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Pennsylvania United Brethren Pastors.  Click on the first letter of the surname to enter the file of all the pastors for that letter.  The instructions file gives information about this project, the dates at which various conference boundary changes occurred, and detailed bibliographic references. 

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Born: 1-10-1891  PA                                                  married: Jessie Pearl Koontz

Died: 12-10-1968  MO                                               obit: [1893-1928]

Miller-Raker #: 614                                                    married2: _____ Morris

Fulton #: no                                                                 obit2:

Gibble list: no


1921    license, recommended by York Second





1920-22           Fishing Creek Salem (attachment to York Haven charge)

1924                withdrew to join Presbyterian Church, page 41


Note: Mrs. Nathans is the daughter of Josiah C. Perry Koontz and the brother of Paul R. Koontz.




Born: 4-1-1898  Adams County                                 married: Helen L. Geiselman

Died: 8-24-1989  Chambersburg PA                          obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1992,479

Miller-Raker #: 663

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: no


1929    license

1935    ordained


Interment: Evergreen Cemetery, Gettysburg PA

Obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1990,462


1929-37           Manchester MD

1937-54           Thurmont

1954-68           Keedysville

1968                retired

    1970    Littlestown (May-Jun) & St. John’s (Aug-Dec)

    1974    Littlestown (Feb-Jun)





Born: 1837                                                                  married: Sarah P. _____

Died: 2-?-1914                                                            obit: [1838 – 1910]

Miller-Raker #: no

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: yes [NEAFER]


1872    license, East Pennsylvania Conference


Interment: Rose Hill Cemetery, Altoona PA



1871-73           Harrisburg Calvary [Derry Street]

1874-76           Highspire circuit

1878                withdrew


Note: By 1880 Hiram Neaffer was living in Altoona.  The Central Pennsylvania Conference Methodist Episcopal journals of the early 1900's list him as a local preacher and a lay member of the Altoona Eighth Avenue Church.





Born: 6-2-1912  Boonsboro MD                                married: Rose Stuart Tschopp

Died: 2-15-1976  Franklin County PA                       obit: [4/23/1914 – 7/2/2016]

Miller-Raker #: 682

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: no


1933    quarterly conference license, Mt. Nebo of Boonsboro MD charge

1935    license, recommended by Mt. Nebo

1940    ordained


Interment: Heiland View Cemetery at St. Paul’s Chapel Church, Red Lion PA

Obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1976,150


1933-37           student, Lebanon Valley College

                              1936-37     Clear Spring mission, East Pennsylvania Conference

1937-40           student, Bonebrake [United] Seminary in Dayton OH

                             1937-40      student assistant, Dayton Belmont

1940-43           Red Lion circuit

1943-62           Red Lion St. Paul’s Chapel

1962-70           Waynesboro First

1970-71           sabbatical

1971                retired

                            1974-76       Mt. Victory


Note: The conference records consistently use Ellwood, but SS and cemetery records give his first name as Elwood.  The father of Ellwood E. Neely is a first cousin to George D. Neely.




Born: 1-19-1868  Washington County MD                married: Marcy C. Dearmond

Died: 12-16-1951  Los Angeles CA                           obit: [7/23/1872 – 7/19/1896]

Miller-Raker #: 523                                                    married2: Rose A. Sickafoose

Fulton #: no                                                                 obit2: [4/17/1868 – 4/30/1955]

Gibble list: no


1892    license, Central Ohio Conference





1892-95           student, Otterbein College in Westerville OH

1895-97           Eugene OR

1897                transfer to Columbia River Conference

1897-03           Spokane WA

1903                transfer to Pennsylvania Conference

1903-06           living in Hagerstown MD

1906-08           no address

1908-10           living in Spokane WA

1910                open transfer, page 48


Note: George D. Neely is a first cousin to the father of Ellwood E. Needy.  Some sources (incorrectly) give his dates as 1867-1952.  The UB yearbooks list him as George C. Needy, living in Spokane WA as a member of the Pennsylvania Conference, until 1911 – and then he no longer appears.  The open transfer was apparently given because he failed to file a report with the conference of his ministerial activity during the year.  He appears to have been involved in business and financial ventures after 1903 (and not in the active ministry) and to be living in Los Angeles by 1940.





Born: 8-22-1892  LaJose PA                                      married: Mary Ethel Bowden

Died: 3-25-1962  Selinsgrove PA                              obit: Western Pennsylvania Conference 1990,314

Miller-Raker #: no

Fulton #: 488

Gibble list: no


1924    quarterly conference license

1925    license, Allegheny Conference

1929    ordained, Allegheny Conference


Interment: Evergreen Cemetery, Freeburg PA

Obit: Western Pennsylvania Conference 1962,37


1924-29           Houserville

1929-34           Richfield

1934-39           Coalport

1939-45           Bigler

1945-49           Shanksville

1949                retired for health reasons

                             1949-61  living with his son in Encorse MI


Note: George O. Neff is the great-grandson of Isaiah Barto (through Isaiah’s daughter Mary Ann Barto Neff and grandson Isaiah Barto Neff).



Born: 4-1-1765  Berks County PA                             married: Mary [“Katie”] Baer

Died: 1-11-1844  Oberlin PA                                     obit: [5/20/1771 – 10/8/1843]

Miller-Raker #: 16

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: yes


1791    license

1802    ordained


Interment: Highspire Cemetery, Highspire PA

Obit: Pennsylvania Conference 1844,55


1790-91           Mennonite preacher

1807-08           Pfoutz Valley

1812-13           Lancaster circuit

1820-21           presiding elder and Lancaster circuit

1826-27           presiding elder

1828-31           Baltimore Old Otterbein


Note: Holdcraft’s 1939 History of the Pennsylvania Conference, page 302, and Gibble’s 1951 History of the East Pennsylvania Conference, page 47, give brief biographies.  See also the 1995 volume of The Chronicle, pages 3-34.





Born: 1-21-1833                                                          married: Eliza _____

Died: 1-4-1904                                                            obit: [2/3/1837 - 6/18/1879]

Miller-Raker #: 339

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: no


1865    license

1873    ordained


Interment: Shopps Cemetery, Shiremanstown PA



1868-69           Shopp’s station [Shiremanstown]

1869-70           York Springs circuit

1871-72           York Springs circuit

1884                withdrew, page 5


Note: The Neidig family tree is confusing, and the above information represents current interpretation of the facts at hand – see the Neidig family articles in the 1995 volume of The Chronicle, pages 30-34.  It is believed that this John Neidig is the grandson of John Neidig (1764-1844), the son of Jacob and Catherine Shopp (daughter of John Shopp Sr and Anna Hershey) [and  to Gibble’s 1951 History of the East Pennsylvania Conference, page 49, errs in saying that particular John Neidig went to Iowa.]




Born: 8-28-1883  York County PA                            married: Mabel H. Delp

Died: 5-?-1974                                                            obit: 11/6/1885 – 4/4/1959]

Miller-Raker #: 728

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: no


1950    license, page 38


Interment: Bethany Church Cemetery, Dover PA



1950-59           living in Dover RD 3

1959                return to permanent quarterly conference license, page 89


Note: The 1950 journal, page 38, gives this name as Harry Neiman Jr.  All subsequent references give the name as Harry Neiman Sr.  The son of Harry Neiman Sr was Harry Allen Neiman (1919-2002), also buried in Bethany Church Cemetery – while consideration of ages might suggest the younger Harry A. as the one receiving a license in 1950, he is not commonly called Jr and had no son named Harry.  Both father and son appear to have been active in the congregation.





Born: 1801                                                                  married: Catharine Shively

Died: 5-6-1880                                                            obit:

Miller-Raker #: 147

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: yes


1829    license

1831    ordained



Obit: Central Ohio Conference 1880,16


1831-32           Baltimore circuit

1832-33           Halifax circuit

1833-34           presiding elder and Chambersburg circuit

1834-36           presiding elder, Huntingdon district

1837                transfer to Sandusky Conference


Note: Weaver’s 1908 Minutes of the 1819-24 Conferences, page 47, gives a brief biography.





Born:                                                                           married:

Died: 1821                                                                  obit:

Miller-Raker #: 37

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: yes


1800    license

1807    ordained





1810-11                     Virginia circuit


Note: This surname is also rendered Niswander.





Born: 4-10-1817                                                          married:

Died: 1-24-1880                                                          obit:

Miller-Raker #: no

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: yes


1869    license, East Pennsylvania Conference

1872    ordained, East Pennsylvania Conference


Interment: Leverington Cemetery, Roxborough PA

Obit: East Pennsylvania Conference 1880,19


1871-72           Northumberland circuit




Born: 9-29-1919  Hagerstown MD                             married: Lucille Hull

Died: 9-18-2000  Baltimore MD                                obit:

Miller-Raker #: 691                                                    married2: Mrs. Naomi Vera Kaiser Grieve [1973]

Fulton #: no                                                                 obit2: Central Pennsylvania Conference 2002,366

Gibble list: no


1936    quarterly conference license

1940    license, recommended by York First

1944    ordained


Interment: Lincoln Cemetery, Chambersburg PA

Obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 2001,374


1936-40           student, Lebanon Valley College

1940-42           student, University of Pennsylvania

    1941-42       Mt. Olivet

1942-45           student, Bonebrake [United] Seminary in Dayton OH

    1943-44       Dayton Otterbein, Miami Conference

                            1944-45       York Haven

1945-48           York Haven

1948-53           Frederick Centenary

1953-54           Mt. Alto-Quincy

1954-55           Mt. Alto

1955-58           Manchester PA

1958-68                      general secretary, General Historical Society EUB

                            1958-62       Dayton Belmont, part-time

                            1962-64       Dayton Good Shepherd, part-time

1968-81           general secretary, General Commission on Archives and History UM

1981                retired


Note: John Herbert Ness is the son of John Harrison Ness; they are sometimes noted as John H. Ness Jr and Sr.





Born: 10-23-1891  York PA                                       married: Myra Grace Kiracofe

Died: 2-15-1980  Lebanon OH                                   obit: Susquehanna Conference 1966,142

Miller-Raker #: 571

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: no                                                


1911    license, recommended by Yoe Salem

1919    ordained


Interment: Memorial Park Cemetery, Dayton OH

Obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1980,345


1911-15           student, Lebanon Valley College

                            1911-12       Jefferson

                            1914-15       Millers

1915-16           Manchester MD

1916-19           student, Princeton Seminary

1919-31           York First

1931-48           conference superintendent

1948-62           associate/general secretary, General Board of Pensions EUB

1962                retired

1963                United Church, Ponce PR (Jan-Jul)

1964-65           Ibor City Mission, Tampa FL

1967                superintendent, Otterbein Home Lebanon OH


Note: John Harrison Ness is the father of John Herbert Ness; they are sometimes noted as John H. Ness Sr and Jr.




Born:                                                                           married:

Died:                                                                           obit:

Miller-Raker #: 187

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: yes


1834    license





1841                expelled




Born: 2-1-1749  Lancaster County PA                       married: Elizabeth Baer

Died: 3-12-1830  Beaver Creek MD                          obit: [3/31/1752 – 4/22/1811]

Miller-Raker #: 4

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: yes


Interment: Beaver Creek Church of the Brethren



1802-03                      Cumberland circuit

1805-06           Maryland (and part of PA) circuit

1812-13           Ohio circuit

1813-30           bishop


Note: Holdcraft’s 1939 History of the Pennsylvania Conference, page 30, gives a brief biography.  Newcomer’s diary and various biographies are available in several forms.  Chapter 2 of the 1908 denomination study course Our Heroes discusses Christian Newcomer.





Born: 2-8-1869  Pittsburgh PA                                   married: Mary Magdalene Freehling

Died: 8-8-1918  Chester, WV                                     obit: [1876 – 8/?/1964]

Miller-Raker #: no

Fulton #: 286

Gibble list: no


1899    license, Allegheny Conference

1902    ordained, Allegheny Conference


Interment: Zion United Methodist Cemetery, Sarver PA

Obit: Pittsburgh Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church  1918,371


1899-00           Port Matilda

1900-03           East Salem

1903-05           Herminie

1905-06           Johnstown Barron Avenue

1906-08           Fairmont

1908-09           Knoxdale

1909-10           DuBois

1910-11           (not listed)

1911                “transfer” to West Virginia Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church

1911-12           Ceredo

1912-13           Alma

1913                transfer to Pittsburgh Conference

1913-14           West Elizabeth

1914-15           Swartz

1915-17           Hopewell

1917-18           Chester WV


Note: H.N. Newell graduated from Slippery Rock College in 1896 and Western Theological Seminary (Pittsburgh) in 1915.




Born: 4-10-1911  Waynesboro PA                             married: Virginia S. Summers

Died: 1-26-2001  Brighton CO                                   obit: Rocky Mountain Conference 1991,221

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: no


1935    license

1937    ordained


Interment: Sunset Memorial Gardens, Greely CO

Obit: Rocky Mountain Conference 2001


1937-39           Kingwood, West Virginia Conference

1939                transfer to Virginia Conference

1939-45           [VA churches]

1945-67           chaplain, USAF

1967                transfer to Rocky Mountain Conference




1973                retired




Born: 11-6-1843  southern York County PA             married: Amelia Weitkamp

Died: 12-17-1919  Pottsville PA                                obit: [1/27/1846 – 11/2/1914]

Miller-Raker #: 395

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: no


1880    license

1883    ordained


Interment: Mechanicsburg Cemetery, Mechanicsburg PA

Obit: on file


1882-83                     Spring Garden [Florin] circuit

1883-86           Hanover circuit

1886-88           Path Valley circuit

1888-89           Dover circuit

1889-90           supernumerary

1890                withdrew, page 10

                        entered the Lutheran ministry

1890-96           West Fairview charge, Synod of West Pennsylvania: St. Mark’s & St. Paul’s

1904                Ickesburg charge

1910-13                      Elderton charge, Pittsburgh Synod: Gastown Christ, Plum Creek Township Mount

                        Union & South Bend St. Jacob’s



Note: J.L. Nicholas is the father of Lutheran pastors William H. Nicholas (PA,IL), Jacob C. Nicholas (PA), and C.M. Nicholas (PA) – and of Ida Kate Virginia Nicholas Fahs, the wife of Lutheran pastor William H. Fahs (PA,FL).





Born: 1833                                                                  married: Mardie A. _____

Died: 11-?-1905                                                          obit: [1841-1927]

Miller-Raker #: no

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: yes


1872    license, East Pennsylvania Conference


Interment: Harrisburg Cemetery, Harrisburg PA



1876                withdrew




Born:                                                                           married: Janet Lee Schafer

Died: 11-24-2014                                                        obit: Eastern Pennsylvania Conference 2003,400

Miller-Raker #: no

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: no


1950    license, East Pennsylvania Conference: recommended by Lancaster Covenant

1954    ordained, East Pennsylvania Conference



Obit: Eastern Pennsylvania Conference 2015,?


1951-56           Northampton circuit

1956-58           Elizabethville

1958-60           Harrisburg Skyline View [Mt. Calvary]

1960-65           Lititz

1965-76           Paradise St. John’s

1976-92           Elizabethtown St. Paul’s

1992                retired


Note: Frank A. Nickel Jr. is the father of Chaplain Timothy A. Nickel, affiliation unknown.




Born: 7-25-1876  Hershey PA                                    married: Bess Palm

Died: 3-15-1957  Lancaster County PA                     obit: [9/12/1877 - 1950]

Miller-Raker #: no

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: yes


1898    license, East Pennsylvania Conference


Interment: East Harrisburg Cemetery, Harrisburg PA



1901                referred


Note: An E.S. Nissley is mentioned in connection the Harrisburg Derry Street Sunday School in Gibble's 1951 History of the East Pennsylvania Conference, page 208.  He appears to have been from Middletown PA, attended Lebanon Valley College (class of 1902), and worked at the Dauphin Deposit Bank in Harrisburg.




Born: 9-1-1857  Maccels Field, England                   married: Miriam Rossell

Died: 7-7-1942  Nova OH                                          obit: Allegheny Conference 1945,67

Miller-Raker #: no

Fulton #: 205

Gibble list: no


1882    quarterly conference license

1883    license, Allegheny Conference

1886    ordained, Allegheny Conference


Interment: Sullivan OH

Obit: Allegheny Conference 1942,63


1883-85           Pittsburgh mission

1885-87           Mahoning

1887-88           Newburg

1888-90           Bellefonte

1890-93           Port Matilda

1893-94           New Paris

1894-99           East Freedom

1899-02           Bigler

1902-04           Middletown

1904                retired for health reasons




Born: 11-2-1817  near Annville PA                           married: Isabella Weiser [2/14/1852]

Died: 11-8-1899  Annville PA                                   obit: [2/23/1833 – 3/3/1911]

Miller-Raker #: 263

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: yes


1840    quarterly conference license

1842    license

1845    ordained


Interment: UB Cemetery, Annville PA

Obit: East German Conference 1900,33


1842-44           Dauphin circuit

1844-45           Lebanon circuit

1845-46           Lancaster circuit

1846                charter member of East Pennsylvania Conference

1846-48           Berks County mission

1848-49           ?

1849-52           Reading Zion

1852-53           Highspire circuit

1853-55           ?

1855-57           Susquehanna circuit

1857-58           ?

1858-60           Dauphin circuit

1860-62           Sinking Spring circuit

1862-65           Jonestown circuit

1865-67           Pine Grove circuit

1867-69           Lykens Valley circuit

1869                charter member of East German Conference

1869-71           Union Deposit circuit

1871-73           Bellegrove circuit

1873-74           Lykens Valley circuit

1874-75           Myerstown circuit

1875-76           ?

1876-77           Germanville [Valley View] circuit

1877-80           Lebanon circuit

1880-81                     Avon circuit

1881-82           Jonestown circuit

1882-84           Union Deposit circuit

1884-85           Swatara circuit

1885                retired, living in Annville


Note: Gibble’s 1951 History of the East Pennsylvania Conference, page 457, gives a brief biography.  Simon Noll is the father of Minnie V. Noll Buddinger, wife of David D. Buddinger.





Born: 1810  York County PA                                     married: Mary Lauer

Died: 2-26-1842  Cambria County PA                       obit: [1802 – 8/21/1878]

Fulton #: 50

Miller-Raker #: 214

Fulton #: 50

Gibble list: yes


1836    license

1839    ordained



Obit: Allegheny Conference 1907,9


1839-40           York circuit

1840-41           Baltimore station

1841-42           Dauphin circuit

1842                transfer to Allegheny Conference


Note: Adam A. Noon is the brother of Benjamin F. Noon.  Their grandmother Mary Ann Otterbein [married to Conrad Noon, born 1750 in Dillenburg Germany], was the daughter of Philip William Otterbein’s brother George Gottfried Otterbein.





Born: 9-7-1826  near Johnstown PA                          married: Anna Mary Fender

Died: 8-1-1898  Johnstown PA                                  obit: [1825 – 4/5/1880]

Fulton #: 79                                                                 married2: Sarah A. Custer

Miller-Raker #: 214                                                    obit2: [1/14/1850 – 7/1/1890]

Fulton #: 79                                                                 married3: Magdalena Spangler

Gibble list: no                                                             obit3: [2/16/1844 - ?]


1848    quarterly conference license

1852    license, Allegheny Conference

1855    ordained, Allegheny Conference


Interment: Grandview Cemetery, Southmont PA

Obit: Allegheny Conference 1898,38


1852-53           Stone Valley circuit

1853-56           ?

1856-58           Ligonier circuit

1858-59           Schellsburg

1859-61           Jefferson

1861-62           Springfield

1863-65           superintendent, West District

1865-67           Jefferson

1867-69           ?

1869-70           Jefferson

1870-71           Somerset

1871-72           on leave

1872-78           ?         

1878-80           Cambria circuit

1880-81           Tyrone

1881-82           Casselman

1882-84           Rockwood

1884-88           Clearfield circuit

1888-89           Coalport circuit

1889-90           on leave

1890-92           Johnstown Second [Moxham]

1892-93           on leave

1893-94           Industry circuit

1894-96           Orbisonia

1896-97           on leave

1897                retired


Note: Benjamin F. Noon is the brother of Adam A. Noon.  Their grandmother Mary Ann Otterbein [married to Conrad Noon, born 1750 in Dillenburg Germany], was the daughter of Philip William Otterbein’s brother George Gottfried Otterbein.  There appears to be many “holes” in his record, and it is believed that he was an active supply preacher during those times.  The maiden name of the first Mrs. Noon may have been Pender.





Born: 12-1-1801                                                          married: Rachel Van Court [6/26/1823]

Died: 8-29-1850                                                          obit: [11/22/1803 – 4/30/1892]

Miller-Raker #: no

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: yes


1850    license, East Pennsylvania Conference



Obit: East Pennsylvania Conference (manuscript) 1851,28


1850-1850       Lancaster circuit





Born:                                                                           married:

Died:                                                                           obit:

Miller-Raker #: no

Fulton #: 93

Gibble list: no


1855    license, Allegheny Conference





1855-56           Schellsburg

1858                name erased





Born: 1910                                                                  married: Ethel M. _____

Died: 1998                                                                  obit: [1910 – 1999]

Miller-Raker #: 667

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: no


1931    license

1950    license


Interment: St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery, Silvers Spring township, Cumberland County PA



1931-35           living in Mechanicsburg RD

1935                return to quarterly conference license, page 39

1950-59           living in Mechanicsburg RD

1959                return to permanent quarterly conference license, page 89





Born:                                                                           married:

Died:                                                                           obit:

Miller-Raker #: no

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: no





1881-83           Paradise St. John’s


Note:  Nothing else is known about S.J. Nunn and his association with the East Pennsylvania Conference.





Born: 10-22-1865  Lebanon County PA                    married: Emma Elizabeth Hetrick

Died: 12-27-1948                                                        obit: East Pennsylvania Conference 1923,17

Miller-Raker #: no

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: yes


1893    quarterly conference license, Palmyra Second

1894    license, East German Conference

1897    ordained, East German Conference


Interment: Gravel Hill Cemetery, Palmyra PA

Obit: East Pennsylvania Conference 1949,21


1894-95           Middleburg circuit

1895-96           Cressona

1896-99           Lykens circuit

1899-01           Reading Zion

1901                transfer to East Pennsylvania Conference

1901-04           Reading Zion

1904-06           Allentown Sixth Street [Grace]

1906-11           Lancaster Otterbein

1911-14           Lebanon Memorial

1914-20           Paradise St. John’s

1920-23           Elizabethtown

1923-26           Hershey First

1926-28           Linglestown and Colonial Park

1928-42           Palmyra Second

1942                retired

                             1944    Hershey First