Award Recipients

Dr. Chriss McDonald

Two Teaching awards are presented to faculty yearly: the Constance Cupp Plankenhorn Senior Faculty Award and the Junior Faculty Award. Recipients traditionally give a presentation on their teaching methods as one of the spring semester Teaching Effectiveness events.

Year of AwardThe Constance Cupp Plankenhorn Senior Faculty AwardJunior Faculty Award
1989 - - - Dr. Kathleen Pagana
1990 Dr. Robert Angstadt Dr. Bernard Balleweg
1991 Dr. Michael Roskin Dr. Barbara Buedel
1992 Dr. John F. Piper, Jr. Dr. Fredric Wild, Jr.
1993 Dr. Robert Larson Dr. G. W. Hawkes
1994 Dr. Gary Boerckel Dr. Margaret Gray-Vickrey
1995 Dr. Richard Erickson Dr. Robert Van Voorst
1996 Dr. Edward Gabriel Dr. Darby Lewes
1997 Dr. Fred Thayer Dr. Sascha Feinstein
1998 Dr. David J. Rife Dr. David S. Witwer
1999 Dr. Chriss E. McDonald Dr. Sandra L. Kingery
2000 Dr. John M. Whelan Dr. Holly D. Bendorf
2001 Dr. David A. Franz Dr. Christopher Hakala
2002 Dr. Howard Berthold Dr. Susan Ross
2003 Dr. Merhdad Madresehee Dr. Kathleen Chamberlain
2004 Dr. Phillip Sprunger Prof. Christopher Woodruff
2005 Dr. Rachael Hungerford Dr. Eileen Peluso
2006 Prof. Lynn Estomin Dr. Betty McCall
2007 Dr. Gene Sprechini Dr. Alka Gandhi
2008 Dr. Sascha Feinstein Dr. Jeremy Ramsey
2009 Dr. Dick Morris Dr. Todd Preston
2010 Dr. Gary Hafer Dr. Cullen Chandler
2011 Dr. Michelle Briggs Dr. Elizabeth Moorhouse
2012 Dr. Susan Beery Dr. Kerry Richmond
2013 Dr. David Fisher Prof. Seth Goodman

Do you have a question or suggestion for a Teaching Effectiveness event? If so, please contact Charles Mahler.