Preserving and Celebrating Our United Methodist Heritage in Central and Northeast Pennsylvania

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Pennsylvania United Brethren Pastors.  Click on the first letter of the surname to enter the file of all the pastors for that letter.  The instructions file gives information about this project, the dates at which various conference boundary changes occurred, and detailed bibliographic references. 

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Born: 4-17-1911  Lancaster County PA                     married: Beatrice Ruhl Kupp

Died: 10-4-1962                                                          obit: [1912-1988]

Miller-Raker #: no

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: no


1945    quarterly conference license, Ruhl’s

1947    license, East Pennsylvania Conference

1952    ordained, East Pennsylvania Conference


Interment: Ruhl’s Cemetery, north of Manheim PA

Obit: East Pennsylvania Conference 1963, 58


1946-47           Brunnerville

1947-48           Lebanon Memorial

1948-51           Silver Spring circuit

1951-57           Kochenderfer’s

1957-62           Refton-West Willow





Born: 4-8-1876  Dauphin County PA                         married: Cora Gingrich

Died: 4-17-1933                                                          obit: [3/27/1876 – 10/17/1900]

Miller-Raker #: no                                                      married2: Mary A. Mark [2/22/1902]

Fulton #: no                                                                 obit2: [8/22/1872 – 5/18/1934]

Gibble list: yes


1911    quarterly conference license, Harrisburg Otterbein

1913    license, East Pennsylvania Conference

1916    ordained, East Pennsylvania Conference


Interment: St. John’s UMC Cemetery, Grantville PA

Obit: East Pennsylvania Conference 1933, 13


1913-14           Chambers Hill

1914-15           Coatesville Grace (did not finish the year)

1915-16           living in Harrisburg

1916-19           Chambers Hill

1919-25           Manada Hill

1925-26           Rockville


Note: This surname is also rendered EARLY.  Charles Luther Early taught in the Grantville public schools for eight years before entering the ministry.  He left the ministry for health reasons and was ill the last seven years of his life.  He appears to have worked as a postal clerk while he served as a preacher.  Some sources give the birth year for the second Mrs. Early as 1871.





Born: 5-29-1828  Lebanon County PA                      married: Amanda A. Mark

Died: 7-21-1907  Harrisburg PA                                obit: [1831-1919]

Miller-Raker #: no

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: yes


1859    quarterly conference license, Annville charge conference

1861    license, East Pennsylvania Conference

1864    ordained, East Pennsylvania Conference


Interment: Harrisburg Cemetery, Harrisburg PA

Obit: East Pennsylvania Conference 1907, 35


1870                transfer to East German Conference

1901                transfer to East Pennsylvania Conference


Note: D. S. Early “never traveled as an itinerant” but “was a very useful man in a local relation.” His mother was Christiana Kreider, a daughter of Martin Crider.  His wife was the daughter of George A. Mark.   He was a successful businessman, general superintendent of United Brethren Mutual Aid Society, and first president of the Board of trustees of Lebanon Valley College.  His first name is sometimes reported as David, and his full name is sometimes reported as Aaron Daniel Seth Early.  The birth and death dates on his tombstone are 15 days earlier than the above dates based on his conference obituary.  A thorough biographical sketch is given in the Biographical Annals of Lebanon County PA.





Born: 4-15-1917  Mount Union MD                          married: Irene Elizabeth Fauth

Died:  3-25-1992  Harrisburg PA                               obit: Susquehanna Conference 1968,127

Miller-Raker #: 790                                                    married2: Miriam E. Barrick Kitner

Fulton #: no                                                                 obit2: Central Pennsylvania Conference 2003,380

Gibble list: no


1961    license, recommended by Emigsville Otterbein

1965    ordained


Interment: Mount Rose Cemetery, York PA

Obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1992,472


1961-82           Shermansdale

1982                retired

                             1982-83      assistant, Newport parish

                             1988-92      assistant, Waynesboro Faith


Note: The second Mrs. Earnst was the widow of a Mr. Raymond L. Kitner





Born: 4-22-1834  near Shiremanstown PA                married: Josephine Bittinger

Died: 7-9-1910  Hanover PA                                      obit: [7/?/1850 – 7/28/1884]

Miller-Raker #: 314

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: no


1859    license

1861    ordained


Interment: St. John’s Lutheran Cemetery, Abbottstown PA

Obit: Pennsylvania Conference 1910, 122


1856-57           student, Mt. Pleasant College

1857-58           student, Otterbein University

1858-59           assistant, Carlisle circuit

1859-60           Shopp’s station [Shiremanstown]

1860-61           Littlestown circuit

1862-63           York Spring circuit

1863-65           Shopp’s station [Shiremanstown]

1865-66           Baltimore English mission

1866-72           president, Cottage Hill Female College at York

1872-73           president, Otterbein University at Westerville OH

1873-74           Philadelphia Girard Avenue Mission, East Pennsylvania Conference

1874-76           Lebanon Trinity, East Pennsylvania Conference

1876-84           professor, Lebanon Valley College at Annville

1884                retired, upon the death of his wife

                             chaplain, Pennsylvania National Guard

                             board member, Lebanon Valley College


Note: Daniel Eberly is the son of Samuel Eberly.  Holdcraft’s 1939 History of the Pennsylvania Conference, page 292, gives a brief biography.  Wallace’s 1966 Centennial History of Lebanon Valley College contains significant information on both Mr. and Mrs. Eberly. 




Born:                                                                           married:

Died:                                                                           obit:

Miller-Raker #: no

Fulton #: 165

Gibble list: no


1874    license, Allegheny conference





1874-75           Millheim circuit
1875-77           no assignment

1877                name erased


Note: H.M. Eberly associated with a Juniata County group known as the United Christian Church, which is distinct from the United Christian Church that broke away from the United Brethren Church in 1864 under George Hoffman and is headquartered in Annville PA.  He officiated at the dedication of United Christian buildings at Graham's Ore Banks in 1878 and at Whiteland in 1879.  He was involved in a United Christian controversy at Dressler's Ridge in 1895.

     The dedication of the 'United Christian Church' at Graham Ore Bank, three miles west of Mifflintown, on Sunday last was a grand success in every way. The full amount of the debt subscribed. The dedication sermon in the morning was preached by the Pastor, Rev. H. M. Eberly, and the afternoon addresses by the Revs. Sherlock, of Mifflintown, and Dill, of Clearfield [both Methodist preachers].  A protracted meeting is in progress, with favorable signs for good."

Juniata Sentinel and Republican March 13, 1878





Born: 3-10-1790                                                          married: Catherine Erb

Died: 11-14-1862                                                        obit: [6/23/1791 – 10/9/1860]

Miller-Raker #: 175

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: yes


1832    license

1835    ordained


Interment: Shopp’s Cemetery, Shiremanstown PA

Obit: Pennsylvania Conference 1864, 92


Note: Samuel Eberly preached locally.  He is the father of Daniel Eberly and of Mary Ellen Eberly Gosweiler, mother of Augustus Van Hoff Gosweiler.  Mrs. Eberly was a sister to bishop Jacob Erb and is buried in Shopp’s Cemetery. 



EBY, JOHN ALBERT          


Born: 2-4-1866  Edmonton, Alberta Cannada           married: Ida F. Spotts

Died: 9-28-1950  Beverly Hills CA                           obit: [12/?/1866 – ?/?/1905 ]

Miller-Raker #: no                                                      married2: Lillian C. Cairns

Fulton #: 295                                                               obit2: [4/9/1876 – 11/2/1949]

Gibble list: no


license, St. Joseph Conference

1895    ordained, St. Joseph Conference


Interment: Inglewood Park Cemetery, Inglewood CA




1901                transfer to Allegheny Conference

1901-03           Greensburg

1903-04           living in Dayton OH (student?)

1904                honorable discharge

1906-10           YMCA work in Philadelphia

1910                “transfer” to California Conference

1910-17           Los Angeles First

                        Santa Monica

        -31           Wilshire Presbyterian Church

1931                retired

     1930’s        executive secretary, Church Federation of Los Angeles


Note: John A. Eby is the son of John W. Eby (10/1/1840 – 5/28/1914) of the St. Joseph Conference.  The first Mrs. Eby is buried in Elkhart IN, by John Albert Eby’s parents.




Born:                                                                           married:

Died:                                                                           obit:

Miller-Raker #: 394

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: no


1880    license





1879-81           Horse Valley, did not finish the second year:  see 1880,4 & 1881,4

1881                expelled  1881,14


Note: This may be Jonathan H. Eckels (1857-1922), who entered the bakery/grocery business in Chambersburg in 1900, was an active lay member at Chambersburg First and in the Franklin County Federation of churches, and a lay delegate to the 1913 General Conference.





Born: 6-24-1782  Baden-Wurttemberg Germany       married: Barbara Dautel (1805)

Died: 2-?-1866  Washington County MD                  obit: [9/4/1777 – 9/2/1850]

Miller-Raker #: 129

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: yes


1827    license

1829    ordained


Interment: Rose Hill Cemetery, Hagerstown MD



1827-28           Hagerstown circuit

1828-29           Virginia circuit

1837-38           Lancaster circuit


Note: This surname is also rendered ECKSTEIN.  John Eckstine was elected German secretary of the conference in 1830.  He may have been considered a member of the Hagerstown [Virginia] Conference after 1830, but there is no record of appointments there, either.  He continued to attend conference and the following appears in the 1840 minutes: Resolved that the Secretary of the conference shall give notice to John Eckstine to attend the first Quarterly Conference that shall be held in the city of Baltimore in the ensuing year by the Presiding Elder or other proper person, and substantiate the charges he has made against John Russell and against the Pennsylvania Conference and if he neglects or fails, he shall be silenced until the next annual conference, but if he succeeds in establishing his allegations, his privilege of preaching is to be left untouched.  The following appears in the 1842 journal: Resolved that the secretary write John Russell and John Eckstine, each a letter informing them that the conference resolved that they shall meet each other in the time of three months and settle the difficulty existing between them according to Discipline, or if they do not thus proceed they shall be silenced and not preach until the next annual conference. And the 1842 journal reports: John Russell reports that he has settled the difficulty existing between himself and John Eckstine and a full reconciliation has taken place. Approved by the conference. The 1844 journal includes this and other relevant comments: John Eckstine’s name was next called, and a letter read from him in which he charged Bro. J. Russell with an unwillingness to pay him $5.00 which a former committee said he should pay as a donation.

Note2: At the conference of 1835, John Eckstine is listed as absent, and a Jacob Eckstine is listed as present.  The 2019 200th anniversary history of Salem UMC [former UB] in Wolfsville MD lists early members as brothers Jacob Eckstine (born in Germany in 1808) and John Eckstine (born in Germany in 1816), supposedly sons of Lutheran minister Jacob Eckstein (born in German in 1781).  Putting this with other sources, it appears that the “Lutheran minister” “Jacob Eckstein” is the John Eckstine/Eckstein ordained by the United Brethren and that his son Jacob (1808-1881) was also licensed/involved with the United Brethren.





Born: 12-11-1922                                                        married: Julia Ethel Wrightstone

Died: 2-28-1996                                                          obit: 2006, 425

Miller-Raker #: 765

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: yes


1958    license, recommended by Enola Mt. Zion

1964    ordained


Interment: Pleasant Grove UM Church Cemetery, Newberry township York County

Obit: 1996,409


1959-68           York Haven-Pleasant Grove

1968-71           Windsor Grace

1971-79           Mifflinburg St. Paul

1979-88           Bethlehem-Springvale

1988                retired

                             1989-93      Bittersville

                             1993-95      Bittersville & Windsor Grace





Born:                                                                           married:          

Died: 1887                                                                  obit:

Miller-Raker #: no

Fulton #: 56

Gibble list: no


1844    license, Allegheny Conference

1847    ordained, Allegheny Conference





Note: According to Fulton’s History of the Allegheny Conference, Alexander Edmunson was still a member at his death.  There is no record of him serving under appointment.




Born: 1902  Myerstown PA                                        married: (single)

Died: 7-?-1958                                                            obit:

Miller-Raker #: no

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: yes


1925    license, East Pennsylvania Conference


Interment: United Brethren Cemetery, Myerstown PA



1933                surrender license


Note: Regina Edris graduated from Lebanon Valley College with a degree in nursing in 1924.




Born: 1-30-1820  near Allentown PA                        married: Matilda _____

Died: 1-12-1903                                                          obit: [11/18/1819 – 8/16/1893]

Miller-Raker #: no

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: yes


1855 license, East Pennsylvania Conference of the Evangelical Association


Interment: Union-West End Cemetery, Allentown PA

Obit: East Pennsylvania Conference 1903,24


1855-1897       local relation

1897                transfer to East German Conference of the United Brethren Church

1901                transfer to East Pennsylvania Conference


Note:  William J. Egge is the father of Rev. Charles Hesser Egge (1844-1924) of the Evangelical Association/United Evangelical/Evangelical Congregational Church, and the grandfather of Charles’ son Rev. Walter Howard Egge (1874-1948) of the United Evangelical/Evangelical Congregational Church. 





Born: 5-11-1918                                                          married: Geraldine M. Baldwin

Died: 6-25-2003                                                          obit: Eastern Pennsylvania Conference 2000,7.303

Miller-Raker #: no

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: yes


1937    quarterly conference license, Lancaster Covenant

1940    license, East Pennsylvania Conference

1943    ordained, East Pennsylvania Conference


Interment: Grand View Memorial Park, Annville PA



1947-61           faculty, Lebanon Valley College


Note: Carl Y. Ehrhart is the son of Oliver T. Ehrhart.




Born: 1821                                                                              married: Isabelle Staley

Died: 1881                                                                              obit: [7/22/1830 – 5/5/1906]

Miller-Raker #: 300

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: no


1852    license


Interment: Arcola Township Cemetery, Arcola IN



1849-50           Shopp’s station [Shiremanstown]

1854-55           Littlestown circuit

1857                transfer to Iowa Conference, page 46


Note: Dr. Henry Ehrhart is described as a “physician, minister, superintendent of the Sunday School at the First Church of the United Brethren in York PA.”  He is mentioned in Raber’s Journal.  Henry Ehrhart is the son of Jacob Ehrhart, whose paper mill provided one of the first and most enduring preaching appointments on the early York circuit.  The widowed Mrs. Ehrhart married a Mr. John A. Draper on 4/8/1890.




Born: 10-8-1881  Lancaster County PA                     married: Edna E. Yarkers

Died: 5-22-1960                                                          obit: East Pennsylvania Conference 1984,292

Miller-Raker #: no

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: yes


1907    quarterly conference license, Philadelphia Mt. Pisgah

1908    license, East Pennsylvania Conference

1917    ordained, East Pennsylvania Conference


Interment: Greenfield Cemetery of Stehman Memorial Church, Lancaster County PA

Obit: East Pennsylvania Conference 1960, 55


1910-20           Lebanon Hebron

1920-51           Lancaster Covenant

1951                retired


Note: Oliver T. Ehrhart is the father of Carl Y. Ehrhart.





Born:                                                                           married:

Died:                                                                           obit:

Miller-Raker #: 264

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: yes


1842    license





1846                silenced  1846,72&73





Born: 12-27-1874                                                        married: Laura A. Myers

Died: 3-11-1932                                                          obit: [9/15/1870 – 4/9/1952]

Miller-Raker #: 462

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: yes


1896    license


Interment: Dallastown Union Cemetery, Dallastown PA



1896-97           Jefferson

1897-98           Dover circuit

1898-99           living in Annville

1899-01           Grantville circuit, East German Conference

1901                transfer to East Pennsylvania Conference, page 11

1901-02           Derry [Hershey] circuit

1902                Catawissa circuit, resigned shortly after conference

1902-04           Mount Wolf, Pennsylvania Conference

1904                transfer to Pennsylvania Conference

1904-06           living in Mount Wolf

1906                returned to quarterly conference relation  1906,49

1929-32           Hanover Otterbein


Note: Rev. Eichinger is in a posed picture of ministers in the Penn Grove camp meeting file.  Mrs. Eichinger’s mother is a sister to Henry A. Sechrist.  A copy of the 11/29/19 Telescope in the Dallastown church file includes brief biographical sketches of Rev. and Mrs. Eichinger.  The 1920 census places them living on East Main Street in Dallastown.




Born:                                                                           married:          

Died: 1857                                                                  obit:

Miller-Raker #: no

Fulton #:

Gibble list: no


1840    license, Allegheny Conference





Note: John Ellenberger was a leader of the class that met in the Grazier school house in Warrior’s Mark township, Huntingdon County.




Born: 11-12-1840  Wales                                            married: Martha J. Keck

Died: 8-28-1908  Annville PA                                   obit: [6/16/1859 – 12/4/1913]

Miller-Raker #: no

Fulton #: 180

Gibble list: no


1876    license, Allegheny Conference

1879    ordained, Allegheny Conference


Interment: Mount Annville Cemetery, Annville PA

Obit: Allegheny Conference 1908,68


1876-77           East Salem

1889-91           Clearfield [Woodland]


Note: D.R. Ellis was serving on board the Monitor in 1862 during its famous battle when it sank the Confederate gunboat Merrimac.





Born: 10-25-1929                                                        married: Lois Mae Martin [9/24/1953]

Died:                                                                           obit:

Miller-Raker #: 775                                                    married2: Barbara _____

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: no


1959    license

1950    ordained deacon

1963    ordained elder





1959-62           Young’s-Mt. Zion

1962-69           Boonsboro Mt. Nebo

1969-70           Frederick Centennial

1970                transfer to Baltimore Conference

1970-71                      Centennial

1971-76           Wesley Grove

1976-80           chaplain, Scotland (PA) School

1981-83           leave of absence, living in Scotland PA

1983                transfer to Peninsula Conference

1983-85           Tilghman

1985-88           Cecilton

1988-93           Clarksville St. George’s

1993                retired


Note: Theodore E. Elser worked in the family grocery business in Greenvillage before entering the ministry.




Born: 2-11-1805  England                                          married: Sarah Prosser [in England]

Died: 8-26-1862                                                          obit: [1808-1887]

Miller-Raker #: no

Fulton #: 24 [ALWAY]

Gibble list: yes


1838     license, Pennsylvania Conference

1840    ordained, Allegheny Conference


Interment: Fairview Cemetery, Altoona PA



1839                charter member of Allegheny Conference

1844-45           Westmoreland circuit

1845-46           Clearfield circuit

1846-47           Jefferson circuit


Note: Rev. Elway was born in England, emigrated to America in 1830 and lived briefly in Philadelphia and Centre County. Africa’s 1883 History of Blair County, page 141, says that “James Elway came to the Tuckahoe Valley in Logan township in 1850, where he purchased a farm.  He removed to Altoona in 1859.”  His son James married the daughter of Jacob Root – the layperson behind Roots appointment, predecessor to the Bellwood congregation.





Born: 6-9-1832                                                            married: Martha Ann Combs

Died: 2-16-1909                                                          obit: [8/2/1837 – 10/6/1920]

Miller-Raker #: no

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: no


1867    quarterly conference license, Chambersburg First


Interment: Cedar Grove Cemetery, Chambersburg PA

Obit: Pennsylvania Conference 1910, 28


1889-95           Horse Valley

1897-99           Ortanna

1900-02           Horse Valley

1907-09           living in Philadelphia


Note: Daniel Ely served with a permanent quarterly conference license.  There is a folder on him in the biographical file at the conference archives.  The 1910 UB Yearbook incorrectly identifies him as Daniel EBY in the death notices.  The maiden name of Mrs. Ely is also given as COOMBS.





Born: 3-31-1898                                                          married: Roberta Glanville

Died: 4-17-1991                                                          obit: [1891 – 12/29/1973]

Miller-Raker #: 609

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: no


1919    license, recommended by Thurmont


Interment: Loudon Park Cemetery, Baltimore MD



1919-21           student, Lebanon Valley College

1924                withdrew  1924,28

                        teacher, Baltimore City College


Note: Benjamin F. Emenheiser is the son of Franklin Benjamin Emenheiser and a brother of Paul D. Emenheiser. See the F.B. Emenheiser page for more family connections.  He is a member of the Baltimore City College Hall of Fame.




Born: 5-22-1870  near East Prospect                          married: Catherine Jane Daugherty

Died: 4-28-1957  Hagerstown MD                             obit: Pennsylvania Conference 1961, 47

Miller-Raker #: 478


1896    quarterly conference license, Dallastown

1901    license

1905    ordained


Interment: Mount Rose Cemetery, York PA

Obit: Pennsylvania Conference 1957, 41


1901-03           Dover circuit

1903-07           Rayville circuit

1907-10           Lemasters circuit

1910-12           Oakville circuit

1912-16           Shiremanstown circuit

1916-18           Fayetteville

1918-20           Thurmont

1920-25           Springet

1925-39           York Haven

1939                retired


Note:  Franklin B. Emenneiser is the father of Benjamin F. Emenheiser, Paul D. Emenheiser and Cora Mabel Emenheiser Zeigler – wife of Roy R. Zeigler.  The Zeigler children [Franklin’s grandchildren] include Betty Zeigler Keperling (wife of Ira C. Keperling), Eleanor Zeigler Ford (wife of missionary Rev. Paul Ford) and Harold E. Zeigler.  Mrs. Emenheiser is a first cousin of Benjamin Daugherty Rojahn (through Rojahn, and possibly also through Daugherty).  A copy of the 11/29/19 Telescope in the Dallastown church file includes brief biographical sketches of Rev. and Mrs. F.B. Emenheiser.




Born: 2-20-1911  York County PA                            married: Esther Louise Redding

Died: 1-3-1969  Pontiac MI                                        obit: [4/11/1906 – 1/17/1987]

Miller-Raker #: 666

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: no


1931    license

1936    ordained


Interment: Elmwood Cemetery, Sycamore IL



1931-33           student, Lebanon Valley College

1933-36           student, Gettysburg Lutheran Seminary

                            1933-36       Barts

1936-38           Taneytown

1938-42           Baltimore Otterbein

1942-48           Wormleysburg, resigned 5/31/48

1947                withdrew  1948,56&96


1954-63           St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, Sycamore IL


Note:  Paul D. Emenheiser is the son of Franklin B. Emenheiser and brother of Benjamin F. Emenheiser.  See the F.B. Emenheiser page for more family connections. 





Born: 5-2-1843  Stormstown PA                                married: Sarah Elizabeth Long

Died: 5-10-1928                                                          obit: Allegheny Conference 1932, 49

Miller-Raker #: no

Fulton #: 195

Gibble list: no


1875    quarterly conference license

1880    license, Allegheny Conference

1884    ordained, Allegheny Conference


Interment: Houserville Cemetery, Houserville PA

Obit: Allegheny Conference 1928, 59


1875-79           Bellefonte circuit

1879-80           Allegheny

1880-82           Shade Gap

1882-86           East Salem

1886-89           Juniata

1889-92           Bellefonte

1892-94           Punxsutawney

1894-95           Fairmont

1895-97           DeHaven

1897-98           Connellsville

1898-01           Springfield

1901-04           Three Springs

1904-06           Path Valley

1906-08           Fairhope

1908-13           Belsano

1913-15           West Decatur

1915-17           Casselman

1917-18           ?

1918-20           Clarion River

1920                retired


Note: G.W. Emenhizer is the grandfather of J.S. Emenhizer.




Born: 12-14-1892  Centre County PA                        married: Naomi Blanche Newman

Died: 9-1-1973                                                            obit: Western Pennsylvania Conference 1987, 406

Miller-Raker #: no

Fulton #: 428

Gibble list: no


1914    quarterly conference license

1916    license, Allegheny Conference

1923    ordained, Allegheny Conference


Interment: Houserville Cemetery, Houserville PA

Obit: Western Pennsylvania Conference 1974, 284


1915-16           Union

1916-18           Hustontown

1918-20           Mahaffey

1920-24           Susquehanna

1924-26           Glasgow

1926-28           Waukesha

1928-30           Middleburg (ending 9.24.1930)

1930-31           Central City (beginning 10/1/1930, apparently was originally assigned to Clarion River)

1931-36           New Paris

1936-37           Shade Gap

1937-43           Three Springs

1943-46           Woodland

1946-49           Rockwood

1949-53           Hollsopple

1953-54           Bowersdale

1954-60           Salem

1960-62           Mount Hope

1962                retired


Note: J.S. Emenhizer is a grandson of G.W. Emenhizer.





Born: 5-11-1914                                                          married: Dorothy Blanche Claypool

Died: 8-15-2002  New Smyrna Beach FL                  obit: Western Pennsylvania Conference 2000, 360

Miller-Raker #: no

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: no


1939    quarterly conference license

1943    license, Allegheny Conference

1946    ordained, Allegheny Conference


Interment: Pine Land Cemetery, Strongstown PA

Obit:  Western Pennsylvania Conference 2003,?


1941-44           Rochester Mills

1944-48           Johnstown Overbrook

                             1947-48  Windber

1948-51           Beaver Falls

1951-61           Altoona Schum Memorial

1961-69           McKeesport First

1969-79           disability leave

1979                retired





Born: 8-1-1832  Indiana County PA                          married: Jane Pittman

Died: 3-23-1904  Ryno NE                                        obit: 7/10/1839 – 2/12/1915]

Miller-Raker #: no

Fulton #: 130

Gibble list: no


1864    license, Allegheny Conference


Interment: Rose Hill Cemetery, Callaway NE

Obit: [in the biographical files]


1871-73           Fallen Timber circuit

1878                name erased

1887                moved to Custer County NE




Born: 7-3-1868  Hopeland PA                                    married: Elizabeth Sophia Seltzer

Died: 11-29-1963                                                        obit: East Pennsylvania Conference 1957, 50

Miller-Raker #: no

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: yes


1887    quarterly conference license, Hopeland

1888    license, East Pennsylvania Conference

1893    ordained, East Pennsylvania Conference


Interment: Hopeland Cemetery, Lancaster County PA

Obit: Eastern Conference 1964, 121


1888-1891       Ruhl’s

1891-92           Pottstown

1892-93           Lockington, Miami Conference

1893                New Holland

1893-98           Manheim

1898-12           Columbia

1912-17           Philadelphia Second

1917-42           conference superintendent

1942                retired


Note: Schuyler C. Enck’s son Paul is married to David E. Long’s daughter Laura.  Gibble’s 1951 History of the East Pennsylvania Conference, page 449, gives a brief biography.





Born: 1-6-1836                                                            married: Susan Warner

Died: 12-27-1916                                                        obit: [12/8/1838 – 9/23/1920]

Miller-Raker #: no

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: yes


1878    quarterly conference license

1881    license, East German Conference

1887    ordained, East German Conference


Interment: Fairview Cemetery, Enders PA

Obit: East Pennsylvania Conference1917, 39


1892-93           Jacksonville circuit

1901                transfer to East Pennsylvania Conference


Note: Wash Enders was a shoemaker, farmer, school teacher, proprietor of a general store and United Brethren Sunday superintendent for 25 years.  He served as needed as a local pastor.




Born: 4-10-1811  Germany                                         married: Anna Marie Weltz

Died: 3-16-1883  WV                                                 obit: [8/10/1814 – 4/?/1900]

Miller-Raker #: 241 [ENGLE]

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: yes


1841    license, recommended by Old Otterbein


Interment: Engel Cemetery, Braxton County WV

Obit: Parkersburg Conference 1891,31 & West Virginia Conference 1897,51


1840-46           pre-Buckhannon WV, informally

1843                transfer to Virginia Conference


Note: Daniel Engel is mentioned in Burrow’s 1989 History of West Virginia United Methodism, pages 217 & 219.  This surname is also rendered ENGLE.





Born: 3-30-1904  near Strinestown PA                      married: Ruth M. Funk

Died: 11-19-1977  Florida                                          obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1980,338

Miller-Raker #: 810

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: yes


1934    quarterly conference license, Strinestown UBOC

1935    license, Pennsylvania Conference UBOC

1941    ordained, UBOC


Interment: Strinestown Cemetery, Strinestown PA

Obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1978,258


1936-40           missionary to Sierra Leone

1940-41           student, Huntingdon College  IN

1941-44           Heidlersburg

1944-45           student, Huntingdon College  IN

1945-49           missionary to Sierra Leone

1949-52           Celina OH circuit, Auglaize Conference

1952-53           living in Huntingdon IN

1953-57                      missionary to Sierra Leone

1957-63           State Line

1963-64           Mt. Tabor MD

1964                transfer to Pennsylvania Conference, EUB denomination

1964-69           Marion

1969                retired

                             1974-77      associate, Seminole FL


Note: Earl J. Ensminger is married to Ruth M. Funk Ensminger.




Born: 8-6-1911                                                            married: Earl Jacob Ensminger

Died: 11-30-1979                                                        obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1978,258

Miller-Raker #: 811

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: no


1939    license, Pennsylvania Conference UBOC

1951    ordained, Pennsylvania Conference UBOC


Interment: Strinestown Cemetery

Obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1980,338


1936-40           missionary to Sierra Leone

1940-41           student, Huntingdon College  IN

1941-44           Heidlersburg

1944-45           student, Huntingdon College  IN

1945-49           missionary to Sierra Leone

1949-52           Celina OH circuit assistant, Auglaize Conference

1952-53           living in Huntingdon IN

1953-58           missionary to Sierra Leone

1964                transfer to Pennsylvania Conference, EUB denomination

1964-69           Marion, unofficial assistant

1969                retired


Note: Ruth is married to Earl Jacob Ensminger.  She is the daughter of Bishop Ezra Funk of the United Brethren, Old Constitution.





Born:  9-4-1810  Lykens Valley PA                           married: Elizabeth Straub

Died: 5-24-1884  Adams County PA                         obit: [2/2/1808 – 7/30/1859]

Miller-Raker #: 238                                                    married2: Mrs. E. Coombes [?]

Fulton #: no                                                                 obit2:

Gibble list: yes


1839    license

1842    ordained


Interment: Hampton Union Cemetery, Adams County PA

Obit: Pennsylvania Conference 1885, 29


1842-44           Lebanon circuit

1844-46           Dauphin circuit

1846-47           York circuit

1847-48           York Springs circuit

1848-49           York circuit

1849-51           Dover circuit

1851-53           Franklin circuit

1853-54           Shopp’s station [Shiremanstown]

1854-57           Baltimore station

1857-59           Rocky Spring circuit

1859-60           Orrstown circuit

1860-61           York Springs circuit

1861-65           York station

1865-67           Manchester circuit


Note: Holdcraft’s 1939 History of the Pennsylvania Conference, page 292, gives a brief biography.  He is a grandson of Lutheran immigrant minister John Michael Enterline.





Born: 5-25-1804  near Manheim PA                          married: Elizabeth Shirk

Died: 4-29-1883                                                          obit: [4/1/1801 – 2/18/1834]

Miller-Raker #: 105

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: yes


1823    license, Hagerstown Conference

1825    ordained


Interment: Shopp’s Cemetery, Shiremanstown

Obit: Pennsylvania Conference 1884, 20


1823-24           Lancaster circuit

1824-25           Hagerstown circuit

1825-26           Lancaster circuit

1827-28           missionary to New York

1828-29           Susquehanna circuit

1829-31           unassigned

1831-32           Littlestown circuit

1832-33           Canada mission, informally & working on hymnal

1833-36           presiding elder, Carlisle District

1836-37           Canada mission, informally

1837-45           bishop

1837-38           Dauphin circuit

1841-45           Baltimore Otterbein

1845-48           Baltimore Otterbein

1849-53           bishop

1854-56           presiding elder, York District

1856-57           agent for Philadelphia church

1857-58           presiding elder, Chambersburg District

1858-59           Liverpool circuit

1859-60           agent for the printing establishment

1860-62           unassigned – unofficial agent for Otterbein University and the printing establishment

1862-63           Carlisle circuit

1863-66           York station

1866-68           unassigned – proprietor of Cottage Hill Female College in York

1868-70           Harrisburg First

1871-75           unassigned

1875                retired

1876                special agent for Lebanon Valley College

1878-82           conference evangelist


Note: Holdcraft’s 1939 History of the Pennsylvania Conference, page 317, and Weaver’s 1908 Minutes of the 1819-24 Conferences, page 46, give brief biographies.  Chapter 6 of the 1911 denominational study guide Our Heroes vol 2 discusses Jacob Erb and gives a picture.  His mother Elizabeth Hershey Erb was a sister to Abraham and Christian Hershey.  His sister married Samuel Eberly.  Jacob Erb is a cousin to Jacob G. Erb.  The 2007 issue of The Chronicle, pages 55-66, includes a series of papers on Jacob Erb.





Born: 9-30-1802  Warwick PA                                  married: Catherine Wenger

Died: 1886                                                                  obit: [6/12/1800 – 11/13/1871]

Miller-Raker #: 176

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: yes


1832    ordained


Interment: Harris Hill Cemetery, Clarence [Erie County] NY



1836                dismissed

                        old Erie Conference

1861                charter member of new Erie Conference

1862-63           Orleans mission

1880                irregularly withdrawn


Note: Jacob G. Erb a cousin to Bishop Jacob Erb, whose Koontz-Roush biography states on page 218 that “Jacob G. Erb, an able preacher, lived about 6 or 7 miles from Buffalo NY and gave a number of years to ministerial service in that region.”





Born: 7-28-1863  Calvin PA                                      married: Frances Settle

Died: 12-31-1932  Blair's Mills PA                            obit: Allegheny Conference 1937, 58

Miller-Raker #: no

Fulton #: 372

Gibble list: no


1894    quarterly conference license

1909    license, Allegheny Conference

1927    ordained, Allegheny Conference


Interment: Oak Ridge Cemetery, Altoona PA

Obit:  Allegheny Conference 1933, 48


1894-95           South Williamsport

1895-98           Wilmore

1898-99           Dunlevy

1899-00           Shade Gap

1900-03           Orbisonia

1903-04           Newport (6 months)

1904-05           Clarion River

1905-07           Birmingham

1907-08           Susquehanna

1908-11           East Salem

1911-13           Bigler

1913-15           Knoxdale

1915-16           Rochester Mills

1916-18           New Buffalo

1918-20           Runville

1920-21           Industry

1921-23           ?

1923-24           New Paris

1924-28           Cambria

1928                retired





Born: 2-25-1858  Spring Mills PA                             married: Mary Morgan          

Died: 9-3-1926  Jeanette PA                                      obit: [d. 4/23/1918]

Miller-Raker #: no                                                      married2: Sara Ghrist

Fulton #: 281                                                               obit2: Pittsburgh Conference (M) 1940, 131

Gibble list: no


1897    license, Allegheny Conference

1901    ordained, Allegheny Conference


Interment: Grove Cemetery, New Brighton PA

Obit: Pittsburgh Conference (ME) 1926, 434


1896-98           Three Springs

1898-03           Claysville

1903-04           East Clearfield

1904-05           Clearfield

1905-07           Braddock Second [Comrie Avenue]

1907-08           (not listed)

1908                “transfer” to Pittsburgh Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church

                        Pittsburgh Lemington Avenue

                        New Brighton Grace


1916-20           Pittsburgh California Avenue

                        South Brownsville





Born: 12-2-1894  Guilford Springs PA                      married: Nellie Rice

Died: 1-31-1959                                                          obit: Pennsylvania Conference 1957, 48

Miller-Raker #: 589

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: no


1915    license

1918    ordained


Interment: Lincoln Lawn, Chambersburg PA

Obit: Pennsylvania Conference 1959, 47


1915-16           student, Lebanon Valley College

1916-18           Biglerville

1918-21           Chewsville MD

1921-41           Carlisle Grace

1941-53           Washington DC

1953-59           Chambersburg First


Note: Miller’s 1968 History of the Pennsylvania Conference, page 391, gives a brief biography. 





Born: 2-22-1744                                                          married:

Died: 8-30-1804                                                          obit:

Miller-Raker #: 7

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: yes


1789    license


Interment: East Berlin Union Cemetery, East Berlin PA



1790’s             congregation in Adams County


Note: John Ernst was active in the Reformed Church until his association with Otterbein and revivalism made him a persona non grata.  Miller’s 1968 History of the Pennsylvania Conference, page 370, gives a brief biography.  Drury’s 1924 History of the United Brethren in Christ, page 156, gives a brief biography of Ernst and the others listed in connection with the historic conference of 1789.  He is the grandfather of Rev. David B. Ernst (1815-1877) of the Reformed Church and Sarah B. Naille, the wife of Rev. John Naille (1801-1901) of the Reformed Church.




Born: 9-9-1903  Tyrone PA                                        married: Ruth Myers

Died: 5-20-1998                                                          obit: West Ohio Conference 1984,307

Miller-Raker #: no

Fulton #: 522 [Eschbaugh]

Gibble list: no


1923    quarterly conference license

1929    license, Allegheny Conference

1930    ordained, Allegheny Conference


Interment: Davids Cemetery, Kettering OH

Obit: West Ohio Conference 1998,?


1929-45           missionary, Philippine Islands

1945-46           ?

1946-50           associate secretary, Foreign Missions

1950-51           faculty, Bonebrake [United] Seminary in Dayton OH

1951                transfer to Miami Conference




Born:                                                                           married:

Died:                                                                           obit:

Miller-Raker #: 251

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: yes [ESENSY]


1841    license

1844    elected to the office of elder – but refused to be ordained, page 55





1841-42                      Dauphin circuit

1842-43           Lancaster circuit

1843-44           Lebanon circuit

1845                dismissed

                        entered the Lutheran ministry, Pittsburgh Synod

1845-51           Brick Church St. John’s, Freeport Trinity, Gilpin Twp Zion

1851                deposed


Note: Henry Esensee apparently preached in German.  Heissenbuttel’s 1959 Pittsburgh Synod Congregational Histories includes references to both Henry and John Esensee.  They appear to be related, but that relationship and their exact service in the Lutheran Church are not clear.





Born:                                                                           married:

Died:                                                                           obit:

Miller-Raker #: 250

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: yes [ESENSY]


1841 license





1841-42           Chambersburg circuit

1843                withdrew

                        entered the Lutheran ministry, Pittsburgh Synod

1842-44           Saxonburg St. Luke’s

1843-45           Freeport Trinity


Heissenbuttel’s 1959 Pittsburgh Synod Congregational Histories includes references to both Henry and John Esensee.  They appear to be related, but that relationship and their exact service in the Lutheran Church are not clear.  There appears to be a connection with George St. Clair Hussey.





Born: 9-5-1865  Canada                                             married: Florence May Doup

Died: 10-11-1940  Arcanum OH                                obit: [8/11/1870 – 4/10/1947]

Miller-Raker #: no

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: yes


1891    license, East Pennsylvania Conference

1897    ordained, East Pennsylvania Conference


Interment: Woodland Cemetery and Arboretum, Dayton OH



1892-93           Hopeland

1893-94           student, Lebanon Valley College

1894-97           student, Union Seminary in Dayton OH        ?         

1897-00           Annville

1900-03           Mountville St. Paul’s

1903-04           Allentown Zion

1904-07           Middletown

1907-08           Mount Carmel

1908-09           Myerstown

1909-10           Cressona

1910                honorable dismissal


Note: This surname is also rendered ESHELMAN.  Mrs. Eshleman is a great granddaughter of Jacob Doub.





Born: 10-31-1895  Wiconisco PA                              married: Ruth Irene McClean

Died: 1-13-1981                                                          obit: Eastern Pennsylvania Conference 1977, 583

Miller-Raker #: no

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: yes


1935    quarterly conference license, Philadelphia Third

1936    license, East Pennsylvania Conference

1937    ordained, East Pennsylvania Conference


Interment: Conestoga Memorial Park, Lancaster PA

Obit: Eastern Pennsylvania Conference 1981, 273


1938-39           Aristes

1939-42           Tower City

1942-46           Shamokin circuit

1946-47           Pottstown-Birdsboro

1947-66           Intercourse

1966                retired





Born:                                                                           married:

Died:                                                                           obit:

Miller-Raker #: 108

Fulton #:

Gibble list: yes


1824    license

1827    ordained





Note: This surname is also rendered ESTERLEIN.





Born: 3-13-1846  Powell’s Valley PA                       married: Sarah Elizabeth Collier

Died: 3-28-1895  Dayton OH                                     obit: [2/18/1851 – 1/16/1900]

Miller-Raker #: no

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: yes


1871    quarterly conference license

1873    license, East Pennsylvania Conference

1876    ordained


Interment: Woodland Cemetery and Arboretum, Dayton OH

Obit: East Pennsylvania Conference 1895, 53


1871-72           student, Lebanon Valley College

1872-73           professor, Lebanon Valley College

1873-75           student, Drew University

1875-77           Mount Joy

1877-79           Philadelphia

1879-82           Baltimore Fourth

1882-83           unknown, living in Halifax

1883-85           Mount Joy

1885-89           Lebanon

1889-93           editor of the Quarterly Review, Dayton OH

                            1891-92       professor, Union Seminary

1893-95           chief editor, UB Sunday School literature


Note:  The conference archives collection contains the following books by John W. Etter [a.k.a. J. Wesley Etter]: The Doctrine of Christian Baptism (1888), The Preacher and his Sermon (1883), The Thorn in the Flesh (1892).   Mrs. Etter was also a graduate (1875) of Lebanon Valley College; she is buried in the Methodist Cemetery at Halifax PA.




Born: 1912                                                                  married: Josephine L. Nye

Died: 1994                                                                  obit: [1914 – 1994]

Miller-Raker #: no

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: yes


1941    quarterly conference license, Lancaster Covenant

1942    license, East Pennsylvania Conference

1945    ordained, East Pennsylvania Conference


Interment: Grand View Memorial Park, Annville PA




1944-53           Manor circuit

1953-54           living in Lancaster

1954                withdrew to join another denomination: East Pennsylvania Conference 1954,48

                             1956-75      Coleman Memorial United Presbyterian Chapel, Brickerville PA


Note: Robert W. Etter is a brother to Russell E. Etter.    A 1935 graduate of Lebanon Valley College, he served as a research chemist with General Motors in Dayton OH 1942-44 and with RCA in Lancaster PA 1953-75.




Born: 10-15-1910  Hummelstown PA                        married: Kathryn Miller

Died: 12-27-1979  York PA                                       obit: [5/26/1910 – 3/25/1998]

Miller-Raker #: no

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: yes


1925    quarterly conference license, Balsbaugh’s United Christian Church

1928    annual license, United Christian Church

1931    ordained, United Christian Church

1938    license, East Pennsylvania Conference

1941    ordained, East Pennsylvania Conference


Interment: New Holland UMC Church Cemetery, New Holland PA

Obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1980, 338


1938                transfer to East Pennsylvania Conference, United Brethren Church

1938-48           Iona

1948-60           New Holland

1960-76           Harrisburg First

1976                retired


Note: Russel E. Etter is a brother to Robert W. Etter.




Born: 1-2-1823  Campbelltown PA                            married: Lydia Mark

Died: 9-20-1907  Reading PA                                                obit:

Miller-Raker #: no                                                      married2: Louisa Killinger

Fulton #: no                                                                 obit2: [3/3/1833 - 5/23/1912]

Gibble list: yes


1870    license, East Pennsylvania Conference

1873    ordained, East Pennsylvania Conference


Interment: Charles Evans Cemetery, Reading PA

Obit: East Pennsylvania Conference 1907, 36


1869-71           Pine Grove circuit

1871-74           Jonestown circuit

1874-76           Lehigh Valley circuit

1876-80           Landingville circuit

1880-81           Jonestown circuit

1881-86           Reading Zion

1886-89           Reading Salem

1889-92           Avon Zion

1892-93           Lebanon Memorial

1893-94           Tamaqua

1894                retired, living in Reading


Note: Samuel R. Etter Jr is the son of Samuel Etter Sr.  The middle initial of Samuel Etter Sr is not known, but it appears the church created the Jr-Sr designation to distinguish between the two.  The first wife of Samuel R. Etter Jr. is a daughter of George A. Mark Sr.




Born: 2-4-1803  PA                                                    married: Susana Mary Fasig

Died: 1864 OH                                                           obit: [1/20/1803 - 10/25/1847]

Miller-Raker #: 200

Fulton: no

Gibble list: yes


1833    license

1835    ordained





1846                charter member of East Pennsylvania Conference

1860                expelled


Note: Samuel Etter Sr. is the father of Samuel R. Etter Jr.  He served as a local preacher.  The middle initial of Samuel Etter Sr is not known, but it appears the church created the Jr-Sr designation to distinguish between the two.




Born:                                                                           married: Amanda Bierly

Died:                                                                           obit: [1851 – 9/25/1925]

Miller-Raker #: no

Fulton #:

Gibble list: no


1874    license, Allegheny Conference

1878    ordained, Allegheny Conference





1895                name erased


Note: The 5/21/1885 obituary of his daughter in the Millheim Journal, page 3, states that A.E. Evans “filled the pulpits of the U.B. church on this charge.”  His wife and daughter are buried in the Evangelical Cemetery in Rebersburg PA.




Born:                                                                           married:          

Died: 1863                                                                  obit:

Miller-Raker #: no

Fulton #: 54

Gibble list: no


1843    license, Allegheny Conference

1846    ordained, Allegheny Conference





1843-44           Allegheny circuit

1844-45           Juniata

1845-46           Washington

1846-47           Shellsburg

1847-49           Liverpool

1849-50           suspended

1850                moved to Illinois




Born: 5-6-1755                                                            married: Ann Mary Breckinbaugh

Died: 8-6-1840                                                            obit:

Miller-Raker #: 58

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: yes [EBERHART]


1805     license

1808    ordained by Francis Asbury


Interment: Zion Lutheran Cemetery, Middletown MD



1812                November, Maryland and Pennsylvania while Spayth is in Virginia

1812                membership ceased, apparently joined the Methodist Episcopal denomination

1816                organized the Methodist class at Little Cove, Franklin County

                        see Foreman’s 1967 History of Little Cove, page 26

1817                German missionary, Carlisle District

1818                missionary

1819                missionary

1820                German missionary

1821                located


Note: Known in secular history for several acts of bravery in the Revolutionary War, his surname is also rendered Eberhart, Everhardt, etc.  Holdcraft’s 1939 History of the Pennsylvania Conference, page 292, gives a brief biography.  The 1911 Eberly-Albright-Brane Landmark History of the United Brethren Church, page 228, gives an extensive biographical sketch.  See also Clark’s 1958 Journal and Letters of Francis Asbury, volume II, page 741.  He was the father of John Everhart (1791-1860), a UB pastor in Iowa discussed in chapter 17 of the 1908 denomination study course Our Heroes and of Anna Margaret Everhart Larkin, wife of Thomas Larkin (1786-1852) of the Baltimore Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church.




Born: 10-2-1837  Rockingham County VA               married: Jennie Rhinehart

Died: 9-18-1918                                                          obit: Pennsylvania Conference 1935, 23

Miller-Raker #: 489

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: yes


1861    quarterly conference license, Pleasant Grove (Augusta circuit, Virginia Conference)

1862    license, Virginia Conference

1863    ordained, Virginia Conference


Interment: Rose Hill Cemetery, Hagerstown MD

Obit: Pennsylvania Conference 1918, 79


1861                South Branch circuit, 6 months

1862-64           Rockbridge circuit

1864-65           Lacey Springs circuit

1865-66           South River circuit

1866-68           Boonsboro circuit

1868-70           Myersville circuit

1870-72           Hagerstown circuit

1872-75           Frederick circuit

1875-78           Martinsburg station

1878-79           presiding elder, South Branch District

1879-82           Churchville circuit

1882-86           Frederick station

1886-87           presiding elder, Potomac District

1887                charter member of Maryland Conference

1887-92           presiding elder

1892-95           Hagerstown circuit

1895-02           Hagerstown Grace

1902                transfer to Pennsylvania Conference

1902-03           Hagerstown Grace

1903-07           Marion

1907                local


Note: Holdcraft’s 1939 History of the Pennsylvania Conference, page 293, and Funkhouser’s 1921 History of the Virginia Conference, page 163, give a brief biography.  He is the father of Samuel J. Evers.  His daughter Alice M. married Rev. D.E. Burtner of the Congregational Church.





Born: 7-?-1870                                                            married: Katherine Edith White

Died: 3-21-1965                                                          obit: [1875-1964]

Miller-Raker #: 491

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: no


1891    quarterly conference license, Frederick (Maryland Conference)

1896    license, Maryland Conference

1896    ordained [simultaneously], Maryland Conference


Interment: Woodland Cemetery, Stamford CT

Obit: see the biographical files


1896-1946       Glenbrook Union Memorial Church [Congregational], Stamford CN.

1902                transfer to Pennsylvania Conference UB

1923                transfer to Fairfield County Assoc of Congregational Churches and Ministers  1923,33


Note: He is the son of Abram M. Evers.  There was also a Samuel Evers (c1831-1861) who entered the Virginia Conference in 1857.





Born: 9-21-1839  Rockingham County VA               married: Florence America Burhman

Died: 11-9-1920  Martinsburg WV                            obit: [7/25/1852 – 1/23/1937]

Miller-Raker #: 385 & 490

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: yes


1863    quarterly conference license, Whitesels (Rockingham circuit, Virginia Conference)

1866    license, East Des Moines Conference

1869    ordained, East Pennsylvania Conference


Interment: Green Hill Cemetery, Martinsburg WV

Obit: Pennsylvania Conference 1921,66


1862-63           Franklin circuit

1863-65           Big Grove circuit, East Des Moines Conference

1865-66           Winchester circuit

1866-67           New Holland, East Pennsylvania Conference

1867                transfer to East Pennsylvania Conference

1867-68           Mount Joy

1868-70           Shamokin

1870-71           Highspire

1871-72           Reading Otterbein

1872-75           Harrisburg Boas Street

1875-77           Phoenixville

1877-78           Greencastle, Pennsylvania Conference

1878                transfer to Pennsylvania Conference, page 5

1879-80           Opequon, Virginia Conference

1880                appears to have located

1889                in Maryland Conference

1889-90           Keedysville

1893-94           Williamsport

1902                transfer to Pennsylvania Conference

1903-04           Westernport MD, Virginia Conference

1904                local





Born:                                                                           married:

Died:                                                                           obit:

Miller-Raker #: 146

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: yes


1828    license to exhort

1829    license





1834                withdrew


Note: The German word ewig (everlasting) is pronounced “evich” – and so alternate renderings of this surname might be EVICH or EVICK or EVIG.





Born:                                                                           married:

Died:                                                                           obit:

Miller-Raker #: 111

Fulton #: no

Gibble list: no


1822    license to exhort

1824    license





Note: The German word ewig (everlasting) is pronounced “evich” – and so alternate renderings of this surname might be EVICH or EVICK.   




Born:                                                                           married:          

Died:                                                                           obit:

Miller-Raker #: no

Fulton #:

Gibble list: no


1869    license, Allegheny Conference





1871                name erased


Note: This may be Rev. John Wesley Ewing (1820-1886) born in PA and buried in Berkley Springs WV, the son of Rev. James Wesley Ewing (1786-1861) of the Central PA Conference ME..