Preserving and Celebrating Our United Methodist Heritage in Central and Northeast Pennsylvania

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Central Pennsylvania Conference Methodist Pastors.  Click on the first letter of the surname to enter the file of all the pastors for that letter.  The instructions file gives information about this project, the dates at which various conference boundary changes occurred, and detailed bibliographic references. 

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Born: 12-7-1803  Calvert County MD                       married: Elizabeth Berryman

Died: 11-19-1894  Toledo OH                                   obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1893, 95


1828    admitted on trial, Baltimore Conference


Interment: Bryan Cemetery, Bryan OH

Obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1895, 82


1828-29           Greenbriar WV

1829-30           Pendleton

1830-31           Monroe

1831-33           Concord

1833-35           Sunbury

1835-36           Huntingdon

1836-38           Lycoming

1838-40           Bellefonte

1849-42           Northumberland

1842-44           Berwick

1844-45           West Branch

1845-46           Jersey Shore

1846-48           Gettysburg

1848-50           Lewistown circuit

1850-51           Lycoming

1851-52           Muncy

1852-54           Bloomsburg

1854-56           Milton

1856-57           Sunbury

1857                charter member of East Baltimore Conference

1857-58           Sunbury

1858                retired

                             1868           charter member of Central Pennsylvania Conference


Note: A biographical sketch of Thomas Taneyhill is given in Armstrong’s The Old Baltimore Conference.  He is the father of Charles Wesley Taneyhill (1842-1925) of the West Ohio Conference.




Born: 11-29-1833  Rockbridge Baths VA                  married: Cleopatra F. Diehl

Died: 4-20-1907  Mechanicsburg PA                         obit: Central PA Conference 1909, 111


1856     admitted on trial, Baltimore Conference


Interment: Evergreen Cemetery, Gettysburg PA

Obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1908, 124


1855-56           Sewell Valley

1856-57           Monroe

1857                charter member of East Baltimore Conference

1857-59           Gettysburg

1858-60           Milton circuit

1860-61           Pleasant Grove

1861-63           Harford Mission

1863-65           Schellsburg

1865-67           McConnellsburg

1867-68           Concord

1868                charter member of Central Pennsylvania Conference

1868-70           Concord

1870-73           Great Island

1873-75           Sinnemahoning

1875-78           Salona

1878-81           Salladasburg

1881-84           Watsontown-Montandon

1884-87           Montoursville

1887-90           Muncy

1890-94           Montoursville

1894-99           Mechanicsburg

1899-03           Wrightsville

1903-04           Mount Holly Springs

1904                retired


Note: Andrew E. Taylor is the son of local pastor Stuart Taylor (1796-?) of the Virginia Conference, brother to prominent Bishop William Taylor (1821-1902) and Archibald Taylor (1830-?) of the Georgia Conference, father of Rollin Stewart Taylor and Charles Diehl Taylor (?-1952) of the Baltimore Conference and missionary to Africa Jennie Taylor Gordon, and grandfather of Rollin H. Taylor.  A biographical sketch appears in Biographical & Portrait Cyclopedia of Cumberland, York & Adams Co, pages 409-10.




Born: 1853                                                                 married: Sarah J. Wagner

Died: 1911                                                                  obit: [1854 – 1931]


Interment: Philipsburg Cemetery, South Philipsburg PA



1905-07           Centre & Sandy Ridge


Note: George E. Taylor lived in Philipsburg and served as a local pastor.  He is otherwise unknown.




Born: 9-4-1926 Greensburg PA                                  married: Mary Denman Herr

Died: 10-26-1991                                                        obit: [1925 – 2005]


1948    license, Pittsburgh Conference

1953    admitted on trial, Central Pennsylvania Conference


Interment: Gracelawn Memorial Park, New Castle DE



1948-50           Bobtown, Pittsburgh Conference (beginning 10/48)

1950-51           Pittsburgh Lemington Avenue, Pittsburgh Conference (ending 9/51)

1951-53           Lewisberry (beginning 9/51)

1953-55           Fayetteville

1955-56           Marysville

1956-59           Beach Haven

1959-62           Montgomery

1962-65           Flemington

1965-68           chaplain, Correctional Institution: Wilmington, Delaware

1968-73           on leave

                             1968-71      associate, Pennsville NJ Trinity

                             1971-73      Quinton NJ

1973                voluntary location


Note: George T. Taylor is listed in the 1966 Who’s Who in The Methodist Church, page 1292. 




Born: 9-28-1897  Broad Top City PA                                    married: Margaret Catherine Carbaugh

Died: 1-16-1968  Shawville PA                                 obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1999, 442


1923    license

1940    ordained deacon


Interment: Bradford Cemetery, Clearfield PA

Obit: [1968, 141]


1923-25           Alum Bank

1925-26           Salona & Lamar

1926-28           Penfield

1928-31           New Millport

1931-36           Morris

1936-46           Shawville (ending 12/15/46)

1946-60           Sinnemahoning (beginning 12/15/46)

1960-67           Cherry Tree

1967                retired


Note: Harter S. Taylor was a school teacher, served as a local pastor, and is the father of Stratford C. Taylor.




Born: 3-16-1937  Port Royal PA                                married: Nancy Ann Wert

Died:                                                                           obit:


1958    license, recommended by Palmyra TN

1963    admitted on trial

1963    ordained deacon

1966    ordained elder





1958-61           student, Austin Peay State College in Clarksville TN

                             1958-60      Palmyra TN, Tennessee Conference

                             1960-61      Woodlawn TN Montgomery, Tennessee Conference

1961-62           Woodlawn TN Montgomery, Tennessee Conference

1962-65           student, Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington DC

                             1962-64      Robertsdale

                             1964-65      New Paris

1965-66           New Paris

1966-82           chaplain, US Army (ending 8/31/82)

1982-83           without appointment (9/1/82-1/14/83)

1983-86           Saxton-Six Mile Run (beginning 1/15/83)

1986-89           Philipsburg Grace

1989-94           Bellwood Calvary

1994-98           McElhatten

1998                retired

                             2001-02      Robertsdale


 Note: James H. Taylor is listed in the 1966 Who’s Who in The Methodist Church, page 1293.




Born: 5-24-1923  Osceola Mills PA                           married: Glade Fronk

Died: 9-2-2000                                                            obit:


1942    license, recommended by Osceola Mills

1952    admitted on trial

1952    ordained deacon

1954    ordained elder


Interment: Mt. Rose Cemetery, York PA

Obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 2001, 376


1942-46           Cogan Valley 

1946-50           Cherry Tree

1950-51           Penns Valley

1951-55           Nescopeck

1955-62           Sunbury Catawissa Avenue

1962-65           Hazleton St. Paul’s

1965-71           Altoona Juniata Gethsemane

1971-77           superintendent, Harrisburg District

1977-83           Clearfield West Side (ending 8/15/83)

1983-89           York Aldersgate (beginning 8/15/83)

1989                retired

                             1989-92      visitation minister, Altoona Juniata Gethsemane




Born: 4-21-1903  Philipsburg PA                               married: Catharine A. Flanigan

Died: 4-8-1982                                                            obit: Central PA Conference 1922, 140

                                                                                    married2: Maude Geedy

                                                                                    obit2: Central PA Conference 2003, 390


1925    license, recommended by Williamsport Third Street

1928    admitted on trial

1930    ordained deacon

1932    ordained elder


Interment: Cedar Hill Cemetery, Mackeyville PA

Obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1982, 385


1925-26           Laurelton

1926-27           Picture Rocks

1927-29           Clearfield circuit

1929-31           Catawissa circuit

1931-34           Schellsburg

1934-37           Orangeville-Rohrsburg

1937-43           Mifflintown

1943-48           Curwensville

1948-51           Williamsport High Street

1951-57           Huntingdon Fifteenth Street

1957-62           Tyrone Columbia Avenue

1962-65           Altoona Fairview

1965-70           Westfield and Cowanesque

1970                retired

                             1970-72      Lock Haven parish


Note: Rollin H. Taylor is the grandson of Andrew E. Taylor (whose card gives a complete list of the related Taylor pastors in the Methodist ministry) and the son of Rollin S. Taylor.





Born: 9-23-1862  Rockbridge County VA                 married: Catherine Anna Flanigan

Died: 5-16-1933  Williamsport PA                            obit: Central PA Conference 1922, 140


1884    admitted on trial, recommended by Watsontown & Montandon

1886    ordained deacon

1888    ordained elder


Interment: Mill Hall Cemetery, Mill Hall PA

Obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1934, 219


1884-85           West Shamokin

1885-87           Rohrsburg

1887-89           Mill Hall

1889-92           Lycoming

1892-94           Picture Rocks

1894-96           Montandon

1896-98           Cross Forks

1898-01           Newville-Pine Grove Furnace

1901-03           Wallaceton

1903-05           Martinsburg-Woodbury

1905-08           Half Moon

1908-12           Howard

1912-14           Woolrich-Avis

1914-15           Lock Haven East Main Street

1915-18           Hughesville

1918-20           Shippensburg

1920-22           Williamsport Market Street

1922-23           Wilburton

1923                retired


Note: Rollin S. Taylor is the son of Andrew E. Taylor (whose card gives a complete list of the related Taylor pastors in the Methodist ministry), a brother to Jennie M. Taylor Gordon, and the father of Rollin H. Taylor.  Some sources given his middle name as Stewart.




Born: 2-24-1925  Alum Bank PA                               married: Esther L. Mayhew

Died: 6-27-2014  Sunbury PA                                    obit:


1943    license, recommended by Shawville

1946    ordained deacon

1947    admitted on trial

1948    ordained elder


Interment: Shawville Cemetery, Clearfield PA

Obit: Susquehanna Conference 2015, 277


1943-45           student, Dickinson College

                             1943-45      Vira 

1945-47           student, Drew Theological Seminary in Madison NJ

                             1945-47      West Fairview & Summerdale

1947-59           Thompsontown

1959-73           Philipsburg Trinity

1973-79           superintendent, Williamsport District

1979-95           Montoursville Faith

1995                retired


Note: Stratford C. Taylor is the son of Harter S. Taylor.  He listed in the 1966 Who’s Who in The Methodist Church, page 1294.




Born: 4-26-1889  Glen Richey PA                             married: Bernice Virginia Decker

Died: 7-27-1964  Bradenton FL                                 obit: [7/25/1897 – 1/29/1987]


1916    admitted on trial


Interment: Fairview Cemetery, Montgomery PA



1911-14           student, Williamsport Dickinson Seminary

                             1912-14  Waterville  (ending fall 1914)

1916-20           at school

1920-22           abroad

1922-24           Lewisburg

1924-30           Chambersburg

1930-34           Lock Haven Trinity

1934-38           Harrisburg Stevens Memorial

1938-42           Altoona First (charges filed, did not finish the year)

1942-43           suspended

1943                withdrew under charges


Note: Mrs. Taylor is a 1915 graduate of WDS.  They were married 12/30/1922. 




Born: 8-10-1930                                                          married: Joyce _____

Died:                                                                           obit:


?          license, Genesee Conference





1959-61           Freemont

1961-62           Middlebury

1962                “transfer” by boundary change to Central Pennsylvania Conference

1962-64           Burnt Cabins


Note: George A. Thayer is the son of Rev. Thurber Reuben Thayer (1903-1997) of the Free Methodist Church.  He is a graduate of Roberts Wesleyan College. As of 2006 Rev. George A. Thayer is president and CEO of Christian TV Services in Ellicottville NY.




Born:                                                                           married: Glenda _____

Died:                                                                           obit:


            Pacific Japanese Provisional Conference

1964    admitted on trial





1964-67           student, Pacific School of Religion, Berkley CA

1967                transfer to California-Nevada Conference

1967-03           [California-Nevada Conference]

2003                retired


Note: Carl Adam Thomas is a 1963 graduate of Lycoming College.




Born: 11-22-1839                                                        married: Anne P. Grier

Died: 4-29-1896                                                          obit: [1835 – 1919]


1861    admitted on trial, East Baltimore Conference: recommended by Danville


Interment: Graceland Cemetery, Yeadon PA



1861-62           Milton circuit

1862-64           North Baltimore circuit

1864-65           Frederick circuit

1865-67           Waynesboro

1867-68           Havre de Grace

1868                transfer by boundary change to Baltimore Conference

1868-69           Havre de Grace

1869                transfer to Cincinnati Conference

1869-70           Cincinnati Ladies’ Home Mission

1871-72           Cincinnati Mount Auburn

1872                withdrew to enter the Presbyterian ministry

1873-78           Third Presbyterian Church, Chester PA

1878-79           Northwestern Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia PA

1881                serving in Philadelphia


Note: Charles F. Thomas was a student at Dickinson College until he left in 1859 to attend Garrett Bible Institute.  Dickinson College has his personal diary/journal for 1859-61.




Born: 12-21-1831  Northeast MD                              married: Eunice Drake

Died: 1-14-1917  Collingswood NJ                            obit: New England Southern 1905, 97


1854    admitted on trial, Baltimore Conference


Interment: Harleigh Cemetery, Camden NJ

Obit: New England Southern 1917, 130


1854-55           Woodstock

1855-56           South Branch

1856-57           Front Royal

1857                charter member of East Baltimore Conference

1857-58           North Baltimore

1858-61           on leave

1861                located

                        apparently resumed his Methodist Episcopal ministry in New England

                        Holbrook MA

1903                retired

                            Magnolia NJ


Note: James S. Thomas is the father of T. Snowden Thomas (1869-1907) of the Philadelphia Conference.




Born: 5-23-1783  Philadelphia PA                             married: Rebecca Tallman

Died: 10-17-1867  Lycoming County PA                  obit: [9/1/1778 – 10/6/1853]


1807    admitted on trial, Baltimore Conference


Interment: Williamsport PA

Obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1870, 65


1807-08           Harford

1808-09           Huntingdon

1809-10           Aughwick

1810-11           Juniata

1811-12           Mishannon

1812-13           Huntingdon

1813-14           Lycoming

1814-15           Juniata

1815-16           Lycoming

1816-18           Northumberland

1818-20           Bald Eagle

1820-21           Lycoming 

1821-23           Northumberland

1823-24           on leave

1824-25           Lycoming 

1825-26           Shamokin

1826-28           Northumberland

1828                retired

1857                charter member of East Baltimore Conference


Note: John Thomas is a step-brother to George Thomas, who served in the Baltimore Conference 1807-1814.  After retiring from the ministry, John Thomas served as an associate judge in Lycoming County




Born: 4-16-1904  Blandburg PA                                married: Esther May Gross

Died: 8-5-1990  Green Cove Springs FL                   obit: [d. 8/17/1987]

                                                                                    married2: Leona McGowen

1927    license, recommended by Blandburg             obit2:

1930    admitted on trial

1932    ordained deacon

1934    ordained elder


Interment: Penney Retirement Community Cemetery, Penney Farms FL

Obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1991, 493


1928-30           Westport 7 Shintown

1930-31           Clearville

1931-33           Beach Haven

1933-35           Birmingham

1935-37           Cherry Tree

1937-41           Trevorton

1941-43           Stewartstown

1943-46           chaplain, US Army

1946-51           Benton

1951-58           South Williamsport

1958-63           Selinsgrove

1963-69           Osceola Mills

1969                retired


Note: Nelson A. Thomas is listed in the 1966 Who’s Who in The Methodist church, page 1305.




Born: 1849                                                                              married: Sarah Faust

Died: 10-24-1935                                                                    obit: [1847 – 1/12/1929]


1889    ordained deacon, recommended by Shamokin station

1895    license


Interment: Shamokin Cemetery, Shamokin PA

Obit: [1936, 98]


1886-87           Helfenstein

1895-97           Excelsior

1897-00           Jamison City

1900-05           Wapwallopen

1905-10           Harveyville

1910-12           Roaring Creek

1912-13           Park Place & Delano

1913-14           no appointment

1914-17           Jonestown


Note:  Philip Thomas served as a local pastor.




Born: 11-18-1914  Harrisburg PA                              married: Sarah E. _____

Died: 6-?-1980                                                            obit: [1921 - ?]


1938    admitted on trial


Interment: Parkhill Cemetery, Columbus GA



1934-38           student, Western Maryland College in Westminster MD

                             1934-35      Vira (beginning Oct 1934)

                             1935-36      Littlestown

                             1936-38      Rouzerville

1938-40           Oriole-Antes Fort

1940-41           [not listed]

1941                discontinued to enter ministry of the Episcopal Church

                        North Carolina





Born: 1-7-1933  Boone IA                                         married: Jane Elizabeth Davies

Died:                                                                           obit:


1956    license, Ohio Conference: recommended by Dayton OH South Park

1956    admitted on trial, Ohio Conference

1959    ordained deacon

1962    ordained elder





1950-54           student, Elizabethtown College in Elizabethtown PA

1954-56           student, United Theological Seminary in Dayton OH

                             1954-56      associate, Dayton South Park

1956-58           Waynesville Lytle (ending 11/30/58)

1958-59           Harrisonville, Central Pennsylvania Conference (beginning 12/1/1958)

1959                transfer to Central Pennsylvania Conference

1959-61           Harrisonville

1961-65           Danville St. Paul’s

1965-69           Hazleton Diamond

1969-71           Chambers Hill

1971-77           Northumberland Christ

1977-87           Tyrone Wesley

1987-96           Linglestown

1996                retired


Note: W. Sherwood Thomas is the preferred form.




Born: 5-25-1878  Rock Springs PA                           married: Nora Gray

Died: 7-1-1952                                                            obit: [4/18/1869 – 5/31/1951]


1906    admitted on trial


Interment: Spring Creek Presbyterian Cemetery, State College PA

Obit: Pittsburgh Conference 1953, 452


1906-07           Altoona First

1907                transfer to Pittsburgh Conference

1907-09           associate, Pittsburgh Christ

1909-12           faculty, Shady Side Academy in Pittsburgh

1912-14           faculty Peabody High School in Pittsburgh

1914-25           superintendent, Young People’s Department of the ME Board of Sunday School

1925-28           associate, Evanston First

1927-28           faculty, Northwestern University

1930-45           faculty, Drew University


Note: James V. Thompson is listed in the 1945 Personalities in American Methodism.  Mrs. Thompson is from the Gray family of Half Moon Valley; her father was a first cousin to George Tarring Gray.  Some biographical information on James V. Thompson appears in the Ministerial Qualifications Book, page 65. 





Born: 9-3-1840  Waterfall PA                                                married: Margaret Anna Hohman

Died: 3-28-1903  McConnellsburg PA                      obit: [1840 – 1911]



Interment: Reformed [or Methodist?] Cemetery, McConnellsburg PA



1881-82           Licking Creek


Note: T.J. Thompson lived in McConnellsburg and served as a local pastor.  Reported to have been a “lifelong and active member of the Methodist Episcopal church,  he was in the mercantile business and worked for a few years in the early 1870’s as a colporteur for the American Tract Society.





Born: 3-4-1822 Shippensburg PA                              married: Rachel Mann

Died: 7-12-1872 Lewistown PA                                 obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1909, 113


1844    license, Baltimore Conference

1845    admitted on trial, Baltimore Conference


Interment: Lewistown PA

Obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1873, 72







                        Cumberland Mission





                        South Baltimore


                        West River

                        Washington DC Union

1863-65           Washington DC McKendree

1865-66           South Baltimore

1866                transfer to North-West Indiana Conference

                        LaPorte station

                        South Bend

1870                transfer to Central Pennsylvania Conference

1870-72           Lewistown


Note: A biographical sketch of John Thrush is given in Armstrong’s The Old Baltimore Conference, page 473.




Born: 7-3-1825  Baltimore MD                                  married: Eliza Bruce Hamilton

Died: 10-24-1891 Minneapolis MN                           obit:


1846    admitted on trial, Baltimore Conference



Obit: Minnesota Conference 1892, 80


1846-47           Hereford

1847-48           Great Falls

1848-57           faculty, Dickinson College

1857                charter member of East Baltimore Conference

1857-58           faculty, Dickinson College

1858-61           secretary, Maryland State Bible Society

1861                transfer to Rock River Conference

                        Chicago IL

                        New Brunswick NJ

                        Newark NJ

                        Washington DC

                        Philadelphia PA

                        Minneapolis MN Hennepin Avenue


Note: Otis Henry Tiffany is the author of published sermons, articles and contributions to McClintock and Strong’s Cyclopedia.




Born: 9-30-1925  Philadelphia PA                             married: Martha Elizabeth Hogan

Died:                                                                           obit:

                                                                                    married2: Genett _____

1957    license                                                             obit2:

1961    ordained deacon

1962    admitted on trial

1964    ordained elder





1956-60           Rouzerville

1960-61           Ray’s hill 

1961-64           Kulpmont

1964-66           Williamsport High Street (ending 11/15/66)

1966-67           Altoona Mardorf (beginning 11/15/66)

1967-71           voluntary location

                             1969-71      Worcester, Wyoming Conference

1971                re-admitted, Wyoming Conference

1971-72           Worcester

1972-75           North Fenton

1975-78           Mount Upton

1978-80           Mehoopany

1980-84           Harpursville

1984-86           Marathon

1986                retired

                             1986-88      Berkshire (beginning 9/1/1986)

                             1988           Middlefield-Roseboom (9/1 – 10/31)

                             1990-94      Cherry Valley, North Central New York Conf. (beginning 4/1/1990)
                             2010           transfer to Susquehanna Conference by boundary change




Born: 12-19-1801  Prince George County MD          married: Margaret Strother Lewis

Died: 2-28-1867  Hookstown MD                              obit: [7/28/1803 - ?]


Interment: Mount Olivet Cemetery, Baltimore MD

Obit: East Baltimore Conference 1867, 49


1820-21           Jefferson

1821-22           Rockingham

1822-23           Allegany

1823-25           Fredericksburg

1825-26           East Baltimore

1826-28           Severn

1829-30           Leesburg

1830-31           Harford

1831-35           superintendent, Rockingham District

1835-36           Georgetown

1836-38           Washington DC Foundry

1838-40           North Baltimore

1840-41           Baltimore City station

1841-42           Baltimore Fayette Street

1842-44           superintendent, Carlisle district

1844-48           agent, Book Concern in New York City.

1848-50           North Baltimore station

1850-54           superintendent, Carlisle District

1854-56           Summerfield circuit

1856-57           Williamsport PA

1857                charter member of the East Baltimore Conference

1857-58           superintendent, Bellefonte District

1858-62           superintendent, Cumberland District

1862-64           Baltimore Caroline Street

1864-65           Baltimore Exeter Street

1865-67           Baltimore Whatcoat


Note: A biographical sketch of Charles B. Tippett is given in Armstrong’s History of the Old Baltimore Conference, page 474.





Born: 1-31-1923  Newark NJ                                     married: Margaret Louisa Campbell

Died: 5-22-2011  Media PA                                       obit: [7/28/1916 – 5/31/2006]


1947    ordained deacon

1948    admitted on trial, recommended by Bendersville


Interment: Rush Presbyterian Cemetery, Northumberland PA

Obit: [Pensacola News Journal 6/5/2011]


1945-46           Picture Rocks (6/15-45 – 2/1/46)

1946-47           Dillsburg & Wellsville (beginning 2/1/46)

1947-49           Bendersville

1949                transfer to Florida Conference


Note: In 2003 Richard K. Titley is listed as a retired member of the Florida Conference.




Born:                                                                           married:

Died: 7-30-1963                                                          obit:





1927-28           student, Bucknell University

                             1927-28      Jamison City (beginning 9/1/17) [see 1928,655]


Note: C. L Titus served as a local pastor.  He is listed as the soccer coach at Bucknell for the 1931 season.    This may be the Charles Lester Titus of New Jersey who marries a Roanne Virginia Jonas. 




Born: 8-23-1930  Chambersburg PA                          married: Shirley Leaman

Died: 3-12-2012  Scotland PA                                   obit:


1966    license, recommended by Waynesboro Christ

1971    admitted on trial

1974    ordained deacon





1966-71           Roxbury (beginning 1/1/66)

1971-76           St. Thomas-Lemasters

1976-80           St. Thomas

1980                withdrew, page 273

                        transfer” to the Free Methodist Church

                        Spirit of Christ Community Church

                        Herkimer NY

1995                retired


Note: In his retirement, Charles F. Tolbert associated with the Mt. Pleasant United Brethren Church north of Chambersburg PA.




Born: 7-19-1836  Puttneyville NY                             married: Laura Elizabeth Hayman

Died: 3-19-1915  Wilmington DE                              obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1922, 140


1860    admitted on trial, Philadelphia Conference



Interment: Harrisburg Cemetery, Harrisburg PA

Obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1915, 119


                        Salisbury MD


                        Princess Anne

                        Accomac VA

1868                charter member of Wilmington Conference


                        Federalsburg MD


                        Wilmington Scott

                        Zion MD

                        Easton MD

                        Wilmington Mount Salem

                        Millington MD

                        Galena MD

1887                transfer to Central Pennsylvania Conference

1887-89           Harrisburg Thirteenth Street

1889-94           New Cumberland

1894-97           Berwick

1897-02           Philipsburg

1902-03           Williamsport Mulberry Street

1903-07           Mount Carmel

1907                retired


Note: Theophilus L. Tomlinson is a brother to William E. Tomkinson.  An obituary also appears in the 6/24/1915 Christian Advocate, page 836.




Born: 9-21-1837                                                          married: Julia Elizabeth Redford

Died: 12-26-1923                                                        obit: Wilmington Conference 1933, 122


Interment: Harrisburg Cemetery, Harrisburg PA

Obit: Wilmington Conference1924, 134


1901-02           Littlestown


Note: William E. Tomkinson is a brother to Theophilus L. Tomkinson.




Born: 2-24-1821  Lancaster County PA                     married: Margaretta R. Gearhart

Died: 2-11-1899  Riverside PA                                  obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1914, 129


1843    admitted on trial, Baltimore Conference


Interment: Mt. Vernon Cemetery, Danville PA

Obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1899, 95


1843-44           Bloomingdale

1844-45           Stafford

1845-46           Warrenton

1846-48           Wrightsville

1848-49           Jersey Shore

1849-51           Lock Haven

1851-87           secretary, Pennsylvania Bible Society

1857                charter member of East Baltimore Conference

1857-68           secretary, Pennsylvania Bible Society

1868                charter member of Central Pennsylvania Conference

1868-85           secretary, Pennsylvania Bible Society

1885-94           on leave

1894                retired


Note: Biographical sketches for Irvin H. Torrece are given in Armstrong’s The Old Baltimore Conference, page 474, and in Simpson’s 1881 Cyclopedia of Methodism.  Irvin H. Torrence laid out the town of Riverside.  Mrs. Torrence is a first cousin to Bishop Thomas Bowman (1817-1914) of the Baltimore Conference, her mother being the daughter of Thomas Bowman (1760-1823) of the Baltimore Conference.  Her mother’s father Thomas Bowman entertained Francis Asbury, and her father’s father Jacob Gearhart entertained Francis Asbury and was a founder of Gearhart’s Church/Mt. Vernon Cemetery outside Riverside.




Born: c1864                                                                married: Martha Halton

Died:                                                                           obit:


1887    admitted on trial, recommended by Decatur circuit





1886-87           Decatur

1887-88           Concord

1888-91           Irvona

1891-94           New Washington

1894-96           Wallaceton

1896-97           on leave

1897                discontinued at own request


Note: George Trach reportedly moved to Mannington WV




Born:                                                                           married: E. Elaine Burkett

Died:                                                                           obit:

                                                                                    married2: Mary _____

1965    admitted on trial                                              obit2:

1965    ordained deacon

1967    ordained elder





1963-64           Warfordsburg

1964-66           Robersdale

1966                transfer to Peninsula Conference

1966-68           Sherwood-Bayside

1968-72           Preston-Bethesda

1972-76           Chesapeake City

1976-80           [Peninsula Conference]

1980                transfer to Baltimore Conference

1980-92           Ridgeley Holy Cross (ending 1/1/92)

1992-94           conference approved evangelist (beginning 1/1/92)

1994-96           East Cumberland Parish

1996-01           Rawlings

2001                retired


Note: The second Mrs. Trail was also a member of the Baltimore-Washington Conference, retiring in 2004.





Born: 10-31-1867  Hebe PA                                       married: Naomi Evelyn Mohn

Died: 5-18-1942  Lewistown PA                                obit: [12/18/1875 –  12/17/1918]  [1919, 62]

                                                                                    married2: Lula Susan Matilda Davidson

                                                                                    obit2: 1943,219


1899    license, East Pennsylvania Conference of the United Brethren Church

1911    ordained, East Pennsylvania Conference of the United Brethren Church


Interment: Landingville Cemetery, Landingville PA

Obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1943, 213


1899-01           Freeburg

1901-03           Pequea circuit

1903-06           Grantville

1906-08           Manor circuit

1908-10           Bern circuit

1910-12           Tower City

1912-13           Birdsboro Grace

1913-14           living in Gibraltar, Berks County, PA

1914                transfer to Central Pennsylvania Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church

1914-16           Laurelton 

1916-20           Cassville

1920-23           Ramey

1923-25           Munson

1925-26           Half Moon

1926-28           Elysburg

1928-31           McVeytown

1931-32           Hopewell

1932-34           Shirleysburg

1934-36           East Waterford

1936-37           James Creek

1937-38           Allenport-Singer’s Gap

1938-39           Muncy Valley

1938                retired


Note: Howard M. Trautman is the father of Mary E. Trautman Donat, wife of Rev. J.K. Donat of the Lutheran Church.  The first Mrs. Trautman, who died in the flu epidemic, was the daughter of a pastor, most likely Evangelical or United Brethren, but the specific Rev. Mohn has not been able to be identified.  She may be the Naomi E. Mohn who was born and raised in Lebanon and attended Lebanon Valley College, although there was also a contemporary Naomi Eby Mohn (1872-1961) in the area who married a Mr. Dunkelberger.




Born: 9-11-1930  Mines PA                                       married: Lois Audrey Ward

Died: 1-21-2011  Carlisle PA                                     obit:


1948    license, recommended by Williamsburg

1953    admitted on trial

1953    ordained deacon

1957    ordained elder


Interment: Royer Cemetery, Blair County PA

Obit: Susquehanna Conference 2011, 407


1950-52           Allenport 

1952-53           Hopewell

1953-55           student, University of Chicago Theological Seminary

1955-56           associate, Williamsport Pine Street

1956-57           director of religious affairs, Lycoming College

1957-61           Newport

1961-65           Gettysburg

1965-69           Williamsport Newberry

1969-73           Altoona First

1973-79           Carlisle Allison

1979-93           associate general secretary, Board of Higher Education and Ministry

1993                retired


Note: Donald H. Treese is listed in the 1966 Who’s Who in the Methodist Church, page 1326.




Born: 1870                                                                  married: [never married]

Died: 1927                                                                  obit:


ordained deaconess, recommended by Register


Interment: Dodson Cemetery, Luzerne County



1909-10           Hazelton PA Slavic Mission


1917                field secretary, Woman’s Home Missionary Society


Note: Emma P. Trescott was a graduate of the Lucy Webb Hay’s Training School in Washington DC.




Born: 9-29-1890  Bellefonte PA                                married: Dorothy Marie Gibbs

Died: 5-10-1993                                                          obit: [1894 – 1992]


1918    admitted on trial

1942    ordained deacon, Virginia Conference

1943    ordained elder, Virginia Conference


Interment: Forest Lawn Cemetery and Mausoleum, Richmond VA

Obit: Virginia Conference 1993, 229


1918-20           Dudley

1920-21           Cassville

1921                permitted to withdraw from the ministry


1940-42           Caroline, Virginia Conference

1942                admitted on trial, Virginia Conference

1942-43           Caroline

1943-44           Ferrum

1944-46           Spotsylvania

1946-50           Middle Bedford

1950-54           Albermarle

1954-58           Grottoes

1958-61           associate, Greene Memorial

1961-63           Brookville

1963                retired 


Note: Citing doctrinal differences with the Methodist Church in 1921, Robert L. Tressler United with the Christian & Missionary Alliance Church.




Born: 9-9-1866  Mistershult Parish, Sweden             married: Lulu J. Hench

Died: 4-24-1901  Mapleton PA                                  obit: [1946, 252]


1890    admitted on trial

1892    ordained deacon

1894    ordained elder


Interment: Everett Cemetery, Everett PA

Obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1902, 119


1889-90           Port Royal

1890-93           Burnt Cabins

1893-96           Thompsontown

1896-01           Mapleton-Mill Creek


Note: The obituary of Henry Treverton does not mention a wife.  The following is on file in the Juniata County Historical Society:  “On Tuesday of this week [29 Jun 1897], Rev. Henry Treverton, a former pastor of the Methodist charge at Port Royal and Thompsontown, now located at Mapleton, was united in marriage to Miss Lulu Hench, of Eschol, Perry County. We extend heartiest congratulations to these most estimable young people, wishing them unalloyed happiness, along life's pathway.”




Born: 1-3-1835  Cornwall England                            married: Sarah Ann _____

Died: 1914                                                                  obit: [1838 – 8/5/1905]


Interment: Everett Cemetery, Everett PA



1895-97           Wagner

1897-98           Shirleysburg


Note: James W. Trimbath lived in Everett and served as a local pastor. 




Born: 11-15-1938  Kane PA                                       married: Nancy Elaine Bartlett

Died: 9-?-1979                                                            obit:


1960    license, Western Pennsylvania Conference

1966    admitted on trial, Western Pennsylvania Conference

1966    ordained deacon, Western Pennsylvania Conference


Interment: Forest Lawn Cemetery, Kane PA



1961-65           student, Slippery Rock State College in Slippery Rock PA

                             1961-63      assistant, Millers Station

                             1963-65       New Castle Christ

1965-66           student, Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington DC

                             1965-66      Hopewell, Central Pennsylvania Conference

1966-67           Fayette City

1967-70           at school

1970                discontinued




Born: 10-24-1922  Springtown PA                            married: Althea C. _____

Died: 2-4-1989  El Paso TX                                       obit: [4/21/1923 – 10/12/1969]

                                                                                    married2: Frances M. Jones [1970]

Interment: Fort Bliss National Cemetery, El Paso TX  obit2:



1967-68           Ralston


Note: Edward V. Trittenbach served as a local pastor.  Some sources give his birthdate as 10/2/1922 and/or his birthplace as Hellertown PA.




Born: 8-14-1921  Carlisle PA                                     married: Janet Pauline Moyer

Died: 4-28-2009  Brogue PA                                      obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 2009, 431


1967    license, recommended by Mechanicsburg Salem

1971    ordained deacon


Interment: Susquehanna Memorial Gardens, York PA

Obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 2009, 431


1969-81           Beach Haven

1981-86           Airville

1986                retired

                            1987-95       Stewartstown Mt. Olivet (beginning 9/6/87) 

                            1995            Craley – New Bridgeville (July-August)


Note: Kenneth L. Troup is the father of Peggy L. Troup Horst, wife of Albert Horst of the Susquehanna Conference, and the grandfather of Rachel L. Horst of the Susquehanna Conference.  He served as a local pastor.




Born: 4-29-1871  Warfordsburg PA                           married:

Died: 1934                                                                  obit:


1897    quarterly conference license


Interment: Hollidaysburg Presbyterian Cemetery, Hollidaysburg PA



1897-99           living in Morrisdale

1899-00           Grant (Clearfield County)

1900-01           Patchenville (Clearfield County), Allegheny Conference of the United Brethren Church


Note:  Ernest B. Truax served as a local pastor and is the son of Job Truax.  He attended Williamsport Dickinson Seminary, with his home town listed as Ansonville PA.  Beginning in 1900, he is no longer listed in the Central Pennsylvania Conference. 




Born: 6-18-1842  Warfordsburg PA                           married: Harriet Lodge Bishop

Died: 3-14-1903  Hollidaysburg PA                          obit: [8/31/1842 – 9/25/1917]


1894    quarterly conference license

1895    ordained elder, recommended by New Washington


Interment: Hollidaysburg Presbyterian Cemetery, Hollidaysburg PA

Obit: [1903, 57]


1889-91           Coalport (beginning circa Oct 1889)

1891-94           Glen Hope

1894-96           New Washington

1896-98           Ansonville

1898-99           McKee’s Gap

1899                no longer listed


Note: Job Truax served as a local pastor and is the father of Ernest B. Truax.





Born: 1-9-1842  Fairmount, Luzerne County PA       married: Emma Edwards

Died: 5-2-1925  Williamsport PA                              obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1916, 132


1869    license, recommended by Laporte

1872    admitted on trial

1874    ordained deacon

1876    ordained elder


Interment: Beach Grove Cemetery, Shickshinny PA

Obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1926, 337


1872-73           Conyngham

1873-74           Berwick circuit

1874-75           Mifflinville

1875-77           Bendersville

1877-80           Fort Littleton

1880-82           Jerseytown

1882-84           Elysburg

1884-85           on leave

1885-87           Buckhorn

1887-94           on leave

                            1890-91  Silver Brook       

1894-95           Excelsior

1895-97           Jamison City

1897-00           Bloomingdale

1900-02           Buckhorn

1902-04           Orangeville-Light Street

1904                retired




Born: 11-11-1888  Australia                                       married:

Died: 3-?-1966  California                                          obit:





1933-34           Dillsburg & Wellsville (did not finish the year)


Note: Dr. Ernest E. Tuck was a Methodist missionary to the Philippine Islands. He was interned in Manila by the Japanese during World War II (1942-1945).  He came to the United States from Australia as a teenager in 1905, settling in Colorado. He graduated from the University of Denver and became a Methodist minister in Denver. He later went to Boston University for graduate work in theology. At the time he finished his degree, World War I had ended and the Methodist church was launching a new world mission program. Tuck and his wife volunteered, and along with their four-year-old daughter began their mission work in India, spending five years. He then spent seven years as an Associate Secretary at the Board of Missions in New York. After another three years as a minister, in 1936 they went to the Philippines where he was appointed the superintendent of the Methodist Mission in Manila. Following the war and a brief time in the United States he returned to the Philippines to help in the rebuilding for seven years. He returned to spend five years in New York as the director of the Advance Department for the Board of Missions after which he retired in 1957. His papers are in the University of Oregon Libraries Special Collections in Eugene.  The details of his brief connection with the Central Pennsylvania Conference are unknown.




Born: 1-3-1888  Oxford ID                                        married: Miriam Rutherford

Died: 11-14-1967  Camp Hill PA                               obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1985, 418


1914    admitted on trial

1916    ordained deacon


Interment: Lincoln Chapel Cemetery, Laurelton PA

Obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1968, 322


1913-14           Laurelton 

1914-15           Orangeville-Light Street

1915-18           Orangeville-Rohrsburg

1918-22           Berwick Calvary

1922-25           Hastings

1925-30           Everett

1930-35           Curwensville

1935-40           York Grace

1940-43           Altoona Simpson

1943-48           Huntingdon First

1948-55           Hanover

1955-58           Harrisburg Epworth

1958                retired


Note: Ariel R. Turner is the son of James Elmer Turner (located 1894, d. 1912 [or possibly 1863-1910]) of the Southern California Conference (and founder of the American Bible University in Ohio) and a brother to James A. Turner.  He listed in the 1966 Who’s Who in the Methodist Church.




Born:                                                                           married:

Died:                                                                           obit:


1875    admitted on trial





1875-76           Grahamton

1876                discontinued




Born:                                                                           married:

Died:                                                                           obit:


1869    quarterly conference license, Orangeville





1868-69           Orangeville

1869-70           Laporte


Note: J.C. Turner served as a local pastor.  His initials also appear as “I.C.” and “P.C.”





Born: 4-7-1889  Oxford ID                                        married: Leona Agnes Kittle

Died: 8-9-1971                                                            obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1964, 366


1914    license, recommended by Bloomsburg

1915    admitted on trial

1917    ordained deacon

1919    ordained elder


Interment: Jersey Shore Cemetery, Jersey Shore PA

Obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1972, 398


1915-18           Harveyville

1918-22           Conyngham

1922-26           Picture Rocks

1926-31           Gordon

1931-32           Williamsburg

1932-34           Altoona Fairview

1934-37           New Oxford-Ortanna

1937-42           Patton

1942-49           Riverside

1949-50           Duncannon

1950-55           Ashland

1955-61           Jersey Shore Epworth

1961                retired

                        Nelson (approx. 1 year)


Note: James A. Turner is the son of James Elmer Turner (located 1894, d. 1912 [or possibly 1863-1910]) of the Southern California Conference (and founder of the American Bible University in Ohio) and a brother to Ariel R. Turner.  He is listed in the 1966 Who’s Who in the Methodist Church, page 1336.





Born:                                                                           married:

Died:                                                                           obit:





1958-60           Frankstown

1960-64           Snydertown


Note: William Turner served as a local pastor.  He is otherwise unknown.