Preserving and Celebrating Our United Methodist Heritage in Central and Northeast Pennsylvania

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Pennsylvania United Brethren Pastors.  Click on the first letter of the surname to enter the file of all the pastors for that letter.  The instructions file gives information about this project, the dates at which various conference boundary changes occurred, and detailed bibliographic references. 

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Born:                                                                           married:

Died:                                                                           obit:

Miller-Raker #: no

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: no





1884-85           Newville station (did not finish the year)


Note: W. L. Paling is otherwise unknown.  He did not finish the year, and R. Wood was appointed to take his place and give the 1885 statistical report.  He could be the H[iram] L[loyd] Poling (12/11/1849 – 10/9/1904) of the Parkersburg [West Virginia] Conference who transferred to the West Virginia Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church in 1897.





Born: 3-20-1913  Bellefonte PA                                married: Phyllis M. Woolford

Died: 4-15-1989                                                          obit: Western Pennsylvania Conference 1982,409

Miller-Raker #: no

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: yes


1939    quarterly conference license

1943    license, Allegheny Conference

1958    ordained, Western Pennsylvania Conference


Interment: Mt. Washington Cemetery, Perryopolis PA

Obit: Western Pennsylvania Conference 1989,411


1940-43           Mahaffey (beginning 11/2/1940)

1943-46           [Virginia Conference]

1946-49           Sidman – St. Michael

1949-57           McKeesport First

1957-65           Paradise

1965-70           Dubois Trinity

1970-77           McDonald

1977                retired





Born: 8-2-1865  Huntington County IN                                 married: Sue G. Pence [10/19/1898]

Died: 2-7-1920  Des Moines IA                                             obit: [8/21/1878-1974]

Miller-Raker #: no

Fulton #: 430

Gibble list: no


?          license, St. Joseph Conference

1895    ordained, St. Joseph Conference


Interment: South Whitley IN

Obit: Allegheny Conference 1920, 78


1895-96           Dayton IN

1896-88           Frankfort

                        Silver Lake

                        South Whitley

                        North Manchester



                        Russell KS

1905-06           Churubusco

1906-08           Elkhart Castle

1916                transfer to Allegheny Conference

1916-19           Altoona First (ending 1/1/1919)

1919-20           Des Moines IA Castle Memorial, Iowa Conference


Note: C.S. Parker is the brother of United Brethren pastors William Frank Parker (1850-?) and James Rosecrans Parker (1862-1936).  He reportedly had an excellent musical and evangelistic ministry in which he engaged full-time for 3 years, and served at large churches in various conferences before coming to the Allegheny Conference in 1916.




Born: 2-18-1912                                                          married: Hope M. Martin

Died: 10-30-1983                                                        obit: [6/13/1911 – 3/7/1988]

Miller-Raker #: no

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: yes


1943    quarterly conference license, New Holland

1946    license, East Pennsylvania Conference

1949    ordained, East Pennsylvania Conference


Interment: Rancks United Methodist Cemetery, New Holland PA



1943-46           student, Lebanon Valley College

                            1943-46       Grantville and Manada Hill

1946-49           student, United Theological Seminary

                            1946-47       Pottsdam-West Sonora

                            1947-49       Liberty

1949-53           Reading Zion

1953-62           Manheim

1962-63           Harrisburg Penbrook (ending 8/22/1963)

1963                withdrew – see 1964,132





Born: 3-7-1908  Jenners PA                                       married: Arnetta Crist

Died: 3-24-2001                                                          obit: Eastern Pennsylvania Conference 1984, 289

Miller-Raker #: no                                                      married2: Ida Mae Barnhart

Fulton #: no                                                                 obit2: [1910 – 2008]

Gibble list: yes


1929    quarterly conference license, Jenner Cross Roads

1931    license, Allegheny Conference: recommended by Hooversville

1938    ordained, East Pennsylvania Conference


Interment: Cornwall Cemetery, Cornwall PA

Obit: Eastern Pennsylvania Conference 2001,7.326


1929-33           student, Lebanon Valley College

                             1929-31      Lickdale

                             1931-33      Grantville circuit

1933                transfer to East Pennsylvania Conference

1933-38           student, Evangelical School of Theology

                             1933-38      Grantville circuit

1938-39           Grantville circuit

1939-44           Lebanon Memorial

1944-46           chaplain, US Navy

1946-70           Palmyra Second


Note: Melvin E. Patrick is the father of M. Eugene Patrick and of Rev. Larry P. Patrick (1941-2002) of the Church if God.  Following the death of Melvin, the second Mrs. Patrick married a Mr. Mark M. McCurdy.





Born: 12-28-1928  Somerset County PA                   married:  Juliette Romaine Bowman

Died: 7-25-1991                                                          obit: [b. 12/26/1929]

Miller-Raker #: no

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: no


1950    license, East Pennsylvania Conference: recommended by Palmyra Second [Gravel Hill]

1956    ordained, East Pennsylvania Conference


Interment: Gravel Hill Cemetery, Palmyra PA

Obit: 1992,481


1951-54           Silver Spring circuit

1954-59           Royalton

1959-67           Ranck’s

1967-70           Highspire

1970                transfer to Central Pennsylvania Conference

1970-74           Highspire

1974-80           Mont Alto Yoked

1980-87           East Prospect

1987-91           Houserville-Woodycrest


Note: M. Eugene Patrick is the son of Melvin E. Patrick and a brother of Rev. Larry P. Patrick (1941-2002) of the Church of God.




Born: 2-14-1776                                                          married:

Died: 8-22-1843                                                          obit:

Miller-Raker #: 137

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: yes


1828    license

1828    ordained



Obit: [1844]


1830                charter member of Virginia [Hagerstown] Conference

1832-33           Woodstock circuit [and presiding elder (superintendent) for Virginia]


Note: George Patterson reportedly started his ministry as a local preacher in the Methodist Episcopal Church.  Funkhouser’s 1921 History of the Virginia Conference does not give George Patterson’s name in the alphabetic list.  He is listed as present in 1831,33,34,35,37; absent in 1832,39,42,43.  An obituary also appears in the 2/28/1844 Religious Telescope.





Born: 7-9-1862                                                            married: Ellen _____

Died: 9-15-1949                                                          obit:

Miller-Raker #: no

Fulton #: 257

Gibble list: no


Interment: Sardis Cemetery, Wawbeek AL



1891-92           Fulton circuit

1892-94           Phillipsburg, Allegheny Conference

1893                transfer to Allegheny Conference

1893-94           Phillipsburg

1894                dismissed

                        Baptist Church

1908                Stonington IL

                        Tuscumbia AL

1920                Florala AL

1927-29           Hoover AL Hunter Street

1929                Jackson AL

1939                Bratt AL


Note:  N.O. Patterson is the father of Dr. Eugene Nelson Patterson of the Southern Baptist Church (president of Grand Canyon College in Phoenix) and Florence Patterson Seise, wife of Baptist pastor Peter Hall Seise (1888-1934).  He appears to have attended Lebanon Valley.  In the 1890’s the Pennsylvania Conference was meeting in February and the Allegheny Conference in September.  In February 1891 Fulton circuit was left TBS, but Rev. Patterson was appointed by the presiding elder immediately after conference.  In February 1892 Rev. Patterson was again assigned to Fulton circuit, which during the year was returned to the Allegheny Conference.  In September 1892 Rev. Patterson was assigned to Phillipsburg.  He is later referred to as Dr. N.O. Patterson.




Born: 9-6-1867                                                            married: Emma L. Murray

Died: 3-21-1937  Mechanicsburg PA                         obit: [1872-1957]

Miller-Raker #: no

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: yes


1894    license, Pennsylvania Conference UBOC [1894,6&9]

1897    ordained, Pennsylvania Conference UBOC


Interment: Mechanicsburg Cemetery, Mechanicsburg PA

Obit: [Harrisburg Telegraph 3/22/1937, page 22]


1894-95           Eschol mission

1895-96           York Spring mission

1896-99           Manchester mission

1899                withdrew to preach for the Church of God [in Perry County], page 8

1900                returned, page 8&26

1900-02           Shippensburg mission

1902-03           Waynesboro mission (did not finish the year [1904,11])

1903-04           Tower City, East Pennsylvania Conference

1904                withdrew to preach for the UB (new constitution), page 6

1904                transfer to East Pennsylvania Conference, page 7&8&11

1904-06           Tower City

1906-07           Refton

1907-09           Linglestown circuit

1909-12           Halifax

1912-13           Fayetteville, Pennsylvania Conference

1913-16           Jacksonville circuit

1916-17           Shamokin circuit (did not finish the year)

1917                name erased, page 9





Born:  3-4-1895  Johnstown PA                                 married: Mabel Irene Josephine Weik

Died:  4-28-1994                                                         obit: [d. 10/27/1943]

Miller-Raker #: no                                                      married2: Mrs. Helen Sylvia Snyder Michael

Fulton #: no                                                                 obit2: Western Pennsylvania Conference 1982,410

Gibble list: no                                                             married3: Mrs. Oma O. Smeal Tobias

                                                                                    obit3: Western Pennsylvania Conference 1991,347

1914    quarterly conference license

1921    license, Miami Conference

1924    ordained, Miami Conference


Interment: Union Cemetery, Rossiter PA

Obit: Western Pennsylvania Conference 1995,370


1919-21           student, Otterbein College in Westerville OH

                             1919-21  associate, Westerville OH

1921-24           student, Bonebrake [United] Theological Seminary in Dayton OH

                             1921-22  associate, Westerville OH

                             1922-24  associate secretary, Board of Administration in Dayton OH

1924-27           Dayton Olivet

1927-30           Cincinnati Willey Memorial

1930-37           conference evangelist

1937-38           chaplain. Otterbein Home in Lebanon OH

1938-42           Millville

1942-46           conference evangelist

1946                transfer to Allegheny Conference

1946-48           Rochester mills

1948-53           Altoona Wehnwood

1953-57           Johnstown Fairfield Avenue

1957-60           conference evangelist

1960-61           Punxsutawney Albion

1961                retired


Note: Arthur P. Peden is the author of six books of poetry.  The second Mrs. Peden is the daughter of Meade M. Snyder and the widow of a Mr. Darrell Howard Michael.  The third Mrs. Peden is the widow of William B. Tobias.




Born: 10-6-1802                                                          married: Elizabeth Light

Died: 11-2-1885                                                          obit: [8/5/1806-8/12/1853]

Miller-Raker #: 203                                                    married2: Rachel Hoover

Fulton #: no                                                                 obit2: [d. 10/9/1894]

Gibble list: yes


1835    license

1839    ordained


Interment: Mountville, Lebanon County PA



1841-41           Lebanon circuit

1842-43           Lancaster circuit

1843-44           Schuylkill mission

1844-45           Berks circuit

1845-46           presiding elder, Susquehanna District

1846                charter member of East Pennsylvania Conference

1846-48           presiding elder, Susquehanna District

1848-49           Lebanon circuit

1849-51           presiding elder, Susquehanna District

1851-52           ?

1852-53           Dauphin circuit

1853-54           presiding elder, Susquehanna District

1854-55           not employed

1855-57           presiding elder, East District

1857-58           Schuylkill Haven circuit

1858                joined Evangelical Mennonite denomination

1862                name erased from East Pennsylvania Conference

1877                joined United Christian denomination

1879-1882       presiding elder


Note: Limited additional information on Christian Peffley appears in The Chronicle 13:44 (2002), the 1977 History of the United Christian Church, and the conference biographical files.








Born: 3-30-1911                                                          married:  Martha Uhrich

Died: 8-24-2006                                                          obit: Eastern Pennsylvania Conference 2009, ?

Miller-Raker #: no

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: yes


1937    quarterly conference license, Elizabethtown

1939    license, East Pennsylvania Conference

1943    ordained, East Pennsylvania Conference


Interment: Zion Lutheran Church Cemetery, Grantville PA

Obit: Eastern Pennsylvania Conference 2007,?


1937-40           student, Lebanon Valley College

                            1937-40       Brunnerville-Newton

1940-43           student, Bonebrake [United] Theological Seminary

                            1940-43       Potsdam

1943-51           Philadelphia Second

1951-72           Lancaster Covenant

1972-78           superintendent, Northeast District

1978                retired

                            1978-79       assistant to the bishop

                            1979-81       Mt. Gretna

                            1981-83       Quarryville Memorial

                            1983-84       Quarryville Wesley





Born: 1883                                                                  married: Almeta S. Dougherty

Died: 3-4-1951  Jonestown PA                                  obit: [1885 – 2/20/1967]

Miller-Raker #: no

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: yes


1906    license, East Pennsylvania Conference


Interment: Mt. Nebo Cemetery, Ono PA



1906-08           student, Lebanon Valley College

1913                referred


Note: William H. Peiffer served as a local preacher.  He also was a school teacher, worked 25 years as a rural mail carrier, and served as a tax collector.  Mrs. Peiffer is the daughter of Joseph B. Daugherty.




Born: 7-14-1886  Cumminsville OH                          married: Esther May Groff [6/26/1913]

Died: 11-28-1958  Clearfield PA                               obit: [5/28/1889 – 4/24/1990]

Miller-Raker #: no

Fulton #: 446

Gibble list: yes


1908    quarterly conference license

1909    license, Southeast Ohio Conference

1916    ordained, Miami Conference


Interment: Newman Creek Cemetery, North Lawrence OH

Obit: Western Pennsylvania Conference 1959,30


1910-13           Peachblow – Ostrander

1913                transfer to Miami Conference

1913-16           Dayton Olivet

1916-19           Hamilton

1919                transfer to Allegheny Conference

1919-22           Altoona First

1922-25           Johnstown Park Avenue

1925-28           without appointment

1928-31           Hooversville (beginning 2/1/1928)

1931-34           Altoona Second

1934-40           Clearfield

1940                Hollsopple (resigned 10/22/1940)

1940-43           without appointment

1943                no longer listed          


Note: Not much is known about Ray E. Penick.  He apparently graduated from Hughes High School in Cincinnati OH in 1904.  The last [1990] SS address for Mrs. Penick is Hesston, Huntingdon County, PA.





Born: 1866                                                                  married: Bessie Ann Stevens

Died: 1958                                                                  obit: Kansas Conference 1931,32

Miller-Raker #: no

Fulton #: 253

Gibble list: no


1893    license, Allegheny Conference

1898    ordained, Allegheny Conference



Interment: Old Mission Cemetery, Wichita KS

Obit: Kansas Conference 1959,81


1892-94           Mahaffey

1893-94           living in Mahaffey

1894-95           Knoxdale

1895-98           student, Union Biblical Seminary in Dayton OH

1898-99           McKeesport

1899-00           Johnstown Fourth [Walnut Grove]

1900-03           Bellefonte

1903-06           Madison

1906                transfer to




Born: 10-10-1921  Clearfield County PA                  married: Margaret Jean Musser

Died: 4-4-1987                                                            obit:

Miller-Raker #: no

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: no


1948    license, Allegheny Conference

1957    ordained, Central Pennsylvania Conference (EUB)


Interment: McClure Union Cemetery, McClure PA

Obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1987,419


1948-51           East Salem

1951                transfer by boundary change to Central Pennsylvania Conference (EUB)

1951-59           East Salem

1959-96           Runville

1965-66           Nescopek

1966-80           McClure

1980-84           disability leave

1984                retired




Born: 6-13-1847                                                          married: Mary Alice McGuire

Died: 5-23-1931                                                          obit: Allegheny Conference 1921,25

Miller-Raker #: no

Fulton #: 181

Gibble list: no


1872    quarterly conference license, Loyalhanna

1876    license, Allegheny Conference

1880    ordained, Allegheny Conference



Interment: St. Clair Cemetery, Greensburg PA

Obit: Allegheny Conference 1931,64


1875-78           Mahoning

1878-81           Somerset

1881-83           Ligonier

1883-84           Burnsides

1884-86           Rockwood

1886-88           Somerset

1888-90           Conemaugh

1890-91           superintendent,

1891-93           Copeland

1893-96           Coalport

1896-98           superintendent,

1898-99           Moxham

1899-01           Rockwood

1901-02           Connellsville

1902-05           ?

1905-06           Edna mission

1906-11           ?

1911-27           assistant, Greensburg

1927                retired


Note: Justus H. Pershing is the grandson of Daniel Pershing (1769-1830) of the Baltimore Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church and a first-cousin to the father of General John J. Pershing (1860-1948) of WWI fame.  He was a historian and lecturer of national reputation and the author of several books – including a pictorial history of the United Brethren Church and Two Railroads.  Beginning in 1902 he appears to be living in Greensburg.




Born:                                                                           married:

Died:                                                                           obit:

Miller-Raker #: no

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: yes


1835    license





1837                transfer to Wabash Conference


1843-44           Lisbon IA circuit


Note: This is not the prominent John Peters (1838-1899) of the Tennessee and East Tennessee Conferences.




Born: 7-20-1836  near New Holland PA                    married: Cassadella Ranck

Died: 3-8-1893  New Holland PA                              obit: East Pennsylvania Conference 1922,66

Miller-Raker #: no

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: yes


1857    quarterly conference license

1859    license, East Pennsylvania Conference

1862    ordained, East Pennsylvania Conference


Interment: Steelton PA

Obit: East Pennsylvania Conference 1893,31


1858-60           East Lancaster mission

1860-61           Amity circuit

1861-63           Columbia Salome

1863-64           Hummelstown circuit

1864-67           Lancaster circuit

1867-71           Reading Otterbein

1871-74           ?

1874-76           Steelton Centenary

1876-77           Lebanon Trinity

1877-78           Lebanon Trinity (first part of year), Harrisburg First (last part of year)

1978-80           Harrisburg First

1882-83           presiding elder, Baltimore District

1883-84           living in Intercourse

1884-85           Paradise St. John’s

1885-86           Intercourse

1886-89           Steelton Centenary

1889-92           Pottstown Baltzell

1892-93           New Holland




Born: 9-26-1923  Lyleville PA                                   married: Esther Grace McGlathery

Died:  7-26-1991                                                         obit: Western Pennsylvania Conference 1999, 367

Miller-Raker #: no

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: no


1943    quarterly conference license

1947    license, Allegheny Conference

1951    ordained, Allegheny Conference


Interment: Altoona PA

Obit: Western Pennsylvania Conference 1992,297


1946-47           Altoona Wehnwood

1947-48           Shade Gap

1948-51           student, United Theological Seminary in Dayton Oh

1951-58           East Freedom

1958-64           Punxsutawney First

1964-74           Johnstown Westmont

1974-85           associate, Chippewa

1985-88           Johnsonburg

1988                retired




Born:  8-1-1917  Utahville PA                                   married: Daisy Beatrice Wolford

Died:  3-7-1978                                                           obit: Western Pennsylvania Conference 2004, 320

Miller-Raker #: no

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: no


1943    quarterly conference license, Casselman

1946    license, Allegheny Conference

1948    ordained, Allegheny Conference


Interment: Kesslar Cemetery, Acme PA

Obit: Western Pennsylvania Conference 1978,406


1942-44           Casselman

1944-49           Susquehanna

1949-53           Shanksville – Central City

1953-58           Rockwood

1958-65           Indian Creek

1965-78           Hooversville




Born: 10-21-1785  Germany                                       married: Barbara Hershey

Died: 9-20-1868                                                          obit: [d. 12/26/36]

Miller-Raker #: 79                                                      married2: Mrs. Esther Shoemaker Eby

Fulton #: no                                                                 obit2:

Gibble list: yes [PEIFFER]


1815    exhorter’s license

1818    license

1820    ordained


Interment: Eby’s Cemetery (Rapho township), Lancaster County PA

Obit: East Pennsylvania Conference 1870,29


1819-20           Hagerstown circuit

1820-21           Virginia circuit

1821-22           Lancaster circuit

1846                charter member of East Pennsylvania Conference


Note: Weaver’s 1908 Minutes of the 1819-24 Conferences, page 47, gives a brief biography.  Barbara Hershey Pfeifer is the daughter of Abraham Hershey (Lancaster).





Born: 7-24-1762  Alsace, Germany                            married: Elizabeth Ann Senn

Died: 9-25-1825  Corydon IN                        obit: [6/20/1762 – 7/3/1829]

Miller-Raker #: 15

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: yes


1790    license

1815    ordained, Miami Ohio Conference


Interment: Pfrimmer Chapel Cemetery, Harrison County IN

Obit: [Miami Conference  1892,8]


1814                transfer to Miami Ohio Conference   


Note: John George Pfrimmer is the father of Elizabeth Pfrimmer Winter, wife of John L. Winter.  Holdcraft’s 1939 History of the Pennsylvania Conference, page 304, gives a brief biography.  Chapter 4 of the 1908 denomination study course Our Heroes discusses John George Pfrimmer.




Born: 6-2-1857  Rauchtown PA                                 married: Alma Bida Clark

Died: 10-30-1934  Belleville PA                                obit: [d. 1918]

Miller-Raker #: no                                                      married2: Mrs. Margaret Cummins Bigelow

Fulton #: no                                                                 obit2: Central Pennsylvania Conference [Methodist] 1940, 185

Gibble list: no


1901    license, Central Pennsylvania Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church


Interment: Presbyterian Cemetery, Belleville PA

Obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference [Methodist] 1935, 233


1895-96           East Salem

1901                “transfer” to Methodist Episcopal Church

1901-04           Belleville

1904-05           Burnt Cabins

1905-08           Ennisville

1908-09           Pine Grove Mills

1909-11           Thompsontown

1911-12           apparently no assignment

1912-16           Cassville

1916-17           Lock Haven circuit

1917-19           Thompsontown

1919-20           Vira

1920-23           Claysburg

1923-26           Ramey

1926-28           Salona & Lamar

1928-30           Beach Haven

1930-33           Rouzerville

1933                retired


Note:  J.S. Phillips served in the Allegheny Conference under “others employed in the conference  and in the Methodist Church after 1901 as a local pastor.




Born: 10-1-1927  McKeesport PA                             married: Ella Jean Flood

Died: 2-27-1976  California PA                                 obit:

Miller-Raker #: no

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: no


1948    license, Allegheny Conference

1961    ordained, Western Pennsylvania Conference


Interment: Pine Grove Cemetery, near Shade Gap PA

Obit: Western Pennsylvania Conference 1976,315


1944-47       Shade Gap

1947-50       Knoxdale

1950-56       Windber Graham Avenue

1956-62       Braddock

1962-70       Greenville Calvary

1970-71       West Washington (ending 9/16/1971)

1971-75       Erie Christ (beginning 9/16/1971)

1975-76       California


Note: George Stahl Phillips is the grandson on Lazarus W. Stahl.




Born:                                                                           married:

Died:                                                                           obit:

Miller-Raker #: no

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: yes


1873    license, East Pennsylvania Conference





1873-74           Highspire

1874-76           Middletown-Royalton

1876-80           Steelton Centenary

1880-85           Reading Otterbein

1885-86           Philadelphia First

1886-89           Harrisburg First

1889-93           Mount Joy

1893-02           Philadelphia First

                            1894-99  Port Richmond St. Paul’s

1902-03           Mount Joy

1903-04           Paradise St. John’s

1904-08           living in Philadelphia, manager of Sea Grove camp meeting

1908                name erased





Born: 1-4-1828                                                            married: Veronica Felty

Died: 1-7-1915                                                            obit: [1/25/1831 – 6/3/1889]

Miller-Raker #: no

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: no


Interment: Mount Annville Cemetery, Annville PA



1874-75           Grantville


Note: Samuel Phreaner is otherwise unknown.





Born: c1871                                                                married: Hattie _____

Died: 12-9-1928                                                          obit: Michigan Conference 1930,32

Miller-Raker #: no

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: yes


1887    license, East Pennsylvania Conference



Obit: Michigan Conference 1929,17


1887-90           evangelist, living in Philadelphia

1890                transfer to “Iowa Conference, or any other conference he may wish to join” – p.11

                        Sandusky Conference

1902                transfer to Michigan Conference

1902-03           ?

1903-05           Grand Rapids First

1905-06           ?

1906                transfer to Iowa Conference

1908                Lancaster Covenant, East Pennsylvania Conference (May to Oct)

1916                transfer to Michigan Conference

1916-19           Grand Rapids First

1919-28           conference superintendent


Note: Charles E. Pilgrim was called the “boy evangelist.”  He held successful revivals at Lancaster Covenant 1887 and 1888 and returned there from Michigan in 1908 to finish the year following the 5/23/08 death of Abraham Myers.




Born: 8-8-1845  New York City NY                          married: Sarah A. Brown [1868]

Died: 12-27-1911  Eagle Rock CA                            obit: [1839 – 5/1/1906]

Miller-Raker #: no

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: no


?          license, California Conference

?          ordained, California Conference


Interment: Santa Ana Cemetery, Santa Ana CA

Obit: California Conference 1912,22


                        California Conference

1892-93           superintendent, Los Angeles District

1893-97           Los Angeles First

1897-00           conference superintendent

1900-01           Dubois, Allegheny Conference


Note: J.S. Pitman is the father of Presbyterian/Congregational pastor Homer K. Pitman.  He served in the Allegheny Conference under “others employed in the conference” and returned to California to go into business.  A biographical sketch is on file.




Born: 8-11-1887                                                          married:

Died: 4-2-1919                                                            obit:

Miller-Raker #: 563

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: no


1909    quarterly conference license, Shiloh of Chewsville charge

1910    license, recommended by Hagerstown


Interment: Shiloh Cemetery, Hagerstown MD



1909-10           student, Lebanon Valley College

1911-12           Wolfsville

1915                withdrew


Note: Charles W. Plummer is a brother of F. Berry Plummer.




Born: 1-7-1885  Bridgeport MD                                married: Emma E. Flook

Died: 5-25-1957                                                          obit: 1949,36

Miller-Raker #: 514

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: no


1903    license

1908    ordained


Interment: Mt. Zion Cemetery, Myersville MD

Obit: 1957,45


1903-05           student, Lebanon Valley College

1905-07           Myersville circuit

1907-11           Shippensburg Messiah

1911-14           Baltimore Otterbein Memorial

1914-21           Carlisle Grace

1921-56           Hagerstown St. Paul’s

1956                retired


Note: F. Berry Plummer is a brother of Charles W. Plummer.  Mrs. Plummer is a granddaughter of Joshua Harp and a sister to Cryus F. Flook.   




Born: 2-14-1876                                                          married: Hannah Williams

Died: 3-29-1954 OH                                                   obit: East Ohio Conference 1969,153

Miller-Raker #: no

Fulton #: 392 [POSTLETHWAITE]

Gibble list: no


license, ? Conference

1907    ordained, ? Conference




Obit: East Ohio Conference 1954,41&87


1911                transfer to Allegheny Conference

1911-13           Mount Pleasant

1913-17           Johnstown First

1917                open transfer, page 50

                        Anderson IN First


Note: This name is also rendered S.L. POSTLETHWAITE.




Born: 1-7-1819 near Montgomery’s Ferry PA           married: Mary Ann Wasson

Died: 10-4-1890  Selinsgrove PA                              obit: [b. 2/13/1822]

Miller-Raker #: no

Fulton #: 55 and 176 and 225

Gibble list: yes


1843    license, Allegheny Conference

1846    ordained, Allegheny Conference

1852    ordained, East Pennsylvania Conference


Interment: Union Cemetery, Selinsgrove PA

Obit: Allegheny Conference 1891,33


1843-44           Susquehanna

1844-45           Bellefonte and Millheim

1845-46           Bellefonte

1846-48           Juniata

1848-50           Huntingdon

1850-52           Mt. Pleasant station

1852-54           West Moreland

1854-55           Madison

1855-56           Bellefonte

1856-58           Juniata

1858-62           superintendent, Eastern District

1862-63           Mapleton

1863-65           Perrysville

1865-66           East Salem

1866-68           Blair

1868-70           Liverpool

1870-71           irregularly withdrawn

1871-72           Tyrone

1872                transfer to East Pennsylvania Conference

1872-73           Annville (did not finish the year)

1843-75           located

1875                transfer to Allegheny Conference

1875-78           located

1878-79           Liverpool

1879-82           Westmoreland Herminie

1882-83           Belsano

1883-86           located

1886                honorable discharge

1888                reinstated


Note: Isaiah Potter is the father of Milton G. Potter and Newton I. Potter.  The home church of Isaiah Potter was Bucks, in Perry County.  In the 11/11/1846 he reports to the Religious Telescope on a revival in Bedford County.   He is called a “theologian” and Berger’s denominational history considers him “well-known.”  A biographical sketch is give in Hain’s 1922 History of Perry County, page 835.




Born: 1-?-1855  PA                                                    married: Elizabeth Stauffer [11/17/1880]

Died: 5-13-1917  Avalon PA                                      obit: [12/15/1854 – 1/2/8/1925]

Miller-Raker #: no

Fulton #: 185

Gibble list: no


1877    license, Allegheny Conference

1880    ordained, Allegheny Conference






1878-79           East Salem

1879-80           New Paris

1880                Ligonier (Feb – Sept conference year)

1880-81           Industry

1881-83           Fallen Timber

1883                dismissed

1885                “transfer” to Pittsburgh Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church

1885-86           Fawcett

1886-88           Florence

1888-90           Peter’s Creek

1890-92           Freedom

1893                withdrew


Note: Milton G. Potter is the son of Isaiah Potter and a brother to Newton I. Potter.  Some sources incorrectly give the death year as 1915, but the death is reported in the May 14, 1917, Connellsville PA Daily Courier, page 2.  There are reports that he later entered the Methodist ministry, but no such documentation has been located.




Born: 1-27-1856  Centre County PA                          married:

Died: 1-29-1885  Selinsgrove PA                              obit:

Miller-Raker #: no

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: no


Interment: Union Cemetery, Selinsgrove PA



1880                Ligonier (Feb – Sept conference year)


Note: Newton I. Potter is the son of Isaiah Potter and a brother to Milton G. Potter.  There is no evidence that he was ever licensed or ordained, but he is listed in 1874 as co-appointed with his brother Milton.  He was an attorney.




Born: 1-8-1809                                                            married: Mary Horn(e) [5/8/1832]

Died: 8-21-1883                                                          obit: [5/31/1810 - 1898]

Miller-Raker #: no

Fulton #: 58

Gibble list: no


1844    license, Allegheny Conference

1852    ordained, Allegheny Conference



Interment: Daley Cemetery, Central City PA



1850-51           Juniata

1851-53           Mahoning

1853-54           Clearfield

1854-55           Bellefonte

1855-56           Clearfield

1856-57           Scottsville [Three Springs]

1857-59           Curwensville

1859-60           Fallen Timber

1860-62           Ligonier

1862-63           Mahoning

1853-64           Washington

1864-65           Jefferson

1865-66           Somerset

1866-67           Fallen Timber

1867-68           (not listed)

1868                withdrew


Note: Jeptha Potts is the father of John V. Potts.  The Daly Cemetery, Somerset County, is also called Potts Cemetery after Jeptha Potts who served there.  Jeptha Potts is reported to have been a Lutheran minister, but no available documentation associates him with that denomination.  Some sources give the birthdate for Mrs. Potts as 3/31/1812. “In the early spring of 1809, a young woman named Susan Parson Potts died and was supposedly buried in Berlin. The known facts of her life are few, and the questions intriguing. In 1803, Susan became the second wife of Alexander Potts, Revolutionary War veteran and native of Frank­lin County. When she was about to give birth, Susan returned to her family, and because of illness or other reasons, did not return to her husband. At the time, he had several small children by his first wife, Martha Barnett. Susan’s son, born Jan. 8, 1809, was named Jephthah Potts. He later became a well known preacher.  Susan died shortly after Jephthah’s birth and reportedly her sister (believed to be a member of the Shell family of Shellsburg) accepted temporary responsibility for his care. At the age of five, Jephthah was indentured by the authorities of Shade Township to Abraham Shell of Stoystown, who raised him to maturity.” – from the 9/7/1971 SOMERSET DAILY AMERICAN, page 3.




Born:                                                                           married:

Died:                                                                           obit:

Miller-Raker #: 162

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: yes


1830    license, recommended by Dillsburg





1833-34           Clearfield circuit

1836                name erased





Born: 7-22-1836  Schellsburg PA                              married: Anna Barron Colburn [3/21/1861]

Died: 9-18-1909                                                          obit: [1/24/1840 – 7/4/1902]

Miller-Raker #: no

Fulton #: 119

Gibble list: no


1861    license, Allegheny Conference


Interment: Campbell Cemetery, Crawford County OH



1861-62           Stone Valley

1862-63           Mechanicsburg

1863-64           ?

1864-66           Fallen Timber

1866                transfer to


Note: John V. Potts is the son of Jeptha Potts.  He is the author of several books – including Christian Co-operation in Actual Life [History of the United Brethren Church] (1874) and The Secret Lodge System (1909).




Born: 8-17-1837  Carroll County OH                        married:

Died: 4-30-1873  North Vineland NJ                         obit:

Miller-Raker #: no

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: yes


1858    license, Methodist Protestant Church

1869    license, East Pennsylvania Conference

1869    ordained, East Pennsylvania Conference





1868-70           Amity circuit

1870-71           Monocacy circuit

1871-72           Philadelphia Darien Street mission


Note: A biographical sketch of Campbell T. Poulton is given in Gibble’s History of the East Pennsylvania Conference, page 417.  He is listed as enlisting with Company E the PA 174th volunteers on 10/31/1862 and deserting on 11/3/1862 and then enlisting with Company A of the PA 154th  volunteers 11/6/1862, prompted 5/1/1863, but absent and “in arrest” at muster our 9/29/1863.




Born: 1893                                                                  married: Gretna M. _____

Died: 1-19-1952                                                          obit: [1893-1955]

Miller-Raker #: 585

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: no


1914    license


Interment: Dillsburg Cemetery, Dillsburg PA



1915                Dillsburg, United Evangelical Chgurhc (Jan to Mar)

1915-16           Lemasters [see 1916, 30]

1916                returned to quarterly conference license, page 77


Note:  The 10/30/1915 Harrisburg Telegraph, page 5, reported the following: “The Rev. John.H. Powell, a Dillsburg young man who was granted a minister's license in the United Brethren Church by the conference at Mechanicsburg last Fall, has received an appointment as pastor of the Lemaster charge, in Franklin county, which includes the United Brethren churches in Lemaster, Mercersburg, St. Joseph, Edensville and St. Thomas. The Rev. Mr. Powell during the last year has assisted in a number of revival services in this section and frequently filled the pulpits on the Dillsburg charge during the absence of the pastor. He will begin Work tomorrow with services in St. Joseph, Edensville and St. Thomas churches.” [The reference to St. Joseph is an error – and it should read St. John’s.].  In the 1917 Harrisburg City Directory he is listed at “printer” living in Dillsburg.





Born: 10-10-1918                                                        married: Elsie Ellen Smeal

Died: 9-1-1977                                                            obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 2009,428

Miller-Raker #: no

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: no


1944    license, Allegheny Conference

1964    ordained, Western Pennsylvania Conference


Interment: Mock’s Hill Cemetery, West Decatur PA

Obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1978,262


1948-51           Mahaffey

1951                transfer by boundary change to Western Pennsylvania Conference

1951-53           Mahaffey

1953-58           Port Matilda

1958-66           Woodland

1966-70           Huntingdon 12th Street

1970                transfer by boundary change to Central Pennsylvania Conference

1970-77           Huntingdon 12th Street





Born: 11-14-1811  Cambria County PA                     married: Abigail Cain

Died:                                                                           obit:

Miller-Raker #: no

Fulton #: 95

Gibble list: no


1856    license, Allegheny Conference






1856-57           Allegheny

1857-60           (not listed)

1860-61           Stone Valley

1861-66           (not listed)

1866                name erased


Note: Abraham Pringle is a brother to Daniel Pringle.  While the Abraham and Daniel Pringle whose personal information is given are the sons of George Pringle (1767-1846) and Catherine Cable Pringle (1776-1831), it has not yet been documented that they are the Abraham and Daniel Pringle who were licensed by the Allegheny Conference.  George and Catherine are buried at Pringle Hill Cemetery, near Wilmore, where there used to be a Pringle Hill UB Church and a nearby Pringledale UB camp ground.





Born: 4-4-1819  Cambria County PA             married: Mary Sharp

Died: 4-22-1891  Franklin PA                                    obit: [1819 – 4/22/1897]

Miller-Raker #: no

Fulton #: 94

Gibble list: no


1856    license, Allegheny Conference

1859    ordained, Allegheny Conference



Interment: Headrick Union Cemetery

Obit: Franklin PA


1855-56           Stone Valley

1856-58           Mahoning

1858-59           Tyrone

1859-60           Clearfield

1860-62           Scottsville [Three Springs]

1862-63           Somerset

1863-64           Allegheny

1864-65           (not listed)

1865                name erased


Note: Daniel Pringle is a brother to Abraham Pringle.  While the Abraham and Daniel Pringle whose personal information is given are the sons of George Pringle (1767-1846) and Catherine Cable Pringle (1776-1831), it has not yet been documented that they are the Abraham and Daniel Pringle who were licensed by the Allegheny Conference.  George and Catherine are buried at Pringle Hill Cemetery, near Wilmore, where there used to be a Pringle Hill UB Church and a nearby Pringledale UB camp ground.





Born: 11-19-1884  Indian Head PA               married: Wilbur R. Murray

Died: 11-1-1958                                              obit: [1885-1941]

Miller-Raker #: no

Fulton #: 357

Gibble list: no


1908    license, Allegheny Conference


Interment: Green Ridge Memorial Park, Connellsville PA

Obit: 11/3/1958 Connellsville Daily Courier


1906-07           Windber

1909-11           student, Otterbein University in Westerville OH

1911-13           student, Bonebrake Seminary in Dayton OH

1921                open transfer, page 72


Note: E. Cora Prinkey reportedly “travelled around the country on horseback preaching the Gospel” and “taught school for many years.” 





Born: 4-15-1908  Johnstown PA                                married: Virginia Patterson

Died: 8-15-2005                                                          obit: [1913 – 12/22/2012]

Miller-Raker #: no

Fulton #: 533

Gibble list: yes


1928    quarterly conference license

1930    license, Allegheny Conference

1934    ordained, Allegheny Conference


Interment: Valley View Memorial Park, Hurricane WV

Obit: Western Pennsylvania Conference 2006,390


1928-31           student, Otterbein College on Westerville OH

1931-34           student, Bonebrake [United] Theological Seminary in Dayton OH

1934-37           Beaverdale

1937-43           McKeesport First (ending 1/25/1943)

1943-47           chaplain, US Army

1947-53           local elder

1953                dropped: 1953,99

1974                readmitted, Western Pennsylvania Conference of the United Methodist Church

1974                retired


Note: Obituaries for Rev. Charles B. Prisk appear in two WV newspapers on 8/17/2005: on page C-3 of the Huntington Herald Dispatch, and on page C-2 of the Charleston Gazette.  In addition, he lived in Boone NC for several years.





Born: 1900                                                                  married: Myrtle V. Fisher

Died:1986                                                                   obit: [1907 – 1963]

Miller-Raker #: no

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: yes


1923    license, East Pennsylvania Conference

1935    ordained, East Pennsylvania Conference


Interment: Shoops Cemetery, Harrisburg PA.



1926-29           Reading Trinity


Note: Charles Procasco was living in Harrisburg in the 1930’s and performing some pastoral duties, possibly in the Lutheran Church.  His only United Brethen pastoral service appears to have been at Reading Trinity.  He is listed in the journals as a licentiate (fourth year) until 1934, and as non-itinerating elder in 1935.  His father’s name was Raymond.

Note2: There are two other persons named Charles E. Procasco buried in Harrisburg: one (1878-1938) in Shoops Cemetery, and another (1892-1977) in the East Harrisburg Cemetery.  While there is much missing information, the Charles E. Procasco cited above is believed to be the one licensed by the United Brethren Church.



Born: 1841  VA                                                          married: Mary Ann Betz [6/1/1876]

Died: 6-8-1913  Abilene KS                                       obit: [10/18/1845 – 11/21/1918]

Miller-Raker #: 379

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: no


1859    license, Parkersburg Conference


Interment: Abilene Cemetery, Abilene KS



1876                transfer to Pennsylvania Conference

1876-77           Mercersburg circuit

1877-78           Alto Dale circuit

1878-79           Chambersburg station

1879-80           Shopps station [Shiremanstown]

1880-83           New Cumberland mission station

1883-86           Harrisburg First [Memorial]

1886-88           Duncannon station

1888                transfer to West Nebraska Conference

1888-91           Broken Bow NE

1891-92           not listed

1892                transfer to Iowa Conference

1892-93           Letts IA

1893-95           Cedar Rapids IA

1895-96           Vinton IA

1896-98           West Union IA

1898-99           not listed

1899                transfer to West Nebraska Conference

1899-01           no appointment listed

1901-02           not listed

1902-03           Ohiowa NE

1903-04           Solomon KS

1904-05           White City KS

1905                no longer listed


Note: This surname is also given as PROFFIT.  The “appointments” after 1888 are the post offices listed in the UB Yearbook.   




Born: 1865                                                                  married: Sadie J. Karr

Died: 1933                                                                  obit: [12/31/1866 – 3/12/1956]

Miller-Raker #: 424

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: no


1887    license


Interment: Pleasanton Cemetery, Pleasanton KS



1886-87           Yocumtown

1887-88           New Lancaster KA, Kansas Conference

1888-90           Detroit KS, Kansas Conference

1890-91           Peoria City KS, Kansas Conference

1891                transfer to Kansas Conference

1891-92           Lyndon KS

1892-93           not listed

1893-96           Norwood MO

1896                transfer to Southern Missouri Conference [later, Missouri Conference]

1896-98           Dudenville MO

1898-00           Polo MO

1900-01           Adrian MO

1901-04           Rich Hill MO

1904-05           Brookfield MO

1905                retired to Rich Hill MO

                             1910           moved to Nevada MO

                             1913-14      Montevallo MO

                             1914-15           Livonia MO

                             1915-16      Toronto KS

                             1916-17  living in Kansas

1917                no longer listed


Note: The Prowell family lived in the Yocumtown area.  U.S.G. Prowell, Lydia Prowell (Mrs. William) Quigley and Emma Grace Prowell (Mrs. George W.) Strine are all from the same extended family, but their exact relationships are unclear.  The “appointments” after 1887 are the post offices listed in the UB Yearbook. Rev. and Mrs. Prowell were married 4/29/1888 in Miami County KS, where she was born and died.  The Rich Hill Mining Review (Bates County MO) Vol. XXIV, No. 11, Dec. 7, 1903, carries the following notice: “U.S.G. Prowell, the real estate hustler, was a passenger for Metz this afternoon.” 





Born: c1906  Steelton PA                                           married: Margaret Christina Fadley [9/11/1930]

Died: 1962                                                                  obit: [c1908 - 1995]

Miller-Raker #: no

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: yes


1929    license, East Pennsylvania Conference


Interment: Miami Valley Memorial Gardens, Springboro OH



1924-28           student, Lebanon Valley College

1928-31           student, Bonebrake [United] Theological Seminary in Dayton OH

1936                referred

1940’s             assistant principal and coach, Dorothy Lane High School in Kettering OH


Note: Walter D. Pugh was from Steelton PA.  His wife was from Dayton OH, and he apparently settled in that area without entering the ministry.