Preserving and Celebrating Our United Methodist Heritage in Central and Northeast Pennsylvania


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Wyoming Conference Pastors.  The Wyoming Conference existed from 1852 to 2010 covering northeast Pennsylvania and southcentral New York.  Click on the first letter of the surname to enter the file of all the pastors for that letter.  The instructions file gives details about this project and helpful notes for interpreting the information. 

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Born:                                                                           married:

Died:                                                                           obit:


1978    admitted on trial, Wyoming Conference

1980    ordained deacon

1984    ordained elder





1978-79           ?

1979-82           Gibson

1982-86           Nichols – Lounsberry

1986-90           Nichols

1990-05           Union Center

2005-10           Union Center – Endicott Wesley

2010                charter member Upper New York Conference

2010-15           Union Center – Endicott Wesley

2015                retired




Born: 2-8-1863  Cornwall, England                           married: Jane Watt

Died: 5-1-1946                                                            obit: [d. 1919]

                                                                                    married2: Mrs. Mae Thomas Willis

?          license, Salvation Army                                  obit2: Wyoming Conference 1963, 236


Interment: Dunmore PA

Obit: Wyoming Conference 1947, 719


1889                moved to the United States


1920                “transfer” to Wyoming Conference

1920-25           Auburn

1925-29           Lake Como

1929-40           Orson

1930-46           South Sterling


Note: James Nankivell worked in 22 cities, including Scranton, for the Salvation Army before joining the Methodists.  At least two of his children went on to be officers in the Salvation Army: Evangeline Jane Nankivell Fox and Ballington Booth Nankivell.  The second Mrs. Nankivell was the widow of a Mr. Foster Willis.




Born: 2-11-1911  Norton-on-Tees, England              married: Dorothy Klock Davis

Died: 3-7-1999  Baltimore MD                                  obit: [2/15/1913 – 7/4/2011]


1940    admitted on trial


Interment: St. James Episcopal Cemetery, Lothian MD



1940-41           North Fenton

1941-43           Mt. Vision – Laurens

1943-45           Newton

1945-47           Bethany (ending 1/1/1947)

1947                “transfer” to the Episcopal Church

1947-49           Ashland PA St. John’s

1949-51           Binghamton NY Trinity

1951-55           Waverly NY Grace                

1955-58           Philadelphia PA St. Matthais

1958-62           Wilmington BE Trinity

1962-65           Shady Side MD St. John’s

1965-73           Lothian MD St. James

1973                retired


Note: Arthur B. Narbeth is the father of Gwen Narbeth Spicer, wife of Rev. Allen Spicer of the Episcopal Church.  He was from Swarthmore PA and a graduate of Duke University and Drew Theological Seminary.




Born:                                                                           married: Barbara

Died:                                                                           obit:


1969    admitted on trial, Philadelphia Conference

1969    ordained deacon

1972    ordained elder





1969-71           student, Union Theological Seminary in NYC

                            1971  chaplain, Methodist Hospital in Brooklyn NY

1971                transfer to Wyoming Conference

1971-73           associate, Kingston First

1973-77           Lake Winola

1977-81           Waverly PA

1981-86           Windsor

1986-93           Kingston Dorranceton

1993-02           Trucksville (ending 9/15/2002)

2002-03           on leave(beginning 9/15/2002)

2003-04           associate, Scranton Elm Park

2004-10           serving in New York Conference

2010                transfer to Susquehanna Conference by boundary change

2010                retired




Born: 9-21-1870  Madison NY                                  married: Maude E. Holliday
Died: 11-21-1902  Davenport NY                              obit:


1897    admitted on trial, Wyoming Conference

1899    ordained deacon

1901    ordained elder


Interment:  Madison NY
Obit: Wyoming Conference 1903, 105


1895-97           student, Syracuse University

                             1895-97  North Norwich

1897-98           North Norwich

1898-00           Exeter

1900-02           Smyrna

1902                Davenport Center


Note:  A brief biography of Alvin J. Neff appears in Chaffee’s 1904 History of the Wyoming Conference, page 213.




Born:                                                                           married:

Died:                                                                           obit:


1909    admitted on trial, Wyoming Conference

1911    ordained elder





1903-05           Amwell, New Jersey Conference

1903-04           Penn’s Park, Philadelphia Conference

1906-07           Cornwell’s, Philadelphia Conference

1907-08           Lumberville, Philadelphia Conference

1909                “transfer” to Wyoming Conference

1909-11           Clark’s Green

1911-12           Scranton St. Paul’s

1912                “transfer” to Episcopal Church

1912-13           Reading PA St. Luke’s

1913-15           Long Brach NJ

1915-18           Bradley Beach NJ St. James

                        Ocala FL


Note: John J. Neighbor graduated from Ohio Wesleyan University, and from Drew Theological Seminary in 1909.  Before his graduation from seminary he supplied churches in the New Jersey and Philadelphia Conferences.  From the individual conference journals he appears to have served in two different conferences one year, and not at all in another year – and so these records should not be taken as the final authority.




Born: 12-13-1818  Andes NY                                    married: Jane Scott
Died: 2-20-1879  New York NY                                obit: Wyoming Conference 1899, 107


1834    exhorter’s license

1835    license

1840    admitted on trial, Oneida Conference

1842    ordained deacon


Interment: Forty Fort Cemetery, Forty Fort PA
Obit: Wyoming Conference 1879, 34


1840-43           principal, Otsego Academy in Cooperstown NY

     1840-41      Otsego

     1841-42      Westford

1843-44           on leave

1844-52           principal, Wyoming Seminary

1852                charter member of Wyoming Conference

1852-62           principal, Wyoming Seminary

1862-64           superintendent, Wyoming District

1864-72           principal, Wyoming Seminary

     1868-69      superintendent, Wyoming District

1872-79           agent, Methodist Book Concern in New York NY


Note:  A brief biography of Reuben Nelson appears in Chaffee’s 1904 History of the Wyoming Conference, page 213.




Born: 5-20-1921  Worcester MA                               married: Eva Mae Norton

Died: 6-2-2014  Tunkhannock PA                             obit: Susquehanna Conference 2013, 269


1973    license

1982    admitted on trial, Wyoming Conference


Interment: body donated for medical research

Obit: Susquehanna Conference 2015, 271


                        American Baptist Church

                             Mendon and Whitman MA

                             denominational offices, Valley Forge PA

                             Wayne PA

                             Abington Heights PA (union of Clarks Green and Clarks Summit)

1973-85           Fairdale

1986                retired

                             1986-90      South Montrose Community (ending 8/31/1990)

                             1990-08      Beaver Meadows (beginning 9/1/1990)

     2010           transfer to Susquehanna Conference by boundary change





Born: 4-28-1854  St. Blazey, Cornwall                      married: Elizabeth Ann Baker

Died: 12-3-1905  Jermyn PA                                      obit: Wyoming Conference 1919, 148


1876    admitted on trial

1878    ordained deacon

1880    ordained elder


Interment: Shady Side Cemetery, Jermyn PA

Obit: Wyoming Conference 1906, 109


1876-78           Lackawaxen

1878-81           Beach Pond

1881-84           Orwell

1884-87           Camptown

1887-89           Scranton Hampton Street

1889-94           Forty Fort

1894-01           on leave

1901                retired

                        became a registered pharmacist in Forty Fort, Wyoming and Jermyn


Note: A biographical sketch of William R. Netherton appears in Chaffee’s 1904 History of the Wyoming Conference, page 375.




Born: 4-26-1830 Durham ME                                    married: Abbie S. Weeman

Died: 3-3-1914  Windsor NY                                     obit: Wyoming Conference 1900, 118


1851    exhorter’s license

1853    admitted on trial, Wyoming Conference

1855    ordained deacon

1857    ordained elder


Interment: Forest Hill Cemetery, Scranton PA

Obit: Wyoming Conference 1914, 108


1851                Vestal (Jul – Oct)

1851-52           teacher, South Owego schoo1 (11/5851 – 3/1852)

1852                teacher, Nichols (Sep – Dec)

1852-53           Van Ettenville (beginning 12/1852)

1853-54           South Danby

1854-56           Rome

1856-58           Mehoopany

1858-60           Springville

1860-61           Auburn

1861-62           Gibson

1862-64           Scranton

1864-65           Springville

1865-66           Tunkhannock

1866-67           on leave

1867-69           Susquehanna Depot

1869-71           Mount Pleasant

1871-72           Schenevus

1872-75           Hartwick

1875-78           Hawley

1878-81           Jermyn

1881-84           Dunmore

1884-85           Scranton Park Place

1885-88           Hawley

1888-91           Salem

1891-94           Lake Como

1894-99           Throop and Nay Aug

1899-00           Yatesville

1900                retired to Uniondale PA


Note: A biographical sketch of John V. Newell appears in Chaffee’s 1904 History of the Wyoming Conference, page 376.





Born:                                                                           married: Daniel

Died:                                                                           obit:


2009    license





2008-10           Beaver Meadows

2010                transfer to Susquehanna Conference by boundary change


Note: Patricia Newhart served as a local preacher.





Born: 5-1-1862  Ellenville NY                                   married: Lila Lucas

Died: 8-6-1943                                                            obit: Wyoming Conference 1913, 121

                                                                                    married2: Mary A. Peck

1884    local preacher’s license, Kingston                  obit2: Wyoming Conference 1934, 402

1890    admitted on trial

1892    ordained deacon


Interment: Spring Forest Cemetery, Binghamton NY

Obit: Wyoming Conference 1944, 846


1887-90           student, Drew Theological Seminary

1890-91           Greene

1891-93           Castle Creek

1893-95           Falls

1895-98           Dalton

1898-01           Susquehanna

1901-05           Dunmore

1905-07           Lestershire

1907-10           Pittston

1910-12           Wyoming

1912-15           Ashley

1915-18           Wilkes-Barre Derr Memorial

1918-21           Taylor

1921-25           Peckville

1925-30           Tunkhannock

1930-33           Wilkes-Barre Bennett Memorial-St. Andrews

1933                retired


Note: Charles H. Newing is the father of Mr. Ralph L. Newing (1891-1987), director of public relations for the Wyoming Conference and editor of the conference’s The Methodist for 17 years. He is also an uncle of Irene Newing Willets, wife of Howard Willets.  The second Mrs. Newing is the daughter of Jonathan K. Peck.  A biographical sketch of Charles H. Newing appears in Chaffee’s 1904 History of the Wyoming Conference, page 376.





Born: 10-14-1865  Durham, England                         married: Blanche Crowell

Died: 1-8-1939  Del Ray Beach FL                            obit: Wyoming Conference 1949, 223


1888    admitted on trial

1890    ordained deacon

1892    ordained elder


Interment: Mount Hope Cemetery, Norwich NY

Obit: Wyoming Conference 1939, 586


1887-88           Lackawaxen

1888-89           Harford PA

1889-91           assistant, Scranton First

1891-93           Scranton Cedar Avenue

1893-97           Binghamton Clinton Street

1897-04           Waverly NY

1904-12           Kingston

1912-18           Binghamton Centenary

1918-28           Scranton Asbury

1928-34           Norwich

1934                retired


Note: Mrs. Nicholson is the daughter of Jesse T. Crowell.  A biographical sketch of John W. Nicholson appears in Chaffee’s 1904 History of the Wyoming Conference, page 378.





Born: 5-13-1897  Scranton                                         married: John Dillon Nickey

Died: 3-14-1997                                                          obit: [4/6/1896 – 1955]


?          consecrated deaconess


Interment: Forest Hill Cemetery, Dunmore PA

Obit: Wyoming Conference 1997, 364


1958-60           Thornhurst

1960-62           Throop

1962-65           Koinonia Ministry in Milford NY

1965                retired


Note:  Dr. Evelyn Nickey [nee Phillips] worked as a dentist until 1955.  She served in the Wyoming Conference as a deaconess and local pastor.




Born:                                                                           married:

Died:                                                                           obit:


1897    exhorter’s license

1907    admitted on trial

1907    ordained deacon

1909    ordained elder





1896-98           Buffalo, Central New York Conference

1898-00           ?

1900-06           Pittston

1906-10           Wilkes-Barre

1910                transfer to Central New York Conference

1910-12           Syracuse Italian Mission





Born: 4-12-1876                                                          married: Ina Lawson

Died: 9-?-1974  FL                                                     obit: Wyoming Conference 1955, 2070


1904    admitted on trial

?          ordained deacon

?          ordained elder


Interment: Forest Long Memorial Gardens North, Pompano Beach FL

Obit: Wyoming Conference 1975, 178


1901-04           Rileyville

1904-06           Speedsville

1906-11           Rome

1911-14           Nichols

1914-17           Marathon

1917-22           assistant superintendent, Anti-Saloon League of New York

1922-25           assistant general secretary, Lord’s Day Alliance of New York

1925-29           general secretary, Lord’s Day Alliance of Ohio

1929-49           general secretary, Lord’s Day Alliance of Indiana

1949                retired




Born: 12-16-1929  Bristol CT                                    married: Cora Louise Loudon

Died: 7-20-2011  Rice Lake WI                                 obit:


1957    admitted on trial

1957    ordained deacon

1960    ordained elder





1956-58           Preston

1958-61           Mehoopany

1961-67           North Fenton

1967-69           Gouldsboro

1969                transfer to Wisconsin Conference

1969-74           Franksville

1974-82           Neillsville - Granton





Born: 9-13-1866  Springville PA                               married: Mattie L. Wilcox

Died: 1-6-1945  Stockton CA                                     obit:


1888    exhorter’s license

1889    local preacher’s license

1892    admitted on trial


Interment: Park View Cemetery, Stockton CA

Obit: Wyoming Conference 1945, 163


1887-91           student, Wyoming Seminary

                            1887-91       Harding, Coxton, and Buttonwood.

1890-93           student, Drew Theological Seminary

                            1890-92       New York City Madison Street Mission

1892-96           faculty, Pai Chai College at Seoul Korea

1895-97           student, Drew Theological Seminary

1896-01           Pyeng Yang Circuit

1901-04           superintendent, North Korea District

1904-44           Korean Methodist Church

1944                retired


Note: W. Arthur Noble is the father of Emily Ruth Noble Appenzeller, wife of Henry D. Appenzeller (1889-1953) of the Southern California-Arizona Conference.  A biographical sketch of W. Arthur Noble appears in Chaffee’s 1904 History of the Wyoming Conference, page 377.




Born:                                                                           married:

Died:                                                                           obit:


1974    associate member, Western New York Conference





1945-46           Wells Bridge

1946-53           West Exeter

1953                “transfer” to New York Conference

1953-54           Long Eddy – Goulds – Rock Valley

1954-69           no record

1969                “transfer to Western New York Conference

1969-75           South Dayton – Hamlet

1979-83           Silver Springs – Gainesville

1983-89           Pavilion

1989                retired

                             2010  charter member of Upper New York Conference


Note: Charles W. Nonnenberg served in the Wyoming Conference as a local preacher. 




Born: 1871                                                                  married: Mary B. Walople

Died: 1-27-1928  NY                                                  obit: [1877-1974]


1895    ordained, Congregational Church

1917    admitted on trial, Wyoming Conference


Interment: Chuctanunda Cemetery, Minaville NY



1895-97           Taftsvill CT

1897-17           ?

1917                “transfer” to Wyoming Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church

1917-19           Herrickville

1919                discontinued

1920                “transfer” to Presbyterian Church

1920-25           Mariaville NY

1925-28           Freedom Plains NY


Note: It is possible that the above information refers to more than one “Rev. Samuel A. Noble.”




Born:                                                                           married:

Died:                                                                           obit:


?          admitted on trial

1885    ordained deacon





1881-83           Franklin Forks

1883-84           Rush

1884-86           on leave

1887                located




Born: 4-2-1864  Cherry Creek NY                             married: Florence Esther Kibbe

Died: 6-21-1934  Fruitland Park FL                           obit: Florida Conference 1955, 193


1894    admitted on trial



Obit: St. John’s River Conference 1935,52


1894-95           Slaterville

1895-97           Mehoopany

1897                transfer to St. John’s River Conference


Note: This surname is sometimes erroneously reported as NORTHRUP.





Born: 4-14-1914  Fine NY                                         married: Lyndon F. Northrop

Died: 9-2-2000                                                            obit: [1902 – 1974]


Interment: Vestal Park Cemetery, Vestal NY

Obit: Wyoming Conference 2001, 198


1990-94           Flemingville

1994                retired


Note: Pauline L. Northrop [nee Stevens] served as a local pastor.  The heading of the conference obituary is erroneously given as NORTHRUP.




Born: 4-29-1929  Reading PA                                                            married: Olive L. Marsh

Died: 1-23-2017  Edgewater MD                                                       obit: Baltimore-Washington Conference 1998, 597


1953    admitted on trial, Philadelphia Conference



Obit: Baltimore-Washington Conference 2017, 507


1953-54           East Bangor

1954                transfer to Wyoming Conference

1954-57           associate, Scranton Elm Park

1957                transfer to Baltimore Conference

1957-61           associate Washington DC Foundry

1961-65           Solomons

1965-69           Riderwood Hunt’s Memorial

1969-76           Baltimore Beechfield

1976-82           Hillcrest Heights Church of the Redeemer

1982-94           Pasadena

1994                retired


Note: Richard E. Nowers is the brother of Donald G. Nowers Jr. (1926-2012) of the Eastern Pennsylvania Conference.