Preserving and Celebrating Our United Methodist Heritage in Central and Northeast Pennsylvania

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Pennsylvania United Brethren Pastors.  Click on the first letter of the surname to enter the file of all the pastors for that letter.  The instructions file gives information about this project, the dates at which various conference boundary changes occurred, and detailed bibliographic references. 

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Born: 2-5-1921  Summerhill PA                                married: Virginia “Faye” Burton

Died: 12-11-2009  Delaware OH                               obit:

Miller-Raker #: no

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: no


1942    quarterly conference license

1946    license, Allegheny Conference

1948    ordained, Allegheny Conference


Interment: Radnor Cemetery, Radnor OH

Obit: Western Pennsylvania Conference 2010,320


1942-43           student, Shenandoah Junior College in Winchester VA

1943-45           student, Bridgewater College in Bridgewater VA

                             1943-45      Mount Horeb, Virginia Conference

1945-48           student, Bonebrake [United] Theological Seminary in Dayton OH

                             1945-48      Nashville/Waterhouse, Miami Conference

1948-49           Nashville/Waterhouse, Miami Conference

1949-51           Mount Hope

1951-62           Johnstown Bethany

1962                transfer to Western Pennsylvania Conference of the Methodist Church

1962-64           associate, Wilkinsburg Park Avenue (ending 2/1/1964)

1964-67           Fairview (beginning 2/1/1964)

1967-73           Monaca

1973-80           Clark Trinity

1980-84           Ridgeway

1984                retired

                             1984-86      Portsmouth Wesley

                             1986-93      McDermott

                             1996-99      associate, Wellersburg

                             1999-01      Portsmouth United Church of Christ               




Born: 8-17-1894  Dallastown PA                               married: Marion Reachard (died 1964)

Died: 8-30-1975  LaJolla, San Diego CA                  obit:

Miller-Raker #: 587                                                    maried2: Gladis Barber Voorhees

Fulton #: no                                                                 obit2:

Gibble list: no


1914    license, recommended by Dallastown

1919    ordained



Obit: conference biographical files

1914-16           student, Lebanon Valley College

1916-19           student, Bonebrake [United] Seminary

1919-27           missionary, China

1927-28           chaplain, Otterbein College

1928                transfer to Southeast Ohio Conference  1928,51

1928-39           chaplain, Otterbein College

1939-43           Dayton Fairview

1943                withdrew to join Quaker Church

1947-53           Pasadena First Friends

1960-61           director, Friend in Washington Program


Note:  J. Stuart. Innerst authored several books on China.  His papers are housed in the Special Collections Library of the University of California at San Diego.  A copy of the 11/29/19 Telescope in the Dallastown church file includes brief biographical sketches of Rev. and Mrs. Innerst.




Born: 12-10-1899  Japan                                            married: Hatsue K. _____

Died: 1-?-1985                                                            obit: [1/20/1906 – 8/18/2002]

Miller-Raker #: 635

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: no


1924    quarterly conference license, York Fourth

1925    license, recommended by York Fourth


Interment: Diamond Head Memorial Park, Honolulu HI



1926                A.B. degree, Lebanon Valley College

1937                dropped  1937,34

1947                minister, Waiahai, Cahu, Hawaii


Note: He is listed 1932,57 as “a graduate of Lebanon Valley College and Bonebrake Theological Seminary, at present preaching for another denomination in Hawaii.”  He appears to have kept his United Brethren connection, and his activities are covered occasionally in the denomination’s The Friend publication, until 1937.