Preserving and Celebrating Our United Methodist Heritage in Central and Northeast Pennsylvania

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Central Pennsylvania Evangelical Pastors Click on the first letter of the surname to enter the file of all the pastors for that letter.  The instructions file gives information about this project, the dates at which various conference boundary changes occurred, and detailed bibliographic references. 

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Born: 7-4-1824                                                            married: Mary Ann Hipple
Died: 7-22-1901  Shermansdale PA                           obit:  [1/19/1825 – 3/29/1893]

                                                                                    married2: Mrs. Anna H. Fenicle Anthony

license                                                             obit2:
1852    ordained deacon
1854    ordained elder


Interment: Pisgah Church Cemetery, Perry County PA
Obit: [1902,83]


1850-52           Gettysburg circuit
1852-53           Franklin
1853-55           Columbia
1855-57           Buffalo circuit
1857-76           located
1876-77           Cumberland
1877                located


Note: The second Mrs. Hall is the widow of Benjamin F. Anthony.  She is also referred to as Anna H. Zimmerman.





Born: 1-29-1816  Bedford County PA                       married: Margaret Beisel
Died: 8-3-1891                                                            obit: [4/12/1815 – 9/20/1890]


1851    ordained deacon

Interment: Mt. Union Cemetery, Lovely PA


Note: William Hammer was a farmer and a shoemaker in western Bedford County.  He functioned as a local pastor for several years.  Mrs. Hammer is a niece of Conrad Beisel of Ephrata Cloister fame.




Born: 12-7-1809  near Orwigsburg PA                      married: Susan Dunkle
Died: 1-2-1887  Cleveland OH                                  obit: [2/12/1819 – 3/29/1880]


1830    license
1831    ordained deacon
            ordained elder


Interment: Lake View Cemetery, Cleveland OH


1830-31           Lebanon
1831-32           White Deer

1832                transfer to Western Conference
1832-33           Wooster
1833-34           Lancaster
1834-35           Canton
1835-36           Schuylkill
1836-37           Buffalo
1837-39           superintendent, Moriah District
1839-42           publishing agent of the Evangelical Association
1842-44           Baltimore
1844-46           superintendent, Baltimore District
1846-48           Susquehanna District
1848-50           Baltimore
1850-52           York circuit
1852-53           located
1853-54           superintendent, Susquehanna District
1854-67           publishing agent of the Evangelical Association

1867-76           superintendent, Ebenezer Orphans Home at Flat Rock OH

Note: A biographical sketch for Charles Hammer appears in the Encyclopedia of World Methodism.  Mrs. Hammer is a daughter of prominent Evangelical Association member John S. Dunkel, in whose Union County the denomination’s missionary society was founded.  John Dunkel married Leah Dreisbach, daughter of Martin Dreisbach (1764-1831), in whose home the first General Conference was held, and sister of John Dreisbach.  Susan’s sister Sophia Dunkel married John G. Miller, and sister Mary Dunkel married Benjamin Hengst.





Born: 6-26-1864  Ottsville PA                                   married: Sarah [Sallie] R. Hendricks
Died: 7-16-1934  Salladasburg                                   obit: 1929,86


1894    license, East Pennsylvania Conference, recommended by Lansdale

1897    ordained deacon. East Pennsylvania Conference EA

1903    ordained elder, East Pennsylvania Conference EA


Interment: Millheim PA
Obit: 1935,85


1895-98           Birdsboro
1901-05           Port Trevorton
1905-08           Spring Mills
1908-11           Penns Valley
1911-18           Waller
1918-22           located
1922-23           Sugar Valley

1923                transfer to Central Pennsylvania Conference
1923-26           Spring Mills
1926-29           Grover
1929-30           East Point
1930-34           West Nanticoke
1934                Salladasburg


Note: During the denominational split, Ezra E. Haney served in the East Pennsylvania Conference of the Evangelical Association.





Born:                                                                           married:
Died:                                                                           obit:


1843    license





Born:  8-12-1847  Lycoming County PA                   married: Flora A. Whitebread [9/17/1874]
Died:                                                                           obit: [3/20/1851 – 12/?/1931]




1872                Luzerne
                        located, living in Allentown


Note: Sanford Harding was for a while a druggist in Milton, Northumberland County.




Born:                                                                           married: Joanna B. Ettinger
Died:                                                                           obit: [1/6/1851 – 8/?/1908]


1870    license
1872    ordained deacon
1874    ordained elder




1870-71           Hughesville
1871-72           Nittany Valley
1872-73           Buffalo
1873-74           Prospect
1874-75           Lycoming
1875-77           Milesburg
1877-78           Canton
1878-79           Dewart
1879-80           Bloomsburg
1880-82           Juniata
1882-85           Fishing Creek Valley
1885-88           Jarrettsville
1888-90           Lewisberry
1890-93           Bendersville
1893-94           Big Spring
1894-96           Fishing Creek Valley
1896-00           located
1900-02           Cherry Run
1902-04           Mexico
1904-05           Waller
1905                located




Born: 5-12-1837  Dushore PA                                    married: Caroline C. Sanger
Died: 9-17-1887  Carthage MO                                  obit:


1859    license
1861    ordained deacon

Obit: Kansas Conference 1888,21


1860-61           Liverpool
1861-63           Franklin circuit
1863-65           Columbia
1865-67           Buffalo
1867-69           Shrewsbury
1869-71           Muncy
1871-72           Liberty
1872-73           Center circuit
1874                dropped

1887                transfer to Kansas Conference


Note: Mathias W. Harris is the father of William S. Harris and Mary Ann Harris Goodman, wife of Benjamin Franklin Goodman (1855-1932) of the East Pennsylvania Conference of the United Brethren Church.




Born: 10-3-1865  New Columbia PA                         married: Emma Sands
Died: 4 -?-1956  Allentown PA                                  obit: [1868-1927]

                                                                                    married2: Amelia J. Saible Kichline.

1888    license, Kansas Conference                            obit2: [1872-1951]

Interment: Paxtang Cemetery, Paxtang PA
Obit: East Pennsylvania Conference 1956,237


1888-89           Carthage mission

1889                transfer to East Pennsylvania Conference

1889-90           Sparrowbush & Matamoras

1890-92           Sunbury

1892-93           Easton

1893-96           Lykens & Wiconisco

1896-00           Pottstown & Spring City

1900-03           Lemoyne Grace

1903-07           Harrisburg Park Street

1907-08           Charlton & Penbrook Trinity

1908-12           ?

1912-17           Charlton & Penbrook Trinity & Rutherford Heights

1917-18           Charlton & Rutherford Heights

1918-20           Penbrook Trinity & Harrisburg Sixth Street

1920-22           Harrisburg Sixth Street

1923-27           Steelton Grace

1929-39           Nazareth

1939                retired


Note: William S. Harris is the son of Mathias W. Harris and the father of Edwin B. Harris (1896-1982) of the Eastern Pennsylvania Conference of the United Methodist Church.  The author of several books, he is the subject the article “Rev. William Schuler Harris (1865-1956): Minister, Writer, Entrepreneur and Developer” in the 1994 volume of The Chronicle, pages 112-119.  The second Mrs. Harris was the widow of a James Henry Kichline (1868-1908) and the mother of Rev. Clayton H. Kichline (1889-1979) of the Reformed Church.





Born: 11-10-1852  Union County PA                        married: Abigail Robbins

Died: 1-12-1945  Bloomsburg PA                              obit: Central PA Conference ME 1943,216


1877    license

1881    ordained deacon

1883    ordained


Interment: Almedia Cemetery, Almedia PA

Obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference ME 1945, 214


1875-79           student, Central Pennsylvania College in New Berlin PA

1879-80           Center circuit

1881-82           West Clifford

1882-84           Maple Grove

1884-87           Dushore and Bernice

1887-88           Catawissa

1888-90           Zion’s Grove

1890-92           Columbia

1892                transfer to Central Pennsylvania Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church

1892-95           Nescopeck

1895-00           Buckhorn

1900-04           Espy-Lime Ridge

1904-09           Millville

1909-11           Trout Run

1911-16           Woodland-Bradford

1916-21           Mahaffey

1921-23           White Haven

1923                retired

                             1923-30  Rupert and Buckhorn


Note:  Mrs. Hartman’s sister Idylla (d. 1950) married John Crawford Bickel (d. 1939) of the Ohio Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church.





Born: 3-23-1840  near Yorkanna PA                         married: Sarah A. Zeller
Died: 9-11-1920  Lemoyne PA                                  obit: 1923,81


1866    license, Methodist Episcopal Church

1869    license

1870    ordained deacon
1872    ordained elder


Interment: Harrisburg Cemetery, Harrisburg PA
Obit: 1921,66


1869-70           Middle Creek circuit
1870-73           Carlisle
1873-74           Milton
1874-76           York King Street
1876-79           assistant editor, Evangelical-Messenger
1879-88           editor, Evangelical-Messenger
1888-91           editor, The Evangelical
1891-95           chaplain, Moody Bible School at Northfield MA
1895-02           editor, The Evangelical
1902-10           bishop of the United Evangelical Church
1910-20           editor, The Evangelical


Note: Henry B. Hartzler is a brother to Jacob Hartzler.  He wrote several poems that became hymn texts.  Biographical sketches for H.B. Hartzler appear in the 1939 History of the Central Pennsylvania Conference, page 317, and in the Encyclopedia of World Methodism.




Born: 1-18-1833  near Yorkanna PA                         married: Sarah Sayres
Died: 1-2-1916 York PA                                            obit: 1908,70


Interment: Greenmount Cemetery, York PA
Obit: 1916,76


1856-58           Middle Creek
1858-60           Wilkes-Barre
1860-61           Columbia circuit
1861-62           Buffalo circuit
1862-63           Center Circle
1863-64           agent, Union Seminary at New Berlin PA
1864-65           Lewisburg
1865-67           agent, Washington DC mission
1867-71           Glen Rock
1871-72           Baltimore Green Street
1872-80           editor, The Evangelical-Messenger
1880-88           superintendent, Japan Mission
1888-91           superintendent, Carlisle District
1891-96           superintendent, Center District
1896-98           Yorkana
1898-02           Alberton
1902-05           York Grace
1905-08           Alberton
1908-10           Mechanicsburg
1910-11           West Nanticoke
1911                retired


Note: Jacob Hartzler is a brother to Henry B. Hartzler.  Biographical sketches for Jacob Hartzler appear in the 1939 History of the Central Pennsylvania Conference, page 351, and in the Encyclopedia of World Methodism.




Born: 9-19-1805  Markheimer, Alsace FRANCE     married: Lydia Matter
Died: 9-19-1868  Monroe WI                                     obit: [5/7/1816 – 7/18/1864]


1836    license

1841    ordained elder


Interment: Dutch Hollow Cemetery, Sylvester WI


1836-37           Armstrong
1837-38           Lancaster circuit
1838-39           Crawford
1839-40           Somerset
1840-41           Bedford
1841-43           Clarion
1843                transfer to the Ohio Conference

1843-44           Milwaukee WI  mission

1844                charter member of the Illinois Conference

1844-45           Milwaukee WI mission

1845-46           Dubuque IA mission

1846-47           without appointment

1847-48           Jefferson WI

1848-49           Sauk WI mission

1849-50           Florid IL

1850-56           unclear

1856                charter member of the Wisconsin Conference

1856-57           Dane County

1857-62           Cedarville circuit

1862                retired


NOTE: Matthias Hauert came to America with his family in 1820.  Some sources give his death date as 1865.  A picture of Matthias Hauert appears in the 1940 Centennial Program (84th Session) of the Wisconsin Conference, page 17.




Born: 9-21-1922  Red Lion PA                                  married: Edna Martin Burkhart
Died:12-24-1997                                                         obit: Susquehanna Conference 2015, 267


1951    license, recommended by Red Lion St. Paul's
1954    ordained elder


Interment: Red Lion PA
Obit: 1998,435


1952-54           Warrensville
1954-58           Penn's Creek
1958-65           Avis

1965-72           Felton

1972-80           East Prospect

1980-88           Roxbury

1988                retired

                             1993-98      visitation pastor, Red Lion St. Paul’s





Born:                                                                           married: Geraldine _____
Died:                                                                           obit:


1942    license, recommended by Manchester St. Paul
1948    ordained elder




1945-47           Faith, Milwaukee Wisconsin Conference
1947-53           West Milton
1953-56           Cumberland
1956-67           Baltimore Immanuel

1967-78           Williamsport Trinity

1978-87           Altoona Simpson

1987-91           Lewisburg St. Paul’s

1991                retired




Born: 6-23-1917 Cogan Station PA                           married: Virginia Todd Benson
Died: 1-7-2001                                                            obit: Central PA Conference 1961,89; 1962,92

                                                                                    married2: Jean Louis Bennett

1940    license, recommended by Balls Mills            obit2: [d. 8/18/2011]

1942    ordained deacon
1944    ordained elder


Interment: Montoursville Cemetery, Montoursville PA
Obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 2001,364


1940-44           Montoursville-Pennsdale
1944-47           chaplain, U.S. Army
1947-48           Port Trevorton
1948-51           Cumberland charge
1951-59           New Kingstown
1959-64           Williamsport St. Paul's

1964-80           Berwick Bethany

1980                retired


Note: The second Mrs. Heim served was a former missionary nurse in Israel.




Born: 3-22-1878  Shamokin Dam PA                        married: Bessie B. _____

Died:                                                                           obit:


1903    license, Central Pennsylvania Conference of the United Evangelical Church

1909    ordained deacon, Genesee Conference ME

1910    ordained elder, Genesee Conference ME





1903-05           student, Susquehanna University

                             1903-05      reportedly served as a supply preacher, Central PA Conference EV

1905                “transfer” to Methodist Episcopal Church

1905-06           Montandon, Central Pennsylvania Conference

1906-07           Wharton, Central Pennsylvania Conference

1907                “transfer” to Genesee Conference

1907-08           Roulette

1908-09           Ceres

1909-10           Ceres and Horse Run

1910-11           Warrens Corners and East Wilson

1911-13           Fowlerville and Greigsville

1913-14           Evans and Brant

1914-15           North Collins and Indian Mission

1915-16           Darien

1916-17           Gainesville

1917-19           Savona

1919-20           Savona and Campbell

1920-21           Fillmore and Hume

1921-22           Buffalo St. Mark’s

1922-28           on leave

1928                located


Note: William W. Heim served as a local pastor in the United Evangelical and Methodist Episcopal denominations until joining the Genesee Conference in 1907.  In 1930 he was living in Buffalo NY and working as a ticket agent for the railroad.





Born: 7-16-1872  Wrightsville PA                             married: Alma Dorothy Klinker
Died: 7-?-1941                                                            obit: [1883 – 1967]


1892    license

1897    license, Allegheny Synod of the Lutheran Church

1898    ordained, Allegheny Synod of the Lutheran Church


Interment: Fairview Cemetery, Wrightsville PA


1892-95           student, Albright College

1895-98           student, Gettysburg Lutheran Seminary at Gettysburg PA

                             York Haven

                             York Haven & Goldsboro Mt. Zion

1898-41           English Lutheran Church of the Redeemer, Jersey City NJ







Born: 6-11-1908  Shenandoah PA                              married: Viola Alyce Wiest
Died: 12-5-1997  Mechanicsburg PA                         obit: 1940,84

                                                                                    married2: Mabel I. Oberdorff

                                                                                    obit2: 1998,437

1927    license, East Pennsylvania Conference, recommended by Shenandoah Bethany

1932    ordained deacon
1934    ordained elder


Interment: Windsor PA
Obit: 1998,436

1930-33           Bellwood-Pine Croft
1933-38           White Deer charge
1938-41           Hebbville
1941-47           Mifflin Trinity
1947-51           Baltimore Immanuel
1951-53           Mechanicsburg Grace
1953-59           Williamsport St. Paul's
1959-70           conference program director

1970-74           associate conference program director

1974                retired

                             visitation pastor, Shiremanstown

                             visitation pastor, Lemoyne Grace

Note: The first Mrs. Heiser is the daughter of Rev. Lawrence Orwig Wiest (b. 1867, affiliation uncertain), granddaughter of Samuel L. Wiest, and great-granddaughter of W.W. Orwig.




Born: 11-27-1905  Marysville PA                              married: Anna Evelyn Page
Died: 6-11-1952                                                          obit: 1984,388


1922    licensed, recommended by Marysville

1931    ordained deacon

1933    ordained elder

Interment: Twin Hills Cemetery, Williamsport PA
Obit: 1953,77

1929-32           Dushore
1932-43           Lock Haven

1943-52           Williamsport First


Note: Homer W. Heisley is a brother to Lester H. Heisley and the father of Joan Heisley Fisher, wife of Bruce D. Fisher of the Central Pennsylvania Conference of the Methodist Church.




Born: 1-3-1894  Marysville PA                                  married: Edna M. Geilow
Died: 10-24-1922  Chicago IL                                   obit: [b. 1896]


1913    license

Interment: Montrose Cemetery, Chicago IL
Obit: Evangelical Church Yearbook 1924, 122


1913-14           student, Albright Academy at Myerstown

                        subsequent schooling [exact dates unknown]

                             Albright College

                             Moody Bible Institute

                             McCormick Theological Seminary (Union Theological College)

                        subsequent pastoral service [presumably while a student]

                            1916-18  North Ashland Avenue United Evangelical Church, Chicago IL

                            1918-19  unknown church, Manhattan IL

                            1919-22  Cragin Congregational Church, Chicago IL

He died before his expected 1923 graduation from seminary.


Note: Lester H. Heisley is a brother to Homer W. Heisley.  A biographical sketch appears in Hain’s 1922 History of Perry County, page 814.  This name is incorrectly given in the 1913 journal, page 38, as Lester M. Heishley.  Also buried in Montrose Cemetery is his 2½ hour old son Edward, 12/9/1918, who was survived by his twin sister Virginia.




Born: 12-30-1808  Lancaster County PA                   married:
Died: c1850  St. Joseph County IN                            obit:


1841    license



Note: Jacob Heiss is a brother to Peter Heiss and Samuel Heiss.  Two other brothers, Henry Heiss and Levi Heiss, were 1840 charter members of the Ohio Conference – and Levi, who served the Rock River IL circuit for two years while it was part of the Ohio Conference, guided the charter members of the Illinois Conference into that territory in 1844.  There is a brief account of the Heiss family in Stapleton’s 1900 Evangelical Annals, page 107.




Born: 9-21-1818  Lancaster County PA                     married: Catherine Williams
Died: 11-12-1871  Mifflinburg PA                            obit: [8/1/1824 – 10/23/1897]


1842    license
1845    ordained deacon
1847    ordained elder


Interment: Forest Hill Methodist Church Cemetery, Forest Hill PA
Obit: [1893,67]


1842-43           Cumberland
1843-44           York circuit
1844-45           Somerset
1845-47           located
1847-48           Lycoming
1848-49           Cumberland
1849-50           Strasburg
1850-52           Luzerne
1852-53           Hollidaysburg
1853-54           located
1854-56           Canton
1856                located


Note: Peter Heiss is a brother to Jacob Heiss and Samuel Heiss.  Two other brothers, Henry Heiss and Levi Heiss, were 1840 charter members of the Ohio Conference – and Levi, who served the Rock River IL circuit for two years while it was part of the Ohio Conference, guided the charter members of the Illinois Conference into that territory in 1844.  There is a brief account of the Heiss family in Stapleton’s 1900 Evangelical Annals, page 107.




Born: 7-14-1803  Lancaster County PA                     married: Maria Anna Roland
Died: 2-9-1883  St. Joseph County IN                       obit: [3/8/1808 – 6/29/1849]

                                                                                    married2: Susanna _____

1841    ordained deacon                                              obit2:

Interment: California Church Cemetery, St. Joseph County IN


1839-41           Armstrong
1841-42           Warren
1842                transfer to Ohio Conference


Note: Samuel Heiss is a brother to Jacob Heiss and Peter Heiss.  Two other brothers, Henry Heiss and Levi Heiss, were 1840 charter members of the Ohio Conference – and Levi, who served the Rock River IL circuit for two years while it was part of the Ohio Conference, guided the charter members of the Illinois Conference into that territory in 1844.  There is a brief account of the Heiss family in Stapleton’s 1900 Evangelical Annals, page 107.





Born: 9-28-1805  Hellerstown [Berrysburg] PA        married: Christina Troutman
Died: 2-14-1892  Loganton PA                                  obit: [1/24/1805 – 6/16/1891]


?          license


Interment: Fairview Evangelical Cemetery, Loganton PA
Obit: 1892,14


Note: John Heller was a local preacher and a wagon-maker in Loganton, Sugar Valley.  He was converted under Bishop Seybert.




Born: 9-25-1885  Blain PA                                        married: Edna S. Uhrich
Died: 3-8-1953  Dallastown PA                                 obit: [1891 – 1979]


1908    license
1913    ordained, Western Pennsylvania Synod of the Lutheran Church


Interment: Dallastown Union Cemetery, Dallastown PA


1908-10           student, Albright College

1910-13           student, Gettysburg Lutheran Seminary in Gettysburg PA

1913-15           West Manheim Lutheran

1915-52           Dallastown Christ Lutheran




Born:                                                                           married:
Died:                                                                           obit:


1873    license






Born: 1826  Yorkanna PA                                          married: Mary A. Dunkle
Died: 11-13-1907  York PA                                       obit: [1830 – 1879]

                                                                                    married2: Mrs. Kate P. Hetzel Rhoads

1847    license                                                             obit2: 1924,83
1849    ordained deacon
1851    ordained elder


Interment: Loudon Park Cemetery, Baltimore MD
Obit: 1908,69


1847-49           Center circuit
1849-50           Buffalo circuit
1850-52           Baltimore McEldery Street
1852-54           Baltimore Green Street
1854-56           Center
1856-60           Baltimore District
1860-63           Baltimore Green Street
1863-65           York Queen Street
1865-67           Baltimore Green Street
1867-69           Washington DC
1869-71           Baltimore Green Street
1871-73           Baltimore McEdlery Street
1873-74           Baltimore Memorial
1874-77           Baltimore McEldery Street
1877-78           located
1878-81           Baltimore Memorial
1881-83           Lewisburg
1883-86           Center circuit
1886-89           Loganville
1889-92           York Queen Street
1892-93           Williamsport Market Street
1893-95           Newport
1895-99           York Grace
1899-00           York West
1900-02           located
1902-04           Mt. Holly Springs
1904-05           Emigsville
1905-07           York Bethany
1907                retired


Note: Benjamin Hengst is the father of Anna Leah Hengst Benfer, wife of Henry A. Benfer.  Mrs. Miller is a daughter of prominent Evangelical Association member John S. Dunkel, in whose Union County the denomination’s missionary society was founded.  John Dunkel married Leah Dreisbach, daughter of Martin Dreisbach (1764-1831), in whose home the first General Conference was held, and sister of John Dreisbach.  Mary’s sister Susan Dunkel married noted Evangelical preacher and publisher and administrator Charles Hammer, and sister Sophia Dunkel married John G. Miller.







Born: 4-27-1835  Germany                                         married: Lydia Rebecca Ream
Died: 2-20-1903  Le Mars IA                                     obit: [9/12/1839 – 9/11/1917]


1856    license
1861    ordained elder


Interment: Memorial Cemetery, Le Mars IA
Obit: [Iowa 1924,6]


1856-57           Center
1857-58           Lycoming
1858-59           Middle Creek
1859-60           Center
1860-62           Baltimore circuit
1862-64           Baltimore McEldery Street
1864-66           Washington DC
1866-68           agent, Washington DC mission
1868-70           Baltimore Green Street
1870                transfer to Iowa Conference


Note:  Mrs. Henn is a native of Centre County PA.





Born: 10-5-1892  York Springs PA                            married: Alice Myrtle Harman
Died:8-20-1961  Idaville PA                                      obit: [3/23/1897 – 11/25/1992]


1921    license
1924    ordained deacon

1926    ordained elder

Interment: Uriah Church Cemetery, Cumberland County PA
Obit: 1962,94

1922-24           Rebersburg
1924-31           West Milton
1931-38           Lock Haven mission
1938-50           Espy

1950-54           White Deer

1954-61           Danville

1961                retired





Born:                                                                           married:
Died:                                                                           obit:


1872    license





Born: 8-28-1846  Linglestown PA                             married: Susan Anna Graybill
Died: 2-25-1926  Sonestown PA                                obit: 1929,87


1876    license, recommended by Pine on the Port Trevorton charge
1879    ordained deacon
1881    ordained elder


Interment: Sonestown Cemetery, Sonestown PA
Obit: 1926,94


1877-78           Columbia
1878-79           Liberty
1879-82           Catawissa
1882-83           Susquehanna
1883-84           Tunkhannock
1884-86           Maple Grove
1886-88           Chanceford
1888-91           Red Lion circuit
1891-92           Shrewsbury
1892-95           Spring Mills
1895-99           Middleburg
1899-03           Perry
1903-04           Cumberland
1904-06           Yoe
1906-08           East Point
1908-12           Sonestown
1912-13           South Wayland
1913                retired





Born:                                                                           married:
Died:                                                                           obit:


1844    license
1846    ordained deacon
1848    ordained elder




1844-45           Center
1845-46           Lycoming
1846-47           Union
1847                Buffalo





Born: 11-5-1807  Orwigsburg PA                              married: Hannah Wagoner
Died: 10-12-1843  McKees Half Falls PA                 obit: [1819-1873]


1831    license

Interment: Orwigsburg PA


Note: A biographical sketch of Charles Hesser is given in Stapleton’s 1900 Annals of the Evangelical Association, page 543.  Mrs. Hesser is the daughter of Charles Wagoner. And a sister to Rebecca Wagoner Hoffman, wife of Francis A. Hoffman, and Elizabeth Wagoner Orwig, mother of Bishop W.W. Orwig.





Born: 1849                                                                  married: Rebecca E. ­­­­­_____
Died: 3-29-1942  Greensburg PA                               obit: 1938,59


1872    license
1873    ordained deacon
1875    ordained elder


Interment: St. Clair Cemetery, Greensburg PA
Obit: Pittsburgh Conference 1942,53


1871-72           Milton
1872-73           Sugar Valley
1873-75           Liverpool
1875-76           Millerstown
1876-77           Orangeville
1877                transfer to Platte River Conference

                        transfer to Kansas Conference

1893                withdrew irregularly
                        reinstated as local elder, Pittsburgh Conference




Born: 1-31-1897  Fulton County PA                          married: Clara Erma Royer
Died: 11-28-1934  Mechanicsburg PA                       obit:


1917    license, recommended by Berkley Springs
1920    ordained deacon
1927    ordained elder

Interment: Mechanicsburg Cemetery, Mechanicsburg PA
Obit: 1935,87


1918-19           Wapwallopen
1919-20           Rebersburg
1920-26           student, Albright College

                             1922-23  Klinefeltersville

                             1924-25  Charlton

     1925-26  Steelton

1926-29           State College
1929-31           student, Princeton Theological Seminary at Princeton NJ

     1929-31  Locktown NJ Congregational Church

1931-34           Mechanicsburg





Born: 4-21-1888  Lycoming County PA                    married: Clara Virgil Rider
Died: 1-16-1933                                                          obit: 1979,345


1915    license, recommended by Jersey Shore
1917    ordained deacon
1919    ordained elder


Interment: Hughesville PA
Obit: 1933,78


1915-16           Pennsdale
1916-20           South Wayland
1920-25           Liberty
1925-29           Loganville
1929-32           Cumberland
1932-33           Baltimore Immanuel


Note: Elmer S. Hill is a brother to Harry D. Hill.




Born: 4-27-1877  near Hughesville PA                      married: Sarah A. Bartlow
Died: 10-27-1960                                                        obit: 1924,82

                                                                                    Married2: Mary Alice Bennett

1906    license, recommended by Hughesville          obit2: 1979,346
1910    ordained deacon
1912    ordained elder


Interment: Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Hughesville PA
Obit: 1961,87


1908-12           South Wayland
1912-16           Grover
1916-19           Nuremberg
1919-24           Loganton
1924-26           Berwick Bower Memorial
1926-33           Baltimore Olive Branch
1933-48           York Grace

1948                retired


Note: Harry D. Hill is a brother to Elmer S. Hill.





Born: 1870                                                                  married: Josephine Butterfield
Died: 1947                                                                  obit: Central New York Conference 1950, 120


1893    license
1896    ordained deacon

Interment: Pine Grove Cemetery, Berwick PA


1896-97           Waller
1897-99           Bellefonte circuit
1899-04           located
1904                name dropped from conference roll

1905                “transfer” to Methodist Protestant Church


                        Pains Hollow

                        North Wolcott

1911                “transfer” to Central New York Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church

1911-13           Montezuma

1913-15           Ludlowville & Lansing

1915-17           Sterling & Martville

1917-19           Savannah

1919-21           Lodi

1921-24           Sodus Point & Wallington

1924-27           North Rose & Resort

1927-30           Skaneateles

1930-34           Phoenix

1934-36           Locke

1936                retired


Note: This name appears in many records as HEINEY.  G.W. Hiney is the father of Ralph E. Hiney of the Central Pennsylvania Conference of the Methodist Church.




Born:                                                                           married:
Died:                                                                           obit:


ordained deacon
ordained elder




1852                Perry circuit
                        left the church




Born:                                                                           married:
Died:                                                                           obit:


1852    license



Note:  John Hinkle appears to have been a school teacher in Mechanicsburg who functioned as a local preacher.  An 1852 letter written by him says he was “unable to preach for health reasons.”




Born: 7-4-1870  near Carlisle PA                               married: Maggie Murray
Died: 3-18-1940  Hellam PA                                      obit: 1933,79


1892    license, recommended by New Kingston
1896    ordained deacon
1898    ordained elder


Interment: Mt. Holly Cemetery, Mt. Holly Springs PA
Obit: 1941,90


1894-95           Zion's Grove
1895-96           Tunkhannock
1896-97           Bellefonte circuit
1897-98           Cumberland circuit
1898-99           West Clifford
1899-01           Waller circuit
1901-04           Craleyville
1904-06           Hagerstown circuit
1906-10           Perry circuit
1910-14           Warrensville
1914-16           Salladasburg
1916-21           Wellsville
1921-24           Port Trevorton
1924-28           McClure
1928-33           Hellam

1933                retired





Born:                                                                           married:
Died:                                                                           obit:


1916    license



Note: Herman H. Hipple was a resident of Marysville PA.





Born: 8-25-1871  Mahanoy City PA                          married: Carrie Jeannette Fetzer
Died: 8-6-1940  Lewisburg PA                                  obit: 1949,96


1893    license
1895    ordained deacon
1898    ordained elder


Obit: 1941,89


1893-94           Tunkhannock
1894-95           Milton circuit
1895-96           Spring Mills
1896-98           Port Trevorton
1898-99           Good Will
1899-09           East Prospect
1902-05           Felton
1905-08           Middleburg
1908-12           Mifflinburg
1912-15           West Berwick
1915-16           Baltimore Olive Branch
1916-19           Glen Rock
1919-23           West Milton
1923-26           Hummels Wharf
1926-30           Hughesville
1930-32           Windsor
1932-34           Danville
1934-37           Marysville
1937                retired





Born: 1-5-1828  Bavaria                                             married:
Died: 2-14-1912  Jasper County MO                         obit:


1852    license, Evangelical Church

1861    ordained, Cincinnati OH Presbytery




1854-55           Lycoming
1855-56           Clinton
1856                “transfer” to the German Reformed Church

1856-59           Sellersburg IN

1859                “transfer” to Ohio German Conference of the United Brethren Church

1859-63           (locations unknown, apparently Presbyterian connections during this time)

1863                transfer to Ohio Conference of the Evangelical Association

1863-64           (locations unknown)

1864                transfer to Indiana Conference of the Evangelical Association

1864-65           Montgomery

1865-66           Richmond

1866-68           Fulton

1868-70           South Bend circuit

1872                began serving in the Presbyterian Church

1872-78           Holton & Arlington KS

1878-80           Summit & Prosperity MO

1880-93           ?

1893-?             Clafin KS Salem

                        retired a member of the Ozark Presbytery


Note: Balthasar [aka Balthazar] Hoffman studied for the priesthood at the Jesuit College in Rome 1844-45 and converted to Protestantism in 1850.




Born: 5-18-1893  Milton PA                                      married: Eva Imogene Miller
Died: 8-14-1987                                                          obit: 1979,346


1916    license, recommended by West Milton
1919    ordained deacon
1921    ordained elder


Interment: Montoursville
Obit: 1988,414


1916-17           Keystone
1917-20           Bloserville
1920-27           Leesburg
1927-34           Yorkana
1934-42           Lycoming
1942-56           Jersey Shore
1956-64           Hughesville

1964                retired





Born: 5-7-1839  Orwigsburg PA                                married: Susanna M. Orwig
Died: 11-25-1929  Chicago IL                                   obit: [6/1/1844 – 6/22/1876]

                                                                                    married2: Emma S. Hoffman [c. 1878]

1867    license, East Pennsylvania Conference          obit2:
1868    ordained deacon, East Pennsylvania Conference


Interment: Oak Woods Cemetery, Chicago IL


1867-68           Lebanon station

1868-69           Fairville station

1869                open transfer, apparently to pursue music business in Cleveland OH

1895                withdrew from the denomination, apparently because of the denominational split

1900-15           First Presbyterian Church in Benton Harbor MI

1915-22           First Presbyterian Church in Cabery IL


Note: Elisha Hoffman is the son of Francis A. Hoffman.  He is a noted writer and publisher of gospel songs.  The first Mrs. Hoffman is the daughter of William W. Orwig.  A biographical sketch of Susanna Orwig Hoffman, including some of her poetry, is given in Stapleton’s 1908 Flashlights of Evangelical History, pages 166–173.  The mothers of Elisha Hoffman and W.W. Orwig were sisters, and so the first Mrs. Hoffman was the daughter of his first cousin.




Born: 1-3-1806  Hamburg PA                                    married: Rebecca Ann Wagoner
Died: 7-26-1894                                                          obit:


1826    license
1828    ordained deacon
1832    ordained elder




1824-25           Schuylkill circuit (beginning fall 1824)

1826-27           Mansfield and Canton OH circuits

1827-28           Franklin and Berkley circuits

1828-29           Union circuit

1829-30           Centre circuit

1830-31           located

1831-32           Berkley (beginning fall 1831)

1832-33           Lancaster circuit

1833-34           Union circuit

1834-35           Centre circuit

1835-36           York circuit

1836-37           Lycoming circuit

1837-38           Lebanon circuit

1838-39           Lehigh circuit

1839-40           Lebanon circuit

1840-42           Schuylkill circuit

1842-43           Womelsdorf circuit

1843-44           Pine Grove station

1844-46           Lehigh circuit

1846-48           Philadelphia station

1848-52           superintendent, Philadelphia District

1852-54           superintendent, Lebanon District

1854-56           superintendent, Orwigsburg District

1856-57           Reading

1857-58           New York City

1858-62           superintendent, Lebanon District

1862-64           Pine Grove

1864-66           Lehigh circuit

1866-68           Lebanon

1868-71           superintendent, Easton District

1871-72           superintendent, Harrisburg District

1872-73           Philadelphia Sixth Street

1873-74           Philadelphia Fifth Street mission

1874-75           Philadelphia Fourth Street

1875-76           Philadelphia Fifth Street

1876-78           Norristown mission

1878-81           Emmaus mission

1881-84           Tremont circuit

1884-85           Womelsdorf circuit

1885-86           East Reading mission

1886                retired


Note: Francis A. Hoffman is the father of Elisha A. Hoffman and Francis C. Hoffman.  A biographical sketch his given in Stapleton’s 1900 Annals of the Evangelical Association, page 544.  Mrs. Hoffman is the daughter of Charles Wagoner and a sister to Hannah Wagoner Hesser, wife of Charles Hesser, and Elizabeth Wagoner Orwig, mother of Bishop W.W. Orwig.





Born:                                                                           married:
Died:                                                                           obit:


1860    license
1862    ordained deacon
1865    ordained elder




1860-61           Cumberland
1861-73           faculty, Union Seminary at New Berlin PA

                        moved to Cleveland OH


Note: Francis C. Hoffman is the son of Francis A. Hoffman and a brother to Elisha A. Hoffman.  In 1914, he was associated with First Church [denominational affiliation uncertain] in Newton MA.  At the time of the 1916 Evangelical Centennial Celebration, Mrs. Francis C. Hoffman was noted as living in Newton Center MA.




Born:                                                                           married:
Died:                                                                           obit:


1893    ordained deacon





Born:                                                                           married: Charlene _____
Died:                                                                           obit:


1952    license, recommended by Bradford Hill Memorial, Erie Conference EUB
1957    ordained elder, Erie Conference EUB




1957-60           Glenwood, Erie assistant
1960-62           Bradford Degolia

1962                transfer to Central Pennsylvania Conference

1962-67           Buffalo Run

1967-75           Centre Hall

1975-81           Fayetteville Otterbein

1981-94           Hughesville Bethany

1994-95           Blossburg

1995                retired

                             1995-96  York St. Luke’s




Born: 3-5-1852  Blain PA                                          married: Emma Mary Davis
Died: 11-6-1932  Lewisburg PA                                obit: 1943,86


1877    license, recommended by Stony Point on the Perry circuit

1879    ordained deacon

1881    ordained elder


Interment: Lewisburg Cemetery, Lewisburg PA
Obit: 1933,77


1877-79           Wyoming
1879-81           Lenoxville
1881-87           transfer to Pacific Conference

1881-84           Albany mission

1884                charter member of Oregon Conference

1884-85           Albany mission

1885-87           Salem

1887                transfer to Central Pennsylvania Conference
1887-90           Lewisburg
1890-92           Lock Haven
1892-96           Williamsport First
1896-98           Williamsport St. Paul
1898-02           Altoona
1901-06           Baltimore Memorial
1906-10           Lewisburg
1910-14           superintendent, Williamsport District
1914-18           superintendent, Carlisle District
1918-21           Jersey Shore
1921                retired


Note: James A. Hollenbaugh is a brother to Reuben C. Hollenbaugh.





Born: 12-25-1861                                                        married:
Died: 7-6-1893                                                            obit:


1885    license

Interment: Stony Point United Evangelical Church Cemetery, Perry County PA
Obit: 1894,55


Note: Reuben C. Hollenbaugh is a brother to James A. Hollenbaugh.  His surname is also given as HOLLENBACH.




Born: 5-22-1918  Rockton PA                                    married: Eva Newkirk
Died: 4-26-2009  Wellsboro PA                                 obit:


1956    license, recommended by Clearfield First Baptist

1957    ordained, Baptist Church


Interment: East Point Cemetery, East Point PA
Obit: 2009,422


1957-58           First Baptist, St. Mary’s OH

1958                transfer to Indiana Conference of the Methodist Church
1958-60           Hope First
1960-62           Clarksville

1962                transfer to Central Pennsylvania Conference EUB
1962-64           Union circuit

1964-67           Salladasburg

1967-68           Hartfield Memorial, Mayville NY

1968-79           Riverview, Buffalo NY

1970-75           Lycoming

1975-78           Pine Creek

1978-82           Howard

1982-92           Wallis Run

1992                retired

Note: Elwood L. Hollopeter is a brother to Jason P. Hollopeter; they are the sons of Rev. Jason B. Hollopeter of the Church of the Brethren.




Born: 9-30-1913  Rockton PA                                    married: Nellie Dean Wright

Died: 5-20-1996                                                          obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 2008,409


1942    license, recommended by Decker MI Baptist

1946    ordained, American Baptist


Interment: Rockton Memorial Cemetery, Rockton PA
Obit: Central Pennsylvania Conference 1996,413


1942-50           [American Baptist churches]

                             Lawton MI

                             Decker MI

1949                “transfer” to Detroit Conference of the Methodist Church

1949-51           Otisville MI

1951-52           Beaverton MI

1952-53           Elkton MI

1953-55           Central Square NY, Northern New York Conference

1955-58           Savona NY Federated (ending 12/31/1958)

1959-60           Skinners Eddy, Wyoming Conference (beginning 1/1/1959)

1960                transfer to Central Pennsylvania Conference EUB

1960-62           Grover & East Point

1962-65           Liberty & East Point

1965-66           Nashville MI, Michigan Conference

1966-69           Freemont IN, Michigan Conference

1969-72           Millheim

1972-74           Kunkle OH

1974-76           Petersburg (ending 10/31/76)

1976-79           Susquehanna Valley (beginning 11/1/76)

1979                retired

                             Calvary UM, Bippus IN


Note: Jason P. Hollopeter is a brother to Elwood L. Hollopeter, and the father of Rev. Jason C. Hollopeter of the United Brethren (Old Constitution) Church [see Susquehanna Conference list].  He and Elwood are the sons of Rev. Jason B. Hollopeter of the Church of the Brethren.




Born:                                                                           married:
Died:                                                                           obit:


1907    license






Born:                                                                           married:
Died:                                                                           obit:




1874                dropped




Born:                                                                           married:
Died:                                                                           obit:


1891    license





Born: 8-30-1907                                                          married: Sarah Ann Bower
Died: 9-17-1998                                                          obit: 1998,440


1928    license, recommended by West Milton
1937    ordained elder, New York Conference


Interment: Harmony Cemetery, Milton PA
Obit: [1999,423]


1928-33           not appointed

1933                transfer to New York Conference

1933-39           Grove-Swain
1939-42           Binghamton

1942                transfer to Central Pennsylvania Conference
1942-46           Lycoming
1946-52           Berwick St. Paul's
1952-58           Lewistown Trinity
1958-68           Mifflin Trinity

1968-71           Mount Nittany

1971-75           Houserville

1975                retired

                             1975-76  Church Hill

                             1978       Axeman-Weaver


Note: Harold C. Hornbeck is a brother to Elsie O. Hornbeck Kindt, wife of Charles N. Kindt.




Born: 2-5-1833  PA                                                    married: Minerva Evans
Died: 4-18-1893  Findlay OH                                    obit: [b.1837]


1853    license, East Pennsylvania Conference
1859    ordained deacon, Central Pennsylvania Conference
1861    ordained elder


Interment: Clymer Cemetery, Mount Cory OH [Zacharias]
Obit: 1894,55


1858-59           Perry
1859-60           Montour
1860-61           Cherry
1861-62           York circuit
1862-64           Cumberland
1864-65           Conewago
1865-67           Shrewsbury
1867-68           Gettysburg
1868-70           Clinton
1870-72           Liberty
1872                Seneca
1872-73           Jersey Shore
1873-75           Port Trevorton
1875-77           Lewistown and Patterson
1877-78           Lewisburg
1878-79           Shickshinny
1879-81           Buffalo circuit
1881-82           Danville
1882-84           East Liberty
1884-85           Milesburg
1885-1887       Seneca Falls
1887-88           Red Lion circuit
1888-92           assistant editor, The Living Epistle and English Sunday-School Literature [living in Ohio]
1892                located


Note: Zachariah Hornberger is a brother to J.C. Hornberger (?-1905) of the New York Conference – who was licensed by the East Pennsylvania Conference in 1865 and served with Zachariah as editor of the denomination’s English Sunday School literature.  While serving in Danville, Zachariah Hornberger was editor and publisher of the Temperance Star.  While serving in Seneca Falls, he may have also supplied the Lutheran and Reformed church.  Mrs. Hornberger’s sister Tamar Evans is married to H.A. Dietterich.




Born: 2-4-1902  near Woodward PA                         married: Beatrice S. Rishel
Died: 7-1-1962  Lewisburg PA                                  obit: [1989,486]


1930    license
1932    ordained deacon

1934    ordained elder


Interment: Reformed Cemetery, Aaronsburg PA
Obit: 1963,101


1930-35           Mt. Holly Springs
1935-47           Centre Hall

1947-54           Leesburg

1954-61           Sugar Valley

1961-62           White Deer





Born: 2-7-1891                                                            married: Annie G. Gerhart
Died: 3-?-1977                                                            obit: [7/17/1896 – 1/16/1986]


1912    license, recommended by Winfield

Interment: Mount Lebanon Cemetery, Lebanon PA


1912                transfer to East Pennsylvania Conference

1912-16           student, Albright College


Note: Beginning with a 1916-17 term as principal of the high school at New Albany PA, Charles S. Hottenstein went on to a distinguished career as an educator.  Though not an itinerant, he maintained membership in the East Pennsylvania Conference.




Born: 5-18-1901  Frostburg MD                                married: Ethel Perry

Died: 12-6-1973                                                          obit: 2008,410

                                                                                    married2: H. Marie Hornberger

                                                                                    obit2: 2008,410

1918    quarterly conference license, Altoona Greenwood

1928    license, Allegheny Conference

1930    ordained, Allegheny Conference


Interment: Union Cemetery, Richfield PA

Obit: 1974,423


1927-30           student, Bonebrake [United] Theological Seminary in Dayton OH

1930-31           Runville

1931-39           Bigler

1939-42           Trafford City

1942-44           Westmoreland

1944-51           Richfield

1951                transfer by boundary change to Central Pennsylvania Conference

1951-52           Richfield

1952-54           Montoursville-Pennsdale

1954-63           Rebersburg

1963-66           Lopez-Dushore

1966                retired


Note: Clyde E. House is related to two Allegheny Conference pastors included in the United Brethren files.  He is the son of Edwin F. House and a brother to Carrie Almetta House Orlidge, wife of Alfred J. Orlidge.





Born: 3-6-1939  Millheim PA                                    married: Peggy A. Mellinger

Died:                                                                           obit:

                                                                                    married2: Linda Marie Heck [11/30/1980]

1961    license, recommended by Carlisle First          obit2:
1965    ordained elder




1961-62           student, Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena CA

1962-65           student, Evangelical Theological Seminary in Naperville IL

                             1963-65  Rollo UCC, Rollo IL

1965-66           Rollo UCC, Rollo IL

1966-71           Duncannon

1971-73           student

1973-80           York Bethlehem

1980                withdrew, page 273

Note: David A. Houseal is the son of Harry A. Houseal.  His first marriage ended in divorce.




Born: 10-4-1908                                                          married: Beatrice Romaine Abel
Died: 7-22-1995                                                          obit: [10/3/1908 – 3/19/1999]

                                                                                    married2: Mildred [Mickey] K. Alexander

1927    license, recommended by York Grace            obit2: [9/1/1919 -7/22/2015]

1933    ordained deacon
1935    ordained elder


Interment: Cumberland Valley Memorial Gardens


1931-37           Montoursville-Pennsdale
1937-43           Millheim
1943-57           Lemoyne
1957-59           York Bethany

1959-67           Carlisle First

1967-68           Chewsville

1968                dropped, page 237


Note: Harry A. Houseal is the father of David A. Houseal.  The second Mrs. Houseal, whom Harry married in 1970, appears to have been previously married to a Mr. Robert N. Zeigler (1916-1998).





Born:                                                                           married:
Died:                                                                           obit:


1870    ordained deacon





Born:                                                                           married:
Died:                                                                           obit:


1867    license







Born: 3-31-1864  Lycoming County                          married: Ida D. Moyer

Died: 8-15-1943                                                          obit: 1945,83


1897    license
1900    ordained deacon
1902    ordained elder


Interment: Lewisburg PA
Obit: 1944,79


1898-02           Danville
1902-05           Lopez
1905-08           Dushore
1908-12           Bellefonte
1912-16           Scranton
1916-21           Baltimore
1921-24           Milton
1924-27           State College
1927-32           Glen Rock
1932-36           Nescopeck
1936                retired





Born: 8-26-1903  Philadelphia PA                             married: Doris Melissa Bishop
Died: 4-14-1967  Ephrata PA                                     obit:


1936    license, recommended by Kearney NE
1940    ordained deacon
1942    ordained elder


Interment: Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington VA
Obit: Eastern Conference 1967,133


1926-27           Dayking, Powell & Hazard NE, Methodist Episcopal Church

1936-37           Eddysville NE

1938                transfer to Central Pennsylvania Conference

1938-40           Manchester and Yorkshire

1940-42           Ransom

1942-46           chaplain, US Army

1946-48           Mifflinburg

1948-50           Loganville

1950-57           chaplain, US Army

1957                transfer to Northeastern Conference
1957-62           Jersey City Zion
1962-65           Brownstown Emmanuel & Rothsville Salem

1965-67           Brownstown Emmanuel




Born: 1-4-1888  Union County PA                            married: Anna Smith
Died: 6-14-1959  Lewisburg PA                                obit:


1924    license

Interment: Highland Cemetery, New Columbia PA
Obit: 1960,87


1925-26           Centre Hall
1926-27           Williamsport Trinity
1927-31           Buffalo Valley
1931                located


Note: Floyd A. Huff returned to the teaching profession and served as an active layman in the local church.





Born: 12-16-1888  Snyder County PA                       married: Edna Belva Logan
Died: 8-21-1980  Camp Hill PA                                 obit: 1559,106

                                                                                    married2: Mrs. Alice Eva Haney Niebel Steinmetz

1908    license, recommended by Shreiners                obit2: 1984,389                              
1919    ordained deacon
1921    ordained elder


Interment: Shreiners Church Cemetery, Shamokin Dam PA
Obit: 1981,333


1917-22           State College
1922-26           York Bethany
1926-32           Williamsport St. Paul
1932-39           York Trinity
1939-59           superintendent, Williamsport District
1959                retired





Born:  Adams County PA                                           married: Mary Jane Myers
Died: 1922  Los Angeles CA                                     obit: [1833 – 1908]


1871    ordained deacon



service in Iowa

transfer to California Conference

Evangelical Association, not United Evangelical Church




Born:                                                                           married:
Died:                                                                           obit:


1845    ordained deacon
1847    ordained elder




1844-45           Cumberland
1845-47           Gettysburg circuit
1847-48           Perry circuit
1848-49           Tuscarora Mission





Born: 5-26-1925  York PA                                         married: Helen Ruth Rohrbaugh
Died: 2-5-2014  Hanover PA                                      obit:


1948    license, recommended by York Trinity
1953    ordained elder


Interment: Prospect Hill Cemetery, York PA
Obit: [York Daily Record 2/9/2014]


1950-54           Danville
1954-59           Selinsgrove
1959-67           Williamsport Trinity

1967-87           chaplain, US Navy

1987                retired

                             1997  withdrew, page 207


Note: George B. Hummer retired to Hanover PA.




Born: 10-10-1833  Loudon County VA                     married: Annie Amelia Whaley [6/10/1856]
Died: 6-10-1903                                                          obit: [d. 2/19/1917]


?          license, Virginia Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South




1855-56           Middlesex

1870-71           Frederick MD Trinity

1882-86           Baltimore John Wesley Chapel, Independent Methodist Church

1886                “transfer” to Central Pennsylvania Conference of the Evangelical Association

1887                Baltimore Trinity (Aug-Oct)


Note: J.C. Hummer was a Maryland homeopathic medical doctor who also supplied pulpits for the Evangelical Association.  In 1885 he is listed as pastor of Baltimore’s John Wesley Chapel of the Independent Methodist denomination.  The nature of his ministerial credentials is not known.  There is also mention of a Rev. J.C. Hummer in the Methodist Church in Virginia and Maryland in the mid-1800’s.




Born: 1911 Baltimore MD                                         married: Gladys A. _____
Died: 1976                                                                  obit:


1940    license, recommended by Emmaus Second Street

1943    ordained deacon
1945    ordained elder




1940-45           Bryansville
1945-50           Hebbville
1950-51           without appointment
1951-52           Lewistown Trinity
1952-53           Baltimore St. Matthew
1953                transfer to Atlantic Conference

1953-55           without appointment

1955-57           local elder: see 1955,49

1957                transfer to East Pennsylvania Conference
1957-59           Oberlin

1959-60           living in Baltimore

1960                transfer to Central Pennsylvania Conference
1960-64           Baltimore St. John's

1964-65           Baltimore Salem, Eastern Conference

1965                located


Note: The 1937 Albright College graduation list states that Harry Andrew Humphreys was from Baltimore MD.  He coached basketball and track at Emmaus PA before entering the ministry.  In the 1950’s he was a teacher in the Baltimore public schools.




Born: 7-30-1873  Seitzland PA                                  married: Anna Longenecker Frey
Died: 8-18-1948  Pottsville                                         obit: [9/28/1880 – 8/8/1941]


1896    license

Interment: Mount Joy Cemetery, Mount Joy PA


1896-97           student, Dickinson College

1897                transfer to East Pennsylvania Conference

1897-98           Columbia

1898-01           faculty, Albright College at Myerstown PA

     1898-99  Myerstown

1901-05           student, Drew Theological Seminary in Madison NJ

     1901-04  Centerport NY, Methodist Episcopal Church

1905-09           Reading Grace

1909-13           Philadelphia Germantown

1913-15           Bangor

1915-23           president, Albright College at Myerstown PA

1923                “transfer” to the Evangelical Congregational Church [which retained the name United Evangelical for a few years]

1923-26           Allentown Bethany

1926-31           Reading First

1931-34           Philadelphia Kembel Park

1934-39           Schuylkill Haven Park

1939-?             Boyertown


Note: L. Clarence Hunt appears to be the preferred form of this name.




Born: 10-14-1824  Columbia County PA                   married: Sarah A. Greenough
Died: 12-7-1901  Lewisburg                                       obit: [7/4/1834 – 10/30/1915]


1848    license
1850    ordained deacon
1853    ordained elder


Interment: Lewisburg Cemetery, Lewisburg PA
Obit: [1902,83]


1848-49           Virginia circuit

1849-50           Gettysburg circuit

1850-51           Virginia circuit

1851-52           Shrewsbury

1852-53           Perry

1853-54           Buffalo

1854-55           Luzerne

1855-57           Seneca Falls

1857-58           Hagerstown

1858-60           Shrewsbury

1860-61           Lewisburg

1861-63           Columbia

1863-65           Gettysburg

1865-67           New Berlin

1867-68           Cumberland   

1868-69           New Berlin

1869-71           Lock Haven

1871-72           Williamsport Bennett Street

1872-73           located

1873-74           White Deer

1874-76           Buffalo

1876-78           located

1878-79           Bloomsburg

1879-81           Danville Emmanuel

1881-83           Centre Hall

1883-88           located

1888-89           Leesburg

1889                retired





Born: 9-15-1888  Leesburg PA                                  married: Verna G. Cover
Died: 6-13-1973                                                          obit: [d. 2/8/1922]

                                                                                    married2: Jane Amanda Kane

1924    license, recommended by Leesburg                obit2: 1981,439
1929    ordained elder


Interment: Leesburg
Obit: 1974,425


1924-25           Hancock MD
1925-27           South Wayland NY

1927-28           Howard
1928-31           Lock Haven mission
1931-40           West Milton
1940-50           Sugar Valley
1950-57           Felton
1957                Retired


Note: Thurman R. Husler is an uncle to Rev. James Nenninger, affiliation unknown.




Born:                                                                           married:

Died:                                                                           obit:


1812 license



1812-13           Schuylkill


Note: This is believed to be the Abraham Huth who was a schoolteacher (at Kimmerling’s school, northeast of Lebanon) and a local artist of religious frakturs. Stapleton’s 1900 Annals of the Evangelical Association (page 140) appears to associate him with work in Ohio, but he is not listed in Leedy’s definitive volume on the Evangelical work in Ohio.





Born: 9-27-1828                                                          married: Amanda May Crane
Died: 3-12-1865                                                          obit: [5/10/1831 – 9/17/1915]


1851    received into the itinerancy

Interment: Brandonville Cemetery, Brandonville WV
Obit: [Pittsburgh Conference 1866]


1850-51           Franklin circuit
1851                transfer to Pittsburg Conference


1853-54           New Paris


1855                located

                        Preston circuit, Preston Co VA [WV]

Note: Jacob S. Hyde died in the Civil War – of disease, a few days after being released from Libby Prison – while a captain in the West Virginia Cavalry.  There is a small possibility the Rev. J.S. Hyde of the Evangelical Association may not be the Jacob S. Hyde whose dates and spouse are given above.