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Wyoming Conference Pastors.  The Wyoming Conference existed from 1852 to 2010 covering northeast Pennsylvania and southcentral New York.  Click on the first letter of the surname to enter the file of all the pastors for that letter.  The instructions file gives details about this project and helpful notes for interpreting the information. 

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Born: 12-14-1822  Worcester NY                              married: Lorinda L. Booth
Died: 2-26-1888  Pueblo CO                                      obit: Wyoming Conference 1909, 122


1846    admitted on trial, Oneida Conference


Interment: West Bainbridge NY
Obit: Wyoming Conference 1888, 89


1846-47           Bainbridge

1847-48           Smyrna

1848-49           Chenango

1849-50           Bainbridge

1850-52           Brookfield

1852-54           Vernon Center

1854-56           Sherburne

1846-58           Oneonta

1858-60           Milford

1860-62           Afton

1862-63           Unadilla

1863-66           Guilford

1866-68           Oxford

1868-69           Otego

1869                transfer to Wyoming Conference by change of boundaries

1869-70           Otego

1870-73           Milford

1873-74           Morris

1874-76           Salem

1876-78           Sherburne

1878-80           Plymouth NY

1880-82           Windsor

1882-83           on leave

1883-85           Norwich

1885                retired


Note:  William G. Queal is a brother to Atchison Queal (1817-1859) of the Oneida Conference and Luke C. Queal (1827-1898) of the Central New York Conference.  Both daughters of William G. Queal married Wyoming Conference pastors: Mattie Queal Meaker, wife of E. Bradley Meaker, and Alice Queal Benedict, wife of George Bernard Benedict.  A brief biography of William Graves Queal appears in Chaffee’s 1904 History of the Wyoming Conference, page 233.




Born: 1930                                                                  married: Jan Quick

Died: 7-12-2000  Albany NY                                     obit:


Interment: Albany Rural Cemetery, Menands NY

Obit: Wyoming Conference 2001, 200


1986-88           North Norwich

1988-89           North Norwich – Plymouth

1898-92           Throop

1992-96           Waymart (ending 12/1/19960

1996                retired (12/1/96)


Note: Ruth E. Quick had been an officer in the Salvation Army.  She served in the Wyoming Conference as a local pastor.




Born:                                                                           married: Linda Diana Beck

Died:                                                                           obit:



1968    ordained deacon




1967-69           New Berlin

1969                no longer listed



Note: William H. Quick apparently was never a member of the Wyoming Conference.  He was a member of the South Indiana Conference and served (as was ordained by) the Wyoming Conference while a student 1967-69 working on a Master’s of Theology at Princeton University.  He had graduated from Asbury College in 1964, and received a B.D. in 1967 from Asbury Seminary.  Mrs. Quick is the daughter of Rev. Glenn H. Beck (1915-2001) of the Ohio Conference and the niece of Rev. Gerald B. Beck (1925-2000) of the Northern Indiana Conference.





Born: 7-19-1863  Shongum NJ                                   married: Celinda Hudeman [7/5/1894]

Died: 9-9-1949                                                            obit: [d. 1917]

                                                                                    married2: Mrs. Ida Porter Poole [3/24/1940]

1895    admitted on trial                                             obit2: Newark Conference 1958, 153

1897    ordained deacon

1899 ordained elder


Interment: Presbyterian Cemetery, Mt. Freedom NJ

Obit: Newark Conference 1950, 492


1895-96           Flemingville

1896-99           Le Raysville

1899-03           Salem

1903-05           Sanitaria Springs

1905-06           Smyrna

1906                transfer to Newark Conference, page 68

1906-07           Asbury

1907-09           Califon and Fairmount

1909-11           Paterson Calvary

1911-13           Oxford

1913-16           Paterson Cedar Cliff

1916-17           Staten Island Asbury

1917-18           on leave, war work

1918-20           Columbia and Hainesburg

1920-21           Rahway First

1921-25           Roselle Wesley

1925-26           Staten Island Dickinson

1926-27           on leave

1927-28           Stillwater and Swartswood

1928-29           Quakertown

1929                retired

                             1931 Utah Gospel Mission


Note: A biographical sketch of Eugene A. Quimby appears in Chaffee’s 1904 History of the Wyoming Conference, page 385.