Cory Trego

Cory Trego

Cory Trego ’14

Hometown: Pottstown, Pa.

Major: Biology

Activities: Resident Advisor, member of cross country team, MAC Academic Honor Roll, CRU treasurer, Flyco treasurer, Student Senate member, Senior Class secretary, ARC tutor for Biology, Political Science and Organic Chemistry, Lab Assistant for Intro to Biology and Intro to Chemistry courses, Clean Water Institute intern, staff writer for Lycourier, Homecoming King, Chieftain nominee

Favorite Thing About Lycoming: “While looking at other colleges as a senior in high school, the one thing that really stood out during my visit to Lycoming was the close relationships that exist not only between the students but between students and faculty/staff. These relationships are what really make the Lycoming experience unique. I was able to utilize these close relationships with faculty and staff to assist in networking, professional development and to gain experience relevant to my undergraduate research. If I had to describe Lycoming College with one word, it would be ‘community.’”

Future Plans: “I will be working as a research assistant for Penn State at Riparia, a center devoted to the study of wetland ecology. After the summer, I will begin my graduate work at West Virginia University, pursuing a master’s in Wildlife and Fisheries Biology and Management.”

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