Preserving and Celebrating Our United Methodist Heritage in Central and Northeast Pennsylvania

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Pennsylvania United Brethren Pastors.  Click on the first letter of the surname to enter the file of all the pastors for that letter.  The instructions file gives information about this project, the dates at which various conference boundary changes occurred, and detailed bibliographic references. 


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Born: 4-28-1859  Carsonville PA                               married: Mrs. Thomas Lease

Died: 3-22-1915                                                          obit: [11/20/1853 – 12/16/1926]

Miller-Raker #: no

Fulton #: 315

Gibble list: yes


1886    quarterly conference license, Mount Carmel

1887    license, East German Conference

1897    ordained, East German Conference


Interment: Otterbein Cemetery, East Salem PA

Obit: Allegheny Conference 1915,72


1887-88           Freeburg circuit

1888-89           Middleburg circuit

1902                transfer to Allegheny Conference

                        local preacher, living in McAllisterville


Note: Mrs. Yarkers was the former Ellen A. Graybill.



Born: c. 1830                                                              married: Matrona Maneval

Died: 1895  Milroy PA                                               obit: [3/20/1832 – 6/5/1865]

Miller-Raker #: no                                                      married2: Hannah Knight [c1866]

Fulton #: no                                                                 obit2: [11/?/1836 – 11/9/1932]

Gibble list: yes


1856    license, East Pennsylvania Conference

1859    ordained, East Pennsylvania Conference


Interment: reportedly Woodlawn Cemetery, Milroy PA, but no record



1856-58           West Branch circuit

1858-60           Northumberland mission

1860-62           West Branch circuit

1862-64           Halifax circuit

1864-65           Schuylkill Haven circuit

1865-67           Susquehanna circuit

1867-69           New Holland


1873-75           Susquehanna circuit

1878                surrender license

1879                “transfer” to the Lutheran ministry, perhaps as a local supply

1882-84           Duncannon charge


Note:  Strangely, Amos F. Yeager is also listed for Halifax circuit 1868-69.




Born: 3-12-1928                                                          married: Lois J. Shenk

Died:                                                                           obit:

Miller-Raker #: 706

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: no


1948    license

1952    ordained





1948-49           Gardners-Mt. Victory

1952-55           associate, Hagerstown St. Paul’s

1955-61           York Fifth

1961-63           Silver Spring

1963-68           EUB Board of Evangelism

1968-72           UM Board of Evangelism

1972-96           bishop

1996                retired


Note: Bishop Yeakel is a brother to Mrs. Paul Horn.




Born: 1877                                                                  married: Alma Engle

Died: 1963                                                                  obit: [1881-1979]

Miller-Raker #: 481

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: no


1901    license, recommended by Shippensburg


Interment: Harrisburg East Cemetery, Harrisburg PA



1901-02           York Springs (did not finish the year)  1902,16

1902-03           YMCA, Dayton OH

1903-04           Chambersburg circuit (did not accept)  1904,13

1904                transfer to Miami [OH] Conference

1904-07           Dayton Troy Street

                        apparently left the pastorate to do para-church work

                        Harrisburg PA

1911-12           Indianapolis IN

1920-31           Central YMCA, Minneapolis MN     

1947                executive secretary, First Presbyterian in Phoenix AZ


Note: Harry H. Yohe is a 1901 graduate of Lebanon Valley College.  He attended Cumberland Valley State Normal School and taught at Cherry Grove before entering Lebanon Valley.




Born: 4-8-1873  Mongul PA                                      married: Annie Benedict Small

Died: 3-24-1960                                                          obit: Pennsylvania Conference 1953,33

Miller-Raker #: 466

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: no


1897    license

1901    ordained


Interment: Lincoln Cemetery, Chambersburg PA

Obit: Pennsylvania Conference 1960,46


1894-98           student, Lebanon Valley College

1898-01           York Fourth & Fifth

1901-02           Mechanicsburg circuit (did not report)

                            1901-02       Van Oren & Forreston, Illinois Conference 

1902-07           Mont Alto

1907-12           Fayetteville

1912-15           Wolfsville

1915-19           local

1919-50           Marion-St. John’s

1950                retired


Note: Jay W. Yohe was the Protestant chaplain at the South Mountain institution 1907-09 and 1915-53.





Born: 11-24-1935                                                        married: Clara Lou _____

Died:                                                                           obit:

Miller-Raker #: 794

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: no


1954    license, Evangelical Congregational denomination: recommended by York St. Paul’s

1960    ordained, Evangelical Congregational denomination





1956-58           Clark’s Valley charge, Dauphin County

1958-61           Lawn, Lebanon County

1961                transfer to Pennsylvania Conference of EUB denomination

1961-62           associate, Hagerstown St. Paul’s

1962-67           Shepherdstown

1967-73           Shippensburg Messiah

1973-83           Lewistown Grace

1983-93           Harrisburg Colonial Park

1993-95           Hanover First

1995                retired





Born: 9-16-1845                                                          married: Josephine B. Kurtz

Died: 12-15-1908                                                        obit: [1/19/1846 – 4/27/1893]                 

Miller-Raker #: no                                                      married2: Catherine A. Summers

Fulton #: no                                                                 obit2: [12/28/1859 – 12/16/1934]

Gibble list: no



Interment: Shamokin Cemetery, Shamokin PA



1888-89           Shamokin Second, East German Conference


Note: H.C. Yordy is otherwise unknown, and appears to have served as a local preacher.





Born:                                                                           married: Esther Musser

Died: 1851  Iowa                                                        obit:                   

Miller-Raker #: 64 & 178

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: yes


1811    license



Obit: East Pennsylvania Conference  1851,28


1846                charter member of East Pennsylvania Conference


Note: This surname is also rendered in English as YORDE and in German as JORDY.  The twentieth century transcription of the minutes from German to English incorrectly rendered  “Jordy” as “Jordan” – and when the surname began appearing in 1832 beginning with “Y” instead of “J”, he was thought to be a different person and “licensed” and assigned Miller-Raker #178.  Gibble’s 1951 History of the East Pennsylvania Conference, page 62, gives a brief biography. Mrs. Yordy is the daughter of a Martin Musser who died 9/9/1802.





Born: 5-20-1892  Manheim PA                                  married: Anna Will Miller

Died: 3-20-1962  Harrisburg PA                                obit: East Pennsylvania Conference 1950,24

Miller-Raker #: no                                                      married2: Gladys Leola Ream

Fulton #: no                                                                 obit2: [2/5/1909 – 8/5/2002]

Gibble list: yes


1910    quarterly conference license, Manheim

1912    license, East Pennsylvania Conference

1917    ordained, East Pennsylvania Conference


Interment: Fairview Cemetery, Manheim PA

Obit: East Pennsylvania Conference 1962,63



1911-15           student, Lebanon Valley College

                             1910-14  Jonestown

1915-19           student, Bonebrake [United] Theological Seminary in Dayton OH

                             1916       Nappanee IN (summer)

                             1917       Etna Green IN (summer)

                             1917-19  South Bend IN

1919-26           Philadelphia Third

1926-42           Harrisburg Sixth Street

1942-62           conference superintendent


Note: Following the death of David E. Young, the second Mrs. Young married a Mr. Frank L. Goodyear Jr.




Born: 5-6-1795                                                            married: Veronica Florence Ulsh

Died: 8-8-1867                                                            obit: [4/18/1799 – c1863]

Miller-Raker #: 158

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: yes


1830    license

1832    ordained


Interment: Youngs Church Cemetery, Shermans Dale PA

Obit: Religious Telescope 4-22-1868


Note: Mrs. Young is believed to be the Fanny Young (4/20/1788 – 11/14/1862) buried at Youngs Church in Shermans Dale.




Born:                                                                           married:

Died:                                                                           obit:

Miller-Raker #: no

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: yes


1858    license, East Pennsylvania Conference

1861    ordained, East Pennsylvania Conference





1861                withdrew




Born: 10-3-1862 Frederick County MD                     married: Florence Idella Ramsburg

Died: 2-14-1935                                                          obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1937,21

Miller-Raker #: 545

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: no


1906    quarterly conference license, Thurmont class

1908    license

1913    ordained


Interment: Thurmont UB Church, Thurmont MD

Obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1935,20


1887-09           medical doctor

1909-10           living in Creagerstown MD

1910-12           Taneytown

1912-17           Chewsville

1917-20           Manchester MD

1920-28           Rohrersville

1928                retired

1928-35           medical doctor


Note:  JDS Young was assigned to Bendersville when he received his license in 1908, but he did not report at that time – see 1909,29.





Born: 11-24-1835                                                        married: Ellen Balsley

Died: 3-23-1920                                                          obit: 6/3/1833 – 10/18/1905]

Miller-Raker #: 337                                                    married2: Anna C. Byers

Fulton #: no                                                                 obit2: [3/1/1857 – 5/6/1914]

Gibble list: no


1865    license

1868    ordained


Interment: Mount Olivet Cemetery, Fairview Township, York County PA



1864-66           York Springs circuit

1866-67           York Springs circuit & Bendersville mission

1867-68           York circuit

1868-70           Littlestown circuit

1870-73           Newville

1873-75           York mission station

1875-76           endowment agent, Lebanon Valley College

1876-78           presiding elder, Baltimore District

1878-80           presiding elder, Chambersburg District

1880-82           Duncannon station

1882-85           Waynesboro station

1885-87           Newburg station

1887-90           West Fairview station

1890-94           Dallastown station

1894-95           Manchester circuit (did not finish the year)

1895-98           living in Wormleysburg

1898-01           living in New Cumberland

1901                joined the Methodist Episcopal Church, 1901,24

1901-03           West Fairview


Note: In the Methodist Episcopal Church, John H. Young served as a local pastor.  The 1901 session of the Central Pennsylvania Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church recognized the United Brethren elders orders of both William H. Young and John H. Young – but no relationship has been established between William and John.




Born: 1-7-1793                                                            married:

Died: 12-30-1849                                                        obit:

Miller-Raker #: 202

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: yes


1835    license


Interment: Youngs UM Cemetery, Silver Spring Township, Cumberland County PA

Obit: Pennsylvania Conference 1850,16





Born: 12-18-1821  near York PA                                           married: Sarah Deibler

Died: 11-22-1901  Harrisburg PA                                          obit: [1/19/1828 – 7/8/1893]

Miller-Raker #: 274

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: yes


1844    license

1847    ordained, East Pennsylvania Conference


Interment: Mount Annville Cemetery, Annville PA

Obit: East Pennsylvania Conference 1902,24


1846                charter member of East Pennsylvania Conference

1846-48           Halifax circuit


1850-52           Northumberland


1853-55           Highspire circuit

1855-57           Reading Zion

1857-58           Amity mission


1861-62           Lancaster circuit

1862-73           local, due to throat problems

                             1865-66  Irish Valley & Shamokin

                             1869-70  Halifax

1873-75           Annville

1875                retired in Annville

                             1886-89  Ruhl’s station


Note: Rev. Young was elected presiding elder in 1854, but declined for reasons of health.





Born: 2-1-1910  Tappen, ND                                     married: Helen Erlita Cole

Died: 6-18-1991  Quincy PA                                      obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 2009,434

Miller-Raker #: no

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: no


1929    license, Erie Conference: recommended by Union City Parade Street

1937    ordained, Erie Conference


Interment: Quincy Cemetery, Quincy PA

Obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1992,490


1937-41           missionary, Sierra Leone

1941-42           Albion

1942                transfer to Ohio Sandusky Conference

1942-44           Dunkirk

1944-47           missionary, Sierra Leone

1947-56           Woodville

1956-68           regional secretary, Board of Missions

1968-71           Advance director, Board of Missions

1971                transfer to Central Pennsylvania Conference

1971-74           Yorkana

1974                retired





Born: 2-16-1830  York PA                                         married: _____ Epley

Died: 1-20-1888  Baltimore MD                                obit:

Miller-Raker #: 328

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: no


1853    quarterly conference license, York First

1862    license

1866    ordained


Interment: Union Cemetery, York PA

Obit: Pennsylvania Conference 1888,31


1860-61           Carlisle circuit (last part of year)

1861-63           Mercersburg circuit

1863-64           Path Valley circuit (first part of year; entered army)

1864-65           army

1866-68           Shippensburg circuit

1868-70           Manchester circuit

1870-71           York Springs

1871                local, due to throat problems

                             1871-78  living in York PA

                             1878-85  living in Wilmington DE, UB Aid Society

                             1885-88     living in Baltimore MD, Provident Life Association


Note: While living in Wilmington DE, Rev. Young was reportedly an agent for the UB Aid Society and directed the city mission there.  This is strange because there was no known UB work in the entire state of Delaware.





Born:                                                                           married:

Died:                                                                           obit:

Miller-Raker #: 441

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: no


1889    license

1892    ordained





1888-89           York Springs mission

1889-90           Rayville circuit

1890-92           Eschol mission

1892-93           York Haven

1893-95           Winterstown circuit

1895                transfer to Illinois Conference

1901                “transfer” to Central Pennsylvania Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church


Note: The 1901 session of the Central Pennsylvania Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church recognized the United Brethren elders orders of both William H. Young and John H. Young – but no relationship has been established between William and John.