Acceptance Creates Community
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Dai-En Bennage
Religion: Soto Zen
Occupation: Zen Priest
Time in Williamsport Area: My whole life minus 23 years in Japan
Place Born: Lewisburg, PA
Hobbies: Calligraphy written with the wet of withered irises (when in season) or with India ink.
Issues of Importance: That as many people as possible experience being of one heart with all 
sentient beings 

To increase TOLERANCE in our community... "we must sit down with good back posture in the stillness and silence, sitting in awareness, but not buying into any thought, either good or bad. If, like brushing our teeth, we do this a little every day, we begin to see the dualistic view of self and other. We will soften and open, unconsciously allowing us to be at one with others’ feelings, increasingly unable to do harm to others."