Acceptance Creates Community
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Mamie Sweeting Diggs
Occupation: Meat Clerk
Time in Williamsport area: Entire Life
Place Born: Loyalsock Township
Hobbies: Research,
Habitat for Humanity doing educational presentations about the history of African Americans and the Underground Railroad in Pennsylvania.
Issues of Importance: The status of people around the world

“To increase TOLERANCE in our community... "we need to work  together as neighbors one day at a time.”

Mamie Sweeting Diggs is a fourth generation descendant of Daniel Hughes, a conductor on the “Underground Railroad” in Lycoming County, PA. Mrs. Diggs is a respected local historian who, like many of her ancestors, passes her family history down through the tradition of storytelling. She can often be found in schools, colleges, museums or any place that people gather, telling the stories that Daniel Hughes passed down to his thirteen sons. Mamie Diggs was the primary researcher for Karen Frock's PBS documentary on the Underground Railroad, "Follow the North Star" and she is currently writing a book on her research on the subject.