Writing Across The Curriculum


The Writing Across the Curriculum Program has been developed in response to the conviction that practice in writing promotes intellectual growth and that effective written communication is a hallmark of the educated person. The program has been designed to enhance student learning in general and subject mastery in particular and to develop students' abilities to communicate clearly.

In this program, students are given opportunities to write in a variety of contexts and in a substantial number of courses, in which they receive faculty guidance and reinforcement.

The Writing Committee provides oversight and implementation of the Writing Across the Curriculum Program.

Program Requirements

In order to graduate, all students must complete English 106 or 107, that is Composition or Honors Composition; writing components in all distribution courses; and three courses designated as "W" courses or writing intensive. One of the courses must be in his/her major. Writing intensive courses must include at least 10 pages of formal and 15 pages of informal writing assignments. A proportion of class time must be devoted to the teaching of writing. The approval of W courses is made by the Writing Committee.

Specific course listings and other details of the program can be found in the Academic Catalogue in the section entitled the Academic Program.

Instructional resources for faculty are available on Moodle. Locate the WAC Program course under the category Other.

Members of the Writing Committee:

  • Gary Hafer, Chair
  • Shanna Wheeler, WAC Coordinator
  • Philip Sprunger, Provost and Dean of the College
  • Eileen Peluso
  • Douglas Young
  • Kerry Richmond
  • Tina Norton
  • David Fisher
  • Jessica Oberlin