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What We Have

The United Methodist Church includes three distinct predecessor denominations: The Evangelical Church (including the Evangelical Association and the United Evangelical Church), The Methodist Church (including the Methodist Episcopal Church, the Methodist Episcopal Church South, and the Methodist Protestant Church) and the United Brethren Church. The Evangelical and United Brethren denominations united in 1946 to form the Evangelical United Brethren (or EUB) Church. The archives maintain an historical file on each active church and each known former church within these traditions. The archives have complete sets of local conference journals and many denominational materials from each of these traditions.

What We Don't Have 

In the United Methodist Church, each congregation is responsible for maintaining its own records of membership, baptisms, marriages, etc. The archives do not attempt to gather information of this nature from individual congregations. The archives will, however, attempt to put individuals seeking such information in contact with the proper local congregation.

Special Collections

* Major gospel songbook collection (which we are in the process of indexing)
* Secular historical material for the 33 counties within our conference
* Biographical materials on local clergy and nationally prominent religious figures
* A collection of Wesleyana
* Three large museum-type display cases -- one Evangelical, one United Brethren, one Methodist -- of artifacts suitable for viewing by confirmation classes or interested individuals