Preserving and Celebrating Our United Methodist Heritage in Central and Northeast Pennsylvania

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Central Pennsylvania Evangelical Pastors Click on the first letter of the surname to enter the file of all the pastors for that letter.  The instructions file gives information about this project, the dates at which various conference boundary changes occurred, and detailed bibliographic references. 

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Born: 1939  Jersey Shore PA                                     married:
Died: 5-9-1974  Baltimore MD                                  obit:


1959    license, recommended by Jersey Shore

Interment: Jersey Shore Cemetery, Jersey Shore PA


1959-64           St. Matthew's, Baltimore

1964-65           Delbrook (did not finish the year)

1965                removed, page 111


Note: James R. Larson began serving Messiah Lutheran Church in East Baltimore in December 1964.  He died of a wound suffered during a robbery at the motel where he was supplementing his income as a night clerk.




Born: 6-13-1907  Sullivan County PA                       married: Sara H. Stackhouse
Died: 9-7-1967                                                            obit: [1914 – 1971]


1955    license, recommended by Franklin, Sonestown Charge
1961    ordained elder


Interment: Franklin [Sone Heap] Church Cemetery, Sullivan County PA
Obit: 1968,124


1955-57           Mount Pleasant Mills
1957-62           Enola
1962-67           St. Paul's York





Born: 8-31-1834                                                          married:
Died: 2-8-1913                                                            obit:


1878    license

1888    ordained deacon


Interment:  Lawver’s Church Cemetery, Mifflin County PA
Obit: 1913,70


Note:   Jacob Lawver was the Sunday School superintendent at the Lawver appointment for 49 successive years.  He served as a local pastor.





Born: 6-14-1821  York County PA                            married: Mary A. Toomey
Died: 9-27-1895                                                          obit: [1823 – 3/25/1914]



1852    ordained deacon


Interment: Snyders United Brethren Cemetery, Perry County PA


1850-51           Franklin
1851-52           Cherry circuit
1852-54           Liverpool circuit
1863                withdrew, page 191


Note:  This surname is incorrectly given in the Conference records as LEES.  Isaac Leas is a brother to John H. Leas and son of Rev. John Leas (1788-1859), affiliation unknown.  The 1939 History of the Central Pennsylvania Conference, page 49, incorrectly attributes these appointments to J.H. LEES.




Born: 7-5-1832  Newport PA                         married: Catherine A. Baer [6/12/1862]
Died: 1-2-1919  Madisonville OH                 obit: [7/10/1841 – 5/20/1922]


1858    admitted on trial, St. Louis Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church
1861    ordained deacon
1865    ordained elder


Interment: Spring Grove Cemetery, Cincinnati OH
Obit: West Ohio Conference (Methodist Episcopal Church) 1919, 691 [LEASE]


1859                “transfer” to Central Pennsylvania Conference of the Evangelical Association

1859-65           faculty, Union Seminary in New Berlin PA

                            1862-63  principal, Union Seminary

1865                transfer to Illinois Conference

1865-69           faculty, Plainfield College in Plainfield IL

1872                “transfer” to St. Louis Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church

1872-74           Holden

1874-76           Knobnoster*

1876                transfer to Cincinnati Conference

1876-78           Batavia

1878-81           Cincinnati Asbury

1881-82           Wilmington


*The movements of J.H. Leas from 1874 to 1876 are not clear.  The General Minutes for 1875 place him in 3 appointments in 3 different conferences.   He is listed as transferred to the Des Moines Conference in 1874 and back to the St. Louis Conference in 1875, serving at Sidney IA in the interim.


Note: This surname is incorrectly given in the Conference records as LEES.  John H. Leas is a brother to Isaac Leas and son of Rev. John Leas (1788-1859), affiliation unknown.  Professor J. H. Leas taught mathematics and French at Union Seminary and Greek and Latin at Plainfield College.   In 1870 Plainfield College moved to Naperville IL and became North-Western College.  The 1939 History of the Central Pennsylvania Conference, page 49, incorrectly identifies him as J.H. LEES and lists the service record for Isaac Lees.  While in the Cincinnati Conference in the 1880’s, the surname changes to LEASE.





Born: 9-20-1914  near Wrightsville PA                     married: Anna Elvira Johanson
Died: 1-13-1996                                                          obit: Baltimore-Washington Conf 1995,454


1935    license, recommended by Wrightsville
?          ordained deacon
1942    ordained elder


Interment: Evergreen Memorial Gardens, Finksburg MD
Obit: Baltimore-Washington Conference 1996,501


1938-39           Keystone-Perry
1939-41           Bryansville
1941-47           Columbia Circuit
1947-52           Mifflin
1952-58           Williamsport Christ
1958-65           Lewistown Trinity

1965-69           Baltimore Salem

1969-70           Boonsboro Mt. Nebo

1970                transfer by boundary change to Baltimore Conference

1970-75           Boonsboro Mt. Nebo

1975-78           Mt. Savage

1978-85           Mt. Gilead – Patapsco

1985                retired

                             1985-88   minister of visitation, Hunt’s Memorial Church



LEES  [see LEAS]




Born: 10-8-1922  York PA                                         married: Gloria Kathleen Graham
Died: 12-10-2014  York PA                                       obit: Susquehanna Conference 2012, 298


1964    license

1971    ordained deacon
ordained elder


Interment: Red Mount Cemetery, East Berlin PA
Obit: Susquehanna Conference 2015, 269


1962                Bryansville

1962-63           Freysville

1963-64           student

1964-92           Wellsville

1992                retired

                             1992-06      visitation pastor, York Trinity





Born: 4-23-1843                                                          married: Esther H. Lauver
Died: 4-15-1923                                                          obit: [4/17/1846 – 2/3/1916]

                                                                                    married2: Mrs. Susan C. Good

1875    license, Allegheny Conference (UB)              obit2: [11/20/1860 – 10/28/1921]

1878    ordained, Allegheny Conference (UB)


Interment: United Brethren Cemetery, Cocolamus PA
Obit: 1924,80


Note: John D. Leister was active as a local deacon.  One grandson is a Presbyterian minister.  The second Mrs. Leister was a widow, and she is also known as Susan C. Herrold.  It is believed that Herrold is her maiden name and that Good is the name of her first husband.




Born: 9-9-1859  Perry County PA                              married: Elizabeth Grace Wickey
Died: 7-1-1940  Winnebago County IL                     obit: [5/22/1861 – 8/25/1925]


1885    license


Interment: Middle Creek Cemetery, Winnebago IL


1885-86           McClure


Note: Cameron W. Leonard is a first cousin to the father of Eugene P. Leonard.  C.W. Leonard moved to Rockford IL in 1890.




Born: 5-31-1854  Perry County PA                            married: Emma M. Orwig [3/23/1882]
Died: 1-13-1927  Lincoln NE                                     obit: [4/9/1861 – 5/6/1905]

                                                                                    married2: Annie K. Hortig

1878    license                                                             obit2: [9/3/1867 – 5/22/1952]
1880    ordained deacon
1882    ordained elder, Des Moines Conference


Interment: Wyuka Cemetery, Lincoln NE


1878-79           Middleburg
1879-81           McClure
1882                transfer to Des Moines Conference
1891                transfer to Des Moines Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church

1891-92           Orient

1892-93           Defiance

1893                discontinued


Note:  The father of Eugene P. Leonard is a first cousin to Cameron W. Leonard.  The first Mrs. Leonard’s grandfather is a first cousin to the noted William W. Orwig.




Born: 12-26-1845                                                        married: Susan L. Maurer
Died: 11-21-1924  El Campo TX                               obit: [1845-1946]


1876    license


Interment: Mount Hope Cemetery, Hiawatha KS


1876-79           student, Union Seminary

1880                withdrew


Note: Daniel S. Lepley is a brother to William A. Lepley (1858-1934) of the Central Pennsylvania Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church.  Mrs. Lepley was born in New Berlin PA, and the couple was married there 11/9/1869.




Born: 6-5-1851  Centreville PA                                 married: Mary Catherine Mosteller
Died: 1-16-1939                                                          obit: 1939,84


1876    license
1878    ordained deacon
1880    ordained elder


Interment: Lewisburg Cemetery, Lewisburg PA
Obit: 1939,84


1876-77           York circuit
1877-78           Catawissa circuit
1878-81           New Columbus
1881-82           Liverpool
1882-83           Leesburg
1883-84           White Deer
1884-85           Luzerne
1885-86           Hughesville
1886-91           Located
1891-95           Newberry
1895-96           Lock Haven
1896-98           Glen Rock
1898-02           Marysville
1902-06           Hagerstown
1906-09           Jersey Shore
1909-13           York Christ
1913-17           Mifflin
1917-20           Middleburg
1920-25           Mt. Holly Springs
1925                retired





Born: 7-1-1821                                                            married: Mary Magdalene Jaquet
Died: 4-16-1907                                                          obit: [Illinois Conference UE 1904,46]


1846    license
1848    ordained deacon
1850    ordained elder


Interment: Ottawa Avenue Cemetery, Ottawa IL
Obit: [Illinois Conference UE 1922, 10]


1846-47           Clarion
1847-48           Lycoming
1848-49           Clinton
1849-50           Center
1850-52           Pittsburgh
1852                transfer to Pittsburgh Conference

1861                transfer to Illinois Conference


Note: This name sometimes erroneously appears as Charles Lindeman.  The dates for Mrs. Lindeman (not given in the conference obituary) are 2/2/1824 – 5/30/1903.




Born:                                                                           married: Marie
Died:                                                                           obit:


1960    license, Christian & Missionary Alliance Church
1966    ordained elder




1960-62           Bannersville CMA

1962                transfer to Central Pennsylvania Conference of the EUB Church

1962-66           Daniels

1966-73           Williamsport Balls Mills

1973-78           Mercersburg (ending 11/1/78)

1978-85           Bellefonte Faith (beginning 11/1/78)

1985-88           Williamsport Faxon-Kenmar (ending 11/15/88)

1988-95           leave of absence (beginning 11/15/88)

1995-98           Williamsburg

1998                retired




Born:                                                                           married:
Died:                                                                           obit:


1876    license







Born: Germany                                                           married:
Died: c1880  Germany                                                obit:


1844    license
1846    ordained deacon
1848    ordained elder




1844-45           Union circuit
1845-46           York circuit
1846-48           Warren
1848-50           Pittsburgh
1850-51           Allegheny mission
                        sent to Germany as a missionary and later withdrew from the Church


Note: In 1850, the semi-centennial of the existence of the Evangelical Association, there was great

interest in establishing the work in the Fatherland. A member of the Central Pennsylvania

Conference, Johann Conrad Link sailed for Germany on November 20, 1850, as the first

missionary for that purpose. Stapleton’s 1900 Evangelical Annals, page 475, states: “He was

successful from the first, although he met with bitter opposition from the ministers of the State

Church.” Link was appointed in 1859 to begin a work in Switzerland, but he declined to go.

While its not clear what the difficulties in 1863 were, Link eventually withdrew from the

Evangelical Association and was not involved in the official formation of the Germany

Conference on February 24, 1865. Albright’s 1942 History of the Evangelical Church, page 425,

gives these comments about Bishop Esher’s visit to organize the new conference: “Very early he

discovered the necessity of settling the irregularities of John C. Link and on February 2nd brought

the matter to a painful conclusion. Although denying insubordination, Link withdrew from the

church and became bitter in his opposition to the work. In his later years he came to regret this

step and before his death was reconciled with many of his former associates in the Evangelical






Born: 5-28-1922  near Carlisle PA                             married: Joanna Lois Wentz
Died: 6-30-1999                                                          obit: 2002,363


1942    license, recommended by McAllister, Mt. Rock charge
1946    ordained deacon
1947    ordained elder


Interment: cremation (remains scattered at Westminster Cemetery, Carlisle PA, and at his birthplace)
Obit: 2000,348


1944-48           Daniels
1948-59           Port Trevorton
1959-67           Williamsport St. John's

1967-70           York Zion

1970-78           Stewartstown

1978-85           New Cumberland Community

1985                retired

                             1986-87      Dillsburg Arnold’s




Born: 7-27-1923  Philadelphia PA                             married: Marion Elizabeth Hafer
Died: 12-11-2007  Wernersville PA                           obit:


1943    license. East Pennsylvania Conference

1947    ordained, East Pennsylvania Conference



1943-44           student, Albright College in Reading PA

1944-47           Steelton – Charlton

1947-51           Telford Grace

1951-55           Wilkes-Barre First

1955-63           Mohnton Calvary

1963-68           executive secretary, Conference Board of Missions

1968-82           General Board of Global Missions


Note: Warren A. Loesch was never a member of the Central Pennsylvania Conference.  He is listed here because he served churches that are now within our conference.




Born:                                                                           married:
Died:                                                                           obit:


1917    license






Born: 1852                                                                  married: Emma Dora Wise
Died: 3-2-1905  Hughesville PA                                obit: 1924,80


1876    license
1878    ordained deacon
1880    ordained elder


Interment: Pine Grove Cemetery, Berwick PA
Obit: 1905,64


1876-78           Nittany Valley
1878-80           Lock Haven
1880-82           Milesburg
1882-85           Hughesville
1885-88           Berwick
1888-89           Baltimore Grace
1889-92           Glen Rock
1892-95           Nittany Valley
1895-99           Center
1899-02           Berwick
1902-05           Hughesville


Note: Jared James Lohr was commonly known as Jerry Lohr.




Born: 5-17-1813  Somerset County PA                     married: Susanna Flickinger
Died: 2-25-1890                                                          obit: [2/3/1816 – 10/14/1882]


1834    license
1837    ordained deacon
1843    ordained elder


Interment: Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Blairstown IA


1835-36           Shenandoah VA.
1836-37           Indiana
1837-38           Armstrong
1838-39           Wooster
1839-40           Indiana
1840-41           Franklin
1841-42           Cumberland
1842-43           located
1843-44           Virginia
1844-46           Washington circuit
1846-47           Westmoreland
1847-48           Virginia
1848-49           located
1849-50           Bedford
1850-51           Clarion
                        transfer to Pittsburgh Conference

1860                moved to Iowa

                        North Bend circuit

                        Independence Mission

                        Turkey River mission

1865                Preston MN



Note: A biography of Daniel N. Long is given in the 1887 Portrait and Biographical Album of Benton County, Iowa, page 359.




Born: 11-8-1813  MD                                                 married: Rebecca AnnKiessling
Died: 2-1-1877  Loganton PA                                                obit: [c1812 – 8/7/1851]

                                                                                    married2: Sarah Keeport [Keyport]

?          license                                                             obit2: [c1829 – 1/24/18983]
?          ordained deacon
1842    ordained elder


Interment: Washington Boulevard Cemetery, Williamsport PA
Obit: [1883,95]


1838-39           Center circuit
1839-41           Columbia
1841-42           Indiana
1842-44           Lycoming
1844-48           superintendent, Allegheny District
1848-49           Lycoming
1849-50           superintendent, Allegheny District
1850-51           superintendent, Center District
1851-54           superintendent, Baltimore District
1854-57           superintendent, Susquehanna District
1857-59           Lycoming circuit
1859-61           Buffalo
1861-63           Block House
1863-65           Leesburg
1865-66           Cumberland
1866-68           Shrewsbury
1868-70           Gettysburg circuit
1870-72           Clinton County circuit
1872                retired


Note: Alexander Longsdorf is the father of Jeremiah M. Longsdorf.




Born: 1849                                                                  married: Catherine [Kate] Saylor
Died: 1923                                                                  obit: [1851 - 1937]


1872    license
1874    ordained deacon
1876    ordained elder


Interment: Mount Holly Springs Cemetery, Mount Holly Springs PA


1872-73           Nittany Valley
1873-74           Center Hall
1874-75           Bendersville
1875-76           Mt. Holly
1876-78           Shrewsbury
1878-80           Perry
1880-82           Hagerstown circuit
1882-83           Juniata
1883-85           Wyoming
1885                transfer to East Pennsylvania Conference


Note: J. Max Longsdorf is the son of Alexander Longsdorf.





Born: 2-9-1904  Snyder County PA                           married: Eva L. Hackenburg
Died: 2-10-2000                                                          obit: 1970, 389

                                                                                    married2: Marian Thorpe

1930    license, recommended by Penn's Creek          obit2: 2005,450
1932    ordained deacon
1934    ordained elder


Interment: Zion United Methodist Church Cemetery, Middleburg PA
Obit: 2000,349


1930-31           Keystone
1931-33           Keystone and Perry
1933-37           Mexico
1937-42           Selinsgrove
1942-49           chaplain, US Army
1949-50           Middleburg
1951-56           Loganville
1956-65           Yoe-Dallastown

1965-69           Dallastown Trinity

1969                retired

                             1970        East Prospect (Mar-Apr)

                             1970        Yorkanna (Sep-Dec)

                             1971-73  Trinity North





Born:                                                                           married:
Died:                                                                           obit:


1878    license
ordained deacon
ordained elder









Born: 2-19-1889  Hanover PA                                   married: Goldie Schwartz Masenheimer
Died: 10-28-1944  Middleburg PA                            obit: 1961,87


1915    license
1918    ordained deacon
1920    ordained elder


Interment: Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Hanover PA
Obit: 1945,82

1915-20           Morgan
1920-23           Hancock
1923-24           Berkeley Springs
1924-26           Columbia
1926-30           Altoona
1930-33           located
1933-36           Bloomsburg
1936-40           conference evangelist

1940-43           on leave

1943-44           Middleburg


Note: Charles H. Loyer is the grandfather of Milton W. Loyer and the great-grandfather of first cousins Matthew J. Loyer and Kenneth M. Loyer - all of the Susquehanna Conference of the United Methodist Church.





Born: 12-15-1873  Linden PA                                    married: Cora Belle Harper
Died: 11-1-1941  Portland OR                                   obit: [5/7/1877 – 1/11/1954]


1899    license
1901    ordained deacon, Oregon Conference UE
1903    ordained elder, Oregon Conference UE


Interment: Lee Mission Cemetery, Salem OR
Obit: [Oregon-Washington Conference 1942,61]


1899-90           Penns Creek
1900                transfer to Oregon Conference UE

1900-01           Independence

1901-04           Brooks

1904-05           Eastern Oregon mission

1905-96           Irrigon

1906-09           Florence

1909-13           Salem

1913-16           Portland Ockley Green

1916-20           Salem

1920-23           superintendent, Oregon Conference District

1923-28           superintendent, Salem District

1928-33           Portland Willamette Boulevard

1933-34           Portland Willamette Boulevard and superintendent, Portland East Side District

1934-35           superintendent, Port East Side District

1935-36           Portland First and superintendent, East Portland District

1936-37           Portland First

1937-39           Milwaukie

1939                retired





Born: 12-30-1898  Warrensville PA                          married: Anna El Nora Winter
Died: 10-9-1987                                                          obit: 1996,420


1927    license, recommended by Warrensville
1932    ordained deacon
1934    ordained elder


Interment: Montoursville Cemetery, Montoursville PA
Obit: 1988,418


1929-34           Mt. Rock
1934-39           Buffalo Valley
1939-48           Mt. Holly Springs
1948-59           Bloomsburg
1959-67           Montoursville Bethel

1967                retired





Born:                                                                           married:
Died: 5-6-1861                                                            obit:


1852    ordained deacon
1854    ordained elder




1850-51           Perry
1851-52           Morgan circuit
1852-54           Gettysburg circuit
1854-55           Liverpool
1855-56           Perry
1856-57           Franklin
1857                withdrew

                        “transfer” to the Lutheran Church

                        Sharpsville MD

1859-61           Siglerville & Mechanicsville


Note: Mechanicsville is now the southern end of Belleville, Mifflin County.