Preserving and Celebrating Our United Methodist Heritage in Central and Northeast Pennsylvania

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Central Pennsylvania Conference Methodist Pastors.  Click on the first letter of the surname to enter the file of all the pastors for that letter.  The instructions file gives information about this project, the dates at which various conference boundary changes occurred, and detailed bibliographic references. 

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Born: 9-26-1914  Pen Yan NY                                   married: Mary Lois Marsh

Died: 5-27-2012                                                          obit: New England Conference 2001, B-267


1943    admitted on trial

1943    ordained deacon

1945    ordained elder, Philadelphia Conference


Interment: Newton Cemetery, Emporium PA



1943-44           student, Boston University School of Theology in Boston MA

1944                transfer to Philadelphia Conference

1944-46           Hamburg

1946-48           Lucknow St. Mark’s

1948                transfer to New England Conference

1948-51           Arlington Heights MA First

1951-56           Salem MA Lafayette Street

1956-62           Dorchester MA Greenwood Memorial

1962-67           Somerville MA College Avenue (ending 9/30/67)

1967-75           Quincy MA Wollaston (beginning 10/1/67)

1975-79           Ipswich MA

1969                retired





Born: 12-3-1919  Port Homer OH                              married: Eleanor Louise Bailey

Died: 3-13-2018  Tyrone PA                                      obit: Susquehanna Conference 2014, 262


1940    license, Church of the Nazarene

1941    ordained deacon, Church of the Nazarene

1943    ordained elder, Church of the Nazarene


Interment: Bald Eagle Cemetery, Bald Eagle PA

Obit: Susquehanna Conference 2018, 275


1942-44           Albany IN

1944-46           chaplain, US Army

1946-49           McLouth KS, Methodist Church

1949-50           Sligo PA

1950-52           Beaver Falls PA

1952-54           Butler PA

1954-55           Sarasota FL

1955                approved supply pastor, Baltimore Conference of the Methodist Church

1955-58           Ellerslie

1958                Cumberland Center Street (summer)

1958-60           faculty, Vennard College in University Park IA

1960                admitted on trial, Baltimore Conference

1960-64           Union Grove

1964                transfer to Florida Conference

1964-66           Alturas

1966                transfer to Central Pennsylvania Conference

1966-69           Bald Eagle Parish

1969-76           Bellwood Trinity

1976-77           Mansfield

1977-80           Clearfield parish

1980-85           Altoona Wesley-Asbury

1985                retired

                             1997-01  Mill Creek





Born: 10-29-1835  Bedford County PA                     married: Margaret B. _____

Died: 1-24-1898  Baltimore MD                                obit: [1831-1941]


1857  admitted on trial, Baltimore Conference


Interment: Loudon Park Cemetery, Baltimore MD

Obit: Baltimore Conference 1898, 59


1857                charter member of East Baltimore Conference

1857-58           Birmingham

1958-59           Frostburg

1859-60           Westernport

1860-61           North Baltimore station

1861-62           West Falls

1862-63           Liberty

1863-64           Westminster

1864-65           Hancock

1865-68           Hagerstown

1868                charter member of Central Pennsylvania Conference

1868-70           Northumberland

1870-72           Williamsport Price Chapel [Grace]

1872                transfer to Baltimore Conference

1872-73           Shepherdstown WV

1873-75           Martinsburg WV

1875-78           Havre de Grace

1878-81           East Baltimore

1881-84           Baltimore Wesley Chapel

1884-86           Washington Mount Zion

1886-89           Emory

1889-92           Baltimore Caroline Street

1892-94           Mount Washington

1894-96           Baltimore Canton Street

1896                retired




Born:                                                                           married: Marjorie P. _____

Died:                                                                           obit:





1962-65           associate, Harrisburg Grace

1965-66           Amherst MA Unitarian Universalist Church

1966-96           faculty, Springfield College in Springfield MA


Note: W. Mason Olds is the author of several articles and books on humanism.  In 2008 he is a professor emeritus of Springfield College and listed as a retired Unitarian Universalist minister living in South Carolina.





Born: 1-17-1882  Sid, Austria-Hungary                     married: Anno Danco

Died: 3-8-1951  Baltimore MD                                  obit:





1913-14           Berwick Anthracite Mission

1914-15           Hazleton Anthracite Mission

1915                “transfer” to Pittsburgh Conference

1915-20           Coke Mission

1920-27           assistant, Johnstown Franklin Street

1927-33           West Brownsville St. John’s

1933-45           Disputanta VA Bethlehem Congregational Church


Note: George Olejar published the monthly magazine “Krestan” (the Slovak word for Christian) from 1911 into the 1930’s.  His son Paul D. Olejar is the author of the 1991 book Sentinel at the Crossroads, the story of Methodism’s 1883-1933 “Coke Mission” in western Pennsylvania.




Born: 1-13-1903                                                          married: Katherine Schwindt

Died: 10-27-1995                                                        obit: Eastern Pennsylvania Conference 1973, 411

                                                                                    married2: Edith Kellow

1925    admitted on trial, Philadelphia Conference    obit2: Eastern Pennsylvania Conference 1978, 557


Interment: Bismark Cemetery, Quentin PA

Obit: Eastern Pennsylvania Conference 1996, 7.252


1924-25           student, Dickinson College

                             1924-25  Vira (Sept. 1924 to fall 1925)

1925-28           student, Drew Theological Seminary in Madison NJ

                             1925-28  Bayville & Ocean Gate

1928-31           Leola & New Holland

1931-32           Berwyn

1932-35           Columbia Cookman

1935-37           Hamburg

1937-40           Philadelphia C.C. Hancock

1940-44           Easton First

1944-49           Pottstown First

1949-53           Chester Madison Street

1953-54           Pottsville

1954-60           Bethlehem Wesley

1960-62           Glenside

1962-64           Norristown Asbury

1964-68           Lebanon

1969-73           Prospect Park

1973                retired




Born: 6-21-1835  Lewistown PA                               married: Lucy J. Rhodes

Died: 11-11-1897  Altoona PA                                  obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1910, 125


1861    admitted on trial, East Baltimore Conference


Interment: Greenwood Cemetery, Altoona

Obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1898, 95


1861-62           Philipsburg

1862-63           New Washington

1863-64           Penn’s Valley

1864-65           Newberry

1865-66           Half Moon

1866-68           Selinsgrove

1868                charter member of Central Pennsylvania Conference

1868-69           Selinsgrove

1869-71           Wrightsville

1871-74           Watsontown

1874-76           Emporium

1876-79           Port Royal

1879-81           Three Springs

1881-83           Manor Hill

1883-92           on leave

1892                retired


Note: J. Wesley Olewine is the son of Jonas Olewine of the Baltimore Conference.  “Jonas Olewine, father of Rev. J. Wesley Olewine of East Baltimore Conference died near Kylarton PA, on July 30, aged 52.  He was a member of the M.E. Church for more than 33 years.  He was converted and joined the Church at Harrisburg PA, in 1830, and continued faithful to the end.  A few days before he died, we heard his voice in the love-feast.  He spoke of his enjoyments in religion and his prospect of eternal life.  In death he was not forsaken.  During his four days’ illness he was happy, and expressed a willingness to ‘depart and be with Christ.’  On being asked by his companion, when going through the valley of the shadow of death, ‘How is it with you now?’, he replied, ‘to me death has no terrors.’  With his last breath he faintly said, ‘praise, praise, praise, The Lord’, and triumphantly crossed the river of death, only to live in the paradise of God.”





Born: 5-3-1830  Chester County PA                          married: Mary Elizabeth Brooke

Died: 9-1-1910  Salisbury MD                                   obit: Philadelphia Conference 1904, 87

                                                                                    married2: Mary Elizabeth Stephens

1852    admitted on trial, Baltimore Conference        obit2:


Interment: Old Salem Cemetery, Salem PA

Obit: Philadelphia Conference 1911, 96


1852-53           Fulton

1853-54           Cochranville

1854-55           Church Creek

1855-56           Cambridge

1856-58           Crozerville

1858-59           Newcastle

1859-61           Birdsboro

1861-63           Salem-Charlestown

1863-65           Conshohocken

1865-66           Wilmington Scott

1866-68           North East

1868-70           Tamaqua

1870-71           Hestonville

1871-72           Cressona

1872                transfer to Central Pennsylvania Conference by boundary change

1872-74           Harrisburg St. Paul’s

1874                transfer to Philadelphia Conference

1874-76           on leave

1876-92           [Philadelphia Conference]

1892                retired


Note: The second Mrs. O’Neill is the daughter of Rev. Richard Stephens of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South.




Born: 5-15-1937  Long Hollow, PA                           married: Linda Wharton        

Died: 5-3-1970                                                            obit:    


1961    license

1964    ordained deacon

1966    ordained elder


Interment: Mt. Zion Cemetery, Catawissa PA

Obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1970, 382


1961-70           Catawissa circuit


Note: Bruce E. Oppel served as a local pastor.




Born:                                                                           married:

Died:                                                                           obit:





1945-47           Boiling Springs & Hickorytown


Note: John C. Orr served as a local pastor.  It appears that he was not a student from Dickinson College.




Born: 6-10-1935                                                          married:

Died:                                                                           obit:


1968    license


Interment: [tombstone prepared at Mills Cemetery, Mills PA]



1967-68           Middlefield, Wyoming Conference

1968-70           Ulysses (beginning 12/1/68)

1970                no longer listed

                             1970-73  Mills


Note: Faith E. Orth served as a local pastor.  She apparently kept serving the union congregation at Mills when it was dropped from the United Methodist Ulysses charge in 1970.  Her name appears in connections with area marriages and burials at least until 2001.




Born: 2-12-1871  PA                                                  married: Ida Myrtle Haight [8/21/1901]

Died: 3-31-1942  Kane PA                                         obit: [11/2/1880 – 3/22/1971]


1897    quarterly conference license, Methodist Episcopal Church

1903    license, Allegheny Conference of the United Brethren Church

1914    ordained, Allegheny Conference of the United Brethren Church


Interment: Hillcrest Cemetery, Clearfield PA



1897-98           North Jefferson, Allegheny Conference of the United Brethren Church

1900-01           living in Selinsgrove

1901-02           Washingtonville

1902                Harrisonville (Mar-Aug)

1902                “transfer” to Allegheny Conference of the United Brethren Church

1902-03           Birmingham

1903-06           East Salem

1906-07           New Paris

1907-08           Lovett

1908-10           Liverpool

1910-12           Mahaffey

1912-13           Knoxdale

1913-15           Fayette

1915-17           West Decatur (ending 4/16/17)

1926                dropped


Note: Joseph E. Ott is a brother to Edwin F. Ott (1863-1948) of the Allegheny Conference of the United Brethren Church.  He served in the Methodist Episcopal Church as a local pastor.  He reportedly served as a minister until two daughters aged 8 and 10 died within six months of each other, and then became a chiropractor in Kane PA.




Born: 12-5-1863  Eichelbergertown PA                     married: Lois Olive Daugherty

Died: 8-8-1955  Duncansville PA                              obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1955, 239


1886    admitted on trial, recommended by Leidy circuit

1888    ordained deacon


Interment: Everett Cemetery, Everett PA

Obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1956, 232


1885-86           Leidy

1886-87           Leidy & Emporium

1887-88           Emporium

1888-90           Shirleysburg

1890-92           Reedsville

1892-96           Three Springs

1896-99           Blain

1899-00           McVeytown

1900-02           Manor Hill

1903-06           Newport

1906-09           Danville Trinity

1909-14           Gettysburg

1914-17           Williamsport High Street.

1917-19           Jersey Shore First

1919-22           Patton

1922-25           Ashland

1925-30           Clearfield Emmanuel

1930-35           Duncansville

1935                retired





Born: 1839                                                                  married: Sarah A. _____

Died: 1913                                                                  obit: [1852-1922]


1883    recommended by Primitive Methodist Church

1885    admitted on trial, recommended by Catawissa circuit


Interment: Pine Grove Cemetery, Berwick PA



1884-85           Catawissa circuit

1885-87           South Heberton

1887                discontinued


Note: Edward T. Owen served as a traveling pastor in the Primitive Methodist Connexion in the British Isles for 20 years before coming to America in 1883. 




Born: 12-26-1830  Clearfield County PA                  married: Lavina C. Korb

Died: 6-13-1885  Kittanning PA                                obit: [7/8/1837 – 1/14/1904]


1859    admitted on trial, East Baltimore Conference 

1862    ordained, Allegheny Conference of the United Brethren Church


Interment: Kittanning Cemetery, Kittanning PA 



1859-60           Penns Valley

1860                “transfer” to Allegheny Conference of the United Brethren Church

1860-61           Wilmore

1861-63           Knoxdale

1863-65           Mahoning

1865-70           located for health reasons

1870                honorable discharge


Note: In 1866, John W. Owen moved to Kittanning where he practiced dentistry, operated a store, and engaged in other business pursuits.  He became an active layman in the local Methodist Protestant church.  There is a biographical sketch of John W. Owen in the biographical files.





Born: 12-9-1888  Lumber City PA                             married: Bessie Alverta [Alcie] Reiley

Died: 8-10-1967  Williamsport PA                            obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1970, 389


1917    admitted on trial

1920    ordained deacon

1922    ordained elder


Interment: Wildwood Cemetery, Williamsport PA

Obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1968, 326


1917-18           at school

1918-20           Lewisberry-Lisburn

1820-22           New Bloomfield

1922-24           McVeytown (ending 9/4/24)

1924-27           Burnham (beginning 9/4/24)

1927-30           Warrior’s Mark

1930-32           Hughsville (ending 6/20/32)

1932-34           Williamsburg (beginning 6/20/32)

1934-38           Altoona Grace (ending 8/11/38)

1938-42           Harrisburg Ridge Avenue (beginning 8/11/38)

1942-46           Clearfield West Side

1946-50           Bellefonte

1950-54           Petersburg-Alexandria

1954-57           Altoona Jaggard

1957                retired

                             1957-59      Ralston 

                             1961-63      Laurelton 

                             1963-64      Waterville  


Note: Mrs. Owens is the daughter of William McKendree Reiley.





Born: 4-7-1843  Birmingham PA                               married: M. Jennie _____

Died: 10-8-1876  Ennisville PA                                 obit: [d. c1928]


1866    license

1867    admitted on trial, East Baltimore Conference


Interment: Birmingham, Pa

Obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1877, 63


1866-68           Manor Hill

1868                charter member of Central Pennsylvania Conference

1868-71           Rainsburg [Bedford] circuit

1871-73           Granville

1973-75           on leave

                            1873-74       Warrior’s Mark

                            1874-75       Beach Creek

1875-76           assistant, Altoona Eighth Avenue

1876-76           Ennisville


Note: An obituary of William J. Owens also appears in the November 1876 Conference News.




Born: 8-03-1851                                                          married: Elisabeth Weary

Died: 10-4-1912                                                          obit: [4/15/1845 – 11/26/1930]


1889    ordained deacon, recommended by Shamokin station

1893    ordained elder, recommended by Shamokin First


Interment: Shamokin Cemetery, Shamokin PA



Note: William R. Owns served as a local pastor.  The surname is also rendered OWEN.




Born: 6-15-1873  Mann’s Choice PA                         married: Mary Ardella Phoenix

Died: 8-7-1956  Luzerne PA                                      obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1942, 212

                                                                                    married2: Mrs. Lydia O. Myers

                                                                                    obit2: 1953, 230

1898    admitted on trial, recommended by Williamsport Mulberry Street


Interment: Alto-Reste Cemetery, Altoona PA

Obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1957, 242


1898-99           Westport

1899-01           Clarkstown

1901-04           Gardeau

1904-05           Keating Summit

1905-09           Mercersburg

1909-12           Milesburg-Unionville

1912-14           Clearfield Eleventh Street

1914-18           Gettysburg

1918-21           Williamsport Mulberry Street

1921-25           Philipsburg

1925-28           Sunbury St. John’s

1928-31           Berwick First

1931-36           Mount Union First

1936-40           Altoona Simpson

1940-42           York Grace

1942-46           Gordon

1946                retired