Assistant Professor: Stanley (Coordinator)

Although a major in women’s and gender studies is available only under the policies regarding Individual Interdisciplinary Majors, an established minor in women’s and gender studies is provided. WGST 200 and four of the following established cross-listed courses are required for the minor. Students may substitute no more than two experimental or topics courses that have been approved by the coordinating committee. To receive credit for a minor in women’s and gender studies, students must maintain at least a 2.00 average in courses taken for that minor.

The following courses satisfy the cultural diversity requirement: WGST 200 and WGST 300.

  • ART 339 Women in Art
  • ENGL 334 Women and Literature
  • HIST 220 Women in History
  • PSCI 347 Women and Politics
  • PSY 341 Psychology of Women
  • REL 333 Old Testament Women
  • SOC 220 Sociology of Family
  • SOC 331 Sociology of Gender
  • WGST 300 Topics in Women’s and Gender Studies

200 / Gendered Perspectives

An examination of gender issues from an interdisciplinary perspective. This course will explore the social construction of gender and gendered institutions as well as relevant critical approaches such as feminist, utopian, and queer theories. Topics may involve language, art, science, politics, culture, violence, race, class, ethnic differences, sexuality, and pornography.

300 / Topics in Women's & Gender Studies

An examination of selected topics in Women’s and Gender Studies designed to allow students to pursue particular subjects in more depth and detail than in the general introductory course. With the permission of the Coordinator of the Women’s and Gender Studies Program, students may repeat this course depending on the content.

N80/N89 / Independent Studies

With the approval of the Coordinator, an appropriate special course or independent studies project may be substituted for one of the four courses required for the minor.