New Faculty Mentor Program

Dr. Elizabeth Moorhouse

The New Faculty Mentor Program at Lycoming exists because excellence in teaching is the focus of our mission. We care about our faculty who enact that mission each and every day. Your colleagues and our administration are here to serve your needs. We take pride in our New Faculty Mentor Program because we feel it is innovative, practical, and consistent with the insights provided by the literature in the field. Among the challenges to academic careers we address and offer assistance with this program are:

  • "Survival of the fittest" mentalities
  • Isolation
  • Insufficient emphasis on first-year teaching needs
  • Lack of access to successful role models
  • Inadequate transitional support

What We Do

The New Faculty Mentor Program at Lycoming is designed to enhance departmental support by providing you:

  • A One-on-One Mentor relationship with a successful senior faculty member
  • Orientation programs starting before classes commence
  • Career-oriented resource luncheons featuring Personnel and Promotion and Tenure Committee representatives
  • Teacher-talk luncheons featuring presentations by colleagues who have won Lycoming teaching awards
  • Special programming in conjunction with our Teaching Effectiveness Committee and Assistant Dean's office

What We Can Do For You

The New Faculty Mentor Program at Lycoming offers you:

  • Immediate access to sources of support and information
  • Built-in networking opportunities on quality of academic work and life issues
  • Insider information on personnel and promotion and tenure decision-making processes and procedures
  • Teaching tips and techniques from your faculty colleagues
  • Administrative support for your first year and beyond
  • Teaching dialogue and conversations to address your concerns and share your successes
  • Strategies for balancing teaching, research, and service expectations

For more information contact Sandra Kingery.