Preserving and Celebrating Our United Methodist Heritage in Central and Northeast Pennsylvania

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Central Pennsylvania Conference Methodist Pastors.  Click on the first letter of the surname to enter the file of all the pastors for that letter.  The instructions file gives information about this project, the dates at which various conference boundary changes occurred, and detailed bibliographic references. 

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Born: 5-12-1828  Philadelphia PA                             married: Margaret A. Hutchinson

Died: 7-17- 1885  Dayton OH                                    obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1904, 127


1853    admitted on trial, Baltimore Conference


Interment: Woodlawn Cemetery, Dayton, OH

Obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1886, 77


1853-54           Warrior’s Mark

1854-56           Gettysburg

1856-57           Hancock MD

1857                charter member of East Baltimore Conference

1857-58           Hancock MD

1858-60           Mercersburg

1860-62           Shippensburg

1862-67           chaplain, US Volunteers

1867-68           chaplain, National Home for disabled volunteers in Dayton OH

1868                charter member of Central Pennsylvania Conference

1868-85           chaplain, National Home for disabled volunteers in Dayton OH


Note: An obituary for William Earnshaw also appears in the 8/6/1885 Christian Advocate.  A biographical sketch is given in Armstrong’s The Old Baltimore Conference, page 368, and in the January 1879 Conference News.  Some sources indicate that he transferred to the Tennessee Conference in 1864.




Born: 10-26-1867  Illchester MD                               married:  Lina Gibb Pearsall [5/1/1901]

Died: 2-4-1950                                                            obit: [1877 – 1960]


1893    ordained deacon, recommended by Carlisle

1896    ordained elder, Newark Conference

1900    admitted on trial, Newark Conference


Interment: Valleau Cemetery, Ridgewood NJ

Obit: Newark Conference 1950, 491


1891-95           student, Dickinson College

1895-97           student, New York University in New York City NY

                             1895-97      Ridgewood NJ

1897-98           student, Drew Theological Seminary on Madison NJ

1898-99           student, University of Berlin

1899-00           student, Leipzig University

1900-02           Newark St. James

1902-04           Plainfield Grace

1904-09           faculty, Syracuse University in Syracuse NY

1909-38           faculty, Drew Theological Seminary in Madison NJ

1938                retired


Note: Although ordained by the conference, Edwin L. Earp was never a member of the Central Pennsylvania Conference.  He is the author of numerous books and articles.  Mrs. Earp took seminary courses at Drew 1923-25.  Other sources erroneously give her maiden name as Ella Louisa Pearsall.





Born: 11-19-1826  Mercer County PA                       married: Mary Elizabeth Gerry

Died: 12-21-1913  Shrewsbury PA                            obit: [1835-1867]

                                                                                    married2: Irene Wanetta Benton [1872]

                                                                                    obit2: [1849-?]

Interment: Christ Lutheran Church Cemetery, Shrewsbury PA

Obit: The Christian Advocate 2/5/1914, page 206


1863-64           chaplain, US Army


Note: David Eberhart is the father of James G. Eberhart and of David Cleon Eberhart Jr. (1875-?) who attended Drew Theological Seminary and served briefly in the Congregational Church before taking up law.  He practiced dentistry in York County and served as a local pastor.  Family tradition says he was initially assigned to Shrewsbury circuit but left the itinerancy because of failing health.




Born: 7-27-1856  Shrewsbury PA                              married: Florence Elmira Little [3/3/1881]

Died: 11-19-1936  Winnebago County IL                 obit: [1861 – 7/15/1939]


1881    admitted on trial, recommended by Concord circuit

1884    ordained deacon

1886    ordained elder


Interment: Greenwood Cemetery, Rockford IL



1881-82           Burnt Cabins

1882                discontinued at own request

1882                “transfer” to Rock River Conference

1882-83           Shannon

1883-84           Forreston

1884-85           Durand and Davis

1885-86           missionary to Flagstaff AZ

1886-88           missionary to Prescott AZ

1888                missionary to Tombstone AZ

1888                transfer to Colorado Conference

1888-89           Central City

1889-90           Ouray

1890                transfer to Rock River Conference

1890                Kent

1890                transfer to Upper Iowa Conference

1890-91           Northwood

1891-92           Parkersburg

1892-93           West Branch

1893-94           Edgewood

1894-96           Elwood

1896-97           Slacyville

1897-98           Ridgeway

1898-99           Bassett

1899-01           Andrew

1901-02           Oxford Junction

1902-06           on leave

1906                transfer to Central Illinois Conference

1906-08           Moline and Carbon Cliff

1908-09           Erie

1909-14           on leave

1914                located, living in Rockford IL.


Note: James G. Eberhart is the son of David C. Eberhart.  He graduated from Cornell College (Iowa) in 1878 and from Drew Theological Seminary in 1880.




Born: 10-25-1876  Muncy PA                                    married: Blanche Gertrude Duncan

Died: 2-5-1968  Muncy PA                                        obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1940, 181


1901    admitted on trial, recommended by Muncy


Interment: Muncy Cemetery, Muncy PA

Obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1968, 318


1901-03           Westport

1903-05           Penfield

1905-06           on leave

1906-07           Williamsport Pine Street

1907-11           Stewartstown

1911-21           retired

1921-22           on leave

1922                retired




Born: 8-1-1854  England                                            married: Cornelia Ann Gerard [4/18/1883]

Died: 3-26-1936                                                          obit: [3/26/1853 – 3/6/1901]


1882    admitted on trial, recommended by Carlisle

1883    ordained deacon, recommended by Loudon


Interment: Columbus Cemetery, Columbus NJ

Obit: New Jersey Conference 1936, 134


1880-82           student, Dickinson College

1882-83           Loudon

1883-84           Dillsburg

1884-86           Fort Littleton

1886-89           Littlestown

1889-92           Newville-Pine Grove

1892-95           Selinsgrove

1895                transfer to New Jersey Conference





Born: 3-16-1894                                                          married: Louise Billingsley

Died: 9-16-1996  El Cajon CA                                   obit: So Cal-Arizona Conference 1967, 266

                                                                                    married2: Joscelyne Ursula [“Marina”] Gee

1916    admitted on trial, Baltimore Conference        obit2: [4/17/1898 – 10/21/1988]


Interment: Westminster Memorial Gardens, Carlisle PA

Obit: California-Pacific Conference 1997, ?


1917-46           chaplain, US Navy

1946-59           president, Dickinson College

1947                transfer to Central Pennsylvania Conference

1947-59           president, Dickinson College

1959                transfer to Southern California-Arizona Conference


Note: William W. Edel also served as superintendent of education for American Samoa 1924-27.  The second Mrs. Edel was the widow of a Mr. Rupert Nixon; for details on her life in the entertainment/communication industry see her obituary in the 10/27/1988 San Diego Union, reprinted by Find-a-Grave.





Born:                                                                           married: Peggy Giauque

Died:                                                                           obit:


1968    admitted on trial

1968    ordained deacon

1970    ordained elder






1968-70           student, Yale University in New Haven CT

1970                transfer to Southern New Jersey Conference

1978                transfer to Wisconsin Conference

1982                transfer to Baltimore Conference

1982-88           minister of music, St. Luke’s Lutheran (beginning 1/1/1988)

1988                Damascus-Friendship

2013                retired (01/01/2013)


Note: Walter G. Edmonds (pianist) and his daughter Polly Edmonds Baldridge (soloist) have produced several albums of Christian music.




Born: 11-13-1847  Broad Top PA                              married: Eliza Ellen Stucker

Died: 10-6-1891                                                          obit: [1847 – 1911]


1869    admitted on trial


Interment: Old Rosemont Cemetery, Bloomsburg, PA



1869-72           Orangeville

1871-73           Castle Fin

1873-75           on leave

                             1873-74      Benton

1875-76           Liberty Valley

1876-77           Congress Hill

1877-79           Snow Shoe

1879-82           Lumber City

1882                transfer to Florida Conference (for health reasons)

1883-84           Lake Eustis, Mont Dora & Round Lake

1884-85           Seneca Lake circuit

1885-86           St. John’s River

1886-88           on leave

1888                located, and apparently returned to Pennsylvania

                             1888-89      Waterville

                             1901-02      Boiling Springs




Born: 5-10-1892  Nesquehoning PA                          married:

Died: 1966                                                                  obit: [divorced 5/6/1938]

                                                                                    married2: Esther Caroline Iobst [9/14/1947]

1926    license, Evangelical Congregational Church  obit2: [4/6/1900 – 9/25/2003]

1927    ordained, Evangelical Congregational Church



Interment: Protestant Cemetery, Nesquehoning PA



1924-25           Clearville

1925-26           Picture Rocks circuit

1926                “transfer” to the Evangelical Congregational Church

1926-31           Herndon

1931-37           Emmaus

1937-42           Boyertown

1942-43           Slatington

1943-44           US Army

1944-50           Slatington

1950-51           located

1951-53           Centronia

1953-58           Herndon

1958-59           Slatington

1959                retired


Note: Jacob D. Edwards served in the Central Pennsylvania Conference as a local pastor.  He served in the US Army in WWI and WWII, and he and his wife reportedly founded the Edwards Evangelical Congregational School and Church in Liberia, Africa.




Born:                                                                           married: 

Died:                                                                           obit: 


1888    ordained deacon, recommended by Stockton & Beaver Meadows charge





Note: Thomas R. Edwards served as a local pastor.  He is believed to be the Thomas Edwards who was the father of Jacob D. Edwards.




Born: 4-23-1834  Martinsburg VA                             married: Fannie Trone

Died: 2-16-1909  Baltimore MD                                obit:


1856    admitted on trial, Baltimore Conference.


Interment: Loudon Park Cemetery, Baltimore MD

Obit: Baltimore Conference 1909, 87


                        Warrenton VA

                        Jefferson circuit

                        Jackson Street and Market Street, St. Paul MN

                        Alexandria VA

                        Chambersburg circuit



                        Fayette Street

                        City Station

1869                transfer to Central Pennsylvania Conference

1869-71           Williamsport Mulberry Street

1871                transfer to Baltimore Conference


                        Caroline Street

                        Centre Street

                        superintendent, Baltimore District

                        superintendent, West Baltimore District


                        Dumbarton Avenue

                        superintendent, Baltimore District

                        superintendent, East Baltimore District

                        Madison Square

1901                retired


Note William S. Edwards is the son of William B. Edwards (1809-1888) of the Baltimore Conference.





Born: 12-11-1800 Boiling Springs PA                       married: Susanna Penrose Thompson

Died: 8-9-1889 Mechanicsburg PA                            obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1896, 105


1827    admitted on trial, Baltimore Conference


Interment: Danville Cemetery

Obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1890, 75


1827-29           Concord

1829-30           Philipsburg

1830-31           Bellefonte

1831-32           Sunbury

1832-33           Berwick

1833-34           Lycoming

1834-35           Northumberland

1835-37           Sunbury

1837-39           Great Falls

1839-41           Codorus

1841-43           Shrewsbury

1843-45           East Harford

1845-47           Washington DC Ebenezer

1847-48           Patapsco

1848-50           Calvert

1850-52           Newport

1852-54           Severn

1854-56           Great Falls

1856-57           Frederick circuit

1857                charter member of East Baltimore Conference

1857-59           York Springs

1859-60           Wrightsville

1860-68           principal, Cumberland Valley Institute at Mechanicsburg

1868                charter member of Central Pennsylvania Conference

1868-78           principal, Cumberland Valley Institute at Mechanicsburg

                            1874-75  New Cumberland

                            1876-78  Mechanicsburg

1878                retired


Note: Oliver Ege is the father of Thompson P. Ege.  A biographical sketch is given in Armstrong’s The Old Baltimore Conference, page 370.  Another son, Alexander Hemphill Ege, is also credited with being the principal at Cumberland Valley Institute 1860-1878.  It appears that the proper titles at Cumberland Valley Institute are as follows:

1860-65           Thompson = principal, Alexander  = assistant principal, Oliver = manager

1865-68           Alexander = principal, Oliver = manager




Born: 10-12-1835  Berwick PA                                  married: Sarah Cooper Dodson

Died:                                                                           obit: [5/?/1834 – 1/20/1891]


1865    admitted on trial, East Baltimore Conference

1866    ordained deacon, East Baltimore Conference

1868    ordained elder, East Baltimore Conference




1860-65           priesident, Cumberland Valley Institute at Mechanicsburg

1865-68           president, Irving Female College at Mechanicsburg

1868                transfer to Central Pennsylvania Conference

1868-84           president, Irving Female College at Mechanicsburg

1884                withdrew to join the Protestant Episcopal Church


Note: Thompson P. Ege is the son of Oliver Ege.  He is the author of History and Genealogy of the Ege Family in the United States 1738-1911 and of Dodson Genealogy 1600-1907, neither of which the archives has.




Born: 4-28-1944  Shamokin PA                                 married: Elaine Marie Wetzel [8/12/67]

Died:                                                                           obit:


1967    admitted on trial, recommended by Shamokin Lincoln Street

1967    ordained deacon

1969    ordained elder





1962-66           student, Lycoming College

1966-69           student, Drew Theological Seminary in Madison NJ

1969- 91          dean of admissions, Wyoming Seminary in Kingston PA

1991                transfer to Wyoming Conference

1991-               dean of admissions, Wyoming Seminary in Kingston PA


Note:  As of 2003, Rev. Eidam still serves as the dean of admissions at Wyoming Seminary.




Born:                                                                           married

Died:                                                                           obit:


1952    admitted on trial





1950-53           White Haven

1953-56           Beach Haven

1956-58           Freeland Parish

1958                withdrew to join the United Church of Christ


1981                Calvary UCC, Lima OH

1991-06           First Reformed UCC, Kenton OH




Born: 7-23-1855  Lewisburg PA                                married: Anna M. Zuck

Died: 8-10-1922  Altoona PA                                    obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1895, 91

                                                                                    married2: Laura Annette Ulsh

obit2: [1947, 215]

1885    admitted on trial, recommended by Pine Grove circuit    

1886    ordained deacon


Interment: New Buffalo PA

Obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1923, 133


1882-83           Woodland

1884-87           Pine Grove

1887-89           Birmingham

1889-94           on leave

1894-96           Liverpool

1896-97           Hoytville

1897-99           on leave

1899-00           Greencastle

1900-01           Camp Hill

1901-05           on leave (ending 7/16/1905)

1905-07           Lock Haven East Main Street (beginning 7/16/1905)

1907-08           Cross Forks

1908-11           Hoytville

1911-13           Ramey

1913-15           Sinnemahoning

1915                retired


Note: Thomas A. Elliott is the son of John W. Elliott (1818-1857) of the Baltimore Conference




Born:                                                                           married:

Died:                                                                           obit:


1859    admitted on trial, East Baltimore Conference


1859-60           Muncy

1860                discontinued at own request



Born: 1-25-1844  near Elysburg PA                           married: Lucinda Susan Dunmire

Died: 8-16-1893  Warrior’s Mark PA            obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1917, 135


1867    admitted on trial, East Baltimore Conference: recommended by Bloomsburg

1880    return to itinerancy, recommended by McVeytown & Granville circuit


Interment: Warrior’s Mark Cemetery

Obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1894, 91


1867-68           Washingtonville

1968                charter member of Central Pennsylvania Conference

1868-69           Shirleysburg

1869-71           Manor Hill

1871-73           Milroy

1873-75           Rainsburg

1875-76           on leave

1876-78           Freedom

1878-80           on leave

1880-82           Blain

1882-83           on leave

1883-85           Thompsontown

1885-88           on leave

1888-90           Woodbury

1890-93           Warrior’s Mark


Note: An obituary for John W. Ely also appears in the 8/24/1893 Central Pennsylvania Methodist, page 1.  Mrs. Ely is a sister to William Worth Dunmire and Mrs. Justus A. Melick.




Born: 5-30-1864  Bethlehem PA                                married: Myrtle Joanna Bryan

Died: 5-28-1927  Port Matilda PA                             obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1957, 248


1901    admitted on trial, recommended by McElhattan

1903    ordained deacon


Interment: Tyrone Cemetery, Tyrone PA

Obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1928, 737


1899-01           McElhattan & Pine

1901-03           Liberty Valley

1903-05           Laporte

1905-11           Medix Run

1911-12           Pleasant Gap

1912-16           Glen Campbell

1916-19           Schellsburg

1919-23           Glen Hope

1923-25           Three Springs

1925-27           Port Matilda




Born: 7-30-1870  Penn Hall PA                                 married: Carrie Mae Ulrich

Died: 4-19-1929  Spring Mills PA                             obit: Central PA ConferenceEUB 1960,89


1901    exhorter’s license

1902    local preacher’s license

1911    license, Central Pennsylvania Conference of the United Evangelical Church

1913    ordained deacon, Central Pennsylvania Conference of the United Evangelical Church

1915    ordained elder, Central Pennsylvania Conference of the United Evangelical Church


Interment: Fairview Cemetery, Millheim PA

Obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference of the Evangelical Church 1930, 81


1909-11           Karthaus

1911                “transferred” to United Evangelical denomination

1911-13           Port Trevorton

1913-15           Nittany

1915-20           New Berlin

1920-23           Millmont

1923-24           Grover

1924-26           Salladasburg

1926-29           on leave

1929                retired


Note:  Daniel A. Ertel served as a local pastor.  He is otherwise unknown.



Born: 3-1-1798  Fairfax County VA                          married:

Died: 1-16-1891  Staunton VA                                  obit:


1830    admitted on trial, Baltimore Conference


Obit: Baltimore Conference M.E. South 1891, 33


1830-31           Northumberland

1831-32           xxx, George’s & St. Mary’s

1832-33           Warm Springs

1833-34           Christiansburg

1834-35           Woodstock

1835-36           Washington DC Ebenezer

1836-37           Rocky springs

1837-38           Fincastle

1838-40           Lexington

1840-42           Rockingham

1842-44           Severn

1844-45           Lancaster

1845-47           Winchester

1847-49           Moorefield

1849-50           South Branch

1850-52           on leave

1852-54           Augusta

1854-55           Bladensburg

1856-57           Patapsco station

1857                charter member of East Baltimore Conference

1857-59           Williamsburg

1859-60           Manor Hill

1860-62           Kishacoquillas

1861-62           Middletown

1862-63           retired

1864                withdrew to join M.E. South





Born: 12-5-1864  Dillsburg PA                                  married: Minnie Coover Berkheimer

Died: 7-28-1942  Waynesboro PA                             obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1941, 220


1890    admitted on trial, recommended by Dillsburg & Wellsville

1892    ordained deacon


Interment: Dillsburg Cemetery, Dillsburg PA

Obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1943, 208


1890-94           York Ridge Avenue

1894-96           Harrisburg Epworth

1896-00           Liverpool

1900-02           Port Royal

1902-05           Half Moon

1905-07           Martinsburg

1907-11           Saxton

1911-13           Huntingdon Fifteenth Street

1913-18           Roaring Spring

1918-23           Berwick First

1923-29           Waynesboro

1929-33           Clearfield Trinity

1933-37           Gettysburg

1937                retired


Note: Mrs. Eslinger is believed to be a first cousin of the father of Charles F. Berkheimer.




Born: 1901                                                                  married:

Died: 2-3-20                                                                obit:


1918    license



Obit: [1920, 82]


1918-19           Elimsport & Maple Hill

1919-20           Duboistown & Nisbet


Note: Charles E. Etter served as a local preacher.




Born: 1-26-1882  North Star PA                                married: Anna Mary Corbin

Died: 7-20-1973  Altoona PA                                    obit: [11/2/1878 – 1/12/1942]





1923-24           South Lakemont

1924-26           living in Altoona

1926-27           Altoona Asbury


Note: B. Herbert Evans served as a local pastor.  He is otherwise unknown.




Born: 11-2-1889  Jackson OH                                                married: Emma Mae Jenkins

Died: 4-20-1974                                                                      obit: [9/11/1889 – 12/?/1979]


1921    admitted on trial, New Jersey Conference

1921    ordained deacon, New Jersey Conference

1923    ordained elder, New Jersey Conference


Interment: Chestnut Grove Cemetery, Elmer NJ

Obit: Southern New Jersey Conference 1975, 37


1918-19           student, Dickinson College

                             1918-19  Boiling Springs, Salem & Pine Grove Furnace

1919-22           student, Drew Theological Seminary in Madison NJ

1919                “transfer” to New Jersey Conference

1919-21           Hancocks Bridge and Canton

1921-23           Aura

1923-29           Millville Westside

1929-31           Glassboro

1931-34           Woodstown

1934-37           Asbury Park Ballard

1937-46           Burlington Broad Street

1946-48           Long Branch St. Luke’s

1948-55           Audubon

1955-57           Camden Broadway

1957                retired

                        interim pastor, Philadelphia Old St. George’s





Born: London, England                                              married: (none)

Died: 5-12-1941  Ocean Grove NJ                             obit:


Interment: Shady Lane Cemetery, Scranton PA

Obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1942, 210


Buffalo NY

Baltimore MD

Newark NJ

Tyrone PA


Note: Miss Evans served as a deaconess.




Born: 12-12-1858  Eagle Foundry PA.           married: Hannah Lincoln

Died: 9-29-1939  Williamsport PA                            obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1900, 118

                                                                                    married2: Mrs. Ruth Belle Heisse Wolf

1886    admitted on trial                                              obit2: 1931, 193

                 recommended by Westport& Keating Summit circuit


Interment: Mifflinburg, PA

Obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1940, 177


1885-86           Westport & Keating

1886-87           Westport

1887-92           Lock Haven East Main Street

1892-97           Williamsport Third Street

1897-99           Mifflinburg

1899-04           Milton

1904-06           Danville St. Paul’s

1906-09           Harrisburg Ridge Avenue

1909-12           Altoona Eighth Avenue

1912-18           superintendent, Altoona District

1918-20           Shamokin Lincoln Street

1920-25           Williamsport Newberry

1925032          Philipsburg

1932-35           field agent, Dickinson Junior College

1935                retired


Note: The first Mrs. Evans is a distant relative of Abraham Lincoln.  The second Mrs. Evans is the widow of JE Wolf, a brother of Mrs. Charles Wesley Karns.  She is a sister to John Frederick Heisse (1883-1924) of the Baltimore Conference




Born: 9-24-1840  Lewistown PA                               married: Alice E. Frysinger

Died: 10-2-1916  Washington DC                             obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1940, 181


1861    admitted on trial, East Baltimore Conference


Interment: Prospect Hill Cemetery, York PA

Obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1917, 126


1861-62           Schellsburg

1862-63           Birmingham

1863-66           York Duke Street

1866-68           Williamsport Price Chapel

1868                charter member of Central Pennsylvania Conference

1968-71           Sunbury

1871-74           Berwick

1874-77           Hazleton

1877-78           Altoona First

1878-82           superintendent, Danville District

1882-85           Berwick

1885-88           Philipsburg

1888-89           Altoona Eighth Avenue

1889-92           Carlisle

1892-98           superintendent, Harrisburg District

1898-04           superintendent, Danville District

1904-09           superintendent, Juniata District

1909-11           superintendent, Harrisburg District

1911                retired


Note: An obituary for William W. Evans also appears in the 10/12/1916 Christian Advocate.




Born: 2-12-1864  Harrisburg PA                                married: Rose Mullin

Died: 7-28-1916  Mount Holly Springs PA               obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1928, 746


1891    admitted on trial

1892    ordained deacon

1895    ordained elder


Interment: Mt. Holly Springs Cemetery, My. Holly Springs PA

Obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1917, 121


1890-95           Shippensburg

1895-97           Danville Trinity

1897-99           director, Jacob Tome Institute at Port Deposit MD

1899-01           York Duke Street

1901-03           Chambersburg

1903-06           Bloomsburg

1906-13           president, Williamsport Dickinson Seminary.

1913-16           bishop, Southern Asia and the Philippines


Note: A biographical sketch for William P. Eveland appears in the 9/4/1912 Christian Advocate, page 976.  Bishop Eveland is listed in the 1916 Who’s Who in American Methodism.



Born: 1751  Lancaster County PA                             married: Jane Wilson

Died: 12-24-1831                                                        obit: [1753 – 1830]


Interment: Prospect Church Cemetery, Gatchelville PA

Obit: (New York) Christian Advocate 4/6/1832


Note: Alexander Ewing served as a local pastor.  His dates also appear as 6/27/1750 – 12/31/1831.  He is the father of James W. Ewing and of Eleanor Ewing Reiley, wife of James Reiley (1784-1841) of the Baltimore Conference, and of Esther Ewing Reiley, wife of Tobias Reiley (1789-1843) of the Baltimore Conference.



Born: 12-15-1786  York County PA                          married: Prudence Manifold (3/9/1812)

Died: 9-22-1861  Juniata County PA                         obit: [4/22/1783 – 3/20/1818]

                                                                                    married2: Justina Grove (4/10/1819)

1809    admitted on trial, Baltimore Conference        obit2: [10/29/1797 – 8/9/1850]

1811    ordained deacon, Baltimore Conference        married3: Elizabeth Jennings Herreson (11/3/1851)

1813    ordained elder, Baltimore Conference            obit3: [12/23/1800 – 5/20/1873]


Interment: Old Church Hill Cemetery, Port Royal PA

Obit: East Baltimore Conference 1862,35


1809-10           Huntingdon

1810-11           Hartford (Monongahela District)

1811-12           Erie

1812-13           Carlisle

1813                Harford (Carlisle District); apparently located and did not serve

1813-33           located

1833-34           Shrewsbury

1834-36           Carlisle

1836-38           Shrewsbury

1838-40           Lycoming

1840-42           Berwick

1842-44           Northumberland

1844-46           Danville

1846-48           Lycoming

1848-50           Sunbury

1850-52           Lewistown

1852-53           on leave

1853                retired


Note: James Ewing is the son of local preacher Alexander Ewing.  He is the father of grandfather of Edwin Henry Witman (1855-1919) of the Central Pennsylvania Conference.  Sisters of James Ewing married Baltimore Conference brothers/preachers James Reiley (1784-1841) and Tobias Reiley (1789-1843).  He is part of extended Ewing-Bowman-Reiley-Witman family that produced dozens of Methodist pastors over several generations.  A detailed listing of this family may be found in the Ewing files at the conference archives, along with a copy of an oath of loyalty to Christ that James Ewing signed with his own blood.  Some sources give the name of the third wife as KINNISON; the record in the family Bible appears to be HERRESON.




Born: 11-2-1835 near Orangeville PA                       married: Jennie Torbert

Died: 1-1-1910 Bloomsburg PA                                 obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1904, 126


1858    admitted on trial, Baltimore Conference


Interment: Rosemont Cemetery, Bloomsburg PA

Obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1910, 117


1858-59           Muncy, East Baltimore Conference

1859                transfer to East Baltimore Conference

1859-60           Luzerne

1860-61           East Harford

1961-63           Great Falls

1863-65           located

1865-67           Bloomingdale

1867-78           Berwick

1868                charter member of Central Pennsylvania Conference

1868-70           Berwick

1870-73           Mount Carmel

1873-76           New Cumberland

1876-78           Harrisburg Fifth Street

1878-80           Mechanicsburg

1880-82           Weatherly

1882-84           Montoursville

1884-87           McConnellsburg

1887-89           Shippensburg

1889-92           Gordon

1892-97           York West Street

1897-00           Hanover

1900-01           Harrisburg Epworth

1901-05           Saxton

1905                retired