Preserving and Celebrating Our United Methodist Heritage in Central and Northeast Pennsylvania

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Central Pennsylvania Evangelical Pastors Click on the first letter of the surname to enter the file of all the pastors for that letter.  The instructions file gives information about this project, the dates at which various conference boundary changes occurred, and detailed bibliographic references. 

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Born:                                                                           married: Lori Steffensen
Died:                                                                           obit:




2008-10           Courtdale and Larksville


Note: Theodore D. Gabriel served as a local preacher.  Lori Steffensen is an ordained elder in the Wyoming Conference.




Born: 1-21-1896  LeRaysville PA                              married: [never married]

Died: 2-4-1941  Johnson City NY                              obit:


1937    ordained deaconess, Wyoming Conference



Interment: LeRaysville PA

Obit: Wyoming Conference 1941, 167


                        Girls’ School, Norfolk VA

                        Girls’ School, Alexandria VA

                        Rome Custodial Asylum, Haverstraw NY

1935-41           Children’s Home of the Wyoming Conference





Born:                                                                           married:
Died:                                                                           obit:




2004-07           Lounsberry (beginning 8/1/2008)

2007-08           Binghamton Centenary – Chenango Street


Note: Linda J. Gaige served as a local preacher.




Born: 3-7-1914  Oil City PA                          married: Fleda Zeigler
Died: 10-12-2000  Union Dale PA                 obit: Wyoming Conference 1994, 330


1936    admitted on trial, Erie Conference

1937    ordained deacon

1939    ordained elder


Obit: Wyoming Conference 2001,189


1937-39           West Middlesex

1939-43           Girard

1943-47           Westfield

1947-50           New Castle

1950                transfer to Pittsburgh Conference

1950-59           Irwin

1959-62           McKeesport

1962-67           superintendent, Washington District

1967                transfer to Wyoming Conference

1967-75           Scranton Elm Park [beginning 5/7/1967]

1975-76           sabbatical leave

1976                retired


Note: James A. Gaiser is a brother to Harold Kenfield Gaiser (1904-1971) of the Western New York Conference.  He is the author of the book So We Went around the World.




Born:                                                                           married: Katie C. _____
Died:                                                                           obit:

                                                                                    married2: Judi _____

Interment:                                                                   obit2:


1994-96           Lake Como (beginning 10/1/1994)

1996-99           Stewart Memorial

1999-04           Damascus (beginning 7/15/1999)

2004-10           Sherburne – Smyrna

2010                charter member of Upper New York Conference


Note: George M. Gallandorm served as a local preacher.




Born:                                                                           married: Colleen _____
Died:                                                                           obit:


1988    admitted on trial, Wyoming Conference: recommended by Nanticoke

1988    ordained deacon

1991    ordained elder




1988-89           student, Lancaster Theological Seminary

1989-92           Plains and Wilkes-Barre Bennett-Derr (ending 1/3/1992)

1992-10           counseling ministry (beginning 1/3/1992)

2010                transfer to Susquehanna Conference by boundary change




Born: 12-16-1949                                                        married: Sarah Louise _____
Died:                                                                           obit: [12/27/1949 - ]


recommended by Old South, Reading MA

1976    ordained deacon

1977    ordained elder




1975-78           Lake Ariel

1978-80           associate, Scranton Elm Park

1980-85           Waverly NY

1985-03           Mountaintop Christ

2003-08           on leave

2008                retired

    2010  transfer to Susquehanna Conference by boundary change





Born: 5-25-1850  Fairfield NY                                   married: Kate Miracle

Died: 6-13-1927  Candor NY                         obit: Wyoming Conference 1942, 392


1870    license, Baptist Church

1885    admitted on trial

1887    ordained deacon

1889    ordained elder


Interment: Maple Grove Cemetery, Candor NY

Obit: Wyoming Conference 1928, 143


1870-84           Baptist Church

1884-85           ?

1885                “transfer” to Wyoming Conferenceof the Mehtodist Episcopal Church

1885-87           North Tioga

1887-90           Litchfield

1890-93           Harford NY

1893-94           Willet

1894-95           South Danby

1895-98           on leave

1898-99           South Danby

1899-01           Flemingville

1901-04           Danby

1904-06           North Clinton

1906-09           Castle Creek

1909-11           Sanitaria Springs

1911-13           Davenport Center

1913-16           Sidney Center

1916-18           Oakland

1918                retired


Note: Some sources report Mrs. Galpin’s maiden name as MERICLE.  A biographical sketch of Stephen D. Galpin appears in Chaffee’s 1904 History of the Wyoming Conference, page 326.




Born:                                                                           married:
Died: 11-?-1892                                                          obit:


1880    admitted on trial

1880    ordained deacon

1884    ordained elder




1884-85           Siloa


Note: Conrado Gamboa served in Mexico and was one of the first graduates of the Methodist Theological School in Puebla.    It appears that his connection (along with Justo M. Euroza and Simon Loza) with the Wyoming Conference was only “on paper” – a necessary formality since the Mexico Conference had not yet been organized.  He died of yellow fever after volunteering to visit the coast district for the American superintendent.  More information on Conrado Gamboa may be found in John Wesley Butler’s 1918 History of the Methodist Episcopal Church in Mexico.  Mrs. Gamboa was from the Mexican village of Omitlan, eight miles from Pachuca.




Born: 1-13-1875  New York NY                                married: Anna Perry

Died: 2-1-1946  Eugene OR                                       obit: Wyoming Conference 1961, 220


1910    admitted on trial, New York Conference


Interment: Rest Haven Memorial Park, Wendling OR

Obit: Wyoming Conference 1946, 450


1910-13           Ridgebury

1913-16           Napanock

1916-19           Callicoon

1919-25           on leave

1925                transfer to Wyoming Conference

1925-27           Union Center

1927-28           Mount Upton

1928-30           Harpursville

1930-31           Scranton Bradley Memorial

1931-33           Harford

1933-34           New York State Civic League

1934-40           on leave

1940                retired


Note: Robert E. Gardinor is the son of Rev. William Gardinor of the Baptist Church.




Born: 5-14-1910  South Gibson PA                           married: Margaret Silfee

Died:  11-5-1975                                                         obit: [1913-2003]


1946    ordained local deacon, Wyoming Conference


Interment: Evergreen Cemetery, Berkshire NY

Obit: Wyoming Conference


1946-48           Harford

1948-50           Berkshire

1953-63           Flemingville

1963-66           not appointed

1966-73           Harford


Note: Maurice E. Gardner served as a local pastor, in and around his home town of Berkshire, while working a secular job.





Born: 10-8-1923  Madison KS                                               married: Margaret Elaine Erhardt
Died: 11-3-1956  St. Louis MO                                              obit: [6/24/1926 – 1/5/2005 ]


1942    license, Kansas Conference

1950    admitted on trial, Kansas Conference

?          ordained deacon

?          ordained elder


Interment: Overbrook Cemetery, Osage County KS
Obit: Kansas Conference 1957, 308


1942-44           student, Baker University

                            1942-43  Olpe

                            1943-44  Rantoul – Plum Creek – Lane

1944-46           U.S. Marine Corps

1946-48           Harveyville

1948-49           student, Boston University School of Theology

1949-52           student, Drew Theological Seminary

    1951-52  Fairdale-Rush, Wyoming Conference

1952                transfer to Wyoming Conference

1952                withdrew

1952                “transfer” to Kansas Conference

1952-55           Overbrook

1955-56           Burlington

Note:  The preferred name appears to be Gail Garst.  The 1952 Reading Eagle carried this news item: “Scranton, May 24(AP) — The Rev. James Gail Garst resigned from the Wyoming Conference of the Methodist Church today in protest against dismissal of a 29-year-old minister who refused to pay income taxes.  Rev. Mr. Garst, serving the Fairdale-Rush Circuit in the Wilkes-Barre district, withdrew his application for full connection with the conference and said ‘it is my way of showing my protest.’  The conference, in executive session at its 102d annual meeting, took action against the Rev. Richard M. Fichter, of Springfield, Pa., who was charged with six rural churches in Susquehanna County.  Rev. Mr. Garst, who came here from the Kansas Conference two years ago, said he plans to go back to Kansas.  Fichter, a deacon in the church, said he refused to pay the federal income taxes as a ‘matter of Christian conscience because of the suicidal armaments race’ the money would support.”  His obituary states that “miracles had resulted in his bringing renewed interest” at Burlington – which changed from “pews that had been occupied only at Christmas and Easter” to “almost capacity crowds every Sunday.”




Born: c1835                                                                married: Minerva Paulina Haverly [11/19/1856]
Died: 1-10-1912  Richmond County NY                   obit: [6/20/1838 – 1906]


1870    license

1876    admitted on trial

ordained deacon

ordained elder




1870-71           Rush

1876-78           Union Center

1878                no longer listed

1883-85           Oregon


Note: Listed as a member of conference 1876-78, Parker J. Gate served as a local preacher before and after those dates.  He appears to have permanently settled on Staten Island NY about 1890, where he continued as a local preacher and a deputy sheriff.  In 1895 he received a patent for a device connected with fire escapes.




Born: 11-14-1927                                                        married: Jeanne V. _____

Died: 10-9-2015  Florida                                            obit: [3/28/1923 - ]


admitted on trial

ordained deacon

ordained elder


Interment: [cremated, ashes given to family]



1985-88           Thompson (beginning 10/15/1985)

1988-89           Ransom

1989                no longer listed


Note. Richard I. Gaustad served as a local preacher.  He appears to have originally been from Minnesota and retired to Florida.




Born: 3-4-1833  Springville PA                                 married: Mary Louisa Blakeslee
Died: 12-21-1883  Center Moreland PA                    obit: Wyoming Conference 1933, 162


1860    admitted on trial, Wyoming Conference

1862    ordained deacon


Interment: Lynn Cemetery, Susquehanna County PA
Obit: Wyoming Conference 1884, 58


1860-61           Gibson

1861-63           Auburn

1863-64           Paupack

1864-66           chaplain, US Army

1866-68           South Danby

1868-70           Hornbrook

1870-71           Shepherd’s Creek

1871-72           Caroline

1872-74           Harpursville

1874-77           Greene

1877-80           Clifford

1880-82           Sterling

1882-83           Northmoreland


Note:  A brief biography of William H. Gavitt appears in Chaffee’s 1904 History of the Wyoming Conference, page 186.




Born: 1-28-1845  Trigaminion, Cornwall ENG         married: Grace Bolitho White
Died: 8-26-1902  Peckville PA                                  obit: Wyoming Conference 1924, 137


1864    local preacher’s license, England

1868    license, England

1874    admitted on trial, Wyoming Conference

1874    ordained deacon

1878    ordained elder


Interment: Prospect Cemetery, Peckville PA
Obit: Wyoming Conference 1903, 100


1867-68           Redruth and Camborne

1868-70           Scilly Isles mission

1870-71           Truro

1871-73           on leave, moves to America

1873-74           Beach Lake, Wyoming Conference

1874                transfer to Wyoming Conference

1874-76           South Canaan

1876-79           Waymart

1879-81           Peckville

1881-84           Newton

1884-85           Nanticoke

1885-88           Waverly and Clark’s Green

1888-90           Dallas

1890-93           Schenevus

1893-98           Jermyn

1898-99           Plains

1899-00           Taylor

1900-02           Peckville


Note:  Francis Gendall is the uncle of William L. Gendall (1874-1958) of the Evangelical Church.  A brief biography of Francis Gendall appears in Chaffee’s 1904 History of the Wyoming Conference, page 186.




Born: 8-21-1901  Plymouth, England                        married: E. Louise Smith

Died: 12-18-1974                                                        obit: Eastern Pennsylvania Conf 2007, 59


1930    admitted on trial

1932    ordained deacon

1934    ordained elder


Interment: Evergreen Cemetery, Shavertown PA

Obit: Eastern Pennsylvania Conference 1975, 770


1930-35           Lake Como

1935-37           Montdale

1937-39           Gouldsboro

1939-41           Berkshire NY

1941-43           Lanesboro

1943-44           Bainbridge NY

1944-47           Otego NY

1947-49           Whitney NY

1949-56           Tioga Center & Smithboro NY

1956-58           Hawleytown NY

1958-60           Worcester NY

1960-63           Susquehanns

1963                transfer to Philadelphia Conference

1963-64           Birdsboro (ending 12/1964)

1964-66           Georgetown and Mount Pleasant (beginning 12/1964)

1966-68           Thorndale

1968                retired

                            1968-74  Clearfield and Marticville


Note: Mrs. George was a Methodist deaconess.




Born: 05-04-1946                                                        married: Kathryn Asher

Died:                                                                           obit: Wyoming Conference 2004, 206



Interment: Fern Knoll Burial Park, Dallas PA



1979-80           Wilkes-Barre Bennett Memorial

1980-84           Wilkes-Barre Bennet Memorial and Derr Memorial

1984-85           Wilkes-Barre Bennett-Derr

1985-89           Wilkes-Barre Brnnett-Derr and Plains

1989                no longer listed


Note: Kenneth H. George served as a local preacher.  Other records list him as pastor of the Puritan Congregational Church in Wilkes-Barre.





Born:                                                                           married:

Died:                                                                           obit:





1973-75           Springville – Dimock

1975                no longer listed


Note: William George served as a local preacher.





Born: 10-10-1926  Brooklyn PA                                married: Mary Overton Brown
Died:                                                                           obit: [2/1/1931 - ]


1958    license, recommended by Binghamton Tabernacle

1964    admitted on trial, Northern New York Conference

1964    ordained deacon

1968    ordained elder, Wyoming Conference




1958-62           Hartwick

1962-64           Bernhard’s Bay, Central New York Conference

1964                “transfer” to Northern New York Conference

1965-67           North Shore Parish

1967-68           associate, Endwell, Wyoming Conference

1968                transfer to Wyoming Conference

1968-69           associate, Endwell     

1969-71           Great Bend

1971-72           Scranton Simpson

1972-80           Scranton Team Ministry

1981-89           chaplain, United Churches

1989                retired

                            1989-10  Lackawanna Prison Ministries

    2010        transfer to Susquehanna Conference by boundary change




Born: 12-13-1869  MD                                               married: Elsie Irene Phoebus

Died: 12-14-1922  Gibson PA                                    obit:


1892    exhorter’s license, Baltimore Conference

1893    local preacher’s license

1893    admitted on trial, Southern California Conference

1896    ordained deacon

1902    ordained elder


Interment: Gaithersburg MD

Obit: Wyoming Conference 1923,133


1892-94           San Miguel and Addelaide (beginning 11/29/1892)

1894-96           Santa Barbara East Side

1896-97           Creston and Shandon

1897-98           student

                             Hagerstown MD Washington Square

1898-00           on leave

                             1898-00  Gaithersburg MD  (beginning 3/1898)

1900-01           Pasadena Lamanda Park

1901-03           Tehachapi and Cumings Valley

1903                transfer to Illinois Conference

1903-04           Bath and Kilbourne

1904-07           Greenfield circuit

1907-08           Morrisville-Shiloh

1908-10           Cowden

1910-11           Quincy Grace

1911                transfer to Wyoming Conference

1911-13           Lake Como

1913-15           Clifford

1915-17           West Nicholson

1917-19           Orson

1919-21           Sterling

1921-22           Gibson





Born: 2-3-1930  Binghamton NY                               married: Margaret Mary Dougherty
Died:                                                                           obit: [7/24/1932 - ]


1954    license, Wyoming Conference

1955    ordained deacon

1957    ordained elder




1954-58           Beach Lake

1958-60           Peckville

1960-65           Trucksville

1965-69           Union Center

1969-72           Forty Fort

1972-77           Oneonta First

1977-82           superintendent, Binghamton District

1982-86           conference administrator

1986-94           Chenango Bridge

1994                retired

    2010  transfer to Susquehanna Conference by boundary change





Born: 4-30-1908                                                          married: Gladys Marie _____

Died: 2001                                                                  obit: Southern New Jersey Conference 1994, 231


1947    admitted on trial, Western New York Conference


Interment: Siloam Methodist Cemetery, Boothwyn PA



1934-35           Preston, Wyoming Conference

1935-36           Davenport Center, Wyoming Conference (ending 8/31/1936)

1936                “transfer” to Baptist Church

                            Weedsport NY First Baptist

                            Eire PA Wayne Park Baptist

1947                “transfer” to Western New York Conference

1947-49           Somerset – County Line

1949                transfer to Southern New Jersey Conference

1949-50           Central Tabernacle – Union

1950-51           Camden Union

1951-54           Salem First

1954-58           South River

1958-59           Atlantic City Trinity

1959-60           Ventor

1960-63           Point Pleasant – Central

1963-65           Trenton Broad Street

1965-66           Medford

1966-70           Audubon

1970-72           Berlin Centenary

1972-76           Bridgeton First

1976                retired



Note: George S. Geyer served in the Wyoming Conference as a local preacher. 





Born: 7-5-1870  Maplewood PA                                married: Clara L. Conrad

Died:                                                                           obit:


1902    local preacher’s license, Scranton Elm Park

1903    admitted on trial

1905    ordained deacon

1907    ordained elder





1902-03           Gouldsboro

1903-07           Bethany

1907-09           Lake Como

1909                transfer to Minnesota Northern Conference, page 77

1909                transfer to Colorado Conference (as per General Minutes for Northern Minnesota)

1910                transfer to Colorado Conference (as per General Minutes for Colorado)

1910-11           Holly

1911-12           Center

1912-17           ?

1916-17           Victor

1917-20           ?

1920-21           Florence

1921-25           ?

1925-26           Clifton

1926-28           ?

1928                withdrew

Note: A biographical sketch of Frank F. Gibbs appears in Chaffee’s 1904 History of the Wyoming Conference, page 326.  




Born: 1-24-1881  Waterbury CT                                married: Ruth A. Clayton

Died: 6-15-1964  Dryden NY                                     obit: [1876 – 1/30/1966]


1928    license, Wyoming Conference

1936    ordained local deacon, Wyoming Conference

?          ordained local elder, Wyoming Conference


Interment: Green Hills Cemetery, Dryden NY

Obit: Wyoming Conference 1965, 246


1928-30           Edmeston

1930-35           Ouaquaga

1935-37           Hartwick

1937-39           Wells Bridge

1939-43           Hornbrook

1943-48           Daleville

1948-51           Hartford

1951                retired


Note: Robert E. Gibby served as a local preacher.  Mrs. Gibby is the daughter of Thomas Ellsworth Clayton (1845-1907) of the Genesee Conference.





Born: 8-23-1921                                                          married:

Died: 3-1-1996                                                            obit:


1951    admitted on trial

1951    ordained deacon

1953    ordained elder



Obit: Southern New Jersey Conference 1997, 232


1951-54           student

1954                transfer to New York Conference




Born: 5-10-1810                                                          married: Clarissa _____

Died: 12-28-1879                                                        obit: Nebraska Conference 1881, 24


1832    admitted on trial, Oneida Conference



Obit: Nebraska Conference 1880, 24


1852                charter member of Wyoming Conference

1852-64           Honesdale

1854-55           Wyoming

1855-56           Hawley

1856-58           superintendent, Honesdale District

1858-65           on leave

                            1858-59  Honesdale

                            1859-60  Nebraska Territory

1861                located


Note: The Nebraska State Historical Society notes that “Regular Methodist services were begun in Southeastern Nebraska in 1858, conducted by G.L. Griffing, Gabriel Westfall and G.W. [sic] Giddings” – three pastors of the Wyoming Conference.




Born: 10-4-1841  near Cincinnati OH                        married: Arabella Lampley

Died: 4-20-1909                                                          obit: New Jersey Conference 1930, 311


1862    admitted on trial



Obit: New York East Conference 1953, 492


1862-64           Mainville Circuit

1864-65           Cincinnati Mear's Chapel

1865-67           Mount Washington

1867-68           on leave

1868-69           transfer to New York East Conference

1868-70           Brooklyn Seventh Avenue

1870-73           New Haven CT

1873-76           Brooklyn Nostrand Avenue

1876-77           Brooklyn First Place

1877-86           Baltimore St. John's Independent Methodist Church

1885                transfer to Kentucky Conference

1885-89           Covington Union Church, Covington

1889                transfer to New York East Conference

1889-94           Brooklyn Grace

1894-96           Mount Vernon First Church

1896                transfer to Wyoming Conference

1896-04           Scranton Elm Park Church

1905                transfer to New Jersey Conference


Note: Charles M. Giffin is the father of Mortimer P. Giffin (?-1952) and William Gill Giffin (1875-1939), both of the New York East Conference.  A biographical sketch of Charles M. Giffin appears in Chaffee’s 1904 History of the Wyoming Conference, page 327.




Born: 4-22-1891  Binghamton NY                             married: Ruth Diamont

Died: 5-12-1983  Kingston PA                                   obit: Wyoming Conference 1968, 255


1920    admitted on trial, Wyoming Conference

1922    ordained deacon, Wyoming Conference

1924    ordained elder, Wyoming Conference


Interment: Mt. Zion Cemetery, Luzerne County PA

Obit: Wyoming Conference 1983, 242


1919-20           Slaterville

1920-22           Lisle

1922-23           Flemingville

1923-25           Lisle

1925-27           Kirkwood

1927-30           Great Bend – Hallstead

1930                Binghamton Oak Street

1930-33           Forest City – Vandling

1933-36           Meshoppen

1936-46           Carverton

1946-54           Maine Federated

1954-59           Pittston First

1959                retired




Born: 7-26-1920  Syracuse NY                                  married: [never married]

Died: 11-2-2012  Pittston PA                                                 obit: Susquehanna Conference 2013, 264


1951    commissioned, missionary


Interment: Mount Zion Cemetery, Exeter Township PA

Obit: Susquehanna Conference 2013, 264


1951-78           missionary, Belgian Congo

                        New York

                        Sierra Leone



1992                retired


Dorothy R. Gilbert is the daughter of Charles H. Gilbert.




Born:                                                                           married:

Died:                                                                           obit:


1970    admitted on trial

1970    ordained deacon

ordained elder





1970-73           student, Union Theological Seminary in New York NY

1973                discontinued


Note: Dwight E. Giles Jr. is the son of Dwight E. Giles Sr.  He entered academia, served on the education faculty at the University of Boston, and is the author of numerous book and articles on education.




Born: 1921  Pleasant Mount PA                                 married: Josephine Zukosky
Died: 9-3-2012  Hendersonville NC                          obit: Susquehanna Conference 2012, 294


1959    license, Wyoming Conference: recommended by Pleasant Mount

1967    ordained deacon

1970    ordained elder


Interment: Wheeler Hill Cemetery, Pleasant Mount PA
Obit: Susquehanna Conference 2013, 265


1959-62           Montdale (beginning 5/24/1959)

1962-66           Newton

1966-70           student, Asbury Theological Seminary

1970-78           Beach Lake

1978-85           Sidney

1985-90           Union Center

1990                retired

                            1992       Waymart (1/16 – 6/30)

                            1993-95  Brown’s View, Western NC Conference (9/1/1993 – 5/31/1995)

                            1995-10  Fruitland, Western NC Conference

    2010       transfer to Susquehanna Conference by boundary change


Note: Dwight E. Giles is the father of Dwight E. Giles Jr. and a brother to E. Kermit Giles and Roy E. Giles.





Born:                                                                           married: Chris _____
Died:                                                                           obit:


2008    license, recommended by Prompton Community




2003-05           Union Dale (beginning 11/2003)

2005-08           Pleasant Mount (ending 10/2008)

2008-10           Prompton Community (beginning 10/2008)

2010                transfer to Susquehanna Conference by boundary change


Note: Edwin C. Giles served as a local preacher.





Born: 7-9-1909  Pleasant Mount PA              married: Eleanor Dorothy Kennedy

Died: 3-11-1991  Holiday FL                         obit: Wyoming Conference 2000, 312


1947    license, Primitive Methodist Church

1953    ordained, Primitive Methodist Church


Interment: Clinton Center Cemetery, Clinton Center PA

Obit: Wyoming Conference 1991, 332


1947-50           New Diggings WI

1950-53           Platteville WJ

1953-57           Houtzdale PA

1957-63           Sutersville PA

1963-66           Providence, Wyoming Conference of the Methodist Church

1966-69           Nanticoke, Wyoming Conference of the Methodist Church

1969                transfer to Wyoming Conference of the United Methodist Church

1969-72           Nanticoke

1972-76           New Milford

1976                retired

                            1976-81  visitation pastor, Riviera UMC in St, Petersburg FL


Note: E. Kermit Giles is a brother to Dwight E. Giles and Roy E. Giles.  He is the father of OMS missionary Marian L. Giles and of Ruth Giles Woodruff, wife of Ellsworth P. Woodruff of the Peninsula-Delaware Conference.




Born: 12-9-1924  Niagra PA                                      married: Jane Louise Buck

Died: 4-3-1999                                                            obit:


1956    license, Wyoming Conference

1962    admitted on trial

1962    ordained deacon

1964 ordained elder


Interment: Manor Cemetery, Tilghmanton MD

Obit: Wyoming Conference 1999, 336


1956-57           Middlefield and Roseboom

1957-60           student, Hartwick College

1960-62           student, Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington DC

                             1961-62      Cecilton Zion

1962-65           Cecilton Zion

1965-67           student

1967-91           chaplain, Maryland Correctional Institute in Hagerstown MD (beginning 9/1/1967)

1991-93           Greentown

1993                retired


Note: Roy E Giles is a brother to Dwight E. Giles and E. Kermit Giles.



Born: 5-10-1925 PA                                                   married: Helen Virginia Graham

Died: 5-23-2009  Albuquerque NM                           obit: [4/13/1937 – 2/4/2000]


1954    admitted on trial, Western Pennsylvania Conference EUB

1955    ordained elder, Western Pennsylvania Conference EUB


Interment: Fairview UM Cemetery, Morrisdale PA



1954-55           no record

1955-56           student

1956-57           Windber Grace

1957-59           Dempseytown Trinity

1959-60           Industry

1950-61           New Salem

1951-62           Altoona Faith

1962-63           Howard, Central Pennsylvania Conference

1963-64           no record, reportedly teaching school

1954-65           Lisle, Wyoming Conference

1965-66           West Nanticoke, Susquehanna Conference

1966-67           Mount Pleasant Mills, Susquehanna Conference

1967-68           Bradleytown

1968-69           without appointment

1969-70           Bradleytown

1970                located


Note: David H. Gill served in the Wyoming Conference as a supply pastor.



Born: 11-14-1841  Yorkshire, England                      married: Elizabeth Temperton

Died: 7-24-1905  West Butterwick, England             obit: Wyoming Conference 1890, 87


1874    admitted on trial

1876    ordained deacon

1878    ordained elder


Interment: West Butterwick, England

Obit: Wyoming Conference 1906, 108


1874-76           Beach Lake

1876-78           Lehman

1878-81           Stoddartsville

1881-84           Decatur

1884-87           Hartwick

1887-90           McClure

1890-92           East Worcester

1892                retired


Note: A biographical sketch of Richard C. Gill appears in Chaffee’s 1904 History of the Wyoming Conference, page 327.




Born: 9-27-1879                                                          married: Addie W. _____

Died: 8-26-1936                                                          obit: Newark Conference 1960, 171


1906    admitted on trial, Wilmington Conference

ordained deacon

ordained elder


Interment: West Nottingham Presbyterian Cemetery, West Nottingham MD

Obit: Newark Conference 1937, 85


1906-07           Elsmere

1907-08           Cherry Hill

1908-10           Rockland

1910-11           Smith’s Island

1911-12           Crumpton

1912                transfer to Wyoming Conference

1912-13           Thompson

1913-14           Waymart

1914-15           Wilkes-Barre St. Andrews – Firwood

1915-17           Newton

1917-19           Carverton

1919-21           Montrose

1921-23           Wilkes-Barre Parrish Street

1923-24           Wyalusing

1924-26           Vestal

1926-28           Unadilla

1928-29           Throop

1929-31           Ariel – Gravity

1931                transfer to Newark Conference




Born:                                                                           married: Ruth Ann _____
Died:                                                                           obit:


1994    license



1994-05           LaAnna (beginning 10/1/1994 and ending 10/1/2005)


Note: Nathan R. Gilpen served as a local preacher.




Born:                                                                           married:

Died:                                                                           obit:


admitted on trial

ordained deacon

ordained elder





Note:  This name appears in the data base, but further details have yet to be uncovered.





Born: 4-4-1949  Cornwall NY                                   married: Deborah L. Jones

Died: 11-6-2007  Kingston NY                                  obit:


1973    admitted on trial

1973    ordained deacon

1975    ordained elder





1973-75           student, Boston University School of Theology

                             1974-75      associate, Oneonta First

1975-77           Worcester

1978-80           Cooperstown (ending 2/1/1980)

1980                transfer to New York Conference (2/1/1980)

1980-82           North Shore (beginning 2/1/1980)

                        Oyster Bay St. Paul’s

                        Northport St. Paul’s

                        Kingston St. James

                        Athens Federated

                        High Hill




Born: 1940                                                                  married:

Died:                                                                           obit:





1968-69           Choconut Center

                        “transfer” to Congregational Church

                        Center Lisle

Note: Bruce Glazier is the son of Roger B. Glazier.  He served as a local preacher in the Wyoming Conference.




Born: 8-1-1904  Binghamton NY                               married: Lois T. Harding

Died: 8-30-1969                                                          obit: Wyoming Conference 1993, 349


1931    admitted on trial, Wyoming Conference

1934    ordained deacon, Wyoming Conference


Interment: Chenango Valley Cemetery, Fenton NY

Obit: Wyoming Conference 1970, 245


1931-34           Lockwood-Barton

1934-36           Portlandville

1936-53           Oneonta Elm Park

1943-47           Scranton Myrtle Street

1947-52           Carbondale

1952-60           Sidney

1960-63           Binghamton Fairview

1963-69           Chenango Bridge


Note: Roger B. Glazier is the father of Bruce Glazier.








Born:                                                                           married: Dianne H. _____

Died:                                                                           obit:

                                                                                    married2: Traci _____

recommended by Chenango Bridge               obit2:

1975    ordained deacon

1979    ordained elder




1975-76           student

1976-79           Gouldsboro

1979-83           Endicott St. Paul’s (ending 4/15/1983)

1983-88           Wyalusing (beginning 4/15/1983)

1988-91           Montrose

1991-97           Moscow

1997-00           Waverly NY

2000-01           sabbatical leave (ending 9/1/2001)

2001-02           chaplain, Elizabeth Church Manor (beginning 9/1/2001)

2002-07           Harrisburg Camp Curtin Memorial Mitchell, Central Pennsylvania Conference

2007-09           York Haven, Central Pennsylvania Conference

2009-10           Pine Grove – McAlisterville, Central Pensylvania Conference

2010                transfer to Susquehanna Conference by boundary change

2010-11           on leave

2011                retired

Note: The first Mrs. Glover is Dianne H. Bentley, an ordained member of the Wyoming Conference.




Born:                                                                           married:

Died:                                                                           obit:


1975    admitted on trial, Wyoming Conference

1979    ordained deacon, Northern New Jersey Conference





1975-76           student

1976                transfer to Southern New Jersey Conference

1976-78           student

1978                transfer to Northern New Jersey Conference

1978-82           Roselle St. Pauls & Wesley




Born: 11-27-1862  Souderton PA                               married: Amanda Shelley

Died: 1-29-1944  Waverly PA                                    obit: Wyoming Conference 1933, 166

                                                                                    married2: Mrs. Sarah Cramer

1886    exhorter’s license, Lahaska                             obit2:

1886    local preacher’s license

1890    admitted on trial

1890    ordained deacon

1892    ordained elder


Interment: Hickory Grove Cemetery, Waverly PA

Obit: Wyoming Conference 1944, 843


1889-90           Philadelphia Mount Olivet, Philadelphia Conference

1890-91           New Berlin NY

1891-93           Lisle

1893-97           Guilford

1897-99           Windsor

1899-04           Waverly PA

1904-06           Waverly NY

1906-12           Binghamton High Street

1912-16           Scranton Asbury

1916-22           Carbondale

1922-28           superintendent, Oneonta District

1928                retired


Note: A biographical sketch of Moses S. Godshall appears in Chaffee’s 1904 History of the Wyoming Conference, page 328.




Born: 1-21-1919  West Pittston PA                            married: Helen Mae Williamson

Died: 5-4-1997                                                            obit:

                                                                                    married2: Wilma M. _____   

1948    admitted on trial, Wyoming Conference        obit2: [5/6/1929 - ]

1949    ordained deacon

1950    ordained elder

1970    ordained elder, Lutheran Church Missouri Synod


Interment: Cross Lutheran Cemetery, Yorkville IL



1945-48           student, Juniata College in Huntingdon PA

    1945-47  James Creek

    1947-48  Mont Alto

1948-50           Pittston St. Paul’s

1950-52           Taylor

1952-53           Morris

1953-56           Nicholson

1956-57           “special appointment”

1957-58           Susquehanna

1958-60           Bainbridge

1960-66           Old Forge

1966-69           Chinchilla

1969                withdrew to join the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod

1969-70           student, Concordia Lutheran Seminary in St, Louis MO

Note: Kenneth V. Gombert served 1945-48 in the Central Pennsylvania Conference as a local pastor.




Born: 4-3-1935  Nanticoke PA                                   married: Viola _____

Died:                                                                           obit:


1958    admitted on trial, Wyoming Conference: recommended by Ashley

1958    ordained deacon

1961    ordained elder





1958-59                      student, New York Theological Seminary

1959-61                      Huntsville

1961-65           Avoca

1965-70           Trucksville

1970-84           Kingston Church of Christ Uniting

1984-90           superintendent, Wilkes-Barre District

1990-95           conference council director

1995-98           Endwell 

1998                retired

    2010  transfer to Susquehanna Conference by boundary change


Note: Charles F. Gommer Jr. is the son of Charles F. Gommer Sr. and the father of Craig C. Gommer.




Born: 5-24-1916  Wanamie PA                                  married: Thelma Walk

Died: 11-15-1986                                                        obit: Wyoming Conference 1986, 289


1961    license

1971    admitted as associate member, Wyoming Conference


Interment: Fairview Memorial Park, Elmhurst PA

Obit: Wyoming Conference 1987, 314


1961-64            Middlefield (beginning 11/12/19610

1964-66            Hartwick and Mount Vision

1966-73            Pittston First and St. Paul’s

1973-77            Candor and Germany Hill

1977-79            Scranton St. Paul’s

1879-82            Scranton St. Paul’s and Taylor

1982                 retired


                             Carley Brook

                             Cortez and Maplewood

                             Wilkes-Barre Albright and Parrish Street

                             West Scranton Berean Interdenominational Church


Note: Charles F. Gommer Sr. is the father of Charles F. Gommer Jr. and the grandfather of Craig C. Gommer.




Born: 12-12-1966                                                        married: Patty _____

Died:                                                                           obit:


1998    admitted on trial, Wyoming Conference: recommended by Rutherford Christ

2002    ordained deacon

2005    ordained elder





1998-99           student, Drew Theological Seminary

                            1998-99 Congers, Northern New Jersey Conference

1999-02           Plains

2002-07           Deposit 

2007-10           Tunkhannock

2010                transfer to Susquehanna Conference by boundary change

Note: Craig C. Gommer is the son of Charles F. Gommer Jr. and the grandson of Charles F. Gommer Sr.




Born: 1888  Philadelphia PA                                      married: Florence M. Gardner

Died: 6-4-1939  Waverly PA                                      obit: [1886 – ]


Interment: Tioga Point Cemetery, Athens PA



1923-24           Smyrna

1924-26           Garrattsville

1926-28           Davenport Center

1928-32           Middlefield

1932-34           Windham

1934-35           Lockwood – Barton

1935                “withdrew”    

1935-39           Athens Gospel Tabernacle     


Note: Clarence C. Goodell served as a local preacher.  He was the founding pastor of the Athens Gospel Tabernacle.




Born:                                                                           married: Joan _____

Died:                                                                           obit:


1965    admitted on trial, Baltimore Conference

1965    ordained deacon

1976    ordained elder





1965-68           student

1968                transfer to Central Illinois Conference

1968-71           Wesley Foundation

1971-76           student

1976                transfer to Wyoming Conference

1976-80           Bainbridge 

1980-99           associate, Vestal 

1988-95           Fairview         

1995-03           Windsor 

2003                retired

    2010  charter member of Upper New York Conference





Born: 10-13-1861  Orwell VT                                    married: Ida Belle Parker

Died:                                                                           obit:

                                                                                    married2: Mrs. Ella G. Stewart [10/14/1924]

1890    admitted on trial, Troy Conference                obit2:

1902    ordained, Episcopal Church                            married3: Mrs. Martha J. Wilson [September 1925]





1880                local preacher

1890-91           Rural Grove

1891-92           Clarksville and Reidsville

1892-93           Berlin

1893-95           Johnsburg

1895-96           Jay

1896-97           Jay and Wilmington

1897-99           West Chazy    

1899-00           Elizabethtown (did not complete second year, listed in 1901 as withdrawn)

1900                “transfer” to Episcopal Church

1902-03           Harpursville and Afton (beginning 7/1/1902 and ending 4/1/1903)

1903                “transfer” to Wyoming Conference

1903-04           Endicott

1904-05           Center Moreland

1905-06           assistant, Wilkes-Barre First

1906-07           on leave

1907                withdrew, page 75

                        “transfer” to Episcopal Church

                        Diocese of Central New York (ending 3/20/1914)

1915                transfer Diocese of Western Michigan in Michigan

1918                transfer to Diocese of Michigan

1918-19           East Tawas Christ, Au Sable St. John’s and Taft-Whittemore (ending 4/14/1919)

1919                Standish Grace and Gladwin St. Paul’s (beginning 4/14/1919 and ending 12/30/1919)

1920                resigned; suspended for 6 months “in accordance with the canon”

                        Diocese of Michigan (beginning 10/3/1920)

Note: Mrs. Goodrich is the daughter of Nelson C. Parker (1823-1913) of the Troy Conference.  A biographical sketch of John N. Goodrich appears in Chaffee’s 1904 History of the Wyoming Conference, page 329.  John N. Goodrich, faced with accusations from two very angry wives, was arrested in Buffalo NY in January 1926 on a charge of bigamy and sentenced to nine months in prison.  Those news accounts give his birth place as Rutland VT and suggest a birth year of 1871, which appear to be incorrect.  It is not clear whether the second Mrs. Goodrich was “Miss” or “Mrs.” Ella G. Stewart.




Born: 5-20-1933                                                          married: Eleanor Marie Schmeig

Died:                                                                           obit: [12/8/1925 – 10/13/2009]


1953    license, New York East Conference

recommended by Bridgeport CT Washington Park

1957    ordained deacon

1959    ordained elder





1955-58           student, Drew Theological Seminary

                            1957-58       assistant, Scranton Elm Park

1958                transfer to Wyoming Conference

1958-59           associate, Scranton Elm Park

1959-62           Chinchilla

1962-67           Wilkes-Barre Central

1967-71           executive secretary, Board of Education

1971-77           superintendent, Scranton District

1977-86           Oneonta First

1986-88           Norwich 

1988-93           Clarks Green

1993-94           Endicott Central

1994-95           Newark Valley First 

1995                retired

     2010  transfer to Susquehanna Conference by boundary change




Born:                                                                           married: Patrice _____

Died:                                                                           obit:


?          admitted on trial

?          ordained deacon

1988    ordained elder





1982-88           Gibson

1988-92           Lake Ariel

1992-94           Otego 

1994-01           McClure  

2001-04           Ashley Centenary

2004-09           Scranton Court Street

2009-10           serving in Troy Conference

2010                transfer to New England Conference

Note: John E. Goodwin is married to Patrice H. Goodwin.




Born:                                                                           married: John E. Goodwin

Died:                                                                           obit:


?          admitted on trial, Wyoming Conference

?          ordained deacon

1997    ordained elder





1987-88           Stevens Point   (beginning 1/1/1987)

1988-92           Cortez

1992-94           Davenport 

1994-01           Harpursville 

2001-05           Wilkes-Barre Albright – Parrish Street

2005-09           Wilkes-Barre Albright

2009-10           serving in Troy Conference

2010                transfer to New England Conference

Note: Patrice H. Goodwin is married to John E. Goodwin.




Born: 7-30-1901  Edinburgh. Scotland                      married: Helen Preston

Died: 11-2-1983                                                          obit: Wyoming Conference 1996, 329


1935    ordained elder, Primitive Methodist Church


Interment: Prospect Hill Cemetery, Harrisburg PA

Obit: Wyoming Conference 1984, 209




1957                transfer to Wyoming Conference of the United Methodist Church

1957-62           Harvey’s Lake

1962-68           Ashley

1968                retired

                            1968-80  visitation pastor, Harrisburg Stevens Memorial: Central Pennsylvania Conference





Born: 6-15-1814                                                          married: Olivia Holcomb

Died: 9-11-1889                                                          obit:


1836    admitted on trial, Oneida Conference



Obit: Northwest Iowa Conference 1889, 35


1852                charter member of Wyoming Conference

1852-53           Binghamton Henry Street

1853-54           tract agent

1864-55           (not listed)

1855-56           Binghamton Court Street

1856-58           Owego

1858-60           Scranton

1860-61           Binghamton Court Street

1861                located


Note: Barlow W. Gorham is the father of Helen M. Gorham Baldwin, missionary to China and sifeStephen L. Baldwin (1835-1902) of the Newark Conference.  He is the author of the 1854 Camp Meeting Manual.




Born: 6-16-1860  Belford, France                              married: Anna V. Brindley

Died: 5-29-1933  Moristown NJ                                 obit: Newark Conference 1934, 207


1898    admitted on trial

1900    ordained deacon


Interment: Hilltop Cemetery, Mendham NJ

Obit: Newark Conference 1934, 200


1898-01           Rush

1901-04           Gibson

1904-05           West Nicholson

1905-07           Falls

1907                transfer to Newark Conference, page 74


Note: A biographical sketch of Gustave Gorisse appears in Chaffee’s 1904 History of the Wyoming Conference, page 332.




Born: 4-10-1795                                                          married: Catherine _____

Died: 1-7-1873                                                            obit: [1795 – 6/23/1864]


admitted on trial


Interment: Old Cemetery, Hamlin PA



1854-55           Beach Pond


Note: Daniel Gorman served as a local preacher and was an charter trustee of the 1859 South Sterling church.




Born: 7-18-1911  Glenwood PA                                married: Ola Anita Chewning

Died: 8-5-1993  Cochranton PA                                 obit: Wyoming Conference 2001, 190


1936    admitted on trial

1936    ordained deacon

1938    ordained elder


Interment: Vestal Hills Memorial Park, Vestal NY

Obit: Wyoming Conference 1994, 330


1936-38           Binghamton Oak Street

1938-39           Binghamton Oak Street – Westover

1939-43           Tioga Center – Smithboro

1943-45           Gibson

1945-48           Union Center

1948-52           Nimmonsburg

1952-58           Worcester

19587-60         Susquehanna

1960-63           Great Bend

1963-66           Wilkes-Barre Parrish Stree

1966-67           Hartwick

1967-69           Kirkwood

1969-71           Wyalusing

1971-75           Thompson

1975-77           Sanitaria Springs

1977                retired

Note: Mrs. Graham’s sister Ruby Edith Chewning is the wife of Ross Linger (1903-1985) of the West Virginia Conference.




Born: 11-27-1930  New Milford PA                          married: Frank Herbert Gramento

Died: 2-14-2003  Tombstone AZ                               obit: [8/15/1927 – 2/20/2010]


Interment: Tombstone Cemetery (new addition), Tombstone AZ

Obit: Wyoming Conference 2003, 204




                        moved to Arizona


Note: Jean Marie Gramento’s maiden name was Hall.  She reportedly served churches in Arizona, but not necessarily within Methodism.




Born: 9-2-1876  Lamont NY                          married: Ida Hanegan

Died:                                                                           obit:


1897    local preacher’s license

1901    admitted on trial, Dakota Conference

1904    ordained deacon, Wyoming Conference





1898-00           Blunt SD

1900-01           Coleman SD

1901-02           transfer to Dakota Conference

1902                transfer to Wyoming Conference

1902-04           Tioga Center

1904                transfer to Dakota Conference

1904-05           Hurley SD

1907                transfer to Genesee Conference

                        transfer to Maine Conference

1908                transfer to East Maine Conference

1911                transfer to East Ohio Conference

1911                Cleveland Mars Hill

1911                transfer to Pittsburgh Conference

1911-12           West Pittsburgh

1912-13           Bridgeville, Pittsburgh Conference

1913-14           on leave*        

1914                transfer to Maine Conference

1914-15           South Portland Elm Street & Cape Elizabeth

1915                transfer to St. Louis Conference

1915-16           St. Louis St. Luke’s

1916-17           Kansas City Linwood Boulevard

1917                transfer to Missouri Conference

1917-19           St. Joseph Oakland & St. Pail

1919                withdrew, credentials restored, readmitted

1919                transfer to Arkansas Conference

1919-20           Siloam Springs

1920                transfer to St. Louis Conference

1920-21           Kansas City Wesley

1921-22           Springfield Benton Avenue

1922                expelled for misuse of church funds


*G.L. Granger stayed on leave with the Pittsburgh Conference for the next few years while at the same time he was transferring in and out of other conferences (including one reference to the Oklahoma Conference) and serving part-year appointments in them.


Note: A biographical sketch of Gordon L. Granger appears in Chaffee’s 1904 History of the Wyoming Conference, page 329.  His complete and accurate record cannot be established.  What appears above is the best reconciliation of conflicting records from various conferences.  In some General Minutes he is listed as two different people in the same year – but this is clearly the work of a single Gordon L Granger [Grangier] who changed conferences with abandon, almost as if deliberately trying to disguise his movements, until he was finally expelled from the Methodist Episcopal Church in 1922.  In 1932 G.L. Granger led a revival meeting at a Free Methodist Church in Marshall MI.  In 1941 a G.L. Granger Jr [a son?] was pastor of a Free Methodist church in Arizona.





Born: 11-11-1900  Dewsbury, Yorkshire England    married: Una Mae Roseboom

Died: 2-18-1966  Marathon NY                                 obit: Wyoming Conference 1945, 172


1926    admitted on trial

?          ordained deacon

1931    ordained elder


Interment: Maple Grove Cemetery, Worcester NY

Obit: Wyoming Conference 1966, 255


1926-29           Smyrna

1929-31           Windsor

1931-37           Maine

1937-39           Mehoopany

1939-43           Susquehanna

1943-46           Sherburne

1946-49           Afton

1949-52           McDonough-Preston

1952-53           Davenport

1953-59           Otego

1959-64           Apalachin

1964-66           Marathon





Born: 10-?-1889  Brighouse, Yorkshire England       married: Laura Collison

Died: 3-20-1951  Binghamton NY                             obit: Wyoming Conference 1974, 291


1904    license, England

1924    admitted on trial, Wyoming Conference

1926    ordained deacon

1928    ordained elder


Interment: Riverview Cemetery, Endicott NY

Obit: Wyoming Conference 1951, 849


1923-25           Laurens

1925-27           Mount Upton

1927-29           Mount Vision – Laurens

1929-40           Endicott St Paul’s – Campville

1940-44           Oxford

1944-51           superintendent, Binghamton Children’s Home



GRAY, JOSEPH M. M.               


Born: 8-31-1877  Montgomery PA                            married: Elizabeth Lily McCurdy

Died: 1-9-1957                                                            obit: Ohio Conference 1952, 295


1901    admitted on trial, Central Pennsylvania Conference: recommended by Littlestown

1901    ordained deacon, Central Pennsylvania Conference

1903    ordained elder, Baltimore Conference



Obit: Ohio Conference 1957, 708


1901                transfer to Baltimore Conference

1901-04           Baltimore Rodgers Memorial Chapel

1904-06           Baltimore Wesley Chapel

1906-08           Havre de Grace

1908-11           Easy Baltimore station

1911-13           Washington DC Hamline

1913                transfer to St. Louis Conference

1913-20           Kansas City Grand Avenue

1920                transfer to Wyoming Conference

1920-28           Scranton Elm Park

1928                transfer to Detroit Conference

1928-34           Detroit Central

1934-40           chancellor, American University

1940                transfer to Central Pennsylvania Conference

1940-41           chancellor, American University

1941                transfer to Ohio Conference

1941-50           Columbus Bexley

1950                retired


Note: Joseph M.M. Gray is the son of Joseph Gray (1840-1918) of the Central Pennsylvania Conference.  He is listed in the 1945 Prominent Personalities in American Methodism and the1952 Who’s Who in Methodism.





Born: 8-9-1952                                                                        married: Anthony A. Grecco

Died: 2-13-2004                                                                      obit:


2001    licensed local pastor


Interment: [cremated]

Obit: Wyoming Conference 2004, 207


2000-04           Equinunk (beginning 11/1/2000)


Note: Kathy L. Grecco is married to Anthony A. Grecco.  She served as a local preacher.  Her maiden name was Nelson.




Born:                                                                           married: Kathy L. Nelson.

Died:                                                                           obit:





2005-10           LaAnna (beginning 10/2/2005)

2010                transfer to Susquehanna Conference by boundary change


Note: Anthony A. Grecco is married to Kathy L. Grecco.  He served as a local preacher.


GREEN, ARTHUR J.               


Born:                                                                           married:

Died:                                                                           obit:


1912    admitted on trial, Northern New York Conference

?          ordained deacon

1922    ordained elder





1909-10           Massena Center – Racquette River

1912                Clockville (last part of year)

1912-14           Vernon Center

1914-16           Williamstown

1916-17           Lehman, Wyoming Conference [to attend Wyoming Seminary]

1917                transfer to Wyoming Conference

1917-20           Larksville

1920-23           Parsons

1923-24           without assignment – while a “matter” is investigated, see page 47

1924-25           superintendent, Capitol District of the New York Civic League

1925-26           state secretary, New York Civic League

1926-29           on leave

1929                located





Born:                                                                           married: Paul Green

Died:                                                                           obit:


1990    license





1990-92           Brookvale   (beginning (10/1/1990)

1992-96           Brookvale   – West Chenango 

1996-98           Choconut Center   – West Chenango 

1998-01           not appointed

2001-02           Campville   (beginning 8/6/2001)

2002-04           associate, Enwell 

2004-06           Sanitaria Springs   – Port Crane 

2006-10           Sidney 


Note: Barbara T. Green served as a local preacher.




Born: 1831                                                                  married: Amanda M. Dwight

Died: 1915  Schenevus NY                                        obit: [1836-1907]


1875    local preacher’s license


Interment: Spring Forest Cemetery, Binghamton NY



Note: Samuel Green is the father of L. Anna Green MacDonald, wife of David L. MacDonald.  Samuel Green lived in Binghamton NY and served as a local pastor.




Born: 4-29-1861  Greenfield NY                               married: Mattie O. Phillips

Died: 4-13-1919                                                          obit: Wyoming Conference 1892, 98

                                                                                    married2: Ella S. Johnsbee

                                                                                    obit2: Wyoming Conference 1945, 174

?          exhorter’s license, Binghamton Chenango Street

?          local preacher’s license, Binghamton Chenango Street

1890    admitted on trial

1892    ordained deacon


Interment: God’s Acre, Greenfield NY

Obit: Wyoming Conference 1919, 144


1890-91           Harford

1891-93           Osborne Hollow and Port Cane

1893-94           Sanitaria Springs

1894-98           Hartwick and Mount Vision

1898-00           Worcester

1900-01           conference evangelist

1901-02           Lackawanna

1902-04           Courtdale and Larksville

1904-09           on leave

1909                retired

                             1916-18  Harford PA

                             1918-19  Waverly PA


Note: A biographical sketch of Hiram A. Greene appears in Chaffee’s 1904 History of the Wyoming Conference, page 330.  He reportedly preached for the Baptist Church 1881-89 before joining the Methodists




Born: 1-25-1889  Harrison NJ                                    married: Edna Gordon Polhemus

Died: 10-21-1965  Wilkes-Barre PA                          obit: Wyoming Conference 1919, 147

                                                                                    married2: Mabel Monroe

1916    admitted on trial, Wyoming Conference        obit2: Wyoming Conference 1990, 319

?          ordained deacon

?          ordained elder


Interment: Noxen PA

Obit: Wyoming Conference 1966, 256


1913-16           student, Drew Theological Seminary



1916-18           Rush

1918-21           Noxen

1921-24           Clark’s Green

1924-26           Waymart

1926-28           New Milford

1928-31           Carverton

1931-35           Throop

1935-38           Hawley

1938-43           Forest City

1943-52           Wilkes-Barre Abbott

1952-58           West Nanticoke

1958                retired




Born: 5-10-1839  Philadelphia PA                             married: Mary A. Heller
Died: 12-1-1895  Philadelphia PA                             obit: Wyoming Conference 1914, 117


1857    local preacher’s license, Philadelphia Conference

1866    admitted on trial, Wyoming Conference


Interment: North Cedar Hill Cemetery, Philadelphia PA
Obit: Wyoming Conference 1896, 95


1858-65           local preacher, Philadelphia Conference

1865-66           Lehman, Wyoming Conference

1866                transfer to Wyoming Conference

1887                on leave for health reasons

1866-67           Lehman

1867-69           Northmoreland

1869-70           Nicholson

1870-73           Auburn

1873-74           Orwell

1874-77           Skinner’s Eddy

1877-80           Meshoppen

1880-83           Parsona

1883-86           Forty Fort

1886-87           Wanamie

1887                on leave for health reasons

                             Mount Olive mission, Philadelphia Conference

                             New Providence, Philadelphia Conference


Note:  George Greenfield is the father of George H. Greenfield (1873-?) of the California Conference – and later a long-time Presbyterian clergyman at Elko NV, followed by ministerial service in the First Congregational Church at Santa Barbara CA.  A brief biography of George Greenfield appears in Chaffee’s 1904 History of the Wyoming Conference, page 187.





Born: 1-4-1825  Augusta NY                                     married: Susan S. White

Died: 3-31-1878  Rome NY                                       obit: Central NY Conference 1903, 120


1856    admitted on trial, Oneida Conference


Interment: Stockbridge Cemetery, Munnsville NY

Obit: Central New York Conference 1878, 72


1854-55           Whitney Point, Wyoming Conference

1855-56           Lisle

1856-58           Fleming

1858-60           Moravia

1860-62           Port Byron

1862-63           Newfield

1863-65           Union Springs

1865-67           Utica State Street

1867                on leave

1867-69           agent, removal of Genesee College

1869-72           superintendent, Herkimer District

1872                transfer to Northern New York Conference by boundary change

1872-73           superintendent, Herkimer District                 

1873                transfer to Central New York Conference

1873-76           Jordan

1876-78           Baldwinsville




Born:                                                                           married: William Phillips

Died:                                                                           obit:


1996    admitted on trial

1996    ordained deacon

2001    ordained elder





1996-97           student

1997-99           ministry coordinator, NYC Park Avenue Christian Church

1999-02           ministry coordinator NYC St Paul’s & St. Andrew’s

2002-07           NYC East Avenue, New York Conference

2007-09           on leave

2009-10           Greene – Smithville Center 

2010                charter member of Upper New York Conference




Born:                                                                           married: Andy Anderson

Died:                                                                           obit:


?          admitted on trial

?          ordained deacon

?          ordained elder





2003-07           Davenport  and  West Davenport 

2007-10           Johnson City   Sarah Jane Johnson Memorial


Note: Nola Greig-Anderson is a member of the Methodist Church of the Caribbean and The Americas.




Born: 2-28-1862  Middleburg NY                             married: Ruth Anna West

Died: 11-30-1943                                                        obit: Newark Conference 1952, 164


1898    admitted on trial

1900    ordained deacon

1902    ordained elder



Obit: Newark Conference 1944, 581


1898-00           Speedsville

1901-03           Orwell

1903                transfer to Newark Conference

1903-04           Middle Smithfield PA

1904-07           Vernon

1907-10           Midvale

1910-13           Blairstown

1913-17           Patterson Simpson

1917-19           Jersey City Palisade

1919-21           Prince Bay NY St. Mark’s

1921-24           Bernardsville


Note: Delos H. Gridley was a teacher, farmer and beekeeper before graduating from Drew Theological Seminary in 1898 and entering the ministry.




Born: 6-6-1886                                                            married: Edith May Pooley

Died: 4-29-1954                                                          obit: Peninsula Conference 1945, 170


1912    admitted on trial


Interment: Sudlersville Cemetery, Sudlersville MD

Obit: Peninsula Conference 1954, 598


1912-13           Maple Grove

1913-15           Centermoreland

1915-16           Rush

1916-19           Glen Lyon

1919                transfer to New Jersey Conference, page 34





Born: 2-1-1836  Westford NY                                   married: Rosalia O. LaMoure

Died: 11-25-1916                                                        obit: Wyoming Conference 1929, 142


1860    admitted on trial


Interment: Glenwood Cemetery, Oneonta NY

Obit: Wyoming Conference 1917, 107


1860-62           Schuyler's Lake

1862-64           Laurens

1864-66           Otsego

1866-69           Hartwick

1869-70           Milford

1870-72           Oneonta

1872-75           Carbondale

1875-78           Binghamton Centenary

1878-81           West Pittston

1881-85           superintendent, Wyoming District

1885-87           Kingston

1887-91           Wilkes-Barre Central

1891-94           Binghamton Tabernacle

1894-97           financial agent, Preacher's Aid Society

1897-98           superintendent, Oneonta District

1898-04           superintendent, Wyoming District

1904-10           superintendent, Oneonta District

1910-12           corresponding secretary, Preachers’ Aid Society

1912                retired


Note: A biographical sketch of Austin Griffin appears in Chaffee’s 1904 History of the Wyoming Conference, page 331.




Born: 11-13-1824  Wayne County PA                       married: Achsah Andrews [11/18/1845]

Died: 8-17-1886  Clear Creek NE                              obit: [9/12/1826 – 10/24/1857]

                                                                                    married2: Harriet Sarah Smith [12/29/1858]

1853    admitted on trial, Wyoming Conference        obit2: [19/27/1834 – 1/18/1880]

1855    ordained deacon                                              married3: Sarah Buck [9/15/1880]

1857    ordained elder                                     obit3:

                                                                                    married4: Lydia Ross [5/26/1883]

Interment: Clear Creek Cem., Table Rock NE           obit4: [3/12/1833 – 10/21/1898]

Obit: Nebraska Conference 1886, 32


1853-54           Cherry Ridge

1854-55           Nicholson

1855-57           Lehman

1857-59           on leave

                             1857-59  Canaan (part of the time; part of the time in Nebraska)

1859                located

                            1859-60  Nebraska Territory


Note: George Lane Griffing is the son of William Martin Griffing (1783–c1864), reported to be a “lay minister” in the Methodist Episcopal Church.  The Nebraska State Historical Society notes that “Regular Methodist services were begun in Southeastern Nebraska in 1858, conducted by G.L. Griffing, Gabriel Westfall and G.W. Giddings” – three pastors of the Wyoming Conference.  The third Mrs. Griffing was the widow of a Mr. Hull.  The fourth Mrs. Griffing was the widow of George’s brother, Joseph L. Griffing (1827-1881).




Born: 1909                                                                              married: Myrtle J. _____

Died: 10-2-2001                                                                      obit: [1913 – 2006]


1970    license, Central New York Conference

1979    ordained deacon


Interment: Lockwood Cemetery, Barton NY

Obit: Wyoming Conference 2002, 207


1970-77           Hicks

1977                “transfer” to Wyoming Conference

1977-79           Litchfield

1979                retired

                             1979-81  Barton – Lockwood


Note: M. Nelson Griffith served as a local preacher.




Born: 11-90-1812  Candor NY                                   married: Rachel C. Taylor
Died: 10-16-1891  Candor NY                                   obit: Wyoming Conference 1888,93


1837    exhorter’s license

1844    admitted on trial, Oneida Conference

1846    ordained deacon


Interment: Flemingville Methodist Cemetery, Flemingville NY
Obit: Wyoming Conference 1892, 65


1844-45           Lisle

1845-47           South Danby

1847-49           Cayuga

1849-51           Speedsville

1851-52           Union

1852                charter member of Wyoming Conference

1852-53           Union

1853-55           Broome

1855-57           Liberty

1857-58           Chenango Forks

1858-59           Caroline

1859-61           Conklin

1861-63           Shepherd’s Creek

1863-65           Tioga

1865-67           Van Ettenville

1867-68           Sheshequin

1868-70           Vestal

1870-71           Campville

1871-72           Harford

1872-88           on leave, supply

1888                retired


Note:  A brief biography of John M. Grimes appears in Chaffee’s 1904 History of the Wyoming Conference, page 188.




Born: 6-27-1907  Carbondale PA                               married: Gladys VanMarter

Died: 11-24-1997                                                        obit: Wyoming Conference 1972, 263

                                                                                    married2: Emma Fox Ashmall

1935    license                                                             obit2: Wyoming Conference 2001, 190

1936    admitted on trial

1938    ordained deacon

?          ordained elder


Interment: West Hill Cemetery, Sherburne NY

Obit: Wyoming Conference 1998, 322


1936-38           Hale Eddy

1938-45           Factoryville

1945-52           Wilkes-Barre Parrish Street

1952-58           Lake Ariel

1958-62           Windsor

1962-72           Sherburne

1972                retired

                             1973-75      West Exeter

Note:  The second Mrs. Gritman (nee Fox) is the widow of Roy V.W. Ashmall and the mother of Rev. Donald H. Ashmall of the International Council of Community Churches.




Born: 6-8-1918  Wilkes-Barre PA                              married: Eva Layaou

Died: 2-1-1994  Lodi OH                                           obit:


1942    ordained local deacon

1943    admitted on trial

1945    ordained elder


Interment: Oaklawn Cemetery, Wilkes-Barre PA

Obit: Wyoming Conference 1994, 332


1942-46           Wilkes-Barre Bennett – St. Andrews

1946-48           Eilkes-Barre Derr

1948-52           Endicott St. Paul’s

1952-57           Athens

1957-63           Dunmore

1963-72           Waverly NY

1972-80           Johnson City Sarah Jane Johnson
1980                retired




Born: 9-30-1881                                                          married: Iva Pearl Reed

Died: 10-20-1946                                                        obit: North-East Ohio Conference 1968, 199


1912    admitted on trial, Northeast Ohio Conference

?          ordained deacon

?          ordained elder


Interment: Olive Cemetery, Caldwell OH

Obit: North-East Ohio Conference 1947, 706


1912-13           Plainfield

1913-16           Dexter City

1916-18           Rural Dale

1918-20           Gnadehutton

1920-21           East Springfield

1921-23           Chandlersville

1923-26           Freeport

1926-27           Senacaville

1927-28           Bloomfield

1928-32           Dorset

1932-34           Bloomingdale

1934                transfer to Wyoming Conference

1934-36           Binghamton Oak Street

1936-37           Hawleyton – Conklin Forks (ending 1/15/1937)

1937                transfer to Northeast Ohio Conference (1/15/1937)

Note: Herbert A. Guiler is a nephew to Francis Asbury Guiler (1857-1945) of the Pacific Northwest Conference and Samuel Sherman Guiler (1864-1918) of the Puget Sound Conference.




Born: 4-9-1937  Benton Township PA                       married: Astrid Nilsen [1958]

Died: 5-20-2001                                                          obit: [b. 1938]


1967    license

1978    ordained deacon


Interment: Clifford Cemetery, Clifford PA

Obit: Wyoming Conference 2001, 191


1967-71           Marathon

1971-75           Sanataria Springs

1975-78           Slocum

1978-82           Warren Center

1982-89           Milford (ending 10/31/1989)

1989-93           Old Forge Stewart Memorial (beginning 11/1/1989)

1993-95           Equinunk (ending 1/31/1995)

1995                on leave (beginning 2/1/1995)





Born: 9-17-1917  Afton NY                                       married: Mary E. Owens

Died: 12-22-1994  Miles City MT                              obit: [5/19/1917 – 11/1/2006]


1943    admitted on trial, Wyoming Conference

1943    ordained deacon

1945    ordained elder


Interment: Custer County Cemetery, Miles City MT

Obit: Oregon-Idaho Conference 1996, 200


1943-45           Plymouth – Smyrna

1945-46           Gibson

1946-48           Green

1948-51           Newton
1951                Gouldsboro (ending 9/1/1951)

1951                transfer to North Iowa Conference (9/1/1951)

1951-52           Sargeant Bluffs (beginning 9/1/1951)

1952-54           Lohrville

1954-57           South Marion

1957-60           Somers – Callender

1960-64           Springville – Prairie Chapel

1964-66           Pierson

1966-68           Cushing

1968-70           Miles – Preston – Sabula

1970-73           Riceville –McIntire – Elna

1973-76           Terril – Superior

1976-79           Morgan – Bradford – Lee Center

1979                transfer to Oregon-Idaho Conference

1979-80           Vale

1980-81           Union – North Powder

1981                retired




Born:                                                                           married:

Died:                                                                           obit:


1956    admitted on trial, Wyoming Conference





Note: Robert V. Guthrie never served in the Wyoming Conference.  His 1956 admission/ordination was a courtesy for the Erie Conference.




Born:                                                                           married:

Died:                                                                           obit:


1987    admitted on trial, Wyoming Conference





1986-87           Newport

1987-89           Grater Newport charge

1989                no longer listed

Note: Jack H. Guyler may have started the 1989 conference year on the Newport charge, but he left very shortly thereafter to become pastor of the newly formed Christ Independent Methodist Church nearby “at Maple Hill Chapel, behind St, Mary’s Cemetery in Hanover township.”  As of 2017 he was serving in the Eastern Regional Conference of the Churches of God.