Teaching Effectiveness Program and Committee


Dr. Holly Bendorf and student
  1. Provide a collaborative and supportive environment for faculty interested in promoting quality teaching in undergraduate classrooms. This recognizes diversity in and acceptance of various teaching styles, and acknowledges that a supportive environment is one in which faculty are comfortable with experimentation in terms of teaching methods and are free to share failures as well as successes.
  2. Develop and implement a series of formal teaching initiatives such as workshops on campus led by nationally recognized educators; attendance and presentations by Lycoming faculty at nationally recognized conferences on teaching; informal workshops and gatherings on campus in which Lycoming faculty share teaching initiatives; and the sharing of information about teaching through channels such as a newsletter, a Web site, a collection of teaching literature, etc.

Fall 2014 Teaching Effectiveness Schedule

  • Tuesday, September 16 — Lycoming Innovations in Teaching with Technology (LITT) presentations with Sue Kelley (Psychology), Charles Mahler (Chemistry), Jeremy Ramsey (Chemistry) and Chris Reed (Math Center) discussing their innovative applications of instructional video, annotation, tablet computers, software, and clickers.
  • Thursday, September 25 — with Lycoming Innovations in Teaching with Technology (LITT) Presentations with Rachel Hickoff-Cresko (Education), Kimberlee Josephson (Business), Leslie Meeder (Business), Mary Morrison (Biology), and Shanna Wheeler (Writing Center)
  • Tuesday, October 28 —  event with Dr. Monica Cable of Franklin & Marshall College
  • Tuesday, November 18 — Writing Across the Curriculum event with Shanna Wheeler
  • Date TBA — First Year Seminar Event – details to follow
  • Teaching Effectiveness Schedule for Previous Semesters

Unless otherwise noted, events will be from noon to 12:50 p.m. in the Jane Schultz Room in the Wertz Student Center.

Other Teaching Effectiveness Links

Questions? Please contact Charles H. Mahler, Assistant Dean for Teaching Effectiveness