Preserving and Celebrating Our United Methodist Heritage in Central and Northeast Pennsylvania

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Central Pennsylvania Conference Methodist Pastors.  Click on the first letter of the surname to enter the file of all the pastors for that letter.  The instructions file gives information about this project, the dates at which various conference boundary changes occurred, and detailed bibliographic references. 

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Born: 11-24-1933                                                        married: Delta Walter

Died:                                                                           obit: Western Pennsylvania Conference 1964, 390


1962    license, recommended by West Hickory: Western Pennsylvania Conference

1965    ordained deacon, Western Pennsylvania Conference

1967    ordained elder, Western Pennsylvania Conference

1969    admitted as associate member, Western Pennsylvania Conference

1972    admitted on trial, Western Pennsylvania Conference





1962-66           Benezette

1966-69           Luthersburg

1969-71           student, Penn State University

                             1969-71  Half Moon, Central Pennsylvania Conference

1971-74           student, United Theological Seminary in Dayton OH

                             1971-74  Fairhaven-Sugar Valley, Western Ohio Conference

1974-88           Punxsutawney Woodland Avenue

1988-93           Hollsopple Bethel

1993-97           New Bethlehem

1997                retired




Born: 9-7-1875  Lynn MA                                         married: Mary Edith Shaver

Died: 1-6-1939  Martinsburg PA                                obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1946, 232



1905    license, New England Conference


Interment: Rose Hill Cemetery, Altoona PA

Obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1939, 217


1905-08           Blandford MA

1908-12           Bondsville MA

1912-13           Upton MA

1913-15           Piermont NH, New Hamphsire Conference

1914                admitted on trial, New Hampshire Conference

1914-15           Piermont

1915-17           Auburn

1917                transfer to Central Pennsylvania Conference

1917-18           Morris

1918-20           Oriole-Antes Fort

1920-21           Benezette

1921-24           Port Matilda

1924-26           Schellsburg

1926-27           Frankstown-Canoe Creek

1927-29           Bloomingdale

1929-30           Conyngham

1930-31           Fayetteville

1931-32           Waterville

1932-35           Laurelton

1935-36           Bakerton

1936-38           Clearville

1938-39           retired


Note:  Walter H. Upham is the grandson of Frederic Upham (1799-1891) of the New England Southern Conference, the son of Samuel F. Upham (1834-1904) of the New England Conference, and a brother to Frederick N. Upham (1860-1899) of the New England Conference and Francis B. Upham (1862-1941) of the New York East Conference.  Mrs. Upham is the grand-daughter of David Shaver (1804-1862) who itinerated in the Baltimore Conference 1827-1840, and she is the niece of Joseph B. Shaver.




Born: 6-23-1895                                                          married: Emma Clark

Died: 1-29-1984                                                          obit: Tennessee Conference 1987, 379


Interment: Odd Fellows Cemetery, Baxter TN

Obit: Tennessee Conference 1984, 283


1922-23           faculty, Dickinson Junior College [now Lycoming College]

    1923  Eagles Mere & Laporte

1923                “transfer” to Central Tennessee Conference

1923-57           president Baxter Seminary, Baxter TN

1957                retired


Note: Harry L. Upperman served in the Central Pennsylvania Conference as a local pastor.  Baxter Seminary was a church-supported secondary school which became a part of the Putnam County public school system and was re-named Upperman High School when Dr. Upperman retired.




Born:                                                                           married:

Died:                                                                           obit:





1949-51           Shawville

1951-54           Penns Valley

1954-55           student, Garrett Seminary in Evanston IL



                        visitation pastor, Canyon Creek Presbyterian Church in Richardson TX


Note: In 2003 William J. Usher is listed as a retired member of the Desert Southwest Conference.




Born: 5-13-1894  Allport PA                                      married: Ruth Simm

Died: 12-5-1983  Mechanicsburg PA                         obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1975, 168


1919    license, recommended by Allport

1923    admitted on trial

1925    ordained deacon

1927    ordained elder


Interment: Allport Cemetery, Allport PA

Obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1984, 384


1917-18           Cogan Valley

1918-19           Keating Summit

1919-22           Blandburg

1922-25           James Creek

1925-28           Three Springs

1928-30           Martinsburg

1930-39           Lewistown Grove Memorial

1939-41           Montgomery

1941-42           Altoona Wesley

1942-47           Altoona Wesley-Asbury

1947-52           Bellwood-Tipton

1952-59           Lewistown Grove Memorial

1959                retired

                             1959-61  Allenport

                             1962-63  James Creek

                             1968-69  James Creek (beginning 12/1/69)

                             1974-75  Shrader


Note: Edward Z. Utts is the father of Harold L. Utts.




Born: 10-30-1920  Blandburg PA                              married: Janet Ruth Holcomb [6/20/1944]

Died: 3-7-2017  Mechanicsburg PA                           obit: [d. 8/8/2014]


1945    admitted on trial, Newark Conference





1938-42           student, Juniata College

                             1939-42  Vira  (9/1/39 – 6/15/42

1942-43           student, Drew Theological Seminary in Madison NJ

                             1942-43  Plainfield (beginning 10/42)

1943                “transfer” to Newark Conference

1944-46           Harrison

1946-48           Council of Clinical Training of Theological Students

1948                discontinued

                        director of social services, Buffalo NY Child and Family Services


Note: Harold L. Utts is the son of Edward Z. Utts.  He has a file with the Conference Board of Ordained Ministry, but he never matriculated in the Central Pennsylvania Conference.  He and his wife Janet retired to East Aurora NY and are the authors of the 2000 book Town of Aurora 1810-1930.