Preserving and Celebrating Our United Methodist Heritage in Central and Northeast Pennsylvania

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Central Pennsylvania Conference Methodist Pastors.  Click on the first letter of the surname to enter the file of all the pastors for that letter.  The instructions file gives information about this project, the dates at which various conference boundary changes occurred, and detailed bibliographic references. 

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Born: 12-13-1875  Granite Falls NC                          married: Mary Edith Rohrer

Died: 4-9-1932  Berwick PA                                      obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1956, 234


1907    admitted on trial

1912    ordained deacon


Interment: Mennonite Cemetery, Strasburg PA

Obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1932, 177


1906-08           Hustontown

1908-13           York West Street

1913-15           Shrewsbury

1915-17           Yeagertown-Rhodes

1917-20           Sinnemahoning

1920-25           Gettysburg-New Oxford

1925-30           Mechanicsburg

1930-32           Shickshinny


Note: An obituary for Harry Daniels also appears in the 4/28/1932 Christian Advocate, page 462.




Born: 10-11-1904  Lykens PA                                   married: Myrl P. Bowers

Died: 9-7-1989  Denver PA                                        obit: Central PA Conference 1990, 452


1944    ordained, Pilgrim Holiness Church


Interment: Northumberland Memorial Park, Stonington PA

Obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1990, 451


1936-61           Pilgrim Holiness church




                        Port Matilda



1961                transfer to Central Pennsylvania Conference Methodist

1961-64           Wrightsville

1964-66           Renovo

1966-72           Milroy

1972-77           Belleville

1977                retired


Note: Harry J. Daniels served as a local pastor.




Born: 10-11-1821  Salisbury MD                               married: Emily W. Irving

Died: 1-21-1914                                                          obit: [3/3/1822 – 11/25/1866]


1852    admitted on trial, Baltimore Conference


Interment: Loudon Park, Baltimore MD

Obit: Baltimore Conference 1914, 63


1852-54           Great Falls

1854-56           Hereford

1856-58           Lewisburg (Pa) station

1857                charter member of East Baltimore Conference

1857-58           Lewisburg (Pa) station

1858-60           principal, Williamsport Dickinson Seminary

1860-62           Baltimore Strawbridge

1862-63           Baltimore Emory Chapel (nominal)

1863-64           without appointment

1864-65           principal, Northwest Institute in Baltimore

1865                “withdrew to join M.E. South”

1865-70           *Chatsworth Independent Methodist Church

                        and principal, Northwest Institute in Baltimore

1870                re-admitted to Baltimore Conference

1870-73           Georgetown Dumbarton Avenue

1873-74           Baltimore Madison Avenue

1874-77           Washington McKendree

1877-80           Annapolis First

1880-83           Hagerstown

1883-86           Frederick

1886-91           Washington Fifteenth Street

1891-92           secretary, Methodist Alliance in Washington DC

1892                retired


Note: John H. Dashiell is a brother to Robert Laurenson Dashiell of the Baltimore and Newark Conferences who served as president of Dickinson College 1868-72 and whose obituary consequently appears in the 1880 Central Pennsylvania Conference journal, page 65.  The maiden name of Mrs. Dshiell is also given as Irwin.


*In the early 1860’s there was dissension in Baltimore that led to the formation of the Independent Methodist “denomination” of several churches. That association of churches appears to have developed out of the Methodist Episcopal and/or Methodist Protestant Church, but not the M.E. South – and that reference is apparently in error and likely a misunderstanding about the Independent Methodists.  The Northwest Institute [aka Northwestern Institute] is otherwise unknown.




Born: 1834  Baltimore MD                                        married:

Died: 7-27-1895                                                          obit:

                                                                                    married2: Mrs. Helen J. Thompson Sawyer

1855    admitted on trial, Baltimore Conference        obit2:  

1857    ordained deacon, East Baltimore Conference

1880    ordained deacon, Spisocpal Diocese of North Carolina

1884    ordained priest, Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina


Interment: M. Olivet Cemetery, Baltimore MD

Obit: [Baltimore Sun 7/30/1895, page 8]


1855-56           Salem

1856-57           Warm Springs VA

1857                charter member of East Baltimore Conference

1857-58           Castle Fin

1858-59           Alto Dale

1859-60           East Harford

1860-61           Lock Haven

1861-62           Frederick

1862-63           West Falls

1863                withdrew

                        transfer” to Methodist Episcopal Church South

1873-74           Hampton and Fox Hill

1880                “transfer” to Episcopal Church

1882-86           Winston-Salem NC St. Paul’s [BWD pictured in church’s 1976 Centennial booklet]

1886-95           Huron OH Christ


Note: Beverly Waugh Daugherty is a brother to Thomas Daugherty.  The second Mrs. Daugherty was the widow of a Mr. Cleveland Sawyer, and her papers reside in the manuscript collection of the Perkins Library at Duke University.  





Born: 2-2-1868  Thompsontown PA                          married: Lillian Mae Fisk

Died: 11-29-1937  Jersey Shore PA                           obit: Central PA Conference 1946, 236


1892    admitted on trial, recommended by Hazleton St. Paul’s


Interment: Wildwood Cemetery, Williamsport PA

Obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1938, 220


1892-93           assistant, Williamsport Pine Street

1893-95           South Williamsport

1895-97           Hughesville

1897-00           Williamsport Third Street

1900-03           Shickshinny

1903-09           Tyrone First

1909-15           Harrisburg Ridge Avenue

1915-20           Sunbury St. John’s

1920-30           Williamsport Pine Street

1930-37           Lewistown First

1937                Jersey Shore First




Born: 4-6-1828  Maryland                                          married: Mary _____

Died: 9-15-1885                                                          obit:

                                                                                    married2: Susan Catherine Rippey

1850    admitted on trial, Baltimore Conference        obit2:



Obit: Baltimore Conference 1886, 38


1850-51           Westminster

1851-52           Front Royal

1852-54           South Branch

1854-56           Bellefonte

1856-57           Carlisle Emory Chapel

1857                charter member of East Baltimore Conference

1857-58           Carlisle Emory Chapel

1858-60           Waynesboro

1860-61           Mercersburg

1861                transfer to West Virginia Conference

1861-64           principal, Morgantown Institute

1864                transfer to East Baltimore Conference

1864-66           Hollidaysburg

1866-67           Carlisle Emory Chapel

1867-68           Mechanicsburg

1868                charter member of Central Pennsylvania Conference

1868-69           Mechanicsburg

1869                transfer to Baltimore Conference

1869-70           North Baltimore circuit

1870-73           Baltimore Whatcoat   

1873-75           Baltimore Exeter Street

1875-78           South Baltimore

1878-81           Baltimore Emory

1881-84           Baltimore Jackson Square

1884-85           Baltimore Hanover Street


Note: Thomas Daugherty is a brother to Beverly Waugh Daugherty.




Born: 12-7-1886  Bedford PA                                                married: Mary Louise Willoughby

Died: 8-6-1869                                                            obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1974, 437


1909    quarterly conference license, Bedford

1912    admitted on trial

1914    ordained deacon

1916    ordained elder


Interment: Community Mausoleum of the Bedford Cemetery, Bedford PA

Obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1970, 380


1911-13           Eagles Mere & Laporte

1913-15           Littlestown

1915-18           Riddlesburg

1918-20           Reedsville-Milroy

1920-21           York West Street

1921-24           Mechanicsburg

1924-28           Muncy

1928-29           Bellwood

1929-36           Huntingdon First

1936-38           Shamokin Lincoln Street

1938-40           Lock Haven Trinity

1940-46           Berwick First

1946-49           Mount Union First

1949-52           Altoona Simpson

1952                retired

                        1954-55  Wolfsburg (9/1/1954 to 5/31/1955)

                        1961-63  Dunning Creek United Church of Christ


Note: Ellis Bell Davidson was baptized by and named for J. Ellis Bell.  Mrs. Davidson graduated from the Lucy Webb Hayes Training School and served as a deaconess at Harrisburg St. Paul prior to her marriage.





Born: 5-4-1934  Lewistown PA                                 married: Marjorie Ellen Moist

Died:                                                                           obit:


1957    license

1958    admitted on trial

1959    ordained deacon

1962    ordained elder





1957-62           student, Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington DC

                             1957-62      Catonsville MD

1962-63           Mount Union

1963                transfer to Newark Conference

1963-68           associate, Westwood

1968-71           Irvington

1971-78           Midland Park

1978-92           Totowa

1992-01           Hillsdale

2001                retired




Born: 11-27-1889                                                        married: Esther Shackell

Died: 12-30-1975                                                        obit: Peninsula Conference 1998, 444


1921    admitted on trial, Wilmington Conference


Interment: Greensboro Cemetery, Greensboro MD

Obit: Peninsula Conference 1976, 357


1916-19           student, Dickinson College

                             1916-17  Hickorytown, Central Pennsylvania Conference

1921-22           student

1922-25           Cheswold

1927-27           faculty, Wesley Collegiate Institute

1927-30           Cherry Hill

1930-34           Hockessin

1934-36           Wilmington Asbury

1936-39           Cecilton

1939-41           Still Pond

1941-43           Queenstown

1943-54           Ocean View

1945-49           Greensboro

1949-52           Pittsville Ayres

1952-57           Wilmington Trinity

1957                retired


DAVIS, EDWARD E.           


Born:                                                                           married:

Died:                                                                           obit:


1962    license





1962-70           Gordon

1970                “transfer” by boundary change to East Pennsylvania Conference


Note: Edward E. Davis served as a local pastor.




Born: 9-9-1903  Abington MD                                   married: Anita Amelia Stephney

Died: 4-21-1981  Harrisburg PA                                obit: Central PA Conference 1992, 471


1947    admitted on trial, Washington Conference

1947    ordained deacon

1951    ordained elder


Interment: Blue Ridge Memorial Gardens, Harrisburg PA

Obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1981, 329


1945-51           Centerville MD

1951-56           Harrisburg Mitchell Memorial

1956                transfer to Central Pennsylvania Conference

1956-69           Harrisburg Mitchell Memorial

1969                retired


Note: George E. Davis is the son of George A. Davis (d. 1945) of the Washington Conference and the father of Bernice Davis Stevens in the United Methodist files.  In 1956, Mitchell Memorial Church became the first congregation in the entire Methodist denomination to transfer out of the racially segregated Central Jurisdiction of Negro conferences into its otherwise geographically appropriate conference.




Born: 5-8-1925  West Nanticoke PA                         married: Florence  _____

Died: 4-9-2015  Hunlock Creek PA                           obit:

                                                                                    married2: Jeanne Roper

1967    license, recommended by Mifflinville            obit2:

1971    ordained deacon


Interment: [cremated]

Obit: Susquehanna Conference 2015, 263


1967-68           Buckhorn-Rupert

1968-71           North Bend

1971-77           Pennsdale

1977-88           Muhlenburg

1988                retired

                             1992-93      Westmore Church of Christ

                             2006-12      West Nanticoke Calvary


Note: James M. Davis served as a local pastor.




Born: 4-21-1840  Chambersburg PA                          married: Elizabeth Jane Davis [12/25/1967]

Died: 11-11-1912  Williamsport PA                          obit: [2/27/1845 – 4/14/1911]


1866    admitted on trial, East Baltimore Conference: recommended by Mulberry Street


Interment: Wildwood Cemetery, Williamsport PA

Obit: [Williamsport Gazette & Bulletin, Nov. 12, 1912]


1866-68           faculty, Williamsport Dickinson Seminary

1868                charter member of Central Pennsylvania Conference

1868-70           faculty, Williamsport Dickinson Seminary

1870-71           Duboistown-Rocktown

1871-72           Susquehanna [Nisbet]

1872-81           on leave

                            1872-75       assistant, Williamsport Pine Street

                            1875-77       assistant, Williamsport Price Chapel

                            1877-78       assistant, Mulberry Street

1881                located


Note: Rocktown is the lower part of South Williamsport.  Susquehanna is the original name for Nisbet.  The “move” in 1871 was a re-naming of the circuit.  From 1865 to 1879, John F. Davis was the founder and head of the Williamsport Commercial College.  In 1879 he sold that college and established a similar institution in Altoona, which he conducted for four years.  He then entered into a successful career in the insurance business.  His picture appears in the April 20, 1904 Northwestern Christian Advocate, page 17, as a Central Pennsylvania lay delegate to General Conference.  He was an active charter member of the Williamsport High Street congregation and is the grandfather of Mary Alice Davis Worthington (d. 1996), long-time officer and benefactor of the Central Pennsylvania Conference Historical Society and Preacher’s Aid Society (see the 1998 volume of The Chronicle, page 4).




Born: 9-6-1893  Eatontown NJ                                  married: Florence McMillen

Died: 1-7-1991  Ephrata PA                                       obit: [1887 – 1978]


1919    admitted on trial, Philadelphia Conference


Interment: Atglen Methodist Cemetery, Atglen PA

Obit: East Pennsylvania Conference 1991, 302


1914-17           student, Dickinson College

                             1914-16      Rehoboth

                             1916            “transfer” to Philadelphia Conference

                             1916-17      Atglen & Mt. Pleasant

1917-20           student, Princeton Theological Seminary in Princeton NJ

1920-24           Mount Joy

1924-26           Chester Parkside

1926-28           West Grove

1928-32           Reading St. Peter’s

1932-37           Jenkintown

1937-39           Philadelphia Roxborough First

1939-42           Philadelphia Berry-Long Memorial

1942-48           Philadelphia Oak Lane

1948-54           Bethlehem Wesley

1954-58           Ardmore

1958-60           Philadelphia Logan

1960-66           Quarryville Memorial

1966                retired

                             1970-71  Mount Hope




Born:                                                                           married:

Died:                                                                           obit:





1920-21           Fort Loudon  (did not finish the year)


Note: William H. Davis served as a local pastor.  He is otherwise unknown.





Born: 5-16-1816  Ellicott City MD                            married: Sarah Ann Seamans

Died: 5-16-1901  Riverside                                        obit: Central PA Conference 1901, 109


1840    admitted on trial, Baltimore Conference


Interment: Old Gearhart Cemetery [Mt. Vernon Cemetery], Riverside PA

Obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1902, 120


1840-41           Clearfield

1941-42           Sunbury

1842-43           Luzerne

1943-44           Waynesboro

1844-46           Mifflin

1846-48           Luzerne

1848-50           Bloomsburg

1950-52           Jersey Shore

1852-53           agent, Williamsport Dickinson Seminary

1853-55           Baltimore City station

1855-56           Washington Capital Hill

1856-57           New Bloomfield

1857                charter member of East Baltimore Conference

1857-60           Seaman’s Union Bethel

1860-62           Jeanesville

1862-64           on leave

1864-66           Orangeville

1866-68           Jeanesville

1868                charter member of Central Pennsylvania Conference

1868-73           on leave

                             1868-70      Berwick

                             1871-72      Benton

1873-76           Trevorton

1876-79           Snydertown

1879-82           Elysburg

1882-84           Washingtonville

1884-87           White Haven

1887-88           Stockton-Beaver Meadow

1888-90           Riverside

1890                retired


Note: An obituary for Gideon Howard Day also appears in the 5/23/1901 Christian Advocate.  A biographical sketch is given in Armstrong’s The Old Baltimore Conference.





Born: 9-3-1825  Annapolis MD                                 married: Sarah Buckmaster

Died: 4-19-1885  Baltimore MD                                obit: [9/16/1827 – 12/12/1891]


1849    admitted on trial, Baltimore Conference


Interment: Green Mount Cemetery, Baltimore MD

Obit: Baltimore Conference 1886, 41


1849-50           St. Mary

1850-51           Rockville

1851-52           Cumberland

1852-53           Warrenton

1853-55           Shepherdstown

1855-56           Rockville

1856-57           Ryland Chapel station

1857                charter member of East Baltimore Conference

1857-58           Ryland Chapel station

1858-59           Harpers Ferry

1859-60           Williamsport MD

1861-63           Hereford

1863-65           principal, Baltimore County Institute

1864-66           North Baltimore

1866-68           Baltimore Harford Avenue

1868                transfer by boundary change to Baltimore Conference

1868-69           Baltimore Harford Avenue

1869-70           Baltimore Broadway

1870-74           superintendent, East Baltimore District

1874-76           North Baltimore station

1876-78           Waugh

1878-81           Washington Wesley Chapel

1881-82           Ryland

1882-85           superintendent, Washington District

1885                Baltimore Caroline Street





Born: 6-5-1939  Tyrone PA                                        married: (none)

Died: 6-20-1972  New Paris PA                                 obit:


Interment: Eastlawn Cemetery, Tyrone PA

Obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1973, 372


1968    license, recommended by Tyrone Columbia Avenue


1967-68           associate, Tyrone Columbia Avenue (beginning 1/1/67)

1968-71           Burnt Cabins

1971                New Paris, Western Pennsylvania Conference


Note: Glenn I.T. Dean served as a local pastor.




Born: 3-7-1848  Upshur County WV                         married: Grace Marple

Died: 6-24-1917  Kansas City MO                             obit: [b. 2/4/1868]


1875    admitted on trial


Interment: Oakwood [Oakland?] Cemetery, Baldwin City KS

Obit: Kansas Conference 1918, 201


1875-76           Pine Grove

1876-80           faculty, Pennsylvania Agricultural College [Penn State]

1880-83           student, Boston University in Boston MA

1883-84           student, University of Berlin in Germany

1884-85           member, West Virginia legislature

1885-86           Detroit MI

1886                transfer to Nebraska Conference


                        Pawnee City

                        Falls City



                        presiding elder, Nebraska City District

                        transfer to Kansas Conference


Note: The conference archives have a newspaper obituary for John S.W. Dean.




Born: 12-31-1845  Roses Place, Fulton County PA   married: Susan Stotler

Died: 9-17-1923  York PA                                         obit: Central PA Conference 1916, 130


1872    admitted on trial


Interment: Mifflintown Cemetery, Mifflintown PA

Obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1924, 144


1872-73           Shrewsbury

1873-76           West Fairview

1876-79           Wrightsville

1879-80           Mercersburg

1880-83           Newton Hamilton

1883-84           Birmingham

1884-85           Shrewsbury

1885-88           Newport

1888-90           Wrightsville

1890-93           Newberry

1893-96           Emporium

1896-97           Harrisburg St. Paul’s

1897-99           Hollidaysburg

1899-00           Austin

1900-02           Patton

1902-03           Hazleton Diamond

1903-06           York Duke Street

1906-09           Montoursville

1909-12           Osceola

1912-16           Mifflintown

1916-17           York West Street

1917                retired


Note: Edward E.A. Deavor is a brother of Joseph D.W. Deavor and W.T. Sherman Deavor.




Born: 5-31-1853  Fulton County PA                          married: Laura Belle McDowell

Died: 12-20-1935  Harrisburg PA                              obit: Central PA Conference 1922, 133


1880    admitted on trial, recommended by Williamsport Mulberry Street

1881    ordained deacon, recommended by Port Royal


Interment: Harrisburg Cemetery, Harrisburg PA

Obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1936, 188


1880-81           Port Royal

1881-83           Robinsonville

1883-85           Orbisonia

1885-88           Mifflinville

1888-91           Northumberland

1891-93           Weatherly

1893-95           Mount Holly Springs

1895-99           Shamokin Second

1899-02           Tyrone Columbia Avenue

1902-04           Mifflintown

1904-07           Burnham

1907-10           Williamsport Fourth Street.

1910-12           Ashland

1912-14           Sunbury Catawissa Avenue

1914-19           Harrisburg Epworth

1919-23           Morrisdale

1923                retired


Note: Joseph D.W. Deavor is a brother of Edward E.A. Deavor and W.T. Sherman Deavor.  The conference archives contain an extensive file of his written sermons.




Born: 12-8-1864  near West Dublin, Fulton County PA        married: Katharine Totten

Died: 11-2-1898  Wapwallopen PA                                       obit: Central PAConference 1956, 235


1886    quarterly conference license, Mifflinville

1888    admitted on trial, recommended by Mifflinville circuit

1890    ordained deacon

1892    ordained elder


Interment: Pine Grove Cemetery, Berwick PA

Obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1899, 89


1888-89           Schoyerville

1889-91           Nescopeck

1891-92           Silverbrook

1892-98           faculty, St. John’s College at Annapolis MD


Note: W.T. Sherman Deavor is a brother of Edward E.A. Deavor and Joseph D.W. Deavor.  WTS Deavor is the author of A History of the Deavor Family, of which the archives do not have copy.




Born: 9-18-1834  Huntingdon PA                              married: Sallie A. Johnston

Died: 8-7-1901  Orbisonia PA                                    obit: Central PA Conference 1880, 76

                                                                                    married2: Anna Rebecca Jones

1863    admitted on trial, East Baltimore Conf          obit2: Central PA Conference 1943, 217


Interment: River View Cemetery, Huntingdon

Obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1902, 127


1862-65           Shirleysburg

1865-67           Woodbury

1867-78           Schellsburg

1868                charter member of Central Pennsylvania Conference

1868-70           Schellsburg

1870-72           Cassville

1872-75           New Bloomfield

1875-77           Duncansville

1877-79           Birmingham

1879-82           Concord

1882-84           Castle Fin

1884-85           Airville

1885-86           Newville

1886-87           Conyngham

1887-90           Elysburg

1890-92           Jerseytown

1892-95           Manor Hill

1895-98           Ray’s Hill

1989-00           Saladasburg

1900                retired


Note: An obituary for Andrew W. Decker also appears in the 10/17/1901 Christian Advocate.




Born: 4-8-1874  Tomah WI                                        married: Arria Evelyn Wheeler (1/1/1900)

Died: before 1939?                                                     obit:


1895    license, Wyoming Conference

1899    admitted on trial, Central Pennsylvania Conference

1904    ordained deacon, Episcopal Church

1905    ordained priest, Episcopal Church





1895-98           student, Wyoming Seminary

                            1895-96       Courtdale

                            1896-98       Plainsville (ending fall 1898)

1898-02           student, Dickinson College

                            1899             “transfer” to Central Pennsylvania Conference

                            1899-01       West Fairview

                            1901-02       Lewisberry- Lisburn

1902-03           Lewisberry-Lisburn

1903                withdrew to enter the ministry of the Protestant Episcopal Church

1903-04           instructor, York County Academy

1904-05           Minersville and Forrestville PA

1905-08           Jermyn and Peckville PA

                        Missionary to Panama Canal Zone


1912-21           Ilse of Pines CO

1926-31           Trenton NJ St. Paul’s


Note: William Herbert Decker is not to be confused with the contemporary Pennsylvania Presbyterian pastor Rev. William Harrison Decker.  Some sources give the first name of Mrs. Decker as Anie.




Born: 8-3-1875  Tarlizzi, Bari Italy                           married: Angelina Profeta

Died: 5-16-1967  Altoona PA                                    obit: Central PA Conference 1941, 220


1917    admitted on trial, Erie Conference


Interment: Rose Hill Cemetery, Altoona PA

Obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1967, 312


1912-26           Hillsville Italian Church

1926                transfer to Northern New York Conference

1926-29           Frankfort NY Italian Mission

1929                transfer to Wyoming Conference

1929-32           Yatesville PA Italian Mission

1932-33           Altoona Italian Mission, Central Pennsylvania Conference

1933                transfer to Central Pennsylvania Conference

1933-42           Altoona Italian Mission

1942                retired




Born: 7-27-1919  Canfield OH                                   married: Isabel Buchaca

Died: 1-30-2004                                                          obit: Troy Conference 1992, 285


1951    admitted on trial, Baltimore Conference

1951    ordained deacon, Baltimore Conference


Interment: Quaker Cemetery, Quaker Street NY

Obit: Troy Conference 2004, ?


1951-52           Deer Park

1952                transfer to Central Pennsylvania Conference

1952-57           Muncy Valley

1957-63           Conyngham

1963-66           Williamsport Third Street.

1966                transfer to Troy Conference

1966-77           Round Lake and Clifton Park

1977-87           Granville and Rupert

1987                retired




Born: 3-12-1826  New Berlin PA                               married: Susanna Frey

Died: 2-9-1903  Trevorton PA                                   obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1925, 164


1850    quarterly conference license, Williamsport Pine Street

1851    admitted on trial, Baltimore Conference


Interment: Northumberland Cemetery, Northumberland PA

Obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1903, 112


1851-52           Middleburg

1852-53           Bloomingdale

1853-54           Bloomsburg

1854-55           North Danville

1855-57           Orangeville

1857                charter member of East Baltimore Conference

1857-59           Catawissa

1859-60           Milton

1860-62           Penn’s Valley

1862-63           Great Island

1863-65           Warrior’s Mark

1865-66           Half Moon

1866-68           Manor Hill

1868                charter member Central Pennsylvania Conference

1868-69           Manor Hill

1869-71           Waynesboro

1871-72           White Haven

1872-74           Montoursville

1874-77           Sunbury

1877-80           Hollidaysburg

1880-83           Ashland

1883-84           Harrisburg Fifth Street

1884-85           Snydertown

1885-88           Houtzdale

1888-90           Duncannon

1890-93           Wrightsville

1893-97           Shickshinny

1897-00           Northumberland

1900                retired

 1902-03  Tevorton


Note: An obituary for John A. DeMoyer also appears in the 6/18/1903 New York Christian Advocate, page 1007.  A biographical sketch appears in Armstrong’s The Old Baltimore Conference, page 361.




Born: 8-2-1916  Berwick PA                                      married: Alta M. _____

Died: 4-4-2001                                                            obit: [3/8/1916 – 3/30/2004]


1946    admitted on trial, recommended by Rouzerville

1946    ordained deacon

1948    ordained elder


Interment: IOOF Cemetery, Indianola IA

Obit: Iowa Conference 2001, ?


1941-42           Waterville 

1942-44           Sandy Ridge  

1944-46           Rouzerville  

1946-47           Mont Alto

1947-48           Patton

1948-53           Weatherly

1953                transfer to Des Moines Conference




Born: 1921                                                                  married: Teresa Sun  _____

Died: 1989                                                                  obit: [4/15/1915 – 1/18/2015]


Interment: Sunset Hills Memorial Park, Bellevue WA



1939-43           student, Dickinson College

1945-47           York Springs

                        faculty, Chinese & Russian Institute of the U of Washington in Seattle WA

                        living in Taiwan


Note: Paul B. Denlinger served in the Central Pennsylvania Conference as a local pastor.  He is the author of books and articles on Sino-Tibetan languages.




Born: 8-23-1908  Shamokin PA                                 married: Marion L. Snyder

Died: 10-22-1995  Mechanicsburg PA                       obit: Central PA Conference 1998, 430


1931    license, recommended by Shamokin Chestnut Street

1933    admitted on trial

1936    ordained deacon

1938    ordained elder


Interment: Northumberland Memorial Cemetery, Shamokin PA

Obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1996, 407


1932-33           Vira 

1933-35           Wilburton  

1935-36           Laurelton

1936-39           Beach Haven (ending 12/31/1939)

1940-42           Glen Campbell (beginning 1/1/1940 and ending 2/1942)

1942-45           chaplain, US Army (beginning 2/1942 and ending 10/1945)

1945-46           Fairview (beginning 11/1/1945)

1946-47           Hillrose CO [?]

1947-48           Flemington (ending 9/1948)

1948-52           Ferrum Junior. College, VA (beginning 9/1948)

1952-57           Shickshinny

1957-65           Huntingdon Fifteenth Street

1965-74           Bellefonte Trinity

1974                retired


Note: Ferdinand Derk is the father of Jay Merrill Derk, and the grandfather of J. Michael Derk of the Susquehanna Conference of the United Methodist Church.




Born:                                                                           married:

Died:                                                                           obit:





1955-56           Bald Eagle Parish


Note: Francis Derk served as a local pastor.




DERK, JAY MERRILL                                     


Born: 10-6-1940  Clearfield PA                                 married: Donna Lee Chronister

Died:                                                                           obit:


1959    license, recommended by Huntingdon Fifteenth Street

1963    admitted on trial, Baltimore Conference

1963    ordained deacon, Baltimore Conference

1965    ordained elder





1961-62           student, Juniata College

                             1961-62      Wolfsburg 

1962-65           student, Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington DC

                             1962-63      assistant, Washington McKendree

                             1963-65      Bristol MD

1965                transfer to Central Pennsylvania Conference

1965-66           Harrisburg Christ and Mechanicsburg Salem

1966-70           Mechanicsburg Salem

1970-74           Mifflintown

1974-82           Sunbury St. John’s

1982-87           Philipsburg Trinity

1987-00           Grace Lemoyne

2000-02           York Fourth

2002                retired


Note: Jay Merrill Derk is the son of Ferdinand Derk, and the father of J. Michael Derk of the Susquehanna Conference of the United Methodist Church.  He is listed in the 1966 Who’s Who in the Methodist Church.




Born: 4-16-1884  Mifflinburg PA                              married: Kathryn M. Rherer

Died: 11-3-1947  Harrisburg PA                                obit:


?          ordained, Northwestern Conference of the United Evangelical Church


Interment: Mifflinburg Cemetery, Mifflinburg PA

Obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1948, 190


                        Correll and Norcross, MN

                        Big Stone City and Aberdeen, ND

                        Palmerton PA

1921-22           Hustontown, Central Pennsylvania Conference of ME Church

1922-24           ?

1924-25           Lewisberry & Lisburn, Central Pennsylvania Conference of ME Church

1925                transfer to Central Pennsylvania Conference of the ME Church

1925-28           Gatchelville & Cross Roads

1928-30           Elysburg

1930-32           Conyngham

1932-35           Pleasant Gap

1935-38           Snow Shoe

1938-40           East Waterford

1940                retired

     1940-41  Fort Loudon 

     1941-42  Karthaus  

     1942-45  Allenwood  

     1945-46  Montandon  

     1946-47  Boyles Run 


Note: The churches listed prior to 1925 are as given in his obituary and are not necessarily in sequence.  Robert C. Dershen is the father of  Mable Jeannette Dershen Keboch, wife of Edwin C. Keboch.




Born: 9-29-1864  Oak Hall, Centre County PA         married: Maude May Gruver

Died: 4-12-1936  Williamsport PA                            obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1929, 200


1897    admitted on trial

1899    ordained deacon


Interment: Centre Hall Cemetery, Centre Hall PA

Obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1937, 248


1897-02           East Waterford

1902-03           Dillsburg-Wellsville

1904-06           North Bend-Hyner

1906-10           Woolrich-Avis

1910-15           Williamsport Third Street

1915-18           Tyrone Columbia Avenue

1918-20           Danville St. Paul’s

1920-22           Clearfield Eleventh Street

1922-28           Williamsport High Street

1928-30           Muncy

1930-32           Jeanesville-Audenreid

1932-34           Ramey-Janesville

1934                retired

                             1934-35      Ramey-Janesville




Born: 5-30-1901  Hancock County OH                     married: Alice Elaine Atwood

Died: 2-10-1995  Benson AZ                                     obit: Wyoming Conference 1947, 732

                                                                                    married2: Ruth Evelyn Kent

1933    admitted on trial, Wyoming Conference        obit: [1923-?]

1936    ordained elder, Wyoming Conference


Interment: Benson AZ

Obit: [1995, 229 & 438]


1933-34           Lisle

1934-36           Sidney Center

1936-37           Sanataria Springs

1937-39           Kirkwood

1939-43           Flemingville

1943-46           Tioga Center

1946-48           Hornbrook

1948                transfer to Central New York Conference

1948-49           associate, Odessa-Catherine-Alpine

1949-53           Blodgett Mills-Freetown-East Freetown

1953-55           East Smithfield-Wetona-Big Pond

1955-58           Victory-Bethel-Ira

1958-61           Ledyard-West Genoa-Venice Center (ending in mid-year)

1961                Whitneyville, Genesee Conference (beginning in mid-year)

1961                transfer to Genesee Conference

1961-62           Whitneyville (beginning in mid-year)

1962                transfer to Central Pennsylvania Conference

1962-64           Whitneyville Parish

1964-65           Bald Eagle Parish

1965-66           sabbatical leave

1966                retired


Note: Harrison A. DeWalt is the father of Robert William DeWalt (1937-1992), admitted on trial in the Central New York Conference in 1960.




Born: 9-13-1919  Branchland WV                                         married: June Finch [1947]

Died: 9-15-1959  Batavia OH                                                obit:



Obit: Ohio Conference 1960, 425.


1944-47           Burnt Cabins


Note: G. Pearl Dial served Burnt Cabins as a student from another conference, while attending seminary at Westminster MD.  This first name also appears in various records as Glendall and Glendal.




Born:                                                                           married:

Died:                                                                           obit:


1897    admitted on trial





1897-01           West Fairview-Marysville

1901-03           Beaver Meadow

1903-04           Jeanesville-Audenreid

1904-06           Great Island

1906-07           Hughesville

1907-09           Sinnemahoning

1909-11           Epworth, York

1911-12           Conyngham (did not finish the year)*

1912-16           on leave

1916                withdrew


Note: This is not the Conway Wing Dickson (1885-1978) who was an attorney born in Berwick PA and practiced law there.  But this Conway Wing Dickson is also from Berwick and is listed in the 1895 catalog for Williamsport Dickinson Seminary.

*Conway Dickson was originally appointed to Shamokin Chestnut Street, and then the appointed was changed to Conyngham. 

As reported in the 3/28/1911 York Daily, page 1, “CHANGE IN APPOINTMENT OF REV. CONWAY DICKSON. The Rev. Conway Wing Dickson, former pastor of the Epworth Methodist Episcopal church. Salem avenue and Hartley street, will not go to the church at Shamokin, to which he was appointed by Bishop Anderson at the recent conference at Bloomsburg. He has been transferred to his former charge at Conyngham, near Hazleton. The Rev. Frank Brunstetter, who was appointed to the Conyngham charge, will instead go to Shamokin, taking the church to which the Rev. Mr. Dickson was appointed. The Rev. Mr. Dickson and his family expect to leave York today.”

As later reported in the 4/11/1911 Mount Carmel Daily News, page 4: “It is reported that Rev. Conway Dickson, the Methodist minister at Conyngham will refuse to serve the charge at that place and went to Berwick to see the presiding elder and have some other minister appointed to take his place.”  

As further reported in the 4/2/1911 Danville Morning News, page 3: “Trouble to Suit Rev. Dickson. Rev. Conway Dickson, who was appointed to the Chestnut street M. E. church in Shamokin by Bishop Anderson at the close of the Central Pennsylvania conference which convened at Bloomsburg, has been returned to his old charge at Hazleton. After he refused the Shamokin oharge, District Superintendent Gilbert transferred him to Conyngham, which also met with the minister's disapproval and he was sent to his former charge at Hazleton.”

According to the 1912 journal, he appears not have served anywhere and is listed as being on leave and living in Olyphant in Lackawanna County.  The references of returning to former charges are unclear.




Born: 3-25-1863  Germany                                         married: Bertha A. _____

Died: 6-1-1918  Gordon                                             obit: [d. 4/25/1942]


1890    admitted on trial, recommended by Fort Littleton circuit


Interment: Clauser Cemetery, Llewellyn PA

Obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1917, 126


1888-90           Fort Littleton

1890-91           Mont Alto

1891-92           Rouzerville

1892-95           Littlestown

1895-97           Selinsgrove

1897-00           Mifflinville

1900-02           Bloomingdale

1902-05           Clearville

1905-06           Slate Run

1906-11           Ramey

1911-12           Hoytville

1912-16           Houtzdale

1916-16           Gordon


Note:  An obituary for Jacob H. Diebel also appears in the 8/10/1916 Christian Advocate, page 1073.




Born: 1-4-1909  Millville PA                                     married: Ruth Louise Cupp

Died: 7-18-1994  Williamsport PA                            obit:


1927    license, recommended by Newberry

1930    admitted on trial

1933    ordained deacon

1935    ordained elder


Interment: Wildwood Cemetery, Williamsport PA

Obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1995, 443


1928-29           Hummelstown, Philadelphia Conference

1929-31           Waterville

1931-33           Phelps Chapel and Limestone

1933-37           Salona-Lamar

1937-43           Petersburg

1943-47           Shickshinny

1947-50           York Grace [Calvary]

1950-63           New Cumberland

1963-66           Chambersburg

1966-71           Lewistown First

1971                retired




Born: 2-17-1846  Snydertown PA                              married: Kathryn Hilner

Died: 1-23-1942  Berwick PA                                    obit:

                                                                                    married2: Margaret Morrison

1907    license                                                             obit2: 1939, 222


Interment: Odd Fellows Cemetery, Danville PA

Obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1942, 200


1907-09           Milnesville, Lattimer & Jeddo

1909-16           Jamison City

1916-21           Wapwallopen

1921-26           Orangeville & Rohrsburg

1926-30           Laurelton

1930                retired


Note: Jared N. Diehl served as a local pastor.  He appears to have been originally assigned to Washingtonville in 1909, but was “moved” to Jamison City before beginning his work there.





Born: 7-18-1808  Gettysburg PA                               married: Sarah Ann Gilbert

Died: 5-30-1887  Lewisburg PA                                obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1878, 72


1831    quarterly conference license

1833    admitted on trial, Baltimore Conference

1835    ordained deacon

1837    ordained elder


Interment: Lewisburg Cemetery, Lewisburg PA

Obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1888, 86


1833-34           Prince George

1834-35           Harford

1835-37           Great Falls

1837-39           Sunbury

1839-40           Lewistown circuit

1840-42           Frederick

1842-43           Williamsburg

1843-45           Huntingdon

1845-47           Bellefonte

1847-49           Milton circuit

1849-51           Williamsport

1851-53           Berwick

1853-55           Frederick

1855-57           Liberty

1857                charter member of East Baltimore Conference

1857-59           Berwick

1859-61           Gettysburg

1861-63           Muncy

1863-64           Espty-Light Street

1864-67           Northumberland

1867-68           White Haven

1868                charter member of Central Pennsylvania Conference

1868-71           Catawissa

1871                retired

                             1882-84  New Columbia


Note: Henry G. Dill is the father of William Henry Dill.  A biographical sketch is given in Armstrong’s The Old Baltimore Conference, page 363.  There is a folder on the Dill family in the biographical files.  Three of Mrs. Dill’s sisters also married ministers.




Born: 9-28-1838  Sunbury Pa                                     married: Edith Boynton [7/31/1865]

Died: 1-25-1906                                                          obit: [2/14/1845 – 2/24/1920]


1861    admitted on trial, East Baltimore Conference


Interment: Oak Hill Cemetery, Curwensville PA

Obit: (none)


1861-66           faculty, Williamsport Dickinson Seminary

1866-67           Hereford

1867-68           Northumberland

1868                charter member of Central Pennsylvania Conference

1868-69           on leave

                            1868-69  Curwensville & Clearfield

1869-70           Clearfield

1870-73           on leave

                            1872-73  Clearfield

1873-76           Woodland

1876-77           Clearfield circuit

1877-80           Clearfield mission

1880-82           West Huntingdon

1882                located for health reasons, became cashier at First National Bank in Clearfield


Note: William Henry Dill is the son of Henry G. Dill.  A biographical sketch of Rev. Dill is given in Aldrich’s 1887 History of Clearfield County, page 690.





Born: 5-10-1850                                                          married: Sarah Louise Morris

Died: 8-2-1908  Delaware OH                                   obit: Ohio Conference 1943, 1064


?          Ohio Conference


Interment: Evergreen Cemetery, Southgate KY

Obit: Ohio Conference 1908, 120


                        Ohio Conference

1894                transfer to Central Pennsylvania Conference

1894-99           Harrisburg Grace

1899-01           Danville St. Paul’s

1901                transfer to Ohio Conference




Born: 8-13-1881  Montalbono Sicily                          married: Myrtle Rebecca Cozzens

Died: 1-20-1966  Lake Harbor FL                             obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1919, 162

married2:Augusta Foor Andrews

1908    admitted on trial, West Virginia Conference  obit2: Central NY Conference1966, 192

1918    ordained elder, page 59


Interment: Oakwood Cemetery, Syracuse NY          

Obit: Central New York Conference 1966, 187


1908-15           Italian work and/or missionary to Italian Conference

1915                transfer to Genesee Conference

1915-16           Italian Missions

1916                transfer to Central Pennsylvania Conference

1916-20           Altoona Italian Mission

1920                transfer to Central New York Conference

1920-21           Manchester

1921-23           Newfield-Trumball

1923-49           Syracuse Church of the Redeemer

1949                retired




Born: 1-7-1872  near Petersburg PA                          married: Winifred Simon

Died: 8-4-1929  Millerstown  PA                               obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1930, 197


1908    admitted on trial


Interment: Hopewell Cemetery, Hopewell PA

Obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1930, 188


1906-07           Shirleysburg

1907-09           Waterville

1909-10           West Port

1910-11           Eagles Mere

1911-12           Trevorton

1912-15           Lewisberry-Lisburn.

1915-16           Mt. Holly Springs

1916-18           Hopewell

1918-20           Weatherly

1920-22           Hastings

1922-27           Catawissa

1927-28           Montgomery

1928-29           Millerstown


Note: An obituary for David L. Dixon also appears in the 8/22/1929 Christian Advocate, page 1032.




Born: 12-16-1923  Clearfield County PA                  married: Martha Marie Dixon

Died: 2-6-2001                                                            obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 2002, 358


1965    license, recommended by Centre Hill

1969    admitted as associate member


Interment: Centre Hill Cemetery, Clearfield County PA

Obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 2001, 361


1965                Simmemahoning (Jun 1 – Oct 31)

1966-78           Wallaceton

1978-88           Shawville

1988                retired


Note: Edward D. Dixon worked as a laborer and truck driver for 24 years before entering the ministry.




Born: 7-13-1830  Frederick County MD                    married: Harriet Abigail Richards

Died: 5-7-1905  Chicago IL                                       obit: [b. 2/6/1832]


1857    admitted on trial, Baltimore Conference

1859    ordained deacon. East Baltimore Conference

1861    ordained elder, East Baltimore Conference



Obit: West Wisconsin Conference 1905, 35


1857                charter member of East Baltimore Conference

1857-58           Warrior’s Mark

1858-59           Karthaus

1859-60           Shippen

1860-61           Milton circuit

1861-62           Sunbury

1862-64           York Springs

1864-65           Shippensburg

1865-67           Williamsburg

1867-68           Mount Carmel

1868                charter member of Central Pennsylvania Conference

1868-69           Mount Carmel

1869-71           Hanover-New Oxford

1871-72           Newville-Rehoboth

1872-73           Rehoboth

1873-76           Logan Valley

1876-77           Pine Grove

1877-78           Grahamton

1878                located, after a trial, without consent

1878-80           “went west”

1880                “re-admitted” to Nebraska Conference

1880-81           Red Cloud

1881-82           Grant

1882                transfer to West Virginia Conference

1882-83           Coalburg

1883-84           Fairfields

1884-85           Point Pleasant

1885-86           Smithville

1886-87           Quinnimont

1887-88           Hinton & Coal Valley

1888-89           Hinton

1889                transfer to Virginia Conference

1889-90           ?

1890-91           Bethany

1891                transfer to West Wisconsin Conference

1891-92           West Sterling

1892-94           Rewey

1894-95           State Line

1895-98           Cassville

1898-99           Rewey

1899                retired




Born:                                                                           married:

Died:                                                                           obit:


1881    admitted on trial, recommended by Harrisburg Ridge Avenue station





1881    transfer to St. Louis Conference




Born:                                                                           married:

Died:                                                                           obit:





1944-48           Benezette-Penfield (beginning 10/1/1944)

Note: Harper P. Dodd served as a local pastor.  This may be Harper Byron Dodd (1904-1962), 1936 graduate of Susquehanna University, high school guidance counselor in DuBois PA, married to Irene Fasold.




Born: 6-7-1929  Rome PA                                          married:

Died: 3-10-2007  Westport WA                                 obit:





1949-53           student, Dickinson College

                             1950-52  Lewisberry


Note: Edward W. Dodson is the son of Lavere A. Dodson. 




Born: 5-26-1902  Quincy PA                                     married: Eunice Alma VanRiper

Died: 3-10-1998                                                          obit: Wyoming Conference 1954, 1760

                                                                                    married2: Grete Helen Paradice

1925    admitted on trial                                              obit2:

1928    ordained deacon

1930    ordained elder, Wyoming Conference


Interment: East Newark Valley NY

Obit: Wyoming Conference 1998, 320


1925-27           Manor Hill

1927-29           Riddlesburg

1929                transfer to Wyoming Conference

1929-32           Rome-North Orwell

1932-36           Otego

1936-39           Bethany

1939-43           Moscow

1943-57           chaplain, US Army

1957                transfer to New Jersey Conference

1957-62           New Jersey Conference

1962                transfer to Wyoming Conference

1962-68           Otego

1968                retired

                             1968-69  Chenango Bridge

                             1969-70  chaplain, Broome CCOC

                             1970-72  Sanitaria Springs

                             1972-74  North Fenton/Susquehanna/Tioga Center

                             1974-76  Brookvale

Note: Lavere A. Dodson is the father of Edward W. Dodson.




Born: 5-15-1867  Lisburn, Ireland                             married:

Died: 2-27-1941                                                          obit:


1900    admitted on trial

1901    ordained deacon


Interment: Utahville Cemetery, Coalport PA

Obit: [1941, 205]


1893-97           student, Dickinson College

1897-00           student, Drew Theological Seminary in Madison NJ

1900-01           Everett circuit

1901-02           Jonestown

1902-03           Benton

1903-09           Excelsior

1909-10           Waterville

1910-12           Jeddo-Milnesville

1912-14           Allegheny

1914-16           Gatchelville

1916-19           York Springs

1919-22           Williamsburg (asst)

1922-23           Ennisville

1923-25           Claysburg

1925-28           Emporium circuit.

1928-30           Glen Hope

1930-33           Alum Bank

1933-34           Blandburg

1934                retired




Born:                                                                           married:

Died:                                                                           obit:





1925-26           Juniata Gap    


Note: Ernest Doloway served as a local pastor.  He is otherwise unknown, although he appears to have been a Baptist pastor in the Endicott NY area prior to coming to Pennsylvania – and there was an Ernest Doloway (father?) in the Tabernacle ME Church in Binghamton NY in the late 1880’s.




Born: 6-30-1831  Baltimore MD                                married: Mrs. Catharine Mytinger Linton

Died: 5-31-1893  Bloomsburg PA                              obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1898, 101


1859    quarterly conference license, Newport circuit

1865    admitted on trial, East Baltimore Conference


Interment: Green Mount Cemetery, Baltimore MD

Obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1894, 90


1865-66           Newport circuit

1866-69           Mount Holly Springs

1868                charter member of Central Pennsylvania Conference

1868-69           Mount Holly Springs

1869-70           Altoona Eighth Avenue

1870-71           Chambersburg Second

1871-74           Waynesboro

1874-77           Everett

1877-80           Williamsport Mulberry Street

1880-81           Bellefonte

1881-83           Bloomsburg

1883-86           Ashland

1886-89           Hazleton

1989-93           superintendent, Danville District


Note: This surname is also rendered DONOHUE.  Mrs. Donahue was first married to a Mr. Linton.  She is the sister of Charles H. Mytinger of the Baltimore Conference.




Born: 1-12-1932  Boston MA                                     married: _____ Donaldson

Died:                                                                           obit:


1954    license, recommended by State College

1957    admitted on trial

1960    ordained deacon, Florida Conference





1957-58           at school

1958-61           assistant director, Florida State Univeristy Wesley Foundation

1961-63           dean of women, Westminister Choir College at Princeton NJ

1963-65           publicity department, Cedar Crest College at Allentown PA

1965                located


Note: Jane Montgomery Donaldson is the daughter of Frank W. Montgomery and the sister of Joanne Montgomery Link.




Born: 4-17-1821  Strasburg VA                                 married: Hannah Brown Tallman

Died: 4-16-1881  Arlington MD                                obit: [9/5/1828 – 3/21/1895]


1846    quarterly conference license, Woodstock circuit

1848    admitted on trial, Baltimore Conference

1850    ordained deacon, Baltimore Conference

1852    ordained elder, Baltimore Conference



Obit: Baltimore Conference 1882,34


1847-48           Franklin circuit

1848-49           Frostburg

1849-50           Concord

1850-51           Lewistown

1851-53           Pine Creek

1853-54           New Liberty

1854-56           Gettysburg

1856-57           Waynesboro station

1857                charter member of East Baltimore Conference

1857-58           Waynesboro station

1858-60           Hollidaysburg

1860-62           Jefferson station

1862-64           Danville

1864-66           York

1866 -68          superintendent, Frederick District

1868                transfer by boundary change to Baltimore Conference

1868-69           superintendent, Frederick District

1869-70           superintendent, West Baltimore District

                        agent, Book Depository

                        Baltimore Harford Avenue


                        Baltimore circuit




Note: Mrs. Dosh is the daughter of prominent layman Jeremiah Tallman of the Williamsport Pine Street congregation.




Born:                                                                           married:

Died:                                                                           obit:





1896-97           Town Hill


Note: James B. Doty lived in New Cumberland and served as a local pastor.  The surname is also rendered DOTEY.




Born:                                                                           married:

Died:                                                                           obit:


1892    ordained deacon, recommended by Williamsport Pine Street





Note: James H. Dougherty served as a local pastor. 




Born: 7-13-1882  Boyertown PA                               married: Edith M. Coleman

Died: 5-24-1947  York PA                                         obit: Philadelphia Conference 1953, 406


1910    admitted on trial, Philadelphia Conference


Interment: Boyertown PA

Obit: Philadelphia Conference 1948, 208


1908-10           student, Dickinson College

                             1908-09  Greencastle

                             1909        “transfer” to Philadelphia Conference

                             1909-10  Hummelstown

1910-11           Hummelstown

1911-14           Leola & New Holland

1914-18           Elverson

1918-19           chaplain, US Army

1919-28           Ardmore

1928-37           Shenandoah

1937-45           Philadelphia Rehoboth

1945-46           Lansdale

1946-47           Royersford





Born: 2-21-1937  Troutville PA                                 married: Wanda Lou Mattern

Died:                                                                           obit:


1961    license, recommended by Canoe Creek

1964    ordained deacon

1966    ordained elder

1969    admitted on trial





1960-63           Oriole

1963-68           Trevorton

1968-72           student, Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore KY

     1968-72  Marathon, Ohio Conference

1972-83           Altoona Trinity

1983-88           Greencastle

1988-91           Mechanicsburg Aldersgate

1991-95           Wellsboro

1995-99           Hanover Lohr’s Memorial

1999                retired


Note: C. Leroy Doverspike is listed in the 1966 Who’s Who in The Methodist Church, page 357.




Born: 3-11-1915  Camden ME                                   married:

Died: 10-29-1997                                                        obit:


1937    ordained deacon, Maine Conference

1939    ordained elder, Maine Conference

1940    admitted on trial, Maine Conference



Obit: New England Conference 1998, ?


1935-37           North Brooksville

1937-38           Mattawamsburg

1938-40           Dexter

1940-42           Wareham, New England Southern Conference

1942                transfer to Central Pennsylvania Conference

1942-45           Altoona Lakemont

1945-46           at school

1946                transfer to New England Southern Conference




Born: 8-3-1908  Phoenixville PA                               married: Marion F. Dimmick

Died: 10-27-1997  Oriole PA                                     obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1937,275

                                                                                    married2: G. Elizabeth Fenstermaker

                                                                                    obit2: 2004, 364

1937    admitted on trial, recommended by Bethlehem Wesley

1939    ordained deacon

1941    ordained elder


Interment: Limestone Cemetery, Jersey Shore PA

Obit:1998, 432


1935-38           Oriole & Antes Fort

1938-40           Rouzerville

1940-42           Half Moon

1942-45           Pleasant Gap

1945-49           Salladasburg

1949-53           Port Royal

1953-57           Newport

1957-64           Berwick Calvary        

1964-75           Millerstown

1975                retired

                             1975-88  Williamsport Christ


Note: David A. Downin is listed in the 1966 Who’s Who in The Methodist Church, page 358




Born: 3-12-1827  near Lexington VA                        married: Martha Cornelius

Died: 10-?-1884                                                          obit: [b. 1836]


1850    quarterly conference license, Fincastle (Va.) circuit

1851    admitted on trial, Baltimore Conference



Obit: Baltimore Conference 1885, 35


1850-51           Fincastle circuit

1851-52           Moorefield

1852-54           Augusta

1854-56           North Baltimore station

1856-57           Altoona

1857                charter member of East Baltimore Conference

1857-59           Lock Haven

1859-61           Boonsboro

1861-63           Frostburg station

1863-65           Frederick

1865-67           Lewistown

1867-68           Baltimore Jefferson Street

1868                transfer by boundary change to Baltimore Conference

1868-69           Baltimore Jefferson Street

1869-72           East Baltimore station

1872-74           Baltimore Strawbridge

1874-78           superintendent, West Baltimore District

1878-81           South Baltimore station

1881-84           Washington Waugh

1884                Baltimore Monroe Street


Note: Wilford Downs is the father of Howard F. Downs (1860-1936) of the Baltimore Conference.



Born: 10-25-1880   Flintstone MD                             married: Elva Dempsey

Died: 10-19-1918   Williamsport PA                         obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1942, 209


1906    admitted on trial


Interment: Wildwood Cemetery, Williamsport PA

Obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1919, 148


1904-08           Elimsport & Maple Hill (started in mid-1904, ending 10/15/08)

1908-13           Williamsport Market Street (beginning 10/15/08

1913-17           Saxton

1917-18           Williamsport Third Street


Note: Some biographical information on Carl V. Drake appears in the Ministerial Qualifications Book, page 60.


DRAKE, DONALD E.          


Born:                                                                           married:

Died:                                                                           obit:


1964    license

1966    ordained deacon

1968    ordained elder

1971    admitted as associate member, Western Pennsylvania Conference





1964-67           Half Moon

1967-70           Grampian

1970                transfer to Western Pennsylvania Conference

1970-75           Grampian

1975-88           DuBois Trinity- Penfield

1988-94           Grampian circuit

1994                retired




Born: 3-27-1892  Renovo PA                                     married: Henrietta Pauline Humphrey

Died: 11-25-1979  Bakersfield CA                            obit: [12/21/1892 – 4/18/1958]

                                                                                    married2: Lovina _____


Interment: Hillcrest Memorial Park



1914-16           Trout Run

1916-19           Duboistown & Nisbit

1919-21           Port Matilda

1921-22           Jamison City

1922                no longer listed

1925                evangelist, living in Palmyra NY

1928                Paterson NJ Lewis Street Community Church

1951-79           living in Kern County CA


Note: Charles E. Driver served as a local pastor.  There is a biographical file in the conference archives on Charles E. Driver.




Born: 1834  McKee’s Falls PA                                  married: Selma Jane McMillan

Died: 4-7-1898  Philadelphia  PA                               obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1928, 743


1855    admitted on trial, Baltimore Conference


Interment: Evergreen Cemetery, Gettysburg

Obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1899, 80


1855-56           Catawissa

1856-57           Berwick

1857                charter member of East Baltimore Conference

1857-58           Sunbury

1858-59           Gettysburg

1859-60           Liberty

1860-62           Wrightsville

1862-63           Shrewsbury

1863-65           New Washington

1865-66           Warrior’s Mark

1866-68           Liberty Valley

1868                charter member of Central Pennsylvania Conference

1868-69           Renovo

1869-72           Emporium

1872-75           Muncy

1875-78           Jeanesville

1878-81           Northumberland

1881-84           Shickshinny

1884-86           New Cumberland

1886-89           Mt. Carmel

1889-92           Jeanesville-Audenreid

1892-95           Mifflin

1895-98           Shippensburg

1898                on leave


Note: Martin L. Drum is the grandfather of William D. Gould (1897-1993) of the Easter Pennsylvania Conference.  A biographical sketch of Martin L. Drum is given in Armstrong’s The Old Baltimore Conference, page 365.  Mrs. Drum’s father David McMillan was a local preacher, and her sister Carrie L. McMillan was a missionary to India and the wife of the prominent Methodist missionary Rev. Philo M. Buck (1846-1924).




Born: 8-25-1942  Brooklyn NY                                 married:

Died:                                                                           obit:





1961-65           student, Susquehanna University

1965-66           student, Drew Theological Seminary in Madison NY

1966                “withdrew” to New York Conference

                        Greater New Jersey Conference


Note: Raymond D. DuBois has a file with the Conference Board of Ordained Ministry, but he never served in the Central Pennsylvania Conference.  He apparently started the ministerial process while a student within our conference and then returned to his native New York Conference.  In 2003 he is listed as a member of the Greater New Jersey serving as chaplain of the Garden State Correctional Facility.




Born: 6-16-1904  Courtdale PA                                 married: Hazel Mae Harding

Died: 8-25-1981                                                          obit: Wyoming Conference 2003, 204


1929    admitted on trial, Wyoming Conference


Interment: Forty Fort Cemetery, Forty Fort PA

Obit: Wyoming Conference 1982, 222


1929-31           student, Dickinson College

                             1929-31  Lewisberry & Lisburn

1931-33           student, Drew Theological Seminary in Madison NJ

                             1932-33  Pocono Lake

1933-35           Wilkes-Barre Bennet Memorial –St. Andrews

1935-37           Glen Lyon

1937-41           Whitney Point

1941-42           Endwell & Vestal Center

1942-43           Endwell

1943-46           Sidney

1946-51           Waverly NY

1951-53           Wilkes-Barre Firwood

1953-58           executive secretary, Conference Board of Education

1958-63           Clarkes Green

1963-72           Binghamton Fairview

1972-75           Maine Federated

1975                retired

                             1975-77  Maine Federated

                             1980-81  Choconut Center


Note: served as a local pastor.  He is otherwise unknown.




Born: 7-6-1888                                                            married: Jennie Helen McWhood

Died:                                                                           obit:  New Mexico Conference 1920, 50

                                                                                    married2: Kate Heller

1914    admitted on trial, New Mexico Conference   obit2:  Oregon Conference 1946,305

                                                                                    married3: Mrs. Mirabel _____

                                                                                    obit 3:


Obit: [DUNN] Idaho Conference 1953, 83


1908-11           student, Dickinson College

                             1909-10  Hammersly Fork (later part of the year)

                             1910-11  Rehoboth

                             1911        Boiling Springs, Salem & Pine Grove (ending summer 1911)

1911-14           student, drew Theological Seminary in Madison NJ

1914-16           Clayton English Mission

1916-17           Las Vegas (English)

1917-21           Roswell (English)

1921                transfer to Colorado Conference

1921                 Pueblo Bethel

?                      transfer to Idaho Conference

1951                retired


Note:  Ray S. Dum moved to New Mexico in 1914 for the health of his first wife, who suffered from tuberculosis.  At the insistence of the second Mrs. Dum, he legally changed his name to Ray S. Dunn.  There is a Dum biographical file at the conference archives and a Dum Family Collection in the special Collections at Dickinson College.




Born: 7-4-1877  Alpena MI                                        married:

Died:                                                                           obit:


1906    admitted on trial





1902-04           Westport

1904-05           Harrisonville

1905-07           Wapwallopen

1907-09           Jamison City

1909                withdrew because he was unwilling to abstain from tobacco


Note: Some biographical information on Will S.J. Dumville appears in the Ministerial Qualifications Book, page 56.




Born: 9-1-1934  Ashland PA                                   married: Linda Dorothea Kilbourne [9/1/1956]

Died: 10-8-1981  Danielson CT                              obit: [b. 11/10/1936]


1958      admitted on trial





1958-60           at school

1960                transfer to Northwest Indiana Conference

1962                discontinued




Born:                                                                           married:

Died:                                                                           obit:


1891    admitted on trial

1895    ordained elder, recommended by Lewisberry circuit


1890-92           Muhlenberg

1892-93           Rohrsburg

1893                discontinued at own request


Note: Jackson L. Duncan served after 1893 as a local pastor.




Born:                                                                           married: Rebecca Mary Duffield

Died:                                                                           obit: [d. 2/28/1887]


1872    admitted on trial





1872-73           McConnellsburg

1873                discontinued at own request


Note: It is believed that John Mason Duncan later taught at the Allegany County Academy (near Cumberland MD) and still later removed to Bellefonte PA.  Mrs. Duncan was from McConnellsburg.




Born: 12-28-1856  Williamsport PA                          married: Bertha Free

Died: 2-11-1905   Shickshinny PA                             obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1885, 81

                                                                                    married2: E. Cordelia Reifsnyder

1880    admitted on trial, recommended by Newberry     obit2: 1927,533

1880    ordained deacon, recommended by Newberry


Interment: Washington Street Cemetery, Williamsport PA

Obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1905, 115



1880-81           South Heberton

1881-82           Mont Alto

1882-84           Liverpool

1884-87           Shippensburg

1887-91           Gettysburg

1891-94           Hopewell

1894-99           York Duke Street

1899-03           Huntingdon Second

1903-04           Shickshinny


Note: An obituary for John R. Dunkerly also appears in the 2/23/1905 Christian Advocate, page 309.  The second Mrs. Duncan is a sister to the prominent medical missionary Dr. Elizabeth Reifsnyder.




Born: 1-20-1827   Brownsville PA                             married: Elizabeth M. Hendrix

Died: 6-23-1901  Williamsport PA                            obit: [1828-1865]

                                                                                    married2: Nancy J. Musser

1855    admitted on trial, Baltimore Conference        obit2: 1902, 136


Interment: Wildwood Cemetery, Williamsport PA

Obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1902, 126


1855-56           Allegany

1856-57           Schellsburg

1857                charter member of East Baltimore Conference

1857-58           Shirleysburg

1858-59           York Springs

1859-60           West Falls

1860-62           Shrewsbury

1862-64           Wrightsville

1864-66           Karthaus

1966-68           Philipsburg

1868                charter member of Central Pennsylvania Conference

1868-69           Canton MD

1869-70           Granville

1870-72           Freedom Forge [Burnham]

1872-75           Cassville

1875-77           New Bloomfield

1877-79           Three Springs

1879-81           Port Royal

1881-83           Benton

1883-84           Lycoming

1884-87           Great Island

1887-88           Cogan Valley

1888-97           on leave

                             1891-92  Hyner

                             1092-93  Lycoming

1897                retired


Note: A biographical of George W. Dunlap sketch is given in Armstrong’s The Old Baltimore Conference, page 366.




Born: 7-24-1911                                                          married:

Died: 11-27-1999                                                        obit:


1943    admitted on trial

1943    ordained deacon

1944    ordained elder, Virginia Conference





1943-44           chaplain, US Army

1944                transfer to Virginia Conference

1944                transfer to Central Pennsylvania Conference

1944-47           chaplain, US Army

1947                transfer to California Conference

1948                [re-named California-Nevada Conference]

1954-56           on leave

1956                voluntary location




Born:                                                                           married:

Died:                                                                           obit:





1932-34           Glen Hope & Madera

1934-36           Frankstown

1936-39           Ramey & Blandburg


Note: Paul B. Dunlap served as a local pastor.




Born: 9-1-1934  Philipsburg PA                                 married: Ann Carolyn Devore

Died:                                                                           obit:


1960    ordained deacon

1961    admitted on trial

1963    ordained elder





1961-62           New Millport

1962-65           Montgomery

1965-66           student, Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena CA

1966-70           Wrightsville

1970-77           Jersey Shore Epworth & Trinity (yoked parish)

1977-88           Muncy

1988-97           Huntingdon First

1997                retired


Note: Richard N. Dunlap is listed in the 1966 Who’s Who in The Methodist Church, page 369.




Born: 6-5-1900  Hortons PA                                      married: Mary Todd

Died:9-13-1960  New Castle PA                                obit: [d. 1943]

                                                                                    married2: Margaret Kathryn Fox

1924    ordained, ? Conference                                   obit2: Western Pennsylvania Conference1999,353



Obit: Erie Conference 1961, 599


                        Wisconsin Conference

                        Central Pennsylvania Conference

1949                “transfer” to Erie Conference

1949-57           Sligo-Cherry Run

1957-60           Clintonville Grace


 Note: Paul B. Dunlap has a file with the Conference Board of Ordained Ministry, but he never served in the Central Pennsylvania Conference.  He passed through the conference course of study 1934-38.  Mrs. Dunlap supplied the pulpit during her husband’s illness and became an associate member of the Western Pennsylvania Conference in 1969; when Paul B. Dunlap died, she continued as pastor at Clintonville until 1973.




Born: 5-10-1816  Fayette County PA                        married:

Died: 5-14-1861  Baltimore MD                                obit:


1838    admitted on trial, Pittsburgh Conference



Obit: East Baltimore Conference 1862,36


1837-38           Kingwood (Va) circuit

1838-39           Washington (Pa) circuit

1839-40           Somerset

1840-41           Ligonier

1841-42           Redstone

1842                transfer to Missouri Conference

1842-43           St. Charles

1843-44           Fayette

1844-45           (no appointment)

1845                transfer to Pittsburgh Conference (because of the ME/MES split)

1845-46           Beallsville circuit (last part of the year)

1846-48           Morgantown VA

1848-50           Temperanceville

1850-51           Allegheny City Beaver Street

1851-52           Allegheny City South-Common

1852-54           Steubenville OH

1854-55           (no appointment)

1855                transfer to Baltimore Conference

1855-57           Frostburg

1857                charter member of East Baltimore Conference

1857-59           Carlisle

1859-61           Baltimore Caroline station





Born: 3-27-1847 near McVeytown PA                      married: Rosamund Caldwell Vail

Died: 3-16-1907                                                          obit: [1850-1910]


1871    admitted on trial                                             


Interment: Dunmire Cemetery, McVeytown PA



1870-72           Concord

1872-73           Granville

1873-76           Burnt Cabins

1876-79           Glen Hope

1879-82           Williamsburg

1882-85           Logan Valley

                            1882-85  editor, Williamsburg Independent

1885                located

                            1885-?    Editor, Altoona Evening Independent

                            1893-94  Warriors Mark


Note: William W. Dunmire is a brother to Emily Dunmire Melick (1834-1910), wife of Justus A. Melick, and to Lucinda Dunmire Ely (1840-1895), wife of John Wesley Ely.  He is a first cousin to Gabriel Dunmire (1832-1885) of the Erie and East Ohio Conferences.  The 1892 Biographical Cyclopedia of Blair County gives a biographical sketch and reports that William Worth Dunmire is the proprietor and editor of the Independent Loyal American newspaper in Altoona.




Born: 2-10-1916                                                          married: Agnes E. _____

Died: 10-16-1999                                                        obit: [9/4/1915 – 9/16/2006]


1962    license, recommended by Beaver First

1966    ordained deacon

1968    ordained elder

1970    admitted as associate member


Interment: Atlanta GA

Obit: [2000, 334]


1963-68           Eagles Mere (beginning 9/1/63)

1968-74           Enola (beginning 8/1/68)

1974-78           Berwick St. Paul’s

1978-81           disability

1981                retired


Note: Robert H. Dunn appears to have been originally from California.




Born: 11-21-1852  Dover DE                                     married: Mary Hamilton Crever

Died: 10-22-1932  Pittsburgh PA                               obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1923, 138


1880    admitted on trial, recommended by Watsontown & Montandon

1882    ordained deacon


Interment: Paxtang Cemetery, Harrisburg PA

Obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1933, 185


1873-74           faculty, Worthington Seminary in Worthington MN

1874-76           faculty, Jennings Seminary in Aurora IL

1876-77           faculty, seminary at Harrisburg PA

1877-80           faculty, Pennington Seminary in Pennington NJ

1880-81           Hickory Run circuit.

1881-82           Beach Haven

1882-84           Concord

1884-86           Three Springs

1886-88           Petersburg-Alexandria

1888-89           Petersburg

1889-93           Hanover-New Oxford

1893-96           Wrightsville

1896-99           Huntingdon Fifteenth Street

1899-03           Mechanicsburg

1903-06           Harrisburg St. Paul’s

1906-09           Osceola Mills

1909-11           Altoona Juniata

1911-13           Williamsport Grace

1913-14           Mt. Carmel

1914-17           Hollidaysburg

1917-20           Williamsburg

1920                retired


Note: Charles T. Dunning is the father of James E. Dunning.  Mrs. Dunning is the daughter of Benjamin Heck Crever.




Born: 1-23-1886  Three Springs PA                           married: Daisy W. Fisher

Died: 9-26-1958  Los Angeles CA                             obit:


1907    admitted on trial



Obit: Southern California-Arizona Conference 1959, 324


1907-09           Center-Sandy Ridge

1909-12           Lumber City

1912-15           Howard

1915                transfer to Pittsburgh Conference

1915-17           Johnstown Louther Memorial

1917-21           Ford City

1921                transfer to Southern California-Arizona Conference

1921-25           Los Angeles Chesterfield Square

1925-29           Los Angeles Euclid Heights

1929-33           Pacific Palisades

1933-35           Orange

1935-39           superintendent, San Diego-Phoenix District

1939-43           executive secretary, conference board of missions and church extension

1943-58           Los Angeles First


Note: James E. Dunning is the son of Charles T. Dunning and grandson of Benjamin Crever.  He is listed in the 1945 Prominent Personalities in American Methodism, page 100.




Born: 6-13-1855  Madera PA                                     married: Lucretia Shoff

Died: 5-6-1930  Houtzdale PA                                   obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1919, 163


1893    ordained deacon

1895    ordained elder

1910    admitted on trial


Interment: Beulah Cemetery, Madera PA

Obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1931, 174


1893-94           Millheim 

1894-98           Harrisonville  

1898-01           New Millport [Ansonville]

1900-04           Karthaus 

1904-07           Port Matilda 

1907-08           Pleasant Gap 

1908-11           Cogan Valley

1911-13           Costello-Wharton

1913-15           Shawville

1915-17           Cherry Tree

1917-19           Munson

1919-21           Jeddo-Milnesvile

1921-22           Kulpmont

1922024          Karthaus

1924-25           Waterville

1925                retired





Born: 12-28-1879  Akersville PA                              married: Anna Elizabeth Steck

Died: 1-9-1955  Williamsport PA                              obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1978, 266


1904  admitted on trial

1906    ordained deacon


Interment: Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Hughesville PA

Obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1955, 228


1903-04           Medix 

1904-07           Westport

1907-11           Park Place-Delano

1911-16           Gordon

1916-22           Barnesboro

1922-27           Roaring Spring

1927-30           Tyrone Columbia Avenue

1930-33           Bedford

1933-42           Williamsport High Street

1942-46           Jersey Shore Epworth

1946-49           Mill Hall

1949                retired


Note: George A. Duvall is the uncle of Ira R. Duvall.  Some biographical information appears in the Ministerial Qualifications Book, page 45.




Born: 7-29-1892  Crystal Springs PA                        married: Ramie Osa Jackson

Died: 10-10-1983                                                        obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1986, 428


1912    license, recommended by Akersville

1917    admitted on trial

1919    ordained deacon

1921    ordained elder


Interment: Watsontown PA

Obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1984, 375


1914                Vira (ending 9/14)

1914-15           student, Dickinson College (9/14 to 9/15)

1915-17           Keating Summit (beginning 9/15)

1917-21           Burnt Cabins

1921-28           Orbisonia-Shirleysburg

1928-32           Houtzdale (ending 6/32)

1932-38           Montgomery (7/32 – 7/38)

1938-48           Altoona Grace (beginning 8/38)

1948-55           Osceola Mills

1955-61           Curwensville

1961                retired


Note: Ira R. Duvall is the nephew of George A. Duvall.




Born: 12-24-1866  Pleasant Hill MO                         married: Bula Schaeffer

Died: 11-27-1930  Landisville PA                             obit:


1895    ordained deacon, recommended by Carlisle

1898    admitted on trial, recommended by Carlisle


Interment: Landisville Cemetery, Landisville PA

Obit: Philadelphia Conference 1931, 712


1898-00           Bethel-Trinity (did not finish the second year)

1900-05           Shamokin mission

1905-09           on leave

1909-11           Wapwallopen

1911-13           Beach Haven

1913                Roaring Creek

1913                transfer to Philadelphia Conference

1913-14           Springfield

1914-15           Grove

1915-17           Thorndale

1917-20           Tremont

1920-21           Belfast and Wind Gap

1921-24           Tullytown

1924-26           Delaware Water Gap Portland

1926-27           Lehighton

1927-28           on leave

1928-30           Salunga

1930                on leave


Note: The Trinity of Bethel-Trinity is the former Trinity South of the Evangelical Association; this charge is in southern York County.




Born: 12-27-1887  Newton Hamilton PA                   married: Anna L. Reynolds

Died: 11-12-1943  Mifflinville PA                             obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1990, 452


1913    license

1918    admitted on trial, recommended by Montville NJ

1918    ordained deacon

1920    ordained elder


Interment: Franklinville Cemetery, Franklinville PA

Obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1944, 220


1916-17           Montville NJ, Newark Conference

1917-20           YMCA War Work

1920-22           Riddlesburg

1922-25           Birmingham

1925-28           James Creek

1928-30           Dudley

1930-34           New Oxford

1934-39           New Bloomfield

1939-42           Three Springs

1942-43           Mifflinville


Note: Russell B. Dysart is a brother to William A. Dysart.




Born: 10-10-1879                                                        married: Fay Carse

Died: 7-?-1972                                                            obit: [10/3/1884 – 9/?/1975]





1922-25           Allegheny circuit

1925-28           Sandy Ridge

1928-29           [no appointment]

1929-31           Blandburg


Note: William A. Dysart is a brother to Russell B. Dysart.  He served as a local pastor.  In 1944 he was living in Philadelphia, and he died while living in Florida.




Born: 11-26-1810  Charles County MD                     married: Mary Ann Noble

Died: 11-10-1880  Chambersburg PA                        obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1882, 81


1839    admitted on trial, Baltimore Conference

1841    ordained deacon

1843    ordained elder


Interment: Chambersburg PA

Obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1880, 74


1839-41           Waynesboro

1841-42           Concord

1842-43           West River MD

1843-45           Charles MD

1845-47           Newport

1847-49           Mifflin

1849-51           York Springs

1851-53           Boonsboro MD

1853-55           Bloomingdale

1855-57           Milton station

1857                charter member of East Baltimore Conference

1857                retired

     1857-68  agent, Bible Society

     1868        charter member of Central Pennsylvania Conference

     1868-80  agent, Bible Society


Note: An obituary for Franklin Dyson also appears in the March 1880 Conference News, page 4.  He is an uncle to Mary Addie Dyson Kester, wife of Aaron M. Kester.