Disabled Students and the Accomodation Process

The Accommodation Process for Students with Disabilities

Lycoming College provides appropriate accommodations to disabled students and encourages students to identify their special needs. To access accommodations, students must initiate the process by doing the following.

  1. The student must notify the Coordinator of Disability Support Services about the disability. This is the official process for disclosure. Please note that disclosure to other members of the Lycoming community, including instructors, is not considered adequate notice to the College.
  2. Provide the Coordinator with current documentation of the disability prepared by a qualified professional in the field. An IEP alone is not sufficient. The College reserves the right to request additional documentation and information if needed.
  3. Meet with the Coordinator to discuss the disability and determine appropriate accommodations. The Coordinator and the student will then prepare an Accommodation Letter for faculty.

The Coordinator maintains disability documentation records. Such records are considered confidential and are subject to FERPA regulations.

The Coordinators are:

Jilliane Bolt-Michewicz
Assistant Dean of Academic Services/Director of the Academic Resource Center
Lycoming College
700 College Place, Campus Box 167
Snowden Library, Third Floor
Williamsport, PA 17701
Phone: (570) 321-4294 Phone: 570.321.4358
e-mail: michewicz@lycoming.edu

Mr. Andrew Kilpatrick
Associate Dean of Student Success and Academic Services/Dean of First-Year Students
Lycoming College
700 College Place, Box 153
Long Hall, Room 210
Williamsport, PA 17701
Phone: (570) 321-4358
email: kilpatri@lycoming.edu