Preserving and Celebrating Our United Methodist Heritage in Central and Northeast Pennsylvania

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Central Pennsylvania Evangelical Pastors Click on the first letter of the surname to enter the file of all the pastors for that letter.  The instructions file gives information about this project, the dates at which various conference boundary changes occurred, and detailed bibliographic references. 

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Born: 10-28-1929  Lewistown PA                             married: Elsie M. Phillips
Died: 3-20-2016  York PA                                         obit:


1949    license, recommended by Lewistown Grace
1954    ordained elder


Interment: Yorkana Cemetery, Yorkana PA
Obit: Susquehanna Conference 2016, 273


1951-57           Enola Grace
1957-66           Yorkana – Mt. Pisgah

1966-84           York Bethany

1984-93           Red Lion St. Paul’s

1993                retired

                             1993-02      Longstown


Note: Edward H. Hummel is a brother to Shirley June Yarnell Shenk, wife of Jay Richard Shenk.




Born:                                                                           married:
Died:                                                                           obit:


1873    license
1874    ordained deacon
1876    ordained elder




1873-75           Lairdsville
1875-76           Bendersville

                        transfer to Kansas Conference

1876                located

1878                returned credentials

Note: This name also appears as C.F. YEAGER.  According to Shortess’ 1939 History of the Central Pennsylvania Conference, page 61, he “located and moved West.”





Born: 3-4-1852                                                            married: Anna Elizabeth Shortess
Died: 2-2-1918                                                            obit: [12/1/1861 – 6/2/1935]


1880    license
1883    ordained deacon
1885    ordained elder


Interment: Mount Zion Cemetery, Churchtown [Cumberland County] PA


1879-85           faculty, Union Seminary at New Berlin PA
1885-88           Marysville
1888-89           York circuit
1889-91           East Prospect
1891-94           Baltimore Grace
1894                withdrew to unite with the Presbyterian Church

1894-98           Darnestown MD

1898-05           [apparently, mission work in the Baltimore – DC area]

1905-08           Brooklyn MD Memorial

1908-13           Baltimore Broadway

1913-16           West Liberty WV

1916-18                      Carlisle PA Biddle Chapel*

* A Presbyterian building, no longer standing, at the corner of North East and East North Streets.  The property was purchased by the Christian and Missionary Alliance denomination.


Note: This name is also given as IRWIN C. YEAKEL.  Mrs. Shortess is the daughter of Samuel I. Shortess and a sister to John D. Shortess and Thomas A. Shortess.  The tombstone for Mrs. Yeakel reads YEAWORTH, as the family oral tradition states that “sometime after the death of Rev. Yeakel, the name was changed to Yeaworth by decree of court.”




Born: 11-4-1827  Greg twp,  Centre County PA        married: Abigail Shaffer
Died: 1-21-1892  Brush Valley, Centre County PA   obit: [8/15/1829 – 6/15/1891]


1864    license
1870    ordained deacon
1872    ordained elder


Interment: Yearick (West) Cemetery, Madisonburg PA
Obit: 1892,40


1870-71           Clinton
1871-74           Middleburg
1874-75           Center
1875-76           McClure
1876-79           Williamsport Market Street
1879-82           York Circuit
1882-85           Whiteground
1885-87           Red Lion
1887                retired


Note: Samuel Yearick is a brother of Reformed preacher William Rishel Yearick (1817-1888) and an uncle brother to Reformed preacher Zwingli Albert Yearick (1845-1940).  His mother Salome Rishel Yearick (1794-1872) was a first cousin to Susan Rishel Orwig wife of William W. Orwig.  This surname is sometimes rendered REARICK.




Born: 2-22-1894  York PA                                         married: Esther Marie Lehr
Died: 12-11-1920  Burke NY                                     obit: [1895 – 1973]


1917    license

Interment: Prospect Hill Cemetery, York PA


1916-19           student, Princeton Seminary, Princeton NJ

                             1918-19  Presbyterian, York PA

1919                “transfer” to the Presbyterian Church
1919-20           Burke NY


Note: E.R. Yeatts was raised in the York Third United Brethren Church.  His 1917 license by the United Evangelical Church suggests he may have served, or have intended to serve, as a student pastor in that denomination, but there is no record of any such service.  An obituary appears in the 1912 Princeton Seminary Bulletin, page 137.




Born:                                                                           married:

Died:                                                                           obit:


1810    license

1813    ordained deacon





1810-11           Northumberland

1811-12           Schuylkill

1812-13           Franklin

1813-14           “new”

1814-15           Bedford




Born: 10-6-1898  Manchester MD                             married: Tillie Heisley
Died: 11-14-1990  New Oxford PA                           obit: 1963,104

                                                                                    married2: Mrs. Margaret Banks

1915    license, recommended by Hanover Grace      obit2:
1922    ordained deacon
1925    ordained elder


Interment: York Road Cemetery, Hanover PA
Obit: 1991,496


1917-19           Keystone
1919-21           located
1921-24           Manchester
1924-28           Lock Haven Mission
1928-35           Howard
1935-46           Burnham (ending 5/46)
1946-49           located for health reasons (5/46 – 1/49)
1949-64           Hanover Grace (beginning 1/49)

1964                retired





Born:                                                                           married:
Died:                                                                           obit:


1912    license





Born: 4-22-1847  Brookville PA                                married: Eliza Anna Schick
Died: 2-7-1926  Eugene OR                                       obit: [5/6/1848 – 10/26/1922]


1908    license

Interment: Mapleton Pioneer Cemetery, Mapleton OR
Obit: [Oregon Conference 1926,37]

Note:  A more complete obituary for T.A. Yost appears in the 1927 Year Book of the Evangelical Church, page 107.  Some sources give a birth date of 4/7/1847.





Born:                                                                           married:
Died: 1846  Union County PA                                   obit:


1846    license

Obit: [1883,95]


1846                Lycoming





Born: 3-27-1841                                                          married: Lydia Bardo
Died: 8-28-1911                                                          obit: [1845 – 1925]


1868    license

Interment: Salladasburg Cemetery, Salladasburg PA


1896                “transfer” to Central Pennsylvania Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church

Note: B.W.A. Young is the son of John Young and a brother to George Young, Noah Young and Reuben Young.  He graduated from medical school in 1871 and practiced medicine in Lycoming County PA.  The recognition of his elders orders from the Evangelical Association are stated in the 1896 Methodist journal, page 50 – and in that same journal, page 201, “Dr. B.W.A. Young is listed as a member at Millville [Larryville]. In 1906, page 253, B.W.A. Young is listed as a member of the Oval Methodist Episcopal Church.  His daughter Jennie L. Young married her first cousin David F. Young, and his daughter Mary Alice Young married E.E. Sponsler (1874-1930) of the Methodist Church.  In 1909 B.W.A. Young is listed as a local preacher living in Nisbet.




Born: 6-11-1908  Williamsport PA                            married: Lois Spencer Horton
Died: 12-23-2011  Mechanicsburg PA                       obit: [1911-1981]


1930    license, recommended by Williamsport St. John's
1935    ordained deacon
1937    ordained elder


Interment: Wildwood Cemetery, Williamsport PA


1930-34           student

1934-35           Scranton
1935-36           Mt. Holly Springs
1936-53           Baltimore Walbrook
1953-70           Milford Mill

1970                transfer by boundary change to Baltimore Conference

1970-72           Milford Mill

1972                retired


Note: Carl E. Young is the grandson (through Mr. Jacob O. Young) of Reuben Young.  His daughter Mary Lois is married to Rev. Robert Miller (affiliation unknown) and his daughter Margaret Carol is married to Rev. Edward Michael Wray (affiliation unknown).




Born: 12-3-1866                                                          married: Jennie L. Young
Died: 3-2-1952  Lewistown PA                                  obit: 1949,98


1893    license
1895    ordained deacon
1897    ordained elder


Interment: Wildwood Cemetery, Williamsport PA
Obit: 1952,100


1898-94           Sparrows Point
1894-96           Columbia
1896-99           Wrightsville
1899-02           Lopez
1902-06           Nescopeck
1906-09           Baltimore Grace
1909-13           Hughesville
1913-16           Altoona
1916-21           Lewistown Grace
1921-28           Carlisle
1928-31           Northumberland
1931-39           Williamsport Trinity
1939                retired


Note: David F. Young is the son of Reuben Young.  His son Reuben married the daughter of Harry Minsker.  Mrs. Young is the daughter of B.W.A. Young.





Born: c1820                                                                married: Rachel Bierly
Died: 1858  Baltimore MD                                         obit: [7/26/1826 – 1/25/1896]


1850    license
1855    ordained deacon
1857    ordained elder


Interment: Baltimore MD


1850-51           Cherry circuit
1851-52           York circuit
1852-54           Union
1854-55           York circuit
1855-57           Baltimore
1857-58           York circuit
1858                Baltimore mission


Note: George Young is the son of John Young and the brother of B.W.A. Young, Jacob Young, Noah Young and Reuben Young.





Born: 8-24-1829  Union County PA                          married: Mary Lentz
Died: 4-12-1895  Williamsport PA                            obit: [9/16/1831 – 12/10/1904]


1852    license
1854    ordained deacon
1856    ordained elder


Interment: Prospect Hill Cemetery, York PA
Obit: East Pennsylvania Conference EA 1896,23


1852-53           Buffalo
1853-54           Gettysburg
1854-55           Columbia
1855-56           Blockhouse and Cherry
1856-57           Cherry Circuit
1857-58           Boalsburg
1858-59           Cumberland
1859-60           Union
1860-62           superintendent, Baltimore District
1862-64           superintendent, Center District
1864-66           York Queen Street
1866-68           Williamsport Market Street
1868-70           superintendent, Baltimore District
1870-71           superintendent, Susquehanna District
1871-72           superintendent, Baltimore District
1871-75           editor, The Living Epistle and Sunday-school Literature
1875-77           corresponding secretary, Missionary Society
1877-79           Port Trevorton
1879-80           Williamsport circuit
1880-82           Lock Haven
1882-85           Williamsport Market Street
1885-87           Lewisburg
1887-89           Buffalo
1889-92           Williamsport Market Street
1892                located and transferred to the East Pennsylvania Conference EA

                             1894-95      presiding elder, Central Pennsylvania Conference EA


Note: Jacob Young is the son of John Young and the brother of B.W.A. Young, George Young, Noah Young and Reuben Young.





Born: 1806  York PA                                                  married:
Died: 1-20-1876  near Hazelton PA                           obit:


1847    ordained deacon
1849    ordained elder


Obit: [1883,95]


1846-47           Cumberland
1847-49           Gettysburg
1849-51           Columbia
1851-53           Buffalo
1853-55           Perry
1855-57           Columbia
1857-59           Union
1859-61           Cumberland
1861-62           Perry
1862-64           Baltimore Green Street
1864-66           superintendent, Center District
1866-68           superintendent, Baltimore District
1868-69           Lycoming
1869-71           Boalsburg
1871-73           Marysville
1873                retired


Note: A death notice for J.M. Young is given in Stapleton’s Annals of the Evangelical Association, page 405.





Born: 10-5-1796  Northampton County PA               married: Elizabeth Gehret
Died: 2-14-1873  Crescent PA                                   obit: [9/1/1802 – 1873]


ordained deacon
ordained elder


Interment: Salladasburg Cemetery, Salladasburg PA
Obit: [1883,95]


1831-32           Schuylkill circuit
1832-33           Lycoming
1833-34           Center
1834-35           Union
1835-36           Lycoming
1836-37           Lebanon circuit
1837-38           Somerset
1838-39           Cumberland
1839-40           Lycoming
1840-57           located
1857-58           Columbia
1858-60           Clinton
1860-61           Liverpool
1861-62           Lycoming

1862                located


Note: John Young is the father of Elizabeth Young Loyer, first resident of the Lewisburg Home, and of five Evangelical pastors.  From oldest to youngest, the ministerial sons are George, Jacob, William [aka B.W.A], Reuben and Noah.




Born: 10-12-1846                                                        married: Amelia A. Champion
Died: 4-14-1923                                                          obit: 1890,40

                                                                                    married2: Sophia Feese

1871    license                                                             obit2: 1921,68
1873    ordained deacon                                              married3: Mrs. Maria Witmer Bierly
1875    ordained elder                                                 obit3: 1928,96


Interment: Lewisburg PA
Obit: 1924,76


1871-73           York circuit
1873-76           Baltimore circuit
1876-79           Liberty
1879-82           McClure
1882-83           Brush Valley
1883-86           Port Trevorton
1886-89           McClure
1889-91           Loganville
1891-94           Millersville
1894-95           Carlisle
1895-99           superintendent, Carlisle District
1899-03           superintendent, Lewisburg District
1903-07           Lewistown
1907-11           Wrightsville
1911-15           Berwick North
1915-19           Mifflinburg
1919-21           Danville
1921                retired


Note: Noah Young is the son of John Young and the brother of B.W.A. Young, George Young, Jacob Young and Reuben Young.   It is not known whether this is the “Rev. Noah Young” who wrote the words for the gospel song The Purifying Fountain, music by C. Harold Lowden, copyright 1913 by The Heidelberg Press.





Born: 4-20-1839  Centre County PA                          married: Dorothy Ellwanger
Died: 4-8-1903                                                            obit: 1925,82


1871    license
1873    ordained deacon
1875    ordained elder


Interment: Wildwood Cemetery, Williamsport PA
Obit: 1904,58


1871-72           Liberty circuit
1872-73           Port Trevorton
1873-75           Center Hall
1875-78           Sugar Valley
1878-80           Nittany Valley
1880-83           Williamsport circuit
1883-85           Lycoming
1885                located


Note: Reuben Young is the son of John Young, and the brother of B.W.A Young, George Young, Jacob Young and Noah Young, and the father of David Young and the grandfather (through Mr. Jacob O. Young) of Carl E. Young.




Born: 9-15-1929  Williamsport PA                            married: Doris _____
Died: 10-25-2010  Edison NJ                                     obit:


1952    license, recommended by Williamsport St. John's
1958    ordained elder


Interment: First Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Metuchen NJ


1955-58           student, United Theological Seminary in Dayton OH

                             1955-58      State Road EUB, Germantown OH, Miami Ohio Conference
1958-66           York Bethlehem and Violet Hill

1966-71           Park Forest Village

1971-72           sabbatical leave

                        entered the Presbyterian ministry

1975-81           Oak Tree Presbyterian, Edison NJ

1981-94           First Presbyterian, Rutherford NJ

1994                retired


Note: Ed Younken played baseball in high school and college and did not pursue professional sports to enter the ministry.  The ball he used to pitch a Little League no-hitter is in the Little League Hall of Fame in South Williamsport PA.