming students become teachers, lawyers, or artists,

graduates will have learned they have a voice. Some will voice their opinion

through a simple election vote, others will be heard through passionate journalism

or by enacting laws. All will influence our world.

The articles in this issue are intended to provoke thought and prompt civic

engagement. Wherever your world is, get involved.

Mimi Mylin

Editorial Director

In the spring issue, we inserted the wrong photo with a caption. Please

refer to our Alumni Happenings section (page 48) to see the correct

photo of the VanSyckles and Morrones. Our apologies to our alumni.