Preserving and Celebrating Our United Methodist Heritage in Central and Northeast Pennsylvania

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Central Pennsylvania Evangelical Pastors Click on the first letter of the surname to enter the file of all the pastors for that letter.  The instructions file gives information about this project, the dates at which various conference boundary changes occurred, and detailed bibliographic references. 

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Born: 4-20-1883  Milton PA                                      married: Valeria Mae Miller
Died: 11-28-1944  Lewisburg PA                              obit: 1949,97


1918    license, recommended by Milton First
1920    ordained deacon
1922    ordained elder


Interment: Milton PA
Obit: 1945,83


1918-23           Scranton
1923-27           York St. Paul
1927-30           Winfield
1930-36           Middleburg
1936-38           Nescopeck
1938                retired


Note: The first name of Mrs. O’Donnell also appears erroneously as Valiera.





Born: 9-3-1908  Palmerton PA                                   married: Minerva M. Fritzinger         

Died: 11-19-1991  S. Mary’s OH                               obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1992, 480


1939    license, East Pennsylvania Conference, recommended by Palmerton Salem

1941    ordained deacon, East Pennsylvania Conference

1944    ordained elder, East Pennsylvania Conference


Interment: Danielsville Union Cemetery, Danielsville PA

Obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1992, 480


1942-44           Tower City and Williamstown

1944-51           Milford

1951-55           Wilkes-Barre Salem

1955-59           Bethlehem St. John’s

1959-64           Allentown Ebenezer

1954-70           Valley View

1970                transfer to Central Pennsylvania Conference by boundary change

1970-72           Valley View

1972-77           Williamsport Newberry

1977                retired


Note: Gordon W. Oplinger was never a member of the Central Pennsylvania Conference (EV).  He is listed here because he served churches that are now within our conference.




Born: 3-7-1846                                                            married: Kate Green
Died: 1-7-1890  York PA                                           obit: 1937,81


1869    license
1871    ordained deacon
1873    ordained elder


Interment: Prospect Hill Cemetery, York PA
Obit: 1890,40


1870-71           Lock Haven circuit

1871-73           Luzerne

1873-75           Wyoming

1875-77           Kingston

1877-78           Danville

1878-81           Shrewsbury

1881-83           Newport and Marysville

1883                retired


Note: Philip S. Orwig is a nephew of William W. Orwig.





Born: 9-25-1810  near Orwigsburg PA                      married: Susan H. Rishel
Died: May 29, 1889  Cleveland OH                           obit: [12/10/1811 – 2/11/1900]


1828    license
ordained deacon
ordained elder


Interment: Woodland Cemetery, Cleveland OH
Obit: Erie Conference 1890,23


1828-29           Center
1829-31           Lebanon
1831-32           York Circuit
1832-33           Schuylkill Circuit
1833-36           superintendent, Zion District
1836-37           superintendent, Moriah District
1836-39           editor, Der Chrisliche Botschafter

1839                transfer by boundary change to East Pennsylvania Conference

1839-44           editor, Der Chrisliche Botschafter
1844-46           York Station
1846-48           Baltimore Station
1848-50           Baltimore mission
1850-56           editor, Der Chrisliche Botschafter
1856-59           principal, Union Seminary at New Berlin PA
1859-63           bishop
1863-67           editor, Der Chrisliche Borschafter
1867                moved to Cleveland Ohio, became member of Erie Conference

                        district superintendent


Note: W.W. Orwig is the father of A.W. Orwig of the Ohio Conference and of three daughters who married Evangelical pastors: Mary Orwig Bowersox (wife of Josiah Bowersox), Elizabeth Orwig Wiest (wife of Samuel L. Wiest), and Susan Orwig Hoffman (wife of Elisha A. Hoffman).  William W. Orwig is also an uncle to Philip S. Orwig.  Mrs. Orwig is a sister to David Rishel and to Rachel Rishel Kehr (wife of Daniel Kehr) and Sarah Rishel Kreamer (wife of John Kreamer).  The mother of W.W. Orwig is Elizabeth Wagoner Orwig, a sister to Hannah Wagoner Hesser (wife of Charles Hesser), and Rebecca Wagoner Hoffman (wife of Francis A. Hoffman).  This means that W.W. Orwig is both a first cousin to and the father-in-law of Elisha Hoffman.





Born: 2-8-1864  Harrisburg PA                                  married: Harriet M. Moser
Died: 12-11-1937  Philadelphia PA                           obit: [11/8/1868 – 6/25/1937]


1888    license, East Pennsylvania Conference
1891    ordained deacon, East Pennsylvania Conference (UE)
1893    ordained elder, East Pennsylvania Conference (UE)


Interment: Christ Church Cemetery, Fountain Springs PA


1888-89           ?

1889-91           Locust Dale

1891                identifies with the “minority” faction that became the United Evangelical Church

1891-94           Wilkes-Barre

1894-97           Lancaster Mulberry Street

1897-99           Allentown Bethany

1899-01           Easton Bethany

1901-05           Reading Grace

1905-09           Bangor

1909-12           Millersburg

1912-14           Pottsville (left after starting year 3)

1914                “transfer” to Presbyterian Church, see 1915, page 45


1927-30           Fort Schuyler NY


Note: Curtin L. Oswald is also known to have served Presbyterian churches in Baltimore, Long Island, and Harrisburg.  His daughter Ruth married Evangelical layman “Hinkey” Haines of Red Lion PA, the only athlete to play on both an NFL champion (New York Giants) and World Series champion (New York Yankees) team – see the 2008 volume of The Chronicle, pages 79-91.





Born: 6-14-1926  Cleveland OH                                married: Jean E. Ulmer
Died: 2-17-2011                                                          obit: Susquehanna Conference 2015, 272


1953    license, recommended by Balls Mills, Williamsport Circuit
1959    ordained elder


Interment: Mount Lebanon Cemetery, Lebanon PA
Obit: Susquehanna Conference 2011, 404


1949-51           Marion Friends Church, Marion OR

1953-56           student, Lycoming College

    1953-56       Grover and East Point

1956-59           student, United Theological Seminary in Dayton OH

                            1956-59       Caesar's Creek Friends Meeting, New Burlington OH
1959-63           Centre Hall-Spring Mills
1963-67           Winfield and New Berlin

1967-78           Hanover Grace

1978-83           Middletown Wesley

1983-85           Dillsburg Calvary

1985-88           Lewisburg Beaver Memorial

1988                retired to Lebanon, Eastern Pennsylvania Conference

                            Morgantown (1 year)

                            Kauffman’s (3 years)

                            assistant, Lebanon Good Shepherd (9 years)