Preserving and Celebrating Our United Methodist Heritage in Central and Northeast Pennsylvania


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Wyoming Conference Pastors.  The Wyoming Conference existed from 1852 to 2010 covering northeast Pennsylvania and southcentral New York.  Click on the first letter of the surname to enter the file of all the pastors for that letter.  The instructions file gives details about this project and helpful notes for interpreting the information. 

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Born: 1930  Dunkirk NY                                            married: Lillian _____

Died: 8-4-2012  Xenia OH                                         obit:


1949    admitted on trial, Central New York Conference

1955    ordained deacon


Interment: Rockafield Cemetery, Greene County OH


1949-52           no record

1952-55           student

1955-57           Binghamton – Inman, Wyoming Conference

1957-59           Grandisle Trinity, Western New York Conference

1959-60           Wayland First, Western New York Conference

1950-62           Seneca – Castle

1962-64           no record

1964-66           Kennedy – Ellington, Western New York Conference

1966                “transfer” to United Church of Christ


Note: George E. Fandt is a graduate of Houghton College in NY and United Seminary in OH.  He is the author of the 2003 book Beyond Christianity to the Christ.  He is listed among the deceased members in the 2016 Upper New York Conference journal, page 232, as a retired local pastor.





Born: 12-5-1876  England                                          married: Anna May _____
Died: 7-27-1959  Syracuse NY                                  obit: [1881 – 9/4/1953]


1909    admitted on trial

1911    ordained deacon


Interment:  Laurel Hill Cemetery, Odessa NY


1908-10           Foster

1910-13           Maine

1913-15           Windham

1915-16           Danby

1916-18           Hawleyton

1918-20           Hornbrook – Ghent

1920-21           Apalachin

1921-26           on leave

1926                withdrew, page 35


Note: in 1946 George Farnsworth of Catharine NY is described as a retired minister assisting on the Odessa, Catharine and Alpine charge of the Central New York Conference.





Born: 1-10-1880  Milan PA                                                    married: Daisy Mae Carman
Died: 8-14-1951                                                                      obit: Central New York Conference 1955, 138


1907    license

1909    admitted on trial, Central New York Conference

1909    ordained deacon

1912    ordained elder


Interment: Athens PA
Obit: Central New York Conference 1952, 127


1907-08           Windham – Windham, Summit – Waite’s Corners, Wyoming Conference

1908-09           student, Cazenovia Seminary

                             1908-99  Harford & Harford Mills

1909-11           Clockville

1911-13           DeRuyter

1913-14           Butler Center

1914-16           Fairville & Zurich

1916-17           Fairville

1917-21           Sodus Point & Wallington

1921-24           Clyde

1924-31           East Palmyra & Port Gibson

1931=33          Onondaga Hill

1933-36           Lysander & Little Utica

1936-46           Mottville & Skaneateles Falls

1946                retired

                            Martville & Sterling

                            Warners & Belle Isle





Born: 7-11-1857  Grand Pre, Nova Scotia                 married: Helen M. Underwood

Died: 9-6-1931  Madison NJ                                      obit: Wyoming Conference 1946, 445


1883    admitted on trial

1883    ordained deacon

1887    ordained elder


Interment: Forty Fort Cemetery, Forty Fort PA

Obit: Wyoming Conference 1932, 800


1882-84           Beach Lake

1884-85           Yatesville

1885-87           Scranton Court Street

1887-92           Taylorville

1892-94           Great Bend

1894-98           Binghamton Chenango Street (ending 9/1/97)

1897-31           faculty, Drew Theological Seminary (beginning 0/1/97)


Note: John A. Faulkner has made many scholarly contributions, most notably a revision of Hurst’s History of the Christian Church.   A biographical sketch of John A. Faulkner appears in Chaffee’s 1904 History of the Wyoming Conference, page 320.




Born:                                                                           married: Holly Edwards
Died:                                                                           obit:


1994    admitted on trial, Wyoming Conference

1995    ordained deacon

1997    ordained elder




1986-90           Courtdale

1990-92           Tremont, Eastern Pennsylvania Conference (ending 7/31/1992)

1992-95           associate, Elm Park (beginning 8/1/1992)

1995-02           Waverly

2002-04           Waverly – Factoryville

2004-08           Chinchilla

2008-10           Lake Ariel


Note: Mrs. Faux is the daughter of James E. Edwards.




Born: 7-26-1882                                                          married: Blanche Shimer
Died: 3-3-1974                                                            obit: Newark Conference 1961, 182



admitted on trial

ordained deacon

ordained elder


Obit: Northern New Jersey Conference 1974, 225


1907-10           faculty, American University in Beirut, Syria

1910-19           rural missionary work, Presbyterian Board of National Missions

1919                “transfer” to Oklahoma Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church

1919-23           rural missionary work, Board of Home Missions of the Methodist Episcopal Church

1923-30           faculty, Cornell University in Ithaca NY

1930-31           faculty, Drew Theological Seminary in Madison NJ

1931                transfer to Wyoming Conference

1931-36           faculty, Dre Theological Seminary in Madison NJ

1936-40           faculty, Union Theological Seminary in Nanking, China

1940-41           faculty, Drew Theological Seminary in Madison NJ

1941                transfer to Newark Conference





Born: 10-19-1867 North Blenheim NY                      married: Lillian O’Donnel [6/7/1894]
Died: 10-29-1933  Ontario CA                                   obit:

                                                                                    married2: Ida Mabel Simmons [12/2/1915]

?          admitted on trial                                             obit2: Southern California Conference 1957, 331

?          ordained deacon

?          ordained elder


Obit: Southern California Conference 1934, 176


                        Newark Conference

1907                transfer to Wyoming Conference

1907-12           Binghamton Tabernacle

1912                transfer to St. Louis Conference

                        Santa Barbara CA

                        San Diego CA





Born: 12-1-1922  Hamilton OH                                  married: Elena Ruiz

Died: 6-3-1977  Cincinnati OH                                  obit: [1/25/1924 – 9/15/1998]


1949    admitted on trial


Interment: Oxford Cemetery, Oxford OH



1949-52           Springville

1952                discontinued, page 966

Note: The 1952 Reading Eagle printed the news item:  Scranton, May 24 (AP) — The Rev. James Gail Garst resigned from the Wyoming Conference of the Methodist Church today in protest against dismissal of a 29-year-old minister who refused to pay income taxes.  Rev. Mr. Garst, serving the Fairdale-Rush Circuit in the Wilkes-Barre district, withdrew his application for full connection with the conference and said ‘it is my way of showing my protest.’  The conference, in executive session at its 102d annual meeting, took action against the Rev. Richard M. Fichter, of Springfield, Pa., who was charged with six rural churches in Susquehanna County.  Rev. Mr. Garst, who came here from the Kansas Conference two years ago, said he plans to go back to Kansas.  Fichter, a deacon in the church, said he refused to pay the federal income taxes as a ‘matter of Christian conscience because of the suicidal armaments race’ the money would support.”  The biographical files contain other articles about Fichter’s unusual exploits.




Born: 6-26-1870  Toddsville NY                                married: Nellie M. Bliss

Died: 10-22-1942  Ithaca NY                         obit: Wyoming Conference 1935, 643


1889    local preacher’s license

1894    ordained local deacon

1898    ordained local elder

1900    admitted on trial


Interment: Fly Creek Valley Cemetery, Otsego County NY

Obit: Wyoming Conference 1943, 612


1892-97           Exeter,West Exeter & Schuyler Lake

1897-05           Hartwick

1905-10           Edmeston

1910-17           Worcester

1917-24           Sidney

1924-31           Athens

1931                retired


Note: A biographical sketch of Adelbert D. Finch appears in Chaffee’s 1904 History of the Wyoming Conference, page 322.




Born: 8-27-1940                                                          married: Della C. Davis
Died: 11-1-2013                                                          obit:


1976    license, Wyoming Conference




1976-85           Brookvale

1985-02           Franklin Forks

                            1997-99  Brookvale (beginning 11/2/1997)

2002                retired

                            2002-05  Franklin Forks


Note: Alan L. Finney served as a local preacher.



Born: 2-21-1867  Brooklyn NY                                  married: Martha J. Young

Died: 3-8-1943                                                            obit:


1896    admitted on trial

1898    ordained deacon

1900    ordained elder



Obit: New York Conference 1943, 419


1896-97           Union Center

1897-99           Franklin Forks

1899-02           Harford PA

1902-04           Apalachin

1904                transfer to New York Conference, page 71


Note: A biographical sketch of Gilbert D. Fisher appears in Chaffee’s 1904 History of the Wyoming Conference, page 323.




Born: 4-18-1857                                                          married: Nellie Bosley

Died: 1937                                                                  obit: [1872 - ?]

                                                                                    married2: Edith Blanch Lewis

?          ordained, Baptist Church                                obit2: [1/22/1875 – 1936]


Interment: Baptist Church Cemetery, West Danby NY



        -91           Otego NY

1891-               East Worcester NY

1897-05           Ithaca NY Tabernacle Baptist

1910-37           West Danby

                             1928-35  West Danby, Wyoming Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church


Note: Sidney Fisher served in the Wyoming Conference as a supply preacher.




Born: 9-30-1841 Burlington NY                                married: Frances J. Firman

Died: 8-9-1876  Jackson PA                                       obit:


1875    admitted on trial, Wyoming Conference


Obit: Wyoming Conference 1877, 35


1873-75           Schuyler’s Lake

1875-76           Pleasant Valley


Note:  A brief biography of Wesley C. Fisk appears in Chaffee’s 1904 History of the Wyoming Conference, page 184.  Mrs. Fisk later married a Frank Hecocks [also given as Hitchcox] and moved west.




Born: 4-13-1922                                                          married: Sarita R. _____

Died:                                                                           obit: [1/9/1935 – ]


1947    admitted on trial, Wyoming Conference:

?          ordained deacon

?          ordained elder





1946-48           Maple Grove

1948-50           Skinner’s Eddy

1950-53           New Berlin NY

1953-58           Greene – Coventry

1958-61           Ashley

1961-68           Oneonta Elm Park

1968-75           withdrew

1975                readmitted, retired

                             1975-79  West Exeter

                             1979-91  Sand Hill

                             2008        no longer listed




Born:                                                                           married: Scott Loomer
Died:                                                                           obit:


?          ordained, Presbyterian Church USA




2005-10           Kingston Church of Christ Uniting (beginning 1/5/2005)

2010                “transfer” to Susquehanna Conference by boundary change




Born: 4-22-1913  Binghamton NY                             married: Emily Jane Shaw [9/20/1944]
Died: 8-16-2005                                                          obit:


1934    admitted on trial

1935    ordained deacon


Interment: Floral Park Cemetery, Johnson City NY


1934-35           student, Drew Theological Seminary in Madison NJ

1935-37           Uniondale

1937-41           Glen Lyon

1941                transfer to New York Conference

                        [sketchy information from his Hamilton College (class of 1933) obituary as follows]

1950’s             United Church in Roscoe

                        First Congregational Church in Courtland NY

1960’s             Faith United Church of Christ in Cleveland OH

1969                several United Church of Christ congregations in Suffolk County NY

                        First Presbyterian Church in Sag Harbor NY

1983                retired, pastor emeritus of Sag Harbor First Presbyterian


Note: Douglas W. Fletcher is the son of Robert E. Fletcher. 





Born: 9-21-1889  Binghamton NY                             married: Mildred Marguerite Meeker

Died: 10-31-1967                                                        obit: Wyoming Conference 1960, 262


1911    admitted on trial, Wyoming Conference

1913    ordained deacon

1915    ordained elder


Interment: Floral Park Cemetery, Binghamton NY

Obit: Wyoming Conference 1968, 245


1911-14           Tioga Center

1914-16           Lisle

1916-19           student

    1916-17  Port Murray NJ

    1917-19  Barryville NJ

1919-23           Jackson

1923-24           Wells Bridge

1924-26           New Berlin

1926-31           Schenevus

1931-36           Clerk’s Green – Chinchilla

1936-39           Newark Valley

1939-42           Owego

1942-46           Pittston First

1946-50           Hartwick

1950-58           Windsor

1958                retired

                            1961-62  interim, Cortland First Congregational


Note: Robert E. Fletcher is the father of Douglas W. Fletcher.





Born: 5-31-1911  Middletown CT                              married: Joy Gaylord Schuyler

Died: 9-15-1976                                                          obit: Wyoming Conference 1977, 361


1932    admitted on trial, Central New York Conference

1934    ordained deacon

1936    ordained elder, New York East Conference



Obit: Wyoming Conference


1932-36           student, Yale Divinity School

1936                transfer to New York East Conference

1936-39           Westhampton Beach

1939-41           associate, New York Marble Collegiate

1941                transfer to Newark Conference

1941-47           Morristown

1947-49           superintendent, Newark District

1949                transfer to North-East Ohio Conference

1949-57           Warren First

1957                transfer to Baltimore Conference

1957-61           Baltimore Mt. Vernon Place

1961                transfer to Wyoming Conference

1961-72           Binghamton Tabernacle

1972-73           Vestal First

1973                retired

    1973-76  assistant, Plantation FL


Note: George Y. Flint is the son of bishop Charles Wesley Flint (1878-1964).




Born:                                                                           married: Janine _____

Died:                                                                           obit:


1998    license





1998-01           Nanticoke


Note: Thomas A. Flint served as a local preacher.




Born: 4-25-1934  Cumberland County PA                 married: Joyce E. Pattison
Died:                                                                           obit:



1961    admitted on trial, Central Pennsylvania Conference EUB

1966    re-admitted on trial, Central Pennsylvania Conference EUB

1971    ordained deacon, Wyoming Conference




1960-62           Bryansville

1962-64           Lycoming (did not finish second year)

1964-66           withdrew

1966-70           West Nanticoke Calvary and Ransom

1970                transfer to Wyoming Conference by boundary change

1970-73           West Nanticoke Calvary

1973-85           Union Center

1985-96           Nimmonsburg

1996                retired

    2010  charter member Upper New York Conference



Born: 4-29-1866  Stroudsburg PA                              married: Jessica P. Crowley

Died: 4-9-1956                                                            obit: Ohio Conference 1948, 236


1888    local preacher’s license, Philadelphia Conference

1893    ordained deacon, Philadelphia Conference

1896    ordained elder, Wyoming Conference



Obit: Ohio Conference 1956, 297


1891-93           Richboro and Penn’s Park

1893                transfer to Wyoming Conference

1893-94           Flemingville

1894-96           Rome

1896-98           Apalachin

1898-00           Harford NY

1900-02           Choconut Center

1902-05           Plymouth

1905-08           New Berlin NY

1908-09           Chenango Forks and North Fenton

1909                transfer to East Ohio Conference, page 77


Note: Simon H. Flory is the son of William Siselach Flory (1828-1901), a local preacher in the Philadelphia Conference for about 30 years.  A biographical sketch of Simon H. Flory appears in Chaffee’s 1904 History of the Wyoming Conference, page 319.




Born: 3-11-1836  Chemung NY                                 married: Katherine H. Kennedy

Died: 4-9-1916                                                            obit: Wyoming Conference 1937, 152


1857    exhorter’s license

1862    local preacher’s license

1862    admitted on trial

1864    ordained deacon

1866    ordained elder


Interment: Forty Fort PA

Obit: Wyoming Conference 1916, 114


1862-63           Lackawaxen

1863-65           Windsor

1865-66           Mount Pleasant

1866-69           Candor

1869-72           Wilkes-Barre Ross Street

1872-75           Binghamton Centenary

1875-77           Scranton Adams Avenue

1877-81           superintendent, Chenango District

1881-83           Scranton Providence

1883-86           Carbondale

1886-89           Plymouth PA

1889-91           Carbondale

1891-96           Scranton Simpson

1896-02           superintendent, Binghamton District

1902-06           Nanticoke

1906-09           Waverly PA

1909-11           superintendent, Binghamton District

1911-12           on leave

1912                retired


Note: Mrs. Floyd is a sister to Mrs. George Forsyth.  A biographical sketch of Lyman C. Floyd appears in Chaffee’s 1904 History of the Wyoming Conference, page 321.




Born: 10-30-1936                                                        married: Norma _____

Died: 6-15-1997  South Africa                                   obit: [9/15/1939 – ]


1966    license, Wyoming Conference

1971    ordained deacon, Indiana Conference



Obit: Missouri West Conference 1998, I-5


1966-69           South Sterling

1969-71           Wilkes-Barre St. Paul’s – Bradley Memorial (ending 12/31/1970)

1971                transfer to Indiana Conference

1971-78           General Board of Global Missions (beginning 1/1/1971)

1978-80           United Methodist Heritage Mission

1980-82           Connersville

1982-84           Sellersburg (3ndinng 12/31/83)

1984                United Methodist Heritage Fellow (beginning 1/1/1984)

1984-86           American Leprosy Mission, South Africa


Note: Davis W. Flude divorced in 1980.




Born: 8-30-1947  Darby PA                                       married:
Died: 11-28-2010  West Reading PA             obit:


1972    ordained, United Church of Christ


Interment: Arlington Cemetery, Drexel Hill PA


1972-77           Tower City Trinity and Orwin St. Peter’s

1977-79           Lisle NY Associated Church

1979-10           Bausman Memorial, at Bethany Children’s Home


Note:  This name appears in a data base of the Wyoming Conference, but with no further information.  There appears to be no record of any formal connection to or service in the Wyoming Conference.





Born: 1-17-1885                                                          married: Myrtha Druscilla Westervelt
Died: 6-18-1952                                                          obit: East Ohio Conference 1995 (vol. I), 100


1911    admitted on trial, Newark Conference

?          ordained deacon

?          ordained elder


Obit: North-East Ohio Conference 1952, 212


1911-13           Fort Lee

1913-14           Tenafly

1914-17           Bernardsville

1917-23           Plainfield Monroe Avenue

1923                transfer to Wyoming Conference

1923-28           Oneonta First

1928-39           Binghamton Tabernacle

1939                transfer to North-East Ohio Conference (1/1/1939)





Born:                                                                           married:
Died:                                                                           obit:


2010    license




2009-10           Loyalville

2010                transfer to Susquehanna Conference by boundary change

Note: Carol J. Folk served as a local preacher.




Born: 9-13-1893  Endicott NY                                   married: Lillian Gibson

Died: 4-29-1958                                                          obit: Wyoming Conference 1980, 308


1917    admitted on trial, Wyoming Conference

?          ordained deacon

?          ordained elder


Interment: Riverhurst Cemetery, Endicott NY

Obit: Wyoming Conference 1958, 876


1917-18           student

1918                “transfer” to North Dakota Conference [see 1919 journal, page 57]

1918-23           Chester

1923-24           Hudson

1924                transfer to Wyoming Conference

1924-27           Great Bend

1927-29           Apalachin – Little Meadows

1929-32           Whitney Point – Willet

1932-37           Plymouth

1937-41           Forty Fort

1941-47           superintendent, Scranton District

1947-54           Endicott Central

1954-58           superintendent, Binghamton District





Born: 9-10-1915  PA                                                  married: Gertrude Marie _____

Died: 7-?-1969                                                            obit: [2/27/1918 – 12/?/1991]


1940    license, Wyoming Conference

1947    admitted on trial, Southern New England Conference


Interment: Bluff View Cemetery, Vermillion SD



1940-41           Auburn

1941-44           Maple Grove

1944-47           student

                            1944-45       Orleans – Eastham

                            1945-47       Bryantville – West Duxbury

1947                “transfer” to Southern New England Conference

1947-50           Bryantville – West Duxbury

1950                transfer to North Dakota Conference

1950-56           Lisbon

1956                transfer to South Dakota Conference

1956-62           Vermillion

1962-63           student

1963-66           on leave

1966                located






Born: 1-26-1835  Gateshead, England                       married: Julia Kennedy

Died: 5-6-1916  Avalon PA                                        obit: Wyoming Conference 1944, 852


1862    local preacher’s license

1867    admitted on trial

1869    ordained deacon

1871    ordained elder


Interment: Owego NY

Obit: Wyoming Conference 1917, 113


1867-71           faculty, Wyoming Seminary

1871-72           Gibson and Jackson

1872                transfer to East Main Conference

1873-82           principal, East Maine Conference Seminary

1881                transfer to Wyoming Conference

1881-84           Susquehanna

1884-87           Owego

1887-90           Scranton Providence

1890-95           Nanticoke

1895-01           superintendent, Owego District

1901-03           Binghamton Chenango Street

1903-07           on leave

1907                retired


Note: This surname is sometimes rendered FORSYTHE.  Mrs. Forsyth is a sister to Mrs. Lyman C. Floyd.  A biographical sketch of George Forsyth appears in Chaffee’s 1904 History of the Wyoming Conference, page 322.




Born:                                                                           married: Gerald Blake
Died:                                                                           obit:


1991    admitted on trial, Wyoming Conference

1995    ordained deacon




1991-95           Waverly PA

1995-98           Scranton St. Paul’s

1998-03           Hancock Emory

2003-10           Daleville

2010                transfer to Susquehanna Conference by boundary change

Note: Gerald Blake is an ordained member of the Susquehanna Conference.



Born: 3-1-1818  Sherburne NY                                  married: Sally Maria Finch
Died: 11-19-1892  Norwich NY                                 obit: Wyoming Conference 1895, 88


1848    license, Congregational Church


Interment:  Mount Hope Cemetery, Norwich NY
Obit: Wyoming Conference 1893, 84


1848-54           Congregational Church

1854-55           ?

1855                “transfer” to Oneida Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church

1855-56           Borodino

1856-57           Amber

1857-58           Preble

1858-60           West Eaton

1860-61           Fayetteville

1861-63           Pratt’s Hollow

1863-65           Fabius

1865-66           Cardiff

1866-68           New Woodstock

1868-69           Westford

1869                transfer to Wyoming Conference by boundary change

1869-70           Westford

1870-71           Schenevus

1871-72           Whitney’s Point

1872-73           Marathon

1873-75           Sherburne

1875-77           Smyrna

1877-78           on leave

1878                retired


Note:  A brief biography of Hubbard Fox appears in Chaffee’s 1904 History of the Wyoming Conference, page 184. 




Born:                                                                           married: Jo Ann _____
Died:                                                                           obit:


?          ordained, American Baptist Convention




1992-10           Middlefield NY

2010                charter member Upper New York Conference

Note: Ronald E. Fralick served in the Wyoming Conference as an ordained Baptist minister..



Born: 1-5-1798  Schoharie NY                                   married: Hannah Moak [3/8/1818]

Died: 9-?-1867  Minden NY                                      obit:


Interment: Freysbush Cemetery, Minden NY



1865-66           South Danby


Note: Henry H. France served as a local preacher.  It is reported that his brother David H. France also served as a local preacher, and that seven other France brothers were Methodist class leaders.




Born: 11-29-1926                                                        married: Dorothy M. _____
Died:                                                                           obit: [6/18/1927 – ]


1975    admitted on trial, Wyoming Conference

1981    ordained deacon




1965-71           Nanticoke

1971-79           Endicott Wesley

1979-89           Vestal Calvary

1989                retired

                            1993-95  Nanticoke NY (beginning 1/1/1993)

                            1997-01  Thompson

                            2001-08  Lake Como (beginning 9/1/2001)

    2010       charter member Upper New York Conference



Born: 5-14-1885  Rochester NY                                 married: Louise E. Schell
Died: 12-26-1966  Pomona CA                                  obit: [2/5/1888 – 11/1/1970]


1917    admitted on trial

1917    ordained deacon

1918    ordained elder


Interment: Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington VA
Obit: North Carolina Conference 1967, 167


1917-18           chaplain, U.S. Army

1918                transfer to Iowa Conference

1918-50           chaplain, U.S. Army

1950                retired

                             assistant, Glendale CA First



Note: Mrs. Fraser is the daughter of Edwin A. Schell (1859-1937) of the Northwest Indiana Conference and a president of Iowa Wesleyan College.





Born: 1-23-1876  Unadilla NY                                   married: J. Blanche Every

Died: 6-8-1913  Unadilla NY                         obit: [1884-1975]


1903    admitted on trial, Wyoming Conference

1905    ordained deacon

1907    ordained elder


Interment: Evergreen Hill Cemetery, Unadilla NY

Obit: Wyoming Conference 1914, 101


1903-06           Cooperstown Junction

1906-07           Willett

1907-09           Smyrna

1909-13           Portlandville and Cooperstown Junction


Note: A biographical sketch of Charles A. Frear appears in Chaffee’s 1904 History of the Wyoming Conference, page 323.




Born:                                                                           married: Carolyn _____
Died:                                                                           obit:


1997    admitted on trial, Wyoming Conference

1998    ordained deacon

2000    ordained elder




1997-00           North Fenton

2000-06           Newton

2006-10           Vestal Center

2010                charter member Upper New York Conference by boundary change




Born: 6-28-1899  Lisle NY                                         married: Marion Pritchard

Died: 7-29-1993                                                          obit: Wyoming Conference 1998, 321


1948    license , Wyoming Conference

1959    ordained deacon, Wyoming Conference


Interment: Chenango Valley Cemetery, Binghamton NY

Obit: Wyoming Conference 1994, 329


1948-50           New Milford

1950-52           Binghamton Oak Street

1952-56           Hawleyton

1956-68           Candor

1968                retired

                            1973-82  assistant, Johnson City




Born: 1-22-1897  Grangetown England                     married: Madge Renton Edwards

Died: 10-21-1973  Flemington NJ                              obit: Wyoming Conference 1996, 328


1919    admitted on trial, Wyoming Conference

1921    ordained deacon


Interment: Laurelwood Cemetery, Stroudsburg PA

Obit: Wyoming Conference 1974, 287


1919-21           Harford

1922-24           student

                            Altmar, Northern New York Conference

1923-25           Jackson

1925-28           Skinner’s Eddy

1928-33           Moosic

1933-42           Dallas

1942-48           Wilkes-Barre Firwood

1948-60           Johnson City

1960-66           superintendent, Oneonta District

1966                retired





Born: 8-21-1883  Factoryville PA                              married: Mabel J. Travis

Died:  8-23-1949  Scranton PA                                  obit: [1888-1966]


1919    license, Wyoming Conference

1922    admitted on trial

1924    ordained deacon

1926    ordained elder


Interment: Fairview Cemetery, Lake Winola PA

Obit: Wyoming Conference 1950, 534


1919-22           Heart Lake – Alford

1922-26           Beach Lake – Narrowsburg

1926-27           Lake Ariel

1927-33           Old Forge

1933-40           Scranton Embury

1940-42           Nicholson

1042-44           Apalachin – Warren Center

1944-45           on leave

1945                retired

                            1946-48  Gouldsboro

                            1948-49  Pleasant Mount

                            1949       Afton





Born: 11-28-1885  Luzerne PA                                  married: Caroline Palmer

Died: 9-30-1957  Vestal NY                                      obit: Wyoming Conference 1955, 2069


1909    license, Wyoming Conference

1910    admitted on trial

1912    ordained deacon

1914    ordained elder


Interment: Moscow PA

Obit: Wyoming Conference 1958, 878


1910-11           Davenport Center

1911-15           Clarks Green

1915-21           Moscow

1921-27           Plymouth PA

1927-28           Dynmore

1928-37           Endicott First

1937-41           Johnson City Sarah Jane Johnson Memorial

1941-50           Dunmore

1950-56           Thompson

1956                retired





Born:                                                                           married:
Died:                                                                           obit:





1971-75           Itaska


Note: Richard A. Friend served as a local preacher.





Born: 11-25-1953                                                        married:

Died:                                                                           obit:


1979    admitted on trial, Wyoming Conference



Obit: Wyoming Conference


1979-81           student

1981-83           Unadilla – Sidney Center (ending 10/31/1983)

1983-86           on leave (beginning 11/1/1983)


Note: In 2013 Robert M. Frink is living in Milford KS.




Born: 9-29-1852  Cottesmore, England                      married: Jennie L. Morris

Died: 1-28-1906  Bainbridge NY                               obit: Wyoming Conference 1943, 616


1884    local preacher’s license, Hedding NY

1885    admitted on trial, Wyoming Conference

1887    ordained deacon

1889    ordained elder


Interment: Prospect Hill Cemetery, Sidney NY

Obit: Wyoming Conference 1906, 110


1885-87           Stoddartsville

1887-89           New Berlin NY and Columbus

1889-93           Guilford

1893-94           Whitney's Point

1894-97           Oxford

1897-99           Taylor

1899-03           Sidney

1903-05           Binghamton Clinton Street

1905-06           Bainbridge


Note: Following the death of William Frisby, Mrs. Frisby married Theodore Clark (1844-1916) of the New York East Conference; Chaffee gives her maiden name as NORRIS.  A biographical sketch of William Frisby appears in Chaffee’s 1904 History of the Wyoming Conference, page 324.




Born: 10-25-1870  Wrightsville PA                            married: Ella Jane Keiser
Died: 8-17-1957  Pinellas Park FL                             obit: [9/25/1870 – 6/20/1922]

                                                                                    married2: Nell Duff Pollock

                                                                                    obit2: [12/6/1881 – 12/16/1973]
1895    license, Central Pennsylvania Conference of the United Evangelical Church

1897    ordained deacon
1899    ordained elder


Interment: Evangelical Cemetery, Jacobus PA

1895-96           Bendersville
1896-97           Dillsburg circuit
1897-00           Fishing Creek Valley
1900-04           Warrensville
1904-07           Bellwood
1907-09           Yorkana
1909-10           Dallastown
1910                transfer to Oregon Conference
1911                transfer to Central Pennsylvania Conference
1911-12           Scranton
1912                “transfer” to Wyoming Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church

1912-14           Scranton Tripp Park

1914                withdrew


Note: Willis N. Fulcomer is a brother to Central Pennsylvania preachers Edward A. Fulcomer (1869-1936) of the Evangelical Church and George M.W. Fulcomer (1876-1947) of the Methodist Church.  He later became a Presbyterian minister and served in Crawford County IA.





Born: 9-6-1845  Wantage NJ                                      married: Joanna Hoel

Died: 9-25-1928  Orlando FL                                     obit: Wyoming Conference 1933, 171


1868    local preacher’s license, Dingman’s Choice of the Newark Conference

1869    admitted on trial, Wyoming Conference

1871    ordained deacon

1873    ordained elder


Interment: Greenwood Cemetery, Orlando FL

Obit: Wyoming Conference 1929, 129


1868-70           Paupack

1870-71           Herrick Center

1871-74           Hale's Eddy

1874-77           Tallmansville [Lake Como]

1877-80           Damascus

1880-83           Skinner's Eddy

1883-86           Ashley

1886-90           Wyoming

1890-95           Scranton Providence

1895-00           Owego

1900-05           Jermyn

1905-10           superintendent, Honesdale District

1910-12           Norwich

1912                retired


Note: Moses D. Fuller is the father of Floyd E. Fuller (1872-1899) of the St. John’s River Conference.  The obituary for Mrs. Fuller lists her given name as Joanno.  A biographical sketch of Moses D. Fuller appears in Chaffee’s 1904 History of the Wyoming Conference, page 324.




Born: 7-8-1847  Wallace, Nova Scotia                       married: Mary Emma Oakes [7/18/1872]

Died:                                                                           obit: [c1842 - ?]


1871    local preacher’s license, Vermont Conference

1874    admitted on trial, Wyoming Conference

1875    ordained deacon

1877    ordained elder





1870-72           Frederickton, New Brunswick

1872-73           Marysville, New Brunswick

1873-74           Bradford VT

1874                “transfer” to Wyoming Conference

1874-75           Unadilla

1875-76           Plymouth PA

1876-78           Nichols

1878-80           Oxford

1880-82           Pittston

1882-84           Wilkes-Barre Central

1884-86           financial agent, Centennial Endowment

1886-87           Scranton Providence

1887-90           on leave

1890                retired

                            1896  withdrew


Note: Silas C. Fulton is the brother of Rev. Jotham McCully Fulton of the Wesleyan connection and a cousin to Mr. Silas Fulton, the first man married [1894] in Scranton’s new Elm Park church.




Born:                                                                           married:
Died:                                                                           obit:




2003-08           Schenevus NY


Note: Beverly M. Furey served as a local preacher.




Born: 5-21-1860  Springville PA                                married: Martha Anna Wilson

Died: 10-18-1948  Williamsport PA                           obit: Wyoming Conference 1935, 645


1881    exhorter’s license, Haddington in the Philadelphia Conference

1883    local preacher’s license, Loyalsock in the Central Pennsylvania Conference

1883    admitted on trial, Virginia Conference

1887    ordained elder, Wyoming Conference


Interment: Huntersville, Lycoming County PA

Obit: Wyoming Conference 1949, 536


1881-82           Berrysburg, Philadelphia Conference

1882-83           Fairfield, Central Pennsylvania Conference

1883-84           Vienna, Virginia Conference

1884                transfer to Wyoming Conference

1884-86           Fairdale

1886-87           Oakland

1887-88           Union Center

1888-91           Lake Como

1891-92           Thompson

1892-95           Yatesville

1895-96           Wanamie

1896-98           Rendham [Old Forge] Stewart Memorial

1898-02           Mountain Top

1902-04           Yatesville

1904-18           Children’s Home Society of Pennsylvania

1918-21           Hamlin

1921-23           mission pastor, Scranton Court Street

1923-27           Harford PA

1927-33           Scranton West Park

1933                retired


Note: Thomas M. Furey is the son of Rev. John Groves Furey (c1824-c1905) of the Episcopal Church (Milton and Connellsville) and grandson (through his mother) of John Rhoades (1783-1843) of the Baltimore Conference.  He is also the brother of John R. Furey of the Central Pennsylvania Conference.  He author of the hymn “Shall I Wait?”  A biographical sketch of Thomas M. Furey appears in Chaffee’s 1904 History of the Wyoming Conference, page 325.




Born:                                                                           married: Betty Lou Henry
Died:                                                                           obit:


1986    admitted on trial, Wyoming Conference

1989    ordained deacon




1982-87           Lake Como

1987-89           Jermyn (ending 10/31/1989)

1989-97           Zimbabwe Annual Conference (beginning 11/1/1989 and ending 12/31/1996)

1997                retired (beginning 1/1/1997)

     2010  transfer to Susquehanna Conference by boundary change


Note: Mrs. Furman is the daughter of Charles D. Henry.